Steph and Robert, the Unfolding…

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“Robert, It’s Sara. Hey, I just bought a new TV and Baely and I have been trying to hook it up and we are totally lost with all these wires. Any chance you can come over and take a look at it?”

So, Let me fill you in on all this before we go any further. My name is Stephanie, My best friend since we were kids is Sara. My Boyfriend is Robert. He and I have been dating for about two years so he knows Sara. Sara has another friend that hangs out with her called Baely. She’s been around awhile to so Robert and I know her but not really well. So there you have it, the cast of characters in this little story. Mind you I found out all of this later as I am not a part of the “fun”.

“Sure Sara, you want me to come over now?”

“If you can that’d be great! That way we can watch the game tonight.” Sara said excitedly.

“Ok, I’m on my way” Robert told her.

What Robert didn’t know is that I had found out about his perving on young gymnast girls on Instagram and had told Sara about it, wondering what I should do. What I didn’t know was that Sara had an idea of how to handle it and how to finally get a chance at doing something she’d wanted to do since she met Robert. She wanted to fuck him! It was simple as that. She didn’t really like him but he had such a sexy body. Something about it that just went right to her head and pussy when she saw him. She’d stayed away because of me but this was the opportunity she’d been waiting for. Her friend Baely had suggested it to her when she told Baely that I had told her about his Instagram dalliances.

Baely told her, “Sara, I was a gymnast about 10 yrs ago when I was little. Mom made me do it. I still have my leotard and can probably squeeze into although it’d be really tight. Probably just perfect for this idea.”

Sara was excited and they started to hatch out a plan to get Robert over to Sara’s apartment. Robert, unknowingly, walked right into it when he came over and stepped thru the door. He immediately noticed Sara was dressed in loose fitting shorts and one of those tank top/sports bra tops. Her shorts laid on her ass nicely and gave Robert on occasional view as well when the loose leg openings opened and flashed her thong at him. All of this did not go unnoticed by Robert and he started to get hard in his jeans. Baely, another of Robert’s secret fantasy themes, was just sitting on the couch watching with an amused smile on her face.

“So, where is it and what’s the issue?” Robert said, looking for the new TV.

“Right here” Sara said showing it to him. “You can see all these cables and wires have to go somewhere but I have no idea where.”

She walked him over to the TV and he got to work.

“Think it’ll take long?” She asked.

“Naw” He replied, “Give me 30 minutes and a beer and I’ll be done.”

“Coming up Sir” she replied and turned to go into the kitchen.

“I’ll get it for him.” Baely said and motioned for Sara to get to work on Robert.

As Baely sashayed into the kitchen, Sara nudged Robert and motioned for him to watch her walking away. Her sweats were hanging half off her ass and her Gymnast leotard was sex izle already starting to ride up into the crack of her ass, a sight not lost on Robert. Or Sara for that matter. She had always had ideas for Baely but she kept them to herself.

“Damn,” Robert muttered under his breath as he turned back to work on the TV.

As soon as he did he noticed that Sara had squatted down right next to him to see what he was doing. What caught his eye was that as she was squatting, she had her legs spread just enough to open her shorts pant leg so if he looked surreptitiously, he could catch a glimpse of the gusset of her panties and how it stretched over her pussy. He suddenly started to disconnect some of the wires he had already connected so he could spend more time looking. Sara noticed this but said nothing. She could tell he was looking at her so she leaned in a little more. That move opened her pant leg a little more, pushed her pussy against her panties that much harder giving her a real camel toe, and brushed her breasts against his shoulder. She was also getting turned on herself and started to get a little wet. All this added to Robert’s not so slight discomfort as he certainly noticed her movements and that they were intentional. At least in his mind. And, damn if he wasn’t starting to get a hard on in his jeans.

Baely, standing in the kitchen doorway, waited for Sara to get fully situated and pressed against Robert’s shoulder before making a little noise and walking back in the room with his beer.

“Here you go Robert” she said.

He turned to move to her to get the beer almost knocking Sara over in the process.

“Oh I’m sorry!” Sara said as she caught herself and went to stand up.

“No problem” Robert said, never taking his eyes off Baely.

She had opened her hoodie front and he could see her Gymnast Leotard and how it smashed her breasts, her nipples sticking thru like little nails. She had earlier removed the excess padding in the top that she had used to hide her nipples when she was younger and still performing. Robert was mesmerized at the view and slowly turned his head away from her. He then took a long pull off the beer and went back to working on the TV. Sara, bemusedly watching all this, excused herself to go to the bathroom. While there she pulled off her shorts and her panties putting the shorts back on without panties. As she walked back into the living room, Baely was talking to Robert about being a gymnast when she was younger. She was relaying to him that she wasn’t too much bigger now and could still squeeze into her leotard. She was about to take off her sweats when Sara came back into the room.

“Baely, your distracting him from his work! Leave him alone so he finish and we can still have time to watch the game tonight!” She admonished. “Come on Robert, get busy!”

“OK, OK chill.” Robert said and turned back to the tv.

Sara resumed her position from before so she could “watch” him work. This time when he glanced over, he could see that she wasn’t wearing any panties and her pussy was wet and open. As soon as he saw this, he stopped what fransız porno he was doing and turned on his knees toward her.

“OK Sara, What the hell’s going on?” He asked.

