Steamy Bengali Couple

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It all began one Saturday afternoon when I had decided that the boredom of staying home was too much, especially on a hot day like today. As I walk down the busy high Street, I should tell you a little about myself. I’m a Bengali British guy, from a good family in England. I’m 5ft 9 inches tall, light complexion, average weight, medium build, firm chest and stomach with a decent cute bum (so I’ve been told by my female friends).

As I walked past local supermarket, I saw a beautiful young girl walking out of the supermarket. She was a Bengali girl, well dressed with a tight top and a flarey modern skirt on with matching boots. She had straight hair and was a little shorter then me. We were both walked towards each other when suddenly one of her shopping bags ripped open at the bottom and all her shopping had fallen to the floor. I went up to her and started helping her gather her shopping. She looked up and smiled and there was this awkward silence for a few seconds when she spoke with such a sweet voice.

“I’m so clumsy…thank you for helping me.” To which I replied, your welcome. We stood up and I said “I guess they don’t make bags like they use (something which made me sound old, but I wasn’t thinking straight).

She laughed and said “yeah, you’re probably right.” I looked at her and realised that she had no space for the rest of her shopping which she was holding in her hands.

Which way you headed? I asked.

I’m just heading back down the High St and I live just around the corner.

I’m heading the same way, why don’t I carry the rest of the shopping….there’s no space left in your bags. She stood there with some shock, like I had asked some stupid question and said, “That’s really nice of you, thanks.”

We talked about all kinds of things as we walked down towards her house. I found out that her name was Yasmin and she was 24 and worked as a nurse. When we were at her door step I gave her the rest of the shopping.

“Thanks Ahmed for your help. It was lovely to meet you.” This was when she would disappear out of my life and I so wanted to get to know her more.

“It was lovely to meet you too Yasmin.” I paused for a second.

“Listen, I know we’ve just met, but I’d really liked to get to know you more. Would you like to have dinner with me some time?”

She smiled and blushed, as I waited for her answer.

“Hmmm, how about a coffee?”

“Coffee’s so over-rated these days. Dinners much more fun, besides you can tell a lot by what a person eats,” I replied.

“Really, is that a fact, she said with a smile”

Was she flirting, I asked myself.

“Dinner sounds great. I’d love to”

We exchanged numbers and set a dinner date for next week. During the week we chatted on the phone and got to know each other more. I found out that she wasn’t into fancy restaurants and liked normal food, like eating at Nandos or a corner Italian bistro. Our dinner date went great and we realised we had a passion for good food.

After several times of meeting up, we had officially become a couple and had our first kiss on the bridge of the canal just after sunset. It was all very romantic and we could see that we were falling for each other.

As we walked back to her house, suddenly it started to rain really heavy. We started laughing and ran for her house. We were really soaked. When we got to her door step, we stood under the shelter.

“Would you like to come in and dry yourself off,” she asked.

“I don’t think your family would like it if you bring some guy inside your home,” I replied.

“Oh its ok, I live alone”

I was shocked and puzzled why a 24 year old single girl would be living alone

“Come on, your soaking wet,” she said.

I decided to go in. I was still a little puzzled. I dried off in the bathroom while she went and changed into some dry clothes.

I waited for her at the bottom of the stairs when I saw her walking down. She had changed into a tight traditional salwar kameez. It was then that I notice how she had a lovely figure. She had never worn anything which fit her so well.

“Go sit down, I’ll go get us something to eat,” she said.

I sat in her living room for a while and she came in with a tray with Asian food and drinks. While she was putting the food on the coffee table, her salwar kameez which had a low cut was showing her very deep cleavage. I hadn’t noticed just how big her boobs were. They must have been at least 32D. As I looked at her deep cleavage, I could see her tight black lacy bra struggling to keep her tits in. My cock started stirring in my pants. She noticed me looking but acted normal. We sat down and ate and chatted more and I asked why she was living alone.

I found that she came from a very wealthy family and she had an arranged marriage in kırşehir escort Bangladesh to a more elder man when she was 21. Although her family thought it was the right thing to do, they only realised after that the elder man married her for their families wealth and for a chance to live in England.

