Storm Warning!!

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This one is for the Summer Lovin Contest. As always, your votes and comments would be much appreciated.

And a big thank you to No1Ukno for his editing magic!


Normally so vital and upbeat, I’d never seen my boss Owen looking so dejected, as one after another text kept showing up on his phone. Everyone decided with how hard it was coming down, especially with the highway being closed due to flooding, that there was no point in coming anymore. They all said they were sorry, but they were turning around and going home.

Owen showed me the last text, shook his head and muttered, “Can you believe this? The weather forecast said there was only a chance of rain for the whole weekend, and now we’ve got this storm sitting over us.”

He looked so disappointed I wanted to wrap him in my arms and give him a hug. I knew this was the highlight of his summer; having all his staff up at his cottage, to show us a good time.

With a resigned shrug, he looked over at me. “Guess it’ll be just the two of us, Aubrey. And I hope you like steak, because I’ve got forty T-bones, along with a few dozen chicken breasts and a whole salmon sitting in my fridge.”

“Well, I could wrap it all up and freeze it,” I suggested, hoping that would be one thing off his mind.

He shook his head, and turned his gaze back out on the lake, heaving a sigh as he watched the rain starting to come down even heavier than before. “I guess we’ll have to, till I can find a way to donate it to some kind of shelter or foodbank. And you’re taking some home, too.

“But it isn’t about the food. I was just really looking forward to kicking back with everyone, especially since we only do this once a year. And today was the only day everyone said they could make it. I even got an extra jet-ski, so there’d be enough to go around. I figured Tim’s son Braden would be old enough now to take one out on the lake with his Dad.”

Owen had to be the best boss ever. Every summer he’d invite his staff up to his cottage on Lake Rosseau to thank us all for being so dedicated.

Christmas was the same. After we’d celebrated with a big office party, just for the staff; he’d have another catered bash at his place in the city on the Sunday before, for all the families. Owen loved to play Santa and hand out specially chosen gifts, just for the fun of seeing the kids’ faces light up when they’d tear off the wrapping paper and squeal over whatever he’d picked out for them.

As I studied his handsome profile, I often think he would have made a great father. But sadly, his first wife died when they’d barely been married a year, and they never had time to start a family.

Then a couple of years ago, he took a chance and married his gold-digging, second wife Stacey — the bitch that tried to take him for every cent he had. When she decided after only two years together that she wanted a divorce.

Of course Owen found out that she had someone on the side the whole time, but it still cost him a small fortune in legal fees to finally see the last of her.

After what he’d gone through with Stacey, from what he’d said, he didn’t really think he was the type for a long-term commitment. Which I thought was