Stella by Moonlight

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This is Chapter 7 from a longer, as yet incomplete tome.

One Sunday my parents were going to visit my brother and his family out of town. I decided to stay home, and Mom made me some sandwiches and put them in the fridge. I wanted to take advantage of having the house to myself. I made myself a pitcher of Long Island ice tea, grabbed my book, and went outside to catch some sun.

I had been out there for a while when Stella appeared from around the corner of the house.

“Hey, there you are. No wonder nobody answered the door when I rang.”

Stella was nineteen, a year older than me. We’d lived next door to each other and grown up together. As kids we’d often played together, but over the years we had drifted apart. The age difference, slight as it was, meant we were never in the same class. She had just finished her second year at the local college, whereas I had just returned from my first year away at university.

Since running into each other at the student summer employment center a few weeks back, we’d been spending some of our jointly unemployed time getting reacquainted.

“Sorry. Mom and Dad when out for the day so I’ve been enjoying having the house to myself.”

“Oh.” She paused. “Did you want me to leave?”

“No, no. I’d like to have you here. I just didn’t want to spend the day being chased around by my nephew,” I said. “Do you want some iced tea?”

“Sure. Don’t get up, I can get a glass for myself,” and she went into the house.

I lay back again and started reading some more. Stella reappeared, but now she looked different. She had taken off the tee shirt that she had arrived in and now was wearing a yellow bikini top. Between the bikini top and the cutoff shorts she was wearing, I could see more of her than I had seen in many years, and the sight of her caused quite a different reaction than I had had years ago when I last saw her dressed in so little.

“Hey, did you go home and change? That was pretty quick.”

“No,” she said. “I was already wearing this underneath. I thought that if I going to sit in the sun, I might as well tan as much of me as I can, tan, Dan.”

“Hah, very funny.” She sat down on the grass beside me and poured herself some iced tea.

I went back to reading, but didn’t get very far before she asked, “What’ch reading?” I turned the book so that she could see the cover. “‘The Idiot’. Is this like a comedy or something?”

“You mean like ‘The Jerk’? No, this is Dostoevsky. The ‘idiot’ is actually a guy who just left a mental institution. He doesn’t have the ability to see any negative things in people so he seems kind of simple minded and foolish.”

“Simple minded and foolish. Hmm. Yeah, I guess you would have to be that way not to see the bad things in people. Is it good? The book, I mean.”

“So far. I haven’t gotten very far yet.” I went back to reading, and Stella lay back on the grass.

After a few minutes, I felt something light touch my arm. Without pausing my reading, İstanbul Escort I swiped at it, assuming it was a bug of some sort. After a moment, I felt the same thing in another spot, and I swatted again. When it happened a third time, I sat up and slapped my arm again, only to see Stella with a huge mischievous smile on her face holding a long flower leaf in her hand. She burst out laughing.

“Cut it out, Stella. Jeez, here I tried to get away from my six year old nephew, and you’re just as bad.”

“Sorry,” she laughed. “I couldn’t resist.”

She continued giggling, but laid back and closed her eyes again, so I sat back and opened the book. After completing just half a page, I felt a very light prick on my arm, and sat up quickly. This time Stella was lying on her side, reaching over and poking me with the tip of a twig. I threw the book aside, reached over, grabbed her and dragged her to me. She sat up, so I twisted her arm behind her and reached around her back and pulled the other arm back as well and got her in a double arm lock. I didn’t put any upward pressure on her arms though, like I would have had I been wrestling. I didn’t need to since she wasn’t anywhere near as strong as my wrestling opponents were.

She was still laughing, so I brought both of her delicate wrists together, grabbed them both with one hand so she couldn’t move, and used the other arm to pull her across my lap. Now she was across my knee with her butt on my right side. I spanked her playfully, saying “Bad girl.” She kept laughing, so I kept whacking her saying “Bad girl. Bad, bad girl …


…. Bad, bad girl.” he kept saying. I couldn’t help laughing and squirming as he kept smacking my butt. It felt so safe, so comfortable and strangely free on his lap with my arms behind my back. His hand on my bottom, even though it was only a brief moment each time he hit me, felt so good, so warm and comforting. Without even realizing it I let out a low pitched moan as my toes began clawing into the grass like a cat kneading it paws in pleasure. I pushed my ass as high in the air as I could, feeling the stretch of the muscles in the backs of my legs as I straightened them trying to push my ass closer to his hand. He must have read my desires in my movements and began smacking me harder. The heat in my butt wasn’t from the summer sun and it wasn’t entirely mental either. Blood was rushing to it, heating it, and the skin felt electric. I could feel his cock now, pressing up to my belly from below.

Finally I couldn’t take it anymore. I was too hot, too crazy with desire. I easily freed my hands from behind my back because Daniel wasn’t holding them tightly any more, and I dropped to my knees and sat up and kissed him. I attacked his lips with the ferocity of a wild cat in a feeding frenzy. I couldn’t get enough from his lips and turned to his cheeks and his chin and his throat, kissing and sucking and biting while my hands roamed through his hair and over his face İstanbul Escort bayan and naked chest.