She talked about how much she regretted sleeping with him on their wedding night and how her family had set for a divorce a few months after her wedding. When I had asked why she never re-married, she tearfully said how it would now be difficult to get her married now that she was a divorcee.

I saw a sad look upon her face as I wiped away her tears. We embraced and started softly kissing each other. I kissed her all over her neck and then back to her lips, kissing her more passionately. Even though we had been dating for a while, I never disrespected her by touching her. We broke our kiss and stood up and rapped our arms around each other. She looked up into my eyes and started massaging my butt.

I started smiling and she asked whether I minded her touching me.

“I’m your boyfriend; you can touch me anywhere you want.” She smiled and said “same goes for you then.”

We started kissing each other and started feeling each others butts. She had a tight round ass…it felt soft but very firm. I wrapped my arms around her and held her tight. Her big soft bhooni (tits) were pressing against me. That feeling was arousing me and felt very horny. My cock was getting harder and harder. My hands moved up her hips and then under her salwar kemeez towards her huge tits. She must have been turned on, cos I could feel her nipples pressing against her bra. She let out a soft moan when my hands starting massaging over bra.

Suddenly she broke our kiss and started giggling. I asked her what was funny.

“You’re poking me,” she said as she laughed.

I didn’t realise what she meant until I realised my cock had gone rock solid and was rubbing against her.

I didn’t know what to say and she smiled and said “I’m glad I can turn you on……I can’t wait to see it”

When I heard her say that, I felt even hornier and pulled her towards me and grabbed her round ass. I lifted her up and she wrapped her legs around me. My hard cock desperately wanting to get out started rubbing against her pussy through her kameez. I pressed her against the wall and kissed her neck and upper chest.

Then she pushed away and grabbed my hard cock and gave it a big squeeze and started taking my jeans off, leaving just my boxers on. As she was doing this, I took my top off.

I started undressing her leaving her bra and thong on. She looked very sexy.

Realising what was coming next, we headed for the bedroom. I watched her butt cheeks move up and down as she walked up the stairs. In the bedroom we embraced again and as we kissed, I unhooked her bra strap and her bra fell to the floor. Her boobs were now pressing against my pecks. Her nipples felt firm against my skin. With our eyes were closed, we both slowly felt each others bodies. I ran my hands over her soft supple boobs. I wanted to see her huge tits. I broke our kiss and looked back at her. Her tits were bigger then I thought and she smiled when she saw me staring at them with so much lust.

“Amar bhooni shoon-dur ni?” (are my boobs nice), she said, with a cheeky smile.

“They look lovely I said” as I picked her up and laid her on the edge of the bed. I started kissing on her mouth and then slowly kissed down her neck. She closed her eyes when I started kissing downwards towards her tits.

I wanted to tease her so I started rubbing my finger in a circular motion around her tits towards her nipples. Every time my finger went around her nipples, they moved closer and closer to her nipples. She softly moaned as the teasing was getting too much to bear. Finally I started rubbing both her nipples and took one of them into my mouth and started sucking on it. They had gotten very erect and Yasmin was moaning quietly.

“Amar bhoni kha….Suck my big tits babe, suck them now”

I loved the feeling of having her nipples in my mouth and teased them with my tongue. Then I pinched her nipple and then quickly took then in my mouth afterwards, giving her the feeling of pain and pleasure

I massaged and sucked her tits for a while and then started kissing her stomach and belly button, slowly moving towards her pussy. Her body was responding to my hands very well.

I teasingly slipped off her thong which was damp around her pussy lips. Her pussy was beautiful. She had a Brazilian strip with the rest of the pussy clean shaven. It was glistening with her juices and I pushed my face towards her cunt to inhale the sweet aroma of her honey juices. I was so turned on. kocaeli escort My rock hard solid cock was dying to come out my boxers. I began to kiss around her feet, moving upwards as the kissing went on and feeling the length of her smooth legs. When I had reached her thighs, I spread her legs apart, giving me a nice view of her open crack. I stopped and rubbed her inner thighs but never rubbing her pussy.

