Stone Cottage Ch. 01

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Their trips always began the same way, long flights, but at least in first class so that they could have some rest. Alexanderia and William had taken the overnight flight. Despite the comforts of first class, the airport time and then the trip to the lodge in the hills had been long and tiring.

They arrived at the lodge at lunchtime, and were greeted by the couple who owned the property, and checked in. They sat for a simple lunch of onion soup and then a local pan-fried fish over grilled lettuces with blue cheese dressing, and fresh tomatoes. As was their habit, they split a small dessert, a perfect chocolate chip cookie.

After lunch, the owners went over the local area. Alexanderia and William had picked this spot because of the proximity to William’s climb, but Alexanderia was looking forward to the quiet of the place as well. They then introduced Nikola. She had dark hair, and a sweet demeanor. Her smile was shy as she was introduced.

“Nikola will be taking care of you during your stay, anything you need and she will be happy to help. She stays here when we have guests in the cottage, don’t hesitate to ring if you need anything.”

Nikola had already packed their luggage on the cart, and they went through the old estate, wooded mostly, until on a little rise there was a stone cottage bordered by gardens. Beyond were the beginnings of the foothills, and past that the mountain William would climb the next few days.

Nikola explained that the main lodge had once been the stables and the bunkhouse, and the cottage the old Keeper’s House. The original estate had been huge, so the cottage was nearly a mile from the main lodge. There were no guests in the main lodge during their stay, and she smiled as she said, “Please keep me busy if you wish, otherwise I will be bored.”

The cottage had been set aside perfectly, just far enough away that no one could bother, yet all that was needed. Alexanderia and William smiled at each other. It was perfect. The limestone was old but well kept. It was scrubbed and clean and well maintained. The years had burnished the stone, yet the shape and geometry of it all had almost been made better with age. The slate roof was pristine, redone just a few years earlier. The windows new as well, larger than before, Nikola mentioned.

Inside, there was a lightness and airiness not imagined from the outside. Alexanderia was now overcome by the whole of the structure and the perfection inside. It was not only that the cottage was perfect for them, but a fully realized instantiation of her and William’s relationship. The elemental stone, like their own sobriety and familial ties, held the lightness of their still childlike wonder and airy laughter. Much like their own relationship appeared to others, the solidity and timelessness of their love was striking from a distance, and yet the true essence of them was fully visible only once let inside.

The natural old pine floors and white-painted bead board gave off a relaxed elegance. The furniture was comfortable and natural, neither fancy nor too simple. Alexanderia thought it much like how William and she welcomed their guests, with comfort and ease; a perfected sense of manners, that being in which others feel comfortable.

The kitchen, had a new gas oven and range, and Nikola told them they could cook if they wished, but the store was half an hour away, and most guests simply had her prepare their meals in the cottage if they did not want to go out to the main lodge. There was a living room, dining room set for two already with silver and candles, a small room that had probably been a second bedroom but was now a small den with a desk, and a porch out front.

Alexanderia thought about the windows as she momentarily gazed out to the gardens. They had been made larger, Nikola had said. Were her and William’s view of life now larger and clearer, together, also?

They moved into the bedroom, and Alexanderia could not help her continued philosophical daydream. They were looking now into the private view of her and William’s relationship, the intimate, private moments. Just as this room had a simple door allowing both entry and privacy, their own intimate life and its importance was obvious to others, as the bedroom was to the cottage; but it was held off, private.

The bedroom itself was perfect. Again, as the public area beyond, it was imbued with beauty and a comfortability, just as their own sexuality and most intimate moments. A large down comforter on top of a Queen bed, and a little sitting area with love seat and table gave them space for naked frolicking of course, but also quiet time reading and simply holding each other.

The bath was the highlight of the cottage. The copper tub was large and round. Alexanderia realized with a blush inside that it was large enough not just for her and William, but, she was ashamed to think it, Nikola as well. She wondered if, like her and William’s intimate life itself, if the tub could hold another sex izle for just a moment of excitement…

The tub was set in bordered teak shelves all around, and sloped perfectly to simply rest one’s head back. It was adjacent to the two sets of French doors, looking out over a meadow in front of the foothills. The shower was new and had two large shower heads above, and two hand showers as well. William smiled at Alexanderia when they peeked in. Alexanderia winked back.

