Stepmom Betrayal Ch. 09: The Hitchhikers

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Chapter Nine: The Hitchhikers

Mistress Casandra was very pleased with her three new Slaves. Over these first two weeks, each had adjusted to life at the Estate and was happily performing their Slave Duties. Life was good. Casandra decided to take all the Slaves shopping. She wanted to purchase the new Slaves three dresses like the other’s had, with matching jewelry and shoes.

They would go to the same store as before and then go to the mall to continue shopping. And perhaps have a Mall Adventure or two. It was on the 2nd Saturday since the New Slaves began their slavery, at 7am, that they all got into the van and headed out. Each one was wearing a short skirt, white knee highs and a short T-shirt. On the way, they stopped for breakfast.

As before, Casandra had called the store and when the group arrived, the store was ready. Lizzy, Debbie and Ann tried on dress after dress. Mistress Casandra selected three for each along with matching jewelry and shoes.

Mistress’s commented, “Watch out world.”

Mistress Casandra, Lara, Tara and Meagan had brought along an outfit to wear to dinner at the same restaurant as before. On the way to the mall, Casandra stopped at the Ritz Carlton, checked them in and all took their bags, both shopping and luggage, to the room. They then drove to the mall for shopping and some Mall Adventures.

As the group shopped, Mistress thought of the Mall Adventures for her Slaves. First, she led her Slaves to a Lingerie Shop and gave them their orders. She gave them a broad outline to follow and left the details to Lara and Tara. After Mistress gave them their orders, Lara and Tara spoke to each other first to plan the Adventure and then told the others. Mistress walked in first, followed by Lara.

Lara rushed in, appearing to be in panic, and asked if she could “hide in the backroom.”

Before she got an answer; Tara, Meagan, Lizzy, Debbie and Ann ran into the store, saw Lara and rushed to her, while Lara backed away. The Store Personal and the customers just stood and watched, and listened.

As they surrounded Lara, Tara said, “Well, look what we have here. The bitch who tried to steal my boyfriend.”

Lara, “I didn’t try…”

Tara slapped her, “Yes, you did bitch.”

She then glanced at her gang and said, “Grab her and hold her. She needs to be punished.”

Lara struggled but was held easily.

Tara then said, “Strip the bitch.”

The Store Manager walked up and spoke up and said, “Now wait a minute, you leave her alone.”

Debbie turned on her and said, “Back off old lady if you don’t want a spanking too.”

The Store Manager, a small mousy but nice looking 38 year old woman named Irma, backed off. Soon, Lara was naked and Tara, who had sat down on a bench, ordered her to “lie across her knees.”

She then told Lizzy to “maul her tits” and Ann “to finger fuck the bitch while I spank her.”

Soon Lara came and Tara shoved her to the floor, grabbed her head and forced her to her pussy and said “Ok bitch, lick my pussy. Do a good job or else.”

Tara noticed Store Manager Irma going to the fitting rooms and motioned to Meagan and Debbie.

They cornered Irma against a wall and Debbie said, “What do you think? Think she’s wet?”

Meagan laughed and reached out to Irma’s pussy and rubbed, and said “Yes she is. What a slut.”

Debbie ordered Irma to “strip,” and being afraid, she did and was soon standing nude.

Meagan sat down and ordered her “to sit across my knees for your spanking.”

When she hesitated, Debbie slapped her butt and said, “Now bitch.”

Irma did as ordered and Meagan began to spank her. After 15 hard hits, Meagan pushed Irma to the floor. Then, Debbie and Meagan went at her and fondled her tits and sucked on her nipples, kissed her and soon Irma had come multiple times.

Debbie said, “Good girl.”

They then noticed that a young 18 year old Sales Clerk was standing and watching them. She had her cell phone out and was taking pics.

Debbie walked up to her and asked her, “What are you going to do with that? Blackmail into being your slave?”

The Sales Clerk, named Rose, just smiled.

Debbie smiled back and said, “Let us get you more pics” and walked back to Irma. Meagan all ready had Irma on her knees eating her pussy.

Debbie patting her head and said, “Good girl. You’re now Rose’s Slave.”

And then she sat down. When Irma had made Meagan come, Debbie forced her head to her pussy and, without being prompted, began licking her pussy. Soon Debbie came.

Meagan and Debbie stood up and said to Rose, “She’s all yours. Enjoy her” and they walked out of the fitting room area.

While they were busying with Irma, the others had been busy. Lara was forced to service Lizzy and Ann.