The smell of her pussy was intoxicating. I kissed and rubbed around her pussy and her clit but never directly on her pussy lips or clitoris. The teasing was too much and she was getting dirtier in her sex talk.

“oh u fhunga (bastard), stop teasing me…..amar foon kha” (eat my pussy)

Her legs became wider and the smooth muscles of her pussy grabbed my tongue and pulled me in. I found her clit and my tongue licked up, around and sucked on it. I grabbed her butt from below and while squeezing them from below I started licking her clitoris violently. She was now moaning louder and my attentions brought forth an orgasm. I was stunned by the force with which she locked my head to her pussy. I was arrested in between her most beautiful thighs and the waves of her orgasm drenched me with the sweetest of honey juice.

Yasmin was squirming on the bed and I bit her clitoris slightly and licked her cunt in long strokes in an upward motion. I then inserted my finger in her cunt and started finger fucking her. That was too much for her. She let go a loud cry with ecstasy. I started fingering her pussy and sucking on her clit at the same time.

She was screaming now. Her cunt was getting wetter and hotter. I enjoyed moving my fingers inside her hot wet pussy. I was touching and pressing her inner walls and her g-spot with my finger as she moaned loudly.

“Oh fucking yes!” I started fingering her faster and my left hand massaged her tits. Yasmin’s foon (pussy) was on fire. She held my head and my face fully into her cunt. I was licking and sucking faster. Yasmin didn’t want me to stop eating her pussy or pressing her tits. Her body was quivering and instinctively started to buck. I was licking and hitting her g-spot.

Suddenly she stopped bucking and let out a deep loud moan. Her orgasm had filled my fingers and hand with her pussy juices.

“Oh baby, that was fucking great. I never knew oral sex could be this good. My bastard ex husband never ever did this”

She smiled and got up to give me a kiss. “It’s your turn now baby,” said Yasmin, very excited.

I sat at the edge of the bed and she teasingly pealed my boxers off. My 6 and a half inch thick cock just sprang out in full view.

“Oh fuck, it’s so thick,” she said. “I’m gonna love sucking your bog-ga! (cock)”

She started stroking the length of my cock, slowly moving up and down and feeling how hard it was, giving me a slow wank. With her other hand, she gently cupped my balls. I was too horny to say anything and just watched in the mirror behind her of her ass and her wet pussy glistening in the light.

I looked down to see Yasmin kissing my cock and licking underneath the length of my cock. Oh, the feeling was really wonderful. My first ever blowjob. It was her first time giving one as well. She slowly sucked it and her wet tongue travelled the full length my cock back and forth. The wetness and movement of her mouth was incredible and I was trembling on every touch. She tightened her tongue, which increased the suction on my cock.

Her sucking became faster and deeper. I was in heaven.

She sucked all my pre-cum and was eagerly waiting for my thick cum to fill her mouth. After 10 minutes of vigorous sucking I told her I was about to cum. She looked up at me and I could see that her eyes were filled with lust. I thought she would stop before I would explode, but she opened her mouth wide and gulped 2 mouthfuls of cum. Then she licked my tool absolutely dry.

With a gentle smile she stood and sat by my side. I grabbed her onto me and she sat on my semi-hard cock massaging it with her wet pussy by gently moving her hips and waist in a circular way while fervently kissing my lips.

We kissed like this for a while until my cock was hard again. I turned her around and laid of on the bed with her legs wide apart. I started to rub my cock on her pussy lips and clitoris and on the soft flesh by moving the lips apart by my angry red dick head. She started groaning as I teased her love spot. I kept rubbing her pussy lips with my cock and it was getting too much for her.

“Oh fuck me you bastard, souda amar rare.” “Tourr ghod-dha fel ha-ra” (stick your thick cock inside)

She started to beg me to ram her hole. I pushed my thick bog-ga (cock) into her steaming wet hole. But only the red helmet went inside, as it was very tight konya escort though it was full of juices. She gave a strong upward thrust by raising her hips and then my dick slid half way through with a ‘clup’ sound. I gathered all my strength and with one big jerk I rammed my hot cock into the juicy hole. It gave a thumping sound as it hit her inner walls and was completely dipped in the hot juices.