Alexanderia paused when they were about to walk back out to the living room, and the fatigue of the day hit her. She was dizzy at her realizations of how her and William had grown together, how they had built their own life together, the solidity of their relationship so much like this solid and perfected structure. Had it really happened? Had William and her really taken their experiences over a combined hundred years, their families and friends, their sexual secrets and all the literature and music and art they shared so easily, and fashioned their flaws, imperfections, wonders, laughter, sadness, gratitude for each other, their love, into a perfected structure that so gracefully and easily welcomed others in and kept her and William so safe and alive?

Alexanderia shivered, the goosebumps of all this wonder all over her. She shakily asked Nikola if they had any Epsom salts on the property. Nikola replied that she would be happy to draw a bath, and began running the water, then fetched the epsom salts from a closet. Alexanderia opened the French doors, and asked Nikola how much privacy they had. Nikola smiled and almost giggled, replying, “Everyone opens the doors on nice days when they take a bath. There is no one else around for 20 miles.”

After quickly unpacking their bags, Alexanderia went to undress, while William sat for a moment on the love swing on the back porch, listening to the water fill the tub. He was excited for the bath, partly because he missed having his Alexanderia naked and with him, and also because he was tired and would welcome a bath and probably a nap whether he fought it or not.

William had seen and felt much the same as Alexanderia had. All the raw materials of the cottage were like themselves, he thought, as if the original Cutter had known that there could be a less dramatic, less public structure that was even more intimate and filled with love than the more typical large, showy house. There had been a time in both their lives that something more public and visible held an attraction, but for both of them, beauty and grace had become more fully realized within the context of solitude and quiet.

He could hear Alexanderia and Nikola now, both back in the bathroom. Nikola had prepared their towels on the warmer, set and lighted a fire in the bedroom fireplace, and poured cold water in a glass pitcher and set it with glasses on the teak surround of the tub. Nikola was asking Alexanderia if she wanted lavender or eucalyptus and peppermint, and he waited for her little shout for him to pick for them, to which he replied, “Spin around and poke your finger at one!”

Nikola giggled when Alexanderia whirled and picked the lavender.

William’s mind went back to a delicious two hours in Florida their first winter, when Alexanderia had splashed him in the tub, even after he had asked her to stop. He had tied her hands to the bedposts and caressed and teased her with all the towels he could find, save those underneath her. Toward the end, he had formed progressively hotter washcloths into thick strips, and softly spanked her bottom, and then her breasts and finally her aching center. She had tried everything to achieve release, arching up into each little slap of her clit, spreading her legs and hoping her flowered heat would feel it more. She had tried squeezing her legs together, but he had controlled her easily. The hot towel spanking had been near half an hour itself, and all of her desire had built to the tips of her breasts and throughout her whole center. Her body was pink, more from the heat than the spanks themselves. He had finally given her release, his mouth on her the last half hour, first bringing the hot red peaks of her breasts to boil, and if she could have released by giving him her milk, she would have. Then he licked her, so slowly she was screaming and moaning in an awful ecstasy, begging for his teeth on her vulva, anything to take her over the edge faster. Then, he suckled her, rhythmically and deeply, and she exploded into him, wet and open and bucking hard, and he drank her and stayed on her against her hands pushing him away, taking her to orgasm three times and licking every drop of her he could, drinking of her as much as he could. Ever since, it had been a rare week when she did not pretend to do something or sass him, knowing she would be “tortured.” William had always had a creative way to keep her fully present and on the edge, and she cherished those moments, just them, her surrendered to the moment, surrendered to him.