Then Debbie called out to the other customers, none of whom had left and many were taking pics, “would any of you like this bitch to service them.”

Several women came forward to take advantage of the opportunity. Soon, Lara had serviced four more women and kartal escort made them come.

Then Debbie said to Lara, “Ok bitch, get dressed and get out.”

Lara quickly got dressed and left the store, smiling as she left the store. The others followed and they all met Mistress in the mall corridor.

When they had grouped, Lara said as she laughed and rubbed her butt, “Hey that hurt.”

Tara hugged her and said, “I’m sorry.”

Mistress praised all her Slaves, “Good performance everyone. Let’s move on.”

The group walked along, Mistress was looking for something. After a time, she found what she was looking for, a men’s shoe store. Mistress gathered all of her Slaves together and gave them their orders. Casandra walked into the first. Then Lara, Ann and Meagan entered followed by Tara, Debbie and Lizzy. The girls stayed together and looked at displays.

After a few minutes Lara said to the other group, “Do you still think you’re better bitches?”

Tara responded, “Damn right.”

And then said, “Let’s prove it.”

“Fine,” Lara replied.

There were two Sales Clerks and four male customers in the store.

Tara said in a loud voice, “We’re having a debate and you men can help us. Will you do it?”

One asked, “What’s the question?”

Lara walked up to the guy and replied, “Who sucks cocks better? Mind if I do you?” And got on her knees, unzipped his fly, pulled out his dick and started to suck it.

He was so shocked he didn’t move but then began to enjoy it. Each of the other girls then when up to a guy and did the same. Soon the six beautiful young women were on their knees and sucking their cocks. The guys just smiled, looked at girl as she sucked his cock and enjoyed the experience. Soon, one after the other, they had all come in the girls mouths.

Lara then said, “Ok girls, time to go.”

And they all walked out. The guys each called out to them to stay but were ignored.

Mistress followed them out and said to them, “Nice job girls. Nice job.”

And her Slaves were very pleased to get the praise and smiled.

The group wandered around and ended up at the food mart. As they were sitting and talking, Mistress thought of a new Adventure.

She then ordered her Slaves “to seduce a male and a female. Fuck the guy and have sex with the girl. You have one hour and come back here. Go.”

Off her Slaves went to comply with Mistress’s order. Mistress did not just sit and wait, she also did this Adventure.

She went to a men’s clothing store, found a young good looking Clerk and said to him, loud enough for his co-worker to hear, “Follow me. We’re going to fuck in the back. I need you now.”

And she walked to the store’s backroom. The guy stood there for a minute, then said to his co-worker, “Cover the floor” and followed Casandra.

Once there, Casandra was all over him and soon they were fucking up a storm. As he came inside her, his co-worker, a young woman stepped into the backroom and gasped.

Casandra said to her, “Stick around sweet thing. I’ll do you next.”

The young woman was rooted to her spot as Casandra pushed the guy away, saying “get away. I’m done with you.”

She then walked to the young woman and pulled her close, kissed her and said to her, “Now you’re going to eat me out. Come here.”

And pulled her farther into the room, sat down and pulled her head to her pussy saying, “You want this. Eat me now.”

And the girl did and soon Casandra had come again.

Casandra stood up saying, “You did a good job slut. Thank you.”

And then she walked out and went back to the food court and waited for her Slaves.

After an hour, all of her Slaves were back. As expected, all had completed their task. They had fanned out and each went to different areas of the mall. Some found victims in mall restrooms, both men’s rooms and ladies rooms. Others found them in stores or just walking. The six gorgeous women did not have any trouble finding willing partners in having sex. Soon, they had each told their story. Lara did two women in addition to a guy.

After a while, Mistress stood up saying “time to go.”

They walked out to the van and started on their way home.

When they got to the van, Mistress turned to her Slaves and said, “I love you all so much.”

All the Slaves responded, “I love you Mistress.”

Casandra drove and Lara sat in the front seat, as the Estate Manager. Tara and Meagan sat in the middle seat. Ann, Debbie and Lizzy sat in the back seat. As Mistress Casandra and her Slaves drove home, they came upon two hitchhikers. They were young women, looked to be around 20 years old, and were each very pretty with brown hair.

Mistress Casandra pulled over, offered them a ride saying, “Hop in girls. It will be a bit crowded, but we’ll manage.”

The two young women climbed in, one went to the back seat and sat between Ann and Lizzy, along with Debbie; and the other sat between Tara and Meagan.

Casandra said, kaynarca escort “My name is Casandra.”

And all the girls gave their names.

