Sting of the Scorpion Ch. 05

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The chronological order of my stories is as follows:

Todd this was to make sure I.A. wasn’t listening in, and they weren’t.

“Okay.” I said. “I know you have a Top Secret clearance as I do, but this is beyond both of us. That file is someone trying to tell me something. Me, meaning Your Iron Crowbar. There are several possibilities, but one I’m thinking of is that this is a warning that this ‘Scorpion’ is coming after me because I took out the Corrigan Cell. Another possibility is a threat: who was Scorpio in mythology?”

“Uhh…” Cindy said, thinking under that platinum blonde hair, “I think he was the scorpion that stung Orion the Hunter and killed him?”

“Yes, which is why Orion and Scorpio’s constellations don’t appear in the night skies together. Now if I’m Orion the Hunter, who am I hunting?”

“Ah… your Consultant of Crime.” Cindy said, her eyes lighting up.

“Ah, indeed.” I said. “So I’m being warned that I’ll be stung by a scorpion, i.e. killed off if I continue. Will it hold?”

“Not really.” Cindy said. “If your Moriarty knew for sure that you were after him, I don’t think he’d warn you so much as just come after you to kill you… like he has already. You’re already on the alert to that possibility, so sending that kind of message doesn’t make sense to me.”

“Good point.” I said, impressed with Cindy’s thinking. “So, what do you think it might be.”

“A more friendly warning?” Cindy said. “Maybe someone warning you about that Scorpion agent coming to kill you?” I nodded as Cindy then said “Well, we’ll find out more if I can find this Widow Athena Jones. She comes to the Community Center and plays Bingo at the Catholic Church on Wednesday nights, but does so irregularly. She has absolutely no timetable or regular routine. There is no such person in our databases, nor in DMV, nor other County records. There are some ‘Athena Jones’ nationally, but none in this area at all.”

“She’s practically a ghost.” I said.

“Yes, but Rita said she has a lead.” Cindy said. “I guess I’ll find out tonight. What do you think it will cost me?”

“One hell of a good time.” I said. “One of the best nights of your life. Have fun, and let me know if you get anything on this Widow Jones.”

“Oh, by the way,” Cindy said, “the reason I came in here… I found out that Henry Wargrave personally transacted the shipment of weapons to the bastards that ambushed in the Olivet gym. You get one guess to who wants some serious vengeance for what happened to her there.”

“I understand.” I said. “Well, we can’t just shoot him. Know of any waterfalls we can push him over?”

Cindy looked puzzled a second, then said “Oh, the Reichenbach Falls.”

“His day is coming.” I said. “And if I have anything to do with it, I’ll give you a piece of the action. My only question is: do you want to make it fair to him?”

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

During lunch hour, I went over to my wife’s office on the University campus, where her assistant Gayle was giving me some heavily seductive looks. Unfortunately for her, I was saving up my load for something more special later tonight.

“Ah, there you are, darling.” Laura said as I came into her office and approached her desk. “I have to fly to Washington this afternoon. Some good things in Operation Gravestone are coming to fruition in the Middle East.”

“That’s good.” I said. “But ‘Colonel Moran’ is here in the United States, so it can’t be about him.”

“Not directly.” Laura said. “But as a side effect, we’re about to interdict and break kütahya escort down one of the biggest and most successful arms-smuggling operations in that region of the world. Should be fun. Anyway, Todd and Jeanine are landing in the City right about now, so with your mother’s help they’re going to take care of the kids.”

“Oh my goodness, they’re going to be exhausted.” I said. “I can cancel my plans for tonight…”

“Don’t you dare.” Laura said. “Teresa is going to be there, also. She said Cindy and Jenna had plans, so she has nothing else to do. If you ask me, she likes babysitting the kids. And speaking of those kids… want to help me feed them in the back room here?”

“Of course.” I said. We went into the back room, where Carole and Jim were joined by Todd’s son Doug and Jeanine’s son little Jack Burke. We took care of Doug and Jack first, then as I fed Jim, Laura was working with Carole… and my daughter was cranky at the moment.

After she threw food on the floor, followed by her cup of juice being hurled away, her mother had had just about enough. Laura said “You are going to eat this, Carole Diana, if I have to–“

It was like a mental crowbar blow to my wife’s brain as the understanding hit Laura fully. She looked over at me. I could not keep the Cheshire Cat grin off my face.