“Well, it took you long enough asshole!” she said “Man I thought you were going to go on just fixing the damn TV. You see Robert, Steph told me about finding your pervy Instagram pictures of little gymnast girls. So, Baely and I thought we’d have a little fun with you about that.”

“What… What do you mean, Sara?” he asked nervously.

“Come over here to the couch and I’ll show you.” She said.

He walked with her over to the couch and she turned him and pushed him down onto it. She turned to Baely and told her to go ahead.

Baely moved in front of Robert and said “So, you like gymnasts do you? Let me how you what a grown up one looks like!”

With that she began to peel off her sweat suit. Her jacket was already undone so she stepped between Robert’s legs and slowly let it slip off her shoulders and pulled her arms behind her back, causing her to push her breasts out. Sara helped her get that off and then turned her around.

“The pants now Baely. Let’s show him your tight little ass baby,” Sara said.

She bent over almost to a 90 deg angle and slowly slipped her pants off her ass and down her thighs.

Sara grabbed them mid thigh and said “Not so fast honey. I want him to enjoy this and I want to enjoy him. Just stand there for a minute.”

Baely stopped trying to take her pants off and just flexed her thighs and ass in the tight leotard. This caused it to move into the crack of her ass and pulled it tight against her pussy mound. It was so tight, her pussy lips almost popped out around the thin strip of material. Meanwhile, Sara could see Robert was getting hard so she reached over and began to stroke him thru his jeans.

“Starting to get a little turned on are ya?” She teased. “Here let me help you with that.”

She started to unbuckle his pants and pull his zipper down. He lifted his ass up so she could get his pants and underwear all the way off letting his cock spring out free.

“Oh God Sara!” he said as she grabbed it and started to stroke it.

“That’s much better isn’t it baby.” she said.

“Fuck yeah!” he replied still keeping his eyes glued to Baely’s crotch and ass.

Sara slipped her mouth down over the head of his cock and slowly ran her tongue around it, letting her drool get it good and wet so she could slip it down her throat.

“Fuck Sara..I never knew…” He started to say but he couldn’t finish as she started to push her head all the way down his cock letting it slip deep into her throat.

“Mmmm” she hummed as she pushed her mouth down on him, feeling the veiny shaft against her lips and pushing onto the back of her throat.

She prided herself on her skills as a cock sucker and this was going to be no exception. She slid her lips back up, caving her cheeks inward as she went and letting her drool drip all over his hard cock. Pushing back down she heard him moan with pleasure. She looked up out of the corner teen porno of her eye and could see Baely. She had bent over a little more to push her ass out. She was purposely gyrating her ass so her leotard slipped even deeper into the crack of her ass and between her pussy lips. This was more than Robert could take and he erupted in Sara’s mouth, filling her to overflowing. She was surprised at his quick release and let him fill her mouth. Then she let his cum slowly drip down the sides of his cock while still sucking and drooling on it.

“Oh god, Sara, you gotta stop!” Robert cried as the sensations became too intense for him to bear.

She stopped but only for a minute to swallow his cum and her excess drool and to wink at Baely, giving her the signal to slowly start peeling her leotard off, staring Robert in the eye while she did. The slow revealing of her firm breasts, her strong cut abs, muscular arms, and well trimmed landing strip of a patch of pubes was just what Robert needed to speed up his recovery. That, and Sara’s continued licking and sucking of his cock had him ready in no time. Baely had shifted her eyes to Roberts cock by this time and was intent on having it inside her.

She peeled her leotard the rest of the way off and walked toward him, never removing her gaze from his dick. By this time he was nothing more than cock to her

“Hold it ready for me Sara.” Baely said as she straddled over Robert.

She slowly lowered herself down until just the head was touching her lips. She swung her hips a little, spreading them and spreading her juices over the head of his cock. She slowly started to lower herself down on him, letting him spread and push deep into her pussy, scratching an itch that she had for a long time.

“Oh damn” she moaned as she pushed him inside herself.

“Oh fuuuck” moaned Robert as he felt his cock being enveloped in her wetness, in her heat.

She started to ride herself up and down on him, taking him deep and bouncing her pubic mound on his, long stroking him until just the head of his cock remained inside her then slipping down to mash her clit against him.

“Fuck him Baely” Sara moaned as she watched them from beside, fingering herself madly.

She had wanted, lusted after this moment ever since she had first laid eyes on Robert. She didn’t want to hurt her friend Stephanie, but damn he was hot and just wanted a taste.

A couple of more lunges and Robert groaned, cumming hard into Baely pussy, coating the insides. She was almost done too but not quite, continuing to ride him until she started to cum as well, jerking and spasming on his lap, his cum forced out of her by her contractions.

“Holy shit” she exclaimed as she fell forward resting on Robert’s chest.

As she was catching her breath, she kept moving her ass around, getting the last of his cum and letting him slowly slip out of her.

“Damn, that was good.” She said.

“Best get you cleaned up and back to Steph then.” Sara said as she helped Baely climb off Robert. “Oops let me get that!” She said as a large clump of cum dripped out onto Robert’s belly.

Sara swooped down and licked it up, causing him to jump.

“Damn Sara.” he said.

“Don’t worry,” she said. “Just come on Robert, you need to get going.”

She handed him his clothes and smiled at him. “Time for you to go… For now.”

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