Then Casandra asked the two hitchhikers, “What are your names?”

“My name is Joyce” said the one in the back and the other said, “My name is Sarah.”

“Everyone comfortable?” Casandra called out as she drove off.

Sarah looked at each of the young women in the van and said, “Wow. You all are so beautiful. Is this a dance group?”

They all laughed and Lara responded, “No Sarah, we’re not a dance group or a singing group.” And pointing at Casandra she continued, “She is our Mistress and we are her Slaves.”

Joyce said, “You’re kidding?”

Lizzy replied “No, we are her Slaves. She’s wonderful.”

Sarah said, “Slaves as in Sex Slaves?”

Tara replied smiling, “No but sex is a big part.”

Lara went on, “This may sound strange to you but listen. Speaking for myself. I bless the day the Mistress Casandra made me her Slave. It has given me fulfillment to serve her. My slavery has made me strong.”

She continued, “Look at us. Are we not fit and healthy and well toned? We exercise five days and week. Mistress trains us in the Martial Arts. We have a School for the Young Slaves to learn. We eat well, work hard and play hard. And the sex is unbelievable. And before you judge us. We are not lesbians. We may prefer women but we have sex with men also.”

She then smiled and said, “The motto of our Estate is “Cock is great but Pussy is better.”

Sarah and Joyce both giggled at that.

Casandra then asked, “Are you lovers?”

Sarah, “Well, like you were not lesbians but yes, we are lovers.”

Joyce said, “But the idea of giving up your freedom, giving up your life, giving up your family, to another person. It is so…so..”

And Ann said, “Perfect. It is perfect at our Paradise. All of us are her Slaves because we choose to be. Not because she forces us. None of us will ever leave our Mistress.”

Sarah then says, “Wow.”

Mistress Casandra had been listening to her Slaves and was pleased.

She then said, “It is hard to understand unless one has experienced it. There is much love in my World and much respect. I adore each of my Slaves and they each adore me. They have given themselves totally to me and I have given myself to them. They give me total obedience without fear. There are some Doms who rule by force and fear. Their slaves do not last. Mine will. I control with Love, not pain. I love them all. We are Family.”

Joyce then said, “So there’s no pain?”

“No, not in my world.”

There was silence in the van for several minutes.

Sarah then broke the silence, “But, could your Slaves leave you? Would you let them go?”

Mistress answered, “Yes, they could leave if they want to. But they would never be able to return.” She continued, “But why would they leave? We have the perfect life. We have each other.”

Tara said, “Well, the Young Slaves could.”

Sarah, “What do you mean?”

Tara, “Lara and I signed a Slave Contract.”

Joyce, “What! A slave Contract. Is that even legal?”

Tara, “Oh Yes. It is a legally binding contract between us.”

Lara added, “After a year of being In Mistress’s service, she honored us by giving us a choice; sign or leave; stay and be happy or leave. We chose to stay.”

Tara, “The Young Slaves, Meagan, Lizzy, Debbie and Ann, have not signed a contract, Mistress will decide whether to offer the same choice. I think she will. Mistress loves us so much and we love her.”

Mistress added, “It is more common than think. And as with many contracts, they can be sold.”

Sarah, “Wait a minute. You could sell Lara or Tara?”

“No, just their slavery.” She added, “I would never even consider that of course.”

As she patted Lara on her knee smiled; then added “although; you would fetch a lot of money?” Everyone laughed.

Sarah said, “I will admit, you all look amazing and very happy.”

Joyce then said, “I’m trying to understand but it is hard.”

To which Lizzy said, “It’s not nice to criticize something if you haven’t tried it. You should come to the Estate and try it.”

Joyce looked at her and said, “What do you mean? Be a slave for short time and experience slavery?”

“Yes, come home with us. You’ll be surprised.”

Sarah said, “I don’t think so but thanks for the offer.”

To which Debbie responded, “What’s a matter? Chicken? Afraid?”

“I’m not afraid but…”

From and back Joyce said, “Why not Sarah, what the hell, let’s to it.”

And Lizzy clapped her hands and said, “Mistress, can they come to our home. Please.”

To which Mistress replied, “Yes, if they choose to. They can stay a week to experience slavery.”

Sarah looked back at Joyce, they nodded to each other and Sarah said, “May we join you for a week?”

Tara gave her a nudge and she added, “Mistress.”

Casandra smiled to herself kozyatağı escort and said, “Yes you may. But you must obey all commands and rules.”


“Once there you will not be permitted to leave for one week. While there you will live and act as one of my Slaves. Understood?”