“Oh. So that’s how you knew her name…” Laura said, her face a cross between wonderment at me and disbelief at her failure to see it before now.

“Yes, I was in the unique position to make that deduction.” I said, barely succeeding in not laughing out loud. “It was you who named our daughter ‘Carole Diana’, and I already know where ‘Carole’ comes from. Not all that hard to see the solution, once you have the answer.”

“Wowwww.” Laura whispered. “And I never thought about it until now. I must be getting old…” As my wife was totally amazed and stunned, I took over feeding my daughter. She’d calmed down enough to know that Daddy was not taking any guff from her, and food was efficiently served and eaten.

“By the way,” I said, “have y’all found out any more about that file that was found in Courthouse Square?”

“No.” Laura said. “Gagnon and Griswold have been pretty disappointing as investigators. They have found no trace at all of this Widow Jones woman. Six ladies at the Community Center said they’ve seen her, as have the priests at the Catholic Center on Bingo night. But we have absolutely no record of an ‘Athena Jones’. It is as if she does not exist. We think she’s a real person, but using a false identity. She has not been seen since we began our investigation, either.”

“No surprise there.” I said. “She knows you’re looking for her, so she’ll lay low.”

“Do you know who she is?” Laura asked.

“No.” I said. “And I don’t know why she’s playing this game. She found that fireplace poker that was the murder weapon in the Belle case, but had Mrs. Boddiker bring that in. And she had Mrs. Boddiker bring in this file. Easy to deduce that she does not want to become known. But other than that, I have no clue what is going on with her. Maybe she’s crazy like Old Mrs. Boddiker.”

“Yes. Sad to turn old and start losing one’s mind.” Laura said, “Anyway, my guys are at a dead end. The base files from which that data was obtained have not been accessed for over three years. You were still banging Melina in Midtown then.”

“I love the way you put things.” I said drily. “I like who I’m banging now a lot better.”

“You’re sweet.” Laura said, having fished malatya escort for a compliment and received it. “And such a good daddy, too. Look at how Carole has finished her lunch!” Laura was sweet-talking her daughter now, but Carole was having none of it. She was still acting cranky.

“Okay, Fussbudget.” I said. “Time for your diaper change and a nap…”

Part 19 – Housewarmings And Matings

Friday evening was perfect. The weather was beautiful, and the sunset over the Town was a perfect ending to the day. Sitting on the back deck of The New Cabin, I took a couple of photos of that sunset with my iPhone, then one of the gorgeous woman sitting next to me as we shared some wine.

Paulina Patterson was the Assistant District Attorney for Major Crimes in the County. She had a nearly spotless record of convictions and had worked her way into respectability with a County not known to give women nor blacks respectability.

Paulina was a light-skinned black woman. Her brown hair was pulled back tightly into a bun, showing off her beautiful face and her lovely smile from her full lips. Her body was slender and fit, her breasts ample but not huge, and riding nicely on her chest. Her thighs were perfect thin tubes, her calves curvy and tapering to slender ankles and shapely, elegant feet. She was wearing very high-heel sandals, silvery-gray in color, with very thin straps over her long, pedicured toes and criss-crossing over the tops of her feet and her ankles, giving the feminine aspect of being bound.

Her silver gray with black trim dress was very tight and clingy, showing off her breasts, her slender waist and the flare of her hips. Her ass was magnificent, tight round globes that begged to be felt, squeezed… and spanked. The hem of her dress was just above mid-thigh, promising her date for the evening a very hot night.

I was going to be the happy recipient of that hot night and that sweet, tight pussy. And I intended to give as much if not more pleasure to this beautiful woman.

We had gone to dinner at Veccio’s Italian Restaurant, and Santo Veccio had us in a quiet back table out of the view of most people. I wore my Duty Dress uniform… just in case KSTD showed up with cameras. To the world it would look like a Police Commander and ADA having dinner while celebrating winning a case. But the precautions weren’t needed, and the other patrons did not give us any overly critical eye.

As always, Santo would give me the full bottle of wine for the price of two glasses as gratitude for the help I’d given him in the past against the Insurance Company. We took the sack of leftover food (we were hungry for other things tonight) and the wine bottle up to the cabin. I showed Paulina the new house after storing the food in the refrigerator, which also contained some items for our breakfast the next morning.