When I had finally satiated myself enough to pause to breathe I slowly sat back, panting, and stared into his eyes. He had such a determined look on his face. He bent forward and scooped me up easily. I threw my arms around his strong neck and put my cheek to his shoulder and forehead to his jaw as he stood up and carried me towards the house. Through the back door, the kitchen, the living room, up the stairs to his room where he placed me on his bed. Before he could step back I reached for his waist, worked my fingers under the band of his shorts and tried to slide them down. They were caught and he winced. I stopped and gently pulled the front of the shorts up and then forward and was rewarded with the sight his magnificent hard cock.

My desire and anticipation were probably the reason that time to seem to slow down as I reached for it. When my hand finally arrived it felt so hard and stiff, and yet soft on the surface and warm as well. It was damp closer to the tip, and I could see that the tip itself was coated in a shiny wet material. I wrapped my fingers around the middle and began stroking up and down. The motion caused a tiny bead of clear fluid to appear at the point and also caused Daniel to let out a moan. “Kiss it,” Daniel ordered. I shifted forward and kissed the point where the fluid had appeared. I kissed around and around the shiny head, then opened my mouth, extended my tongue over my lower teeth and lips, and took the entire head into my mouth. Mmm, it was so soft yet firm inside, and the clear fluid was slippery and salty. I did circles around the tip with my tongue trying to lick up all the salty slippery fluid. I forgotten about my hand and began stroking again while stopping the tongue circles and sucking instead. Daniel moaned again and began rocking his hips back and forth. I took my other hand and gently started to touch his balls. I had heard that they can be very sensitive, so I was as careful as I could be with them. I found the spot where the sac connected with the rest of the body and pressed there to give my hand a point of reference, and that elicited another moan and an increase in the speed of the thrusting.

To keep up with the thrusting speed I sped up my stroking which caused Daniel to speed up the thrusting even more. Suddenly he lurched forward, stumbling because his shorts were still around his ankles, and cried out. I felt contractions at the point where I was touching him behind his balls and then thick gobs of hot salty paste spewed into my mouth.

I gagged at first because I was so surprised, but I didn’t take my mouth away. Then I started swallowing and swallowing because my mouth was so full. When my mouth was empty I still kept my mouth and hands where they were because I just didn’t want to let go. I started stroking again slowly and discovered that more remnants were forced out of the tip, so I grabbed Escort İstanbul at the very base, pressed down, and worked my way up, like squeezing the last out of a toothpaste tube, and I was rewarded with another little spurt that dropped onto the middle of my tongue.

Now I had a real fire burning, not just on my butt, but even more in my vulva, and even the rest of my body was sparkling with current. I sat back on the bed, reached up and lifted the bottom of my bikini top over my breasts. It was so exciting, exposing my breasts to Daniel. Then I raised my arms, reached around back, and pulled the top off and threw it aside. Daniel stood there, not moving, watching me intently. I slid off the side of the bed and hooked my fingers under the waistband of my shorts and slipped them off. Now I was totally naked in front of him.

I climbed back onto the bed. I reached for his hand, pulled him towards me and said, “Please, fuck me now.” I lay back on his bed as he climbed over top on me. I spread my legs and he climbed in between. He brought himself down and I could feel skin, skin everywhere. It was such a delicious feeling. His hips were just above mine and he poked his cock around, unable at to find my opening, so I moved my hand in between us, reached down, and guided him in.

He pushed himself in to the hilt. In spite of being soaking wet, the thrust hurt and shocked me and I cried out. He apologized and asked if that was too hard. I said not too hard, just too fast to start with. He apologized again and slowly drew himself back out a little ways and then slowly pushed himself back in again. He used a slow, steady pace. It seemed to me as if the walls of my vagina had electric sensors that were gripping his cock as it slid in and out, while radiating pulsating waves of pleasure out to the rest of my body. I wrapped my legs around his body, my feet barely touching behind his back, while I writhed from side to side like a snake with my upper body.

I was grunting and groaning like a pig but I couldn’t help it. With my legs I tried to urge him on faster, and he responded by increasing his pace. Suddenly the world exploded with a shower of bright flashes and songs and I screamed. Daniel increased his pace further, and moments later let out a shuddering groan and pushed into me one last time, straining to reach to the center of my soul with his cock.

Trickles of perspiration running down his face, Daniel withdrew and fell on the bed beside me. We lay like that, holding hands and panting for a time.

After our breathing returned to normal, he said “We shouldn’t have done that.”

“Done who, what?,” I asked.

“Had sex without protection.”

I thought for a bit. “I can go tomorrow to the doctor to get a morning-after pill,” I said.

“That’s probably a good idea.”

“And I could see about getting birth control pills as well. Just in case we ever want to do this again,” I suggested.

Daniel rolled over and up on one elbow. He smiled and leaned over and kissed me.

As mentioned at the beginning, this is an excerpt from a larger unfinished work. So far I’ve written from the beginning of the story, up to this excerpt, and slightly past it.

Please vote, and let me know what you think (good or bad) so far. Thanks.

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