Standing in for Dad Ch. 07

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Pool Party Orgy

I awoke Monday morning and my side hurt like hell. Sue and mom were still asleep but I needed the pain meds so I kissed Sue awake. She looked into my eyes and saw the stress from the pain and immediately got up to get me some juice and the meds. She had a straw in the glass of Orange juice so I didn’t have to wake mom who was cuddled in as deep as a tick on a hound.

“Leesie and Lillie are up and cooking breakfast. I know you probably need some sexual release but you are going to just have to suffer until tomorrow. You are confined to the house until then. Marion is calling your Dean at the University and explaining the situation this morning. He is going to work out how and when you can take your finals.”

“Thanks baby. I only want the pain meds when I need them. These particular ones can be addicting. As soon as I can I need to transition to Ibuprofen. Please check next time you are in the bathroom to see if we have any? And may I ask what is for breakfast?”

Well, despite our whispering, Mom woke up. “Baby? How are you this morning?” She checked my side.

“I’m in some pain but Suzie got me some pain meds. I know you both want me to stay in bed today, but I really need to move around some to make sure I don’t get pneumonia. The movement will also minimize scar tissue and help my metabolism so my body can heal more quickly.”

Sue nodded and mom looked at her before responding, “We can work with that. But you will have someone with you going up and down the stairs while you are on those pain meds.”

“Yeah, that is probably wise, thanks Mom.” I gave her a sensual, slow, deep kiss. Unfortunately, my morning wood was rampant. Mom reached for it and Sue shook her head.

“Mom, that isn’t wise. I know neither of us want Harry to have a case of blue balls, but because he will climax and that will put a pulling pressure on his wound, I think we should wait 48 hours before we can give him relief. That will certainly cause him pain and could reopen his wound. Neither are good things. Maybe after his first shower?”

Mom sighed, “Yes, that makes perfect sense. Sorry baby, but we will make it up to you tomorrow afternoon. Think you can manage that?”

“Yeah, these meds are going to make it hard to maintain an erection for very long anyway. Can the two of you help me dress? I smell breakfast!”

“Oh, yes, we are having fresh link sausage, yeast rolls, scrambled eggs, a small glass of V-8 juice, and fresh milk for breakfast.”

“Thanks Sue.”

Mom and Sue dressed me in a tan, cotton, loose fitting T-shirt and a pair of loose fitting gym shorts. They walked me down to the kitchen table where Leesie and Lillie were setting up the place settings for breakfast and bringing the food over from the stove.

“Scrambled OK on the eggs, Harry?” Lillie asked.

“Sounds and smells delicious, thank you both.”

About that time James and Marion came bouncing down and headed for the coffee pot. We all sat down and had a wonderful family breakfast.

The talk was all about the upcoming wedding and what preparations were necessary. Since Lillie had no family, James and Leesie offered to stand in and pay for the wedding as well as walk her down the aisle if she would like.

Lillie began to cry, “You all have been so kind. I would love it if you would stand in for Mom and Dad at my wedding. Thank you so much!” She then got up and thanked Leesie and James with deep kisses and hugs.

As breakfast was being cleaned up there was a knock on the door. Marion piped up, “That is our departmental Psychologist here to speak with Harry. She just wants to make sure he is doing OK and dealing effectively with the emotional stress he is going through.”

I looked around and it was obvious they were anticipating my reluctance and it was equally obvious I was going to lose that argument so I just nodded my head, got up from the table, and walked to a corner of the living room where there were a few comfy chairs around a card table.

Marion brought over a very nice looking young woman with the most penetrating green eyes I ever saw. “Hi!” she said with a genuine smile, “I am Dr. DiZexus, the Department Psychologist. I evaluate and prescribe treatment for Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome for officers such as yourself who have been through traumatic experiences. I have had several Officers inform me of everything that transpired so I am aware of your circumstances. Do you mind if we have a bit of a chat?”

“Sure, Doc!” I motioned to one of the other chairs and she sat, never taking her eyes off me.

“Harry, please just call me DD. Also, I would like you to be totally honest with me. I can read you like a book, so not being honest with me or yourself will be obvious. Fair warning?”

“More than. And I understand the need, I am not resistant so what would you like me to open up about?”