So Paulina and I were now on the deck of the Cabin, sharing that bottle of wine, enjoying the sunset. She did not see me slip the ‘gray viagra’ into my mouth and swallow it… I was going to need it to keep up tonight…

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Cindy Ross was lying on her back, naked except for the high-heel slides, light-colored wood with a brown leather strap over her toes. Her legs were high in the air and pulled back. Her thighs were not as slender as Paulina’s, and had once been rock-hard muscle, but she’d done a wonderful job of toning down to firm but very feminine elegance. Ditto that for her calves, which were still firm batman escort but now had a more curvy shapeliness that got a lot of appreciative looks from the eyes from men and women alike… including her boss’s blue peepers.

She moaned, squeezing her own large breasts, her pink nipples standing up iron hard like spikes. Her taut abs were quivering, and her ruggedly pretty face was contorted in ecstasy.

Between her legs, deeply eating her sopping wet pussy, was the lovely Rita. They were in the main chamber of the basement of Lashes & Lace, in Rita’s little alcove watching over the all-lesbian orgy on the main floor. They weren’t really watching, though… Rita was face-deep in Cindy’s pussy, eating Cindy as if this was her last night on earth. Cindy groaned in pleasure again and again as Rita kissed, licked and sucked Cindy’s labes, licked her tongue up Cindy’s slit and roughly slashed her clit, then sank her tongue as deep as she could get it into Cindy’s tight pussy, sucking out the juices as she ate Cindy’s peachy, juicy cunt.

Cindy opened her eyes for a second as Rita hungrily tongued her vaginal walls, Rita’s moans adding to Cindy’s intense pleasure. Cindy looked over the women on the floor and saw Jenna near the far side. A drop-dead-gorgeous woman was between Jenna’s pale, shapely legs, eating that fiery-red-fringed pussy. It took Cindy some time to realize that the woman eating Jenna was Britt Maxwell, Cindy’s former roommate and now SBI Inspector in the City!

Another gorgeous woman straddled Jenna’s head, facing Britt. This lovely woman was one of the County’s ‘trophy wives’, married to one of the wealthier men in the county, a dentist. Jenna’s tongue probed the woman’s slit, going deeper with each lick as the woman settled down onto Cindy’s girlfriend’s face.

Cindy pulled her legs up and back even more, exposing herself fully to Rita’s oral assault. The beautiful woman looked up over Cindy’s heaving body as she slid her tongue up to Cindy’s clit and inserted one, and then two fingers into Cindy’s vagina. Rita began gently pistoning her fingers into Cindy, then sped up with more aggressive strokes until she was furiously frigging the blonde policewoman. Cindy came apart at the seems.

“OHHHHHHHH!! UNNNNNNHHHHHH!!” Cindy cried out as her orgasm rocked through her, one of the most violent and hardest comes she had ever had. Her body writhed uncontrollably for several seconds, then an aftershock ripped up her spine. Finally, she caught her breath as the intense climax subsided.

“Oh Geez…” Cindy gasped. “That was… my God, that was good!”

“That was just the warm-up.” Rita said. She reached over and picked up a toy. It was a strap-on penis, with one side being purple, and the protruding phallus being skin-tone. Rita slowly inserted the purple end into her own sopping wet vagina, then secured the straps tightly.

“You recognize this?” Rita asked as she lubed up the phallus. “Laura made me one, too. Fits perfectly into my pussy, and you’re about to get eight inches of love.” With that, Rita mounted Cindy and began sinking the lubricated phallus into the platinum blonde’s aching pussy.

“Uhhhhhh…” Cindy groaned. It felt wonderful to be penetrated by this ‘cock’, to feel her pussy walls stretched by it. Jenna’s ‘toy’ wasn’t as big as this fucker, she realized, and it probed much more deeply. Cindy could barely handle the size of it.

“Big, isn’t it?” Rita whispered as she buried the phallus ‘balls deep’ into Cindy’s quaking body. Rita leaned over and deeply kissed Cindy, sinking her tongue as far down Cindy’s throat as she could, letting Cindy taste her own pussy juices from Rita’s tongue and lips. Rita began fucking Cindy with the gadget, and Cindy knew that the friction in the phallus was building up a tingling charge deep inside Rita… it’s be a close race to see who climaxed first…

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