She closed her eyes and asked me to fuck her deep. I began deep strokes in her pussy and my balls slapped against her butt. I slowly moved my cock in and out in her wet pussy and she moaned loudly. We both enjoyed the pleasure and I dug deep into her wet cunt.

“Oh fuck yes, yes.” We fucked liked this for a while and she wrapped her legs around me, pushing on my butt to get in deeper. I raised her legs onto my shoulders and penetrated her more. After several minutes of fucking she exploded her juices, soaking my balls, as the juice flowed down her asshole and fell onto the bed sheet. Shortly after her explosion I also exploded my cum inside her pussy and I laid upon her and kissed madly for further few moments and sucked her boobs.”

She started wanking my cock and soon my cock was rock solid again. She got up and sat over me and raised her ass and moved my cock into position and slipped it in her pussy. She looked at me and started thrusting in and out, while moving her hips.

She started riding me slowly. I was squeezing her boobs and kissing her every now and then. She started riding me really fast and hard. She was screaming, moaning and riding faster and faster. I held onto her hips and she closed her eyes and leaned back. Her tits were bouncing up and down.

Soon she was screamming “AAAAAAHHHHHH AAAAAAAHHHH…. oh fuck yes aaarh.” I never knew she had such a wild side as she fucked me harder and harder. After a while I told her that I was about to cum and she said, “Cum inside me. I want to feel that hot cum of yours” I came really hard and she shortly after she did too. She threw her self on me – keeping my cock inside of hers. We kissed, hugged so tight and held each other in one another’s arms. I pulled my self out from her and she came next to me and rested her head on my chest.

She was massaged my chest, I was running my fingers in her silky hair. We lay like this for few minutes – no words were spoken. I could feel her heavy breathing and she was really happy, cos she was kissing my chest every now and then.

With the other hand, I grabbed her buttocks and massaged them. She moaned, AAAAAHHHH . I pressed it again. She did the same. My tool was getting little hard now and she saw it and smiled at me – and said, “I want that inside me again.”

She moved into the doggy position on the floor in front of the tall mirror and raised her beautiful ass in the air. I went on the floor behind her and started rubbing my cock over her butt hole. She was shocked and thought I was gonna fuck her ass!

“No baby, not in there. Your cock’s too thick. I won’t be able to take it….foon-dor ha-ra (put it in my pussy).”

I smiled and re-assured her that I was just rubbing my cock on her asshole and it was her foon (pussy) that was gonna get rammed.

She laughed and said, “whatever you say baby….tourr moota fel ha-ra” (stick your big cock in).

With one deep push I slipped my cock all the way into her drenched pussy. I wanted this too last long and started moving in and out slowly. The slow fuck was enjoyable and we watched each other in the mirror. It was very sexy. I started to massage her ass and softly spanking it. Her eyes widen and I knew she was loving it when she looked at me and bit down on her lip.

I held onto her hips and started fucking her harder. Yasmin started moaning out loud “oh yes, arrrrgh arrggh….sue-da amar reh” (fuck me).

I picked up the pace and went in deeper. She was now moaning and groaning really loud. “aaror ju-reh” “aaror ju-reh” (more harder, more harder) Oh you beautiful fhung-ga (bastard), tear my foon (pussy) apart.

Hearing that, I started ramming her pussy really hard and was fucking her deep, as my balls started to bounce off her ass. Yasmin pushed her ass back as I thrust forward, matching my rhythm. We were both close to orgasm and I shouted out, “I’m going to cum.” My cock shot cum deep into her cunt and filled her all up. I took it out and the cum shot over her ass and back. She too had exploded another orgasm.

We lay in bed next to each other exhausted after a long fuck session. After some minutes of rest we had a long shower together, where she gave me another blowjob, after I had licked and sucked her boobs and pussy.

Me and Yasmin dated for a while and were clearly in love. I loved her so much that, I got down on one knee and proposed on the very bridge we had our first kiss in the moonlight. We had a beautiful summer wedding and a year and a half later she’s now expecting our first child. After 25 years of loneliness, I was finally happy!


Hope everyone enjoyed the story. If you have any constructive criticisms, then please email me. Thanks!

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