“Good! Let’s get right to it then. How are you feeling about killing those three men? Take a moment and dredge all that up for me, please. I know it will be painful, but I need to hear where you Magosa Escort are with all that.”

I took a deep breath.

“Well, I think I have gotten past the disbelief stage. I was a bit depressed about having to shoot them for a bit last night. But, my family and others have helped me accept I acted in the only way possible to save my life. That doesn’t make me happy or proud. I have dedicated my life to preserving the lives of others, not taking them.”

DD nodded watching my body language like a hawk. “Please, continue.”

“Well, I cried like a baby with my fiance’ when I got back home. She was very supportive and let me express my emotions without judgment.”

DD smiled, “Explore that a bit for me?”

“It was like a dam burst. I cried like a baby and she just cuddled with me, giving me supportive caresses and spoke in endearing terms. I felt like a huge weight had been lifted off my chest after it was all over. The raw emotions were still there, just muted a lot. I was asking why me? Why did they have to try to kill me? Why did they put me in that position where I had no choice?”

“Have you come up with any answers?”

“None that really satisfy me. Looking into his eyes when he said he was going to kill me, all I could see was hate. No compassion, no compromise. I knew that instant it was do or die. I now realize there are people who are just evil sociopaths. I likely cannot fix them or help them and what I did had to be done for my survival. I don’t like I had to kill them, wish I didn’t have to…but those choices were taken from me. I am in the process of accepting that; but, the emotional pain is still there.”

“Well, it sounds like you have had some good familial interactions that have helped you move to resolution. I am very happy to hear that and to see some progress with you dealing with your feelings. Where would you like to end up, emotionally, from all this?”

“Yes, they have been wonderful. End up emotionally: I want to grow as a man and human being from this tragedy. I want to get to a point where I can live with myself and others without regrets or second guessing myself with the whys and what ifs.”

DD looked deeply into my eyes, “How long do you think that process will take?”

I looked back without flinching, “Well, today would be nice…but realistically I realize it takes time. That it will be a process. Time will help, along with my family. Not sure I can give you a specific answer beyond that it will take as long as it takes.”

“Are you still feeling depressed?”

“Not as much as yesterday. But some, yes.”

DD nodded. “Well, I think you have a good, wise support group surrounding you and that you listen well and assimilate everything better than many. My concern right now is the depression. I see no reason to interfere with the healing process you and your family have already begun. But, if your depression doesn’t ease up substantially or if you have moments of deep anger, no matter the reason, I want you to call me and let’s get you on some medication for the short term until you can work past those feelings. That sound like something you can do for me?”

I nodded, “I can do that, DD. Thank you for your candor and support. Your approval of where I am and where I am headed means a lot to me.”

“Well, Harry…taking a life for normal people is never easy. And honestly? It never should be easy. The fact those three men were so eager to take your life speaks volumes about their own psychological pathology. And I agree with you, once killing becomes that easy for a person, it is very unlikely they can be brought back. Give me a call whenever you feel you need me. But definitely call me next week at this time so we can touch base. Can you see yourself doing that?”

Nodding, “Not a problem, DD.”

She smiled a smile that reached her eyes and shook my hand as we stood up. “It has been a pleasure, Harry. I have to give a report to the Sheriff about my findings, it is protocol.”

“My pleasure as well, DD. And that is fine, I would want you to anyway. As you said, they are my support group and they need to know.”

DD left with Marion and spoke outside for a bit. Uncle Marion stepped inside and the relief on his face was obvious. He asked if he could share her findings with the family and I agreed.

“Well, she said Harry was an amazing man, that he was dealing effectively with the situation so far and she sees no reason to request regular meetings with him at this time. But, she is concerned about his depression and we are to watch for signs of it and to watch him closely. If he doesn’t progress through it then she wants to know no later than next week so she can intervene. She was very happy with our support and said to continue what we are doing because it is obviously working for Harry.”

Damn. I got 4 mamma bear looks mixed with compassion and love. “Why do I get the feeling I am going to be watched like a hawk and babied for a while.”

Lillie just smiled, “Well Duh!”

The other ladies just smiled Kıbrıs Escort and Barbara said, “OK ladies, we have some coordination of care to plan. James? Contact the University about his finals, please? Marion? Make it a conference call so you can give the LEO point of view. Harry? You may do whatever you want…in the house.”