Both Sarah and Joyce said, “Yes Mistress.”

“Lara will now tell you the rules of the Home.”

Lara said “Listen Temporary Slaves to the Slave Rules, and remember them. The rules are:

1st—Obey all commands, you will be punished if not.

2nd—When in the house, you will be nude always, unless you are told different.

3rd—When outside, at our estate, you will always wear your slave clothes, unless you are told different.

4th—No underwear is to be worn, ever, unless you are told different.

5th—Do not come without permission.

6th—Your pussy will always be clean shaven, always.

7th—Never have sex with anyone, woman or man, without Mistress’s permission.

8th—Open all doors for your Mistress.

9th—Do not get into bed with your Mistress until given permission.

10th—Mistress always sits down first.

11th—Do not sit until given permission.

12th—Always wash the dirty dishes after every meal.

13th—When walking, Mistress always leads, slaves follow.”

Lara continued, “Obey Temporary Slaves and behave. The Rules are posted in the Laundry Room and your Bedroom.”

Mistress then spoke, “There is a Schedule for the Estate, and it is also posted in the Laundry Room and your Bedroom. Learn it. You will learn the rest as we go.” She went on, “From this moment on, for one week, you are my Slaves. I do not wish you to know where my Estate is, you will now have a hood placed over your head. It will be removed on arrival.” She then said, “Place the hoods on them and hand Lara their bags.”

Hoods were placed on their heads and their bags were handed to Lara. Lara then found their cell phones and took the batteries out. They drove on home and when they arrived, they all got out of the van and then stood by while Tara parked it in the Garage.

Mistress said, “Slaves only have what their Mistress allows them to have. One of which is pleasure. Slaves, undress the Temporary Slaves. From now until they leave they will remain nude at all times, inside and out. While they are here in my service, the Young Slaves will be exempt from the clothing rule. They will stay clothed at all times. Only the Temporary Slaves, or Sub Slaves Sarah and Sub Slave Joyce will be nude. That will make their experience better.”

Joyce then said, “And no pain? Right?”

Mistress answered, “No pain but that is the second time you have asked about pain. Are you sure that deep down, you wouldn’t like to try a little pain, to, you know, get a taste. We have a Bondage Room. The Young Slaves have a session every Saturday, you could join them.”

Joyce, “I don’t know about that.”

To which Mistress responded, “Well, for you next week you don’t have a say.”

She then went on, “The Sub Slaves are beneath my Slaves and my Slaves can give the Sub Slaves orders. As long as the Slave Duty are complete and neither myself nor my Senior Slaves need them, they can do want they will with them. Let’s go in.”

Mistress Casandra, her Slaves and the two Sub Slaves walked into the house. Mistress ordered the Young Slaves “to give the Sub Slaves a tour of this floor and the upstairs, including my Bedroom and the Tower, start upstairs, then bring them to the kitchen. I will show them the basement myself. Go.”

Before they left, she added, “First, shave them. I want to see nice clean pussy.”

While the tour was conducted, Casandra and her two Senior Slaves went to the kitchen and talked. The Four Young Slaves took the two Sub Slaves upstairs and showed them everything. Sarah and Joyce were astounded with it all.

At one point, Sarah asked Ann, “If she offers, will you stay or leave?”

Ann, “What do you mean?”

Sarah, “If she offers you do sign a Slave Contract, will you do it? Or leave?”

Ann thought for a second, “If Mistress does offer that to me, I will gladly sign my life to her. I love her, I love servicing her. She is my Life now. I think if you were to ask each one of us that question, we all would say the same thing to you.”

Sarah did not say anything. And Mistress, who along with Lara and Tara, was listening in, was very pleased.

Meagan also responded, “Ann is right. We all love it here and we all love Mistress.”

Joyce said to Sarah, “They do look and act more like a family then mine ever did.”

Sarah, “You remember my family, that’s why we both left.”

Lizzy went to both and said, “For the next week, we are your Sisters.”

And the tour continued.

When the tour was completed, for the first and second floors, the group went to the Kitchen.

Mistress asked, “What do you think of my home?”

Sarah, “It’s beautiful. But isn’t everyone’s home.”

“No, it is my home. Only I own anything, my Slaves only possess what I allow. I love them all dearly, but I control.”

Joyce, “You do have a lovely home.”

Casandra, “Let me show you the basement. Come with me all of you.”

And the group walked down to the basement.

Mistress, “This is the Game Room and through this door is the Bondage Room. Follow me.”

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