Just alt yazılı porno as Nikola was about to pour the salts in the nearly full tub, William came into the bath. Nikola could not help but look at him. He had taken off his button-down shirt, revealing a light grey t-shirt, softer than cotton, Nikola thought, and she could see his nipples on the hard chest. He had a flat stomach, and earlier she had seen the muscles in his butt. He moved like a cat or something, she thought, he was in shape, and then she looked at Alexanderia, and even though she knew she was pretty herself, she was enamored of Alexanderia. And then Nikola saw the tops of Alexanderia’s breasts, tan and full. Her mind spun and put together the two of them, William’s nipples to Alexanderia’s breasts, them kissing, her perfect delicate nails and fingers holding him tight…

She dropped the box into the water and gave a little shriek, not so much at the mistake but at her uncontrolled thoughts. She reached over without thinking, and bent to retrieve the box. As she straightened up, she realized she had gotten herself wet, and then she glanced at Alexanderia and William for an instant, before looking back down at her chest.

Her nipples poked through the light blouse and thin t-shirt, completely wet from the water. She was embarrassed, and she had seen, in just an instant, or rather felt, the look from Alexanderia. It felt like she was looking at her as if she was a unique piece of art, something beautiful, and it made her face glow pink with attention. But it was the look in William’s eyes that made her tummy tingle again. It was like the looks the boys had given her at school, but knowing. Nikola then saw the look between William and Alexanderia; it was as if they would have each kissed her right then. As if they knew that she wanted her nipples rubbed like she had started doing in bed at night. But more…she thought…as if they wanted to kiss her there. Her hands fumbled again, and she dropped the box again, on the floor, and Alexanderia went to help her. She saw the top of Alexanderia’s robe part, and the full, tan breasts, topped with nipples that she now realized were offered to William, and she wanted that. She wanted to know what it all would feel like. All she knew was the slipperiness of her seam in bed at night, when she rubbed the cotton of her panties, and she felt so full and tingly and warm…

Nikola had never seen anything at all sexual, except at her friends’ houses and farms, when the animals mated. She remembered just a year ago when a male lab had taken a female. Her friend and she had watched, transfixed this time, unlike when they had been younger. But this time, the image of the dripping red tip had stayed with her, and it had horrified her that it came to her in the night, when she pressed into the bottom of her belly just above her opening.

She wanted to see what a man’s penis looked like. She had heard they got hard, and she wondered how big, and how her little seam could open like that girl pup’s. That had been the first time she had seen a penis, last year. But nothing had taken over her dreams like the horses mating just weeks ago. She had seen a stallion mount a mare, she had felt the warmth in her belly more and more every day, and now, seeing William and Alexanderia, knowing what they might do in the tub, she was getting all tingly and slippery in her slit. She remembered seeing the mare, her, her, she could not even think it now, any word, but she knew it was the pussy, and the mare’s pussy had been red and open, like it was swollen, and it had flared. Nikola had wondered if she had inner lips, but had been so afraid after, her whole mound had been warm and puffed, and she had been afraid to even touch it because her slit was so damp. She knew that after her period and the soft fuzz on her had started that she was becoming a woman, but this was all so sudden, this man so tight and virile, and this beautiful woman, uhhh she just wanted them to hold her and tell her everything.

Now, feeling the heat of the tub and knowing that William and Alexanderia would be naked, together, she saw it all clearly…She remembered the mare’s lips had opened, wet, and the stallion, his cock so long and big and dripping, had mounted her, and Nikola had quivered inside when she saw the big red penis drive into the mare. She realized, just now, that William and Alexanderia knew what the mare had also known — something so elemental and physical, and that was why the mare had opened her pussy. The mare knew the stallion was going to put his shaft inside. It was she who knew so little.

Nikola had intended to head back to the lodge, and pull down her pants and her panties to see if she was as slippery as she felt. She had never reached into her pants before, but she felt more damp than ever before, so after she stumbled out after an awkward goodbye, when she got to the cart she slipped her finger below her panties, and felt the wetness. altyazılı sex izle When her finger touched, it was like little hot pressures prickles all throughout her body, and she felt again the excitement of her breasts under her wet shirt, and they were swollen and hard and ached like her mound. It was like they were connected. She had heard about sex, but she had never realized just how powerful this was, this heat. And then she remembered all the parents talking about the animals: in heat.

