Step Daughter Massage

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Ass Shake

This story is factually based with embellishments for entertainment.

When I first started dating my wife, she told me that she had two children that lived with her. At first I told her that I wasn’t going to get serious with anyone that had children. I was too old to have that extra responsibility and activity in my life. She explained that they would be moving out in a couple of years. So since we had just started seeing each other I told her, “Let’s see how things evolve.” Because I really liked her personality, how she thought and how she saw things in a different light.

After a couple of years had passed, we moved in together after her children had moved out on their own. Then, her daughter had gotten pregnant from a man she did not want to be with, so she moved in with us. I felt we needed to help her with her new baby and now being jobless because of the moving from another distant city.

When Zoe, the daughter, was ready to find work, we found out that she wanted to become a Certified Massage Therapist. She could work her schooling schedule around my wife’s schedule so someone could babysit.

Zoe started taking her classes and wanted to practice on us, which was fine with us, since we could always use a massage.

One Saturday morning, she asked me if I wanted a massage. I told her that I had planned a long bike ride, but would like to have a massage after I got back. I told her to give her mom a massage in the mean time, she really needed one. She agreed to that.

When I got back from my bike ride I asked Zoe, “Am I still getting a massage?”

She answered, “Of course, I need the practice.”

So I went to take a shower, while my wife said that she was going to take the baby to the park and take a nice walk.

When I got out of the shower, I wrapped a towel around myself and walked to the family room where Zoe had the massage table set up.

She said, “I’m ready for you, lay face down and keep the towel over your butt.” Then giggled a little.

I smiled at her then positioned myself on the table and kept the towel on escort gaziantep vip bayan me. She straightened out the towel as I couldn’t get it in the right spot. She explained to me her procedure and technique that she was supposed to follow, but was still in the early learning process.

I said, “Don’t worry about it, do the best that you can, your goal is to make your client feel good, right?”

She said, “Yes, but I still need to get it right.”

I said, “You’re just starting out and learning, you’ll be okay.”

Just give you a brief description of Zoe at that time, she was 22 y.o., 5’8″ tall and weighed about 130 lbs. (guessing), long reddish brown hair, which she had tied up for the massage, green eyes, and body measurements of 34C-26-36.

I only saw her as my wife’s daughter and not having one inkling or notion about her sexually. She was attractive with a hot body, but I never thought anything of it, she was just Zozo to me.

She started the massage by warming up my muscle tissue in my back and then my neck. My neck is where she started the deep tissue massage, then worked my shoulders, then arms and hands. Then she rubbed a liberal amount of oil on my back and worked on it for a while with a variety of techniques. She then went down to my right foot and worked her way up my lower leg, then thighs. When she got to my butt, she draped the towel strategically to make sure I was not exposing any private areas. She did a good job working on my butt, for which I needed from my long bike ride.

As she was working on my butt crease where it meets my thigh, I felt a draft hitting my crotch as if the towel was not covering me entirely, but Zoe kept working on me like nothing was improper. Then as she slid her hand down from the back of my thigh down to the inside part of my thigh, and her hand rubbed up against my scrotum. She didn’t stop or hesitate and kept going. She moved down the inside of my thigh to my knee and then back up. When she arrived at my crotch she brushed up against my escort gaziantep yabancı bayan scrotum again.

I waited a moment to see what was going to happen next. Then, Zoe started working on my left foot and worked her way up the leg just like she did on my right leg. When she got to my inner thigh, she did the same thing, she rubbed against my ball sac.

On her return trip down and up my thigh, she brushed against my scrotum again, but this time she opened her hand and started fondling my balls and caressing my perineum. I got startled but didn’t do anything, because it felt really hot.

She then spoke, “Are you okay with this technique?”

I hesitated but answered, “Is this a new type of massage?”

She laughed and said, “Yes, it’s my own, that I do for special clients.”

I asked, “Are you sure you want to do this?”

She said, “Yes, I’ve always wanted to “get in your pants”.”

I asked, “What about your mom?”

She said, “This will be our secret, okay?”

I said, “I’m not feeling too good about this.”

She sarcastically says, “If this doesn’t feel good, I must be doing something wrong.”

I said, “You know what I mean.”

She said, “It’s okay, please let me keep going.”

I begrudgingly said, “Okay.”

The entire time we were discussing the situation, she had been playing with balls and perineum, so my cock has since gotten rock hard. Zoe then reaches underneath my body and grabs a hold of my hard cock and strokes it. I raise my ass off the table so she can stroke me easier, and with her free hand she runs her finger along my entire ass crack. Her slippery finger feels so good running up and down my butt.

After a few minutes of getting a hand job, she tells me to flip over and lay on my back.

She said, “I’m supposed to continue the massage, but I’m going to keep playing with your cock and balls.” Then laughs.

Now I’m watching my step daughter playing with me and can’t believe it. I could tell she was enjoying herself escort gaziantep yaşlı bayan with the smile that she had. Then, without warning she puts my cock in her mouth and starts sucking me. She’s really enjoying this as she closed her eyes and “went to town” on my cock. She stuffed it down her throat multiple times, gagging herself on purpose, then pulled it out her mouth and licked every part of it and my balls.

Then she stopped, stood up and dropped her shorts and pantie, told me to scoot down towards the bottom of the table, and then she got up on the table. She then stood over me and squatted and put her pussy right over my face. She lowered herself and said, “I want you to lick my pussy and ass.”

I grabbed her hips and positioned her so that I could access her pussy and butt hole easier. I then started licking and sucking both of her private holes with a rabid pace as this was so hot and erotic.

All the while she is giving me a nice slippery hand job. After a few minutes of me snacking on her hot, wet pussy and steamy ass, Zoe says, “Hey I’m about to cum.”

I could feel her body start to shake and shiver as she is about to climax. I kept my mouth planted on her hot, messy crotch as she starts to cum.

She lets out a deep guttural moan as her body convulses and shakes with her lengthy orgasm, as it seems like it lasts for a minute or so.

When she finishes, she collapses and falls off of me. Fortunately, I catch her before she falls off the table. I hold her up and ease her down off the table. She can barely stand up and holds onto the the table for support.

After a few moments, she gathers herself and says, “I was supposed to get you off first.”

She looks down at me, then grabs my cock and starts sucking me again. I get hard immediately and enjoy her mouth and tongue on my cock. She starts giving me a hand job while sucking the end of my cock.

In matter of moments I tell Zoe, “I’m going to cum in your mouth.”

With my cock in her mouth, she nods as to say okay.

I said, “Here I cum!”

My cock stiffens up as I shoot my load of semen into Zoe’s mouth. She looks at me as I’m squirting my cum in her mouth. My load was bigger than normal as it starts to leak out the sides of her mouth. When I finished, I pulled my cock from her mouth, then she swallows it all, and licks her lips where its dripping out.

We sit there for a minute, then realize we need to clean up before her mom comes back from her walk.

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