Sue looked at Barbara, “He cannot get in the shower or pool, but he does need a bath. How about you and I sit him on a chair in the tub and give him a sponge bath?”

Mom wiggled her nose, “Yeah, that is a good idea.”

Well, while I did need a bath, being naked in front of both mom and my sister gave me a raging hard on. “Ladies, I know you said no sex for another day, but I have to take care of this. I don’t need the stress of blue balls on top of everything else. If you can just help me cum…not do anything really over the top, I think I can keep my abdominal muscles relaxed.”

Mom looked at Sue and they both looked at me in understanding. They dried me off and laid me on our bed. I was laying up against the headboard and Sue and Mom made love while I watched and gently masturbated. Damn were they sexy.

Sue applied Mom’s nipple suction vibes and then kissed down her tummy to her wide open sex. Mom laid her knee toward me flat onto the sheets so I could watch and Sue moved her hair to the side so I had a great view of her licking mom’s pussy. She began by using her tongue to dig out mom’s moisture and then lathed her clit with it. Mom came almost instantly and Sue latched onto her clit with her lips and sucked in rhythm with Mom’s shutters, prolonging her climax.

They then switched with Sue putting on the nipple vibes and mom eating her pussy for my viewing pleasure. I had lubed up the head of my cock and palm with some chocolate scented, edible massage oil and was slowly rubbing the ridge and Y of my cock with my palm and fingers as I watched. I noticed Mom’s nipples had swollen and grown a bit larger and I also noticed she had leaked some milk.

After Sue came my cock started to swell, “I’m about to cum!”

Sue put the head of my cock in her mouth and Mom gave me her nipples. She was indeed lactating and I suckled her breasts as I came. I relaxed my stomach muscles and just let my groin do its thing. Waves of electricity and heat moved up my spine as I creamed my sister’s mouth and throat. She gulped it down as Mom whispered in my ear.

“Yes baby, feed your sister your cum. Feed off your mother’s breasts, baby. We both love you so much. Oh, baby! I am going to cum for you! Make your mother cum for her boy, her man!”

Feeding off Mom’s breasts as I came in my sister’s mouth was just over the top. I felt minimal stress on my wound, but I really needed the release a man gets from sex after the previous day’s events. Mom and Sue shared what cum Sue hadn’t swallowed and we all lay together on the bed. I did hear Lillie screaming her climax as Marion and James worked her over downstairs.

“Mom, You are lactating?”

“Yes dear. I told you those nipple vibes were addicting. I have been using them quite a lot and they have triggered my breasts to produce milk again.”

“OK, that was hot, by the way.”

“Well I obviously enjoyed you suckling, honey.”

Sue winked, “I want to help keep you comfortable, Mom. I am sure Leesie and Lillie will enjoy emptying your breasts as well.”

“Well, Leesie and James and several other men in the neighborhood are ecstatic about it. Seems like they like letting their inner little boys out to play.” Mom said with a smile and a wink.

I just nodded and said, “Yep!”


Well, Harry’s mom and fiance took him upstairs for a sponge bath. Problem is, I was horny and I had two men who could satisfy me. “James? Marion? I need some release after yesterday’s stress. I have never experienced a DP before. You two brothers interested in helping me?”

Marion smiled, “Bro, I know you love asses. Care to take Lillie’s dark rose while I fill her pussy with man juice?”

James pulled some of his muscle relaxing lube from his pocket with a smile, “Thought she would never ask!”

Ok, I dropped my clothes on the floor and bent over for James to lube me up. James then sat on the couch with his cock standing up and proud. I kissed it before lubing it up and I directed his cock to my anus as I slowly sat down. Goodness, where has anal sex been all my life?

James laid me back against him and I put my legs to the outside of his, which he spread for Marion. Marion got two couch cushions and put them on the floor and kneeled on them. That put his cock at the perfect level. He rubbed the head of his cock on my pussy and instantly knew I was turned on and ready for him so he plunged in and up to his balls in one quick slide.

“unhheh, Fuck I am so stuffed with man cock! This is…” Then they began to move. It was so good I couldn’t talk. Moan, whimper, scream I could do though…in abundance.

The two men inside me alternated in and out for a bit until I loosened up and embraced Lefkoşa Escort it. Then they both started to impale me at the same time. Oh….my….goodness! All my bells were ringing. My ass was fluttering, my clit was throbbing, my nipples were aching, and a hot flash ran up my spine and enveloped my whole body.