Nikola could not help herself. She went to the window, and watched.

Alexanderia had been distracted by Nikola’s peaks poking out from her firm breasts. She wanted her William, all the muscles of him, his hardness throbbing for her to touch and lick and suck, and his seed, over and over again, all to herself. It had been difficult as always traveling with him next to her, his erotic whisperings driving her mad with desire in public. No matter how he might take her and wear her out, no matter how often she milked him into her mouth or center, how he buried himself into her in every way, and stroked and came with her and on her and for her at her every sigh and command, no matter how much she hurt and ached from it all afterwards, her ache for him hurt her now, and she needed every coupling that was to follow. She needed them to be together as one. She felt her wetness now as she stripped to enter the tub, she was ready for him.

William soaped Alexanderia. It was a slow and languorous pleasure for Alexanderia, for she never knew how long William would keep her in the bath. Often, he would simply take her quickly, especially after soaping her bottom, or with the slightest provocation from her. Sometimes, all it took was a wiggle of her hips, and he would take her. Today, though, he let her sit, as he stood above her, and she soaped his shaft and the soft orbs below, both of them enjoying the feel of her fingers on the smooth, shaved skin of his sac. Alexanderia rubbed her slender hands on his ass cheeks, feeling him clench slightly while he stood. She looked up at him, into his eyes, and then traced her finger down the crack of his ass, teasing him with her finger at his opening, but not entering him. She had him lie back and she finished bathing him, and then they both relaxed, but William had been hard nearly the entire time. Alexanderia knew that William would be inside her, soon.

William took a few more minutes, feeling the soft skin of his love next to him. For him, there was nothing more special than this: as much skin together as possible.

Then, he stood up, gathered the warm towels, helped Alexanderia from the water, and bundled her as if she was a little girl, kissing her and hugging her as he tried to keep her warm in the bundles of terry cloth.

William gently carried Alexanderia to the hearth of the fireplace, the stone warm from the fire, and laid her down onto their robes.

Above her now, William teased Alexanderia with the ridge of his crown, up and down on her smooth vulva and then little wet strokes against her clit. He held his tip to her entrance and teased her labia, until she mewled and he entered her slowly. As the organ slid in, Alexanderia gave a pleasured gasp, “Ohhh…,” and opened for him, until she felt the tip of the penis at the entrance to her cervix. William held there, his shaft throbbing of its own volition, and he whimpered and moaned as Alexanderia squeezed him. His hardness was so complete that she could feel his thick crown deep inside her vagina, and she gripped him tight. William stayed deep within her for many minutes, and rubbed the head of his penis against the heat of her innermost folds. It was now that she always wanted him to come deep inside her. Whether biological or not, the tip of him rubbing at her deepest place made her crave his hot semen squirting against her inner cervix wall.

William began stroking in and out of her. They moaned, and then their whimpers went to a higher pitch, until finally William whispered hot in her ear that he felt the heat starting to build, and Alexanderia knew she would come with him. He was slamming hard into her now, she felt his pelvic mound and his soft auburn curls smash her clit, and she thought of the hot seed squirting into her deep.

“Yessss, honey, I want you to shoot hard, as deep as you can, yes, into me, yesssss!”

“Oh, honey! Uhhhh, it’s so hot, it’s chasing up, I can feel it in my shaft, yesss… Oh, hold me, take me, I’m cummming, YESSS!!”

William screamed at his release, Alexanderia so incredibly tight that he could hardly move. She gripped him and shook with her own orgasm, as he shuddered hard and violently at the feeling of each pulse of himself into her. Alexanderia felt it, the tip squirting, and she came again, demanding he keep grinding his curls against her button, and then she came a third time, as she felt the last pulses nourishing the depth of her. She felt herself so whole, her womanhood and the young girl she was, together, dreaming long ago of what it would mean to have a man take her and hold her and love her so completely she would drown in his arms. And then William’s arms are around her and her legs around him, the warmth of his manhood held for the last moments in her femininity.

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