When I came, my mind went into white out. I vaguely remember digging my nails into Marion’s back and scratching the hell out of his back in the midst of the biggest orgasm of my life. I think I screamed at the top of my lungs as I came.

Whatever I did, it was too much for the guys as they both came at the same time. The heat of their cum and the pulsing of their cocks inside me just triggered a second orgasm in me and we three rode that storm like ships in the night. All three of us were gasping for breath, not really able to move for a few minutes.


“Yes Lillie?”

“Yes, my love?”

“We DEFINITELY need to do that again sometime!”

We all laughed and agreed.


Sue had soon realized we didn’t have enough food to feed 30 people so she took it upon herself on Tuesday to pick up two additional whole pork loins. She allowed me to supervise as she made the Key Lime, vinegar, and brown sugar mixture and injected them so they had enough time to tenderize before cooking.

Mavis had called and said they would be attending but her Pet had a request.

“She would like me to give her to you for you to enjoy her body. I think it would be a good ice breaker for her if that meets with Sue’s and your approvals. Would that be acceptable?”

Sue was listening in and nodded her agreement, “Would it be helpful if I gave Harry to her for her to enjoy as well?”

“I think that would really help her to relax. But, it needs to be done in such a way that she can accept. She is a very powerful submissive.”

“I am sure I can set the right tone. It will be fun!” Please let her know to expect me to formally gift him to her for her pleasure.”

“I will, thank you Sue. And please understand, her pleasure is derived from her giving of herself being appreciated. After your expressions of appreciation she wants to reciprocate and this is her way. Thank you for this. By the way, you mentioned a Caribbean food motif?”


“Pet has asked me if she might be allowed to make the salad dressing? And if so, how many people will be attending?”

“I would be honored for Pet to provide the dressing for the salad. Her skill and professionalism far exceed my meager talents. She should prepare enough for 30 people.”

“That will make her so happy. Thank you. One last thing: may we come by at noon? It will give Pet time to acclimate to everyone in the household.”

“Absolutely, we fully intend to make her feel welcome and at home. We will see you at noon on Sunday.”

The rest of the week went well. James had to go back to work on Tuesday and Lillie and Marion came by for dinner a few days (I think mostly to keep tabs on me). Leesie and Sue and Barbara stayed the week to be sure I got the rest and ‘attention’ I needed. The Dean worked it out with my professors to take my exams after semester break which was 2 weeks long. I was pretty much back to normal by the end of the week. Kinda funny how easy it is to let trauma go when you just decide it’s over and life needs to go on. Though I can easily see how self-doubt and fear can cause one to hold onto all of that.

Of course, all the sex didn’t hurt, either. Sue and I played in the mornings, Mom and I in the afternoons, and Leesie and I in the evenings. The two not with me played with each other. I had wet pussy, luscious tits, fine asses, and a loving family 24/7.

Some interesting news about the Father and two sons. They were all loners and had felony rap sheets a mile long including rape, suspected murder, grand theft, domestic violence (several ended up with hospitalization) among other crimes.

That didn’t make what happened right, but at least it helped me accept what happened was pretty inevitable. No other family, so that safety concern was over. I was worried about a Hatfield and McCoys kind of scenario.

The weekend came and everyone was back at the cottage and the nude rule applied. It seems the women in the neighborhood all helped James out since he was ‘batching’ it for the week. They worked it out so one woman woke him up with sex and breakfast while another put him to bed with sex and dinner. Did I mention I loved our neighborhood?

Anyway, we were having a total of 28 for a pool party and dinner Sunday: the 7 family members, Mavis and her lover/chef, the 9 guards and their plus ones. Marion had even gotten DD to accept an invitation on the grounds she could observe me. But, this was the Saturday before the storm and I was bound and determined to cum in every pussy of every woman in the house. That was Sue, Leesie, Barbara, and Lillie.

Have Viagra will play!

The morning started out with Mom. Barbara was sleeping with Sue and me every night. I had told Sue my plans and she wanted to be last. Mom was still asleep so I gently repositioned her on her back and began suckling her nipples. I pulled in one and did my best to use my tongue and milk her like I using a hand on a cows teat with a gentle sucking pressure and softly manipulating her areola so her milk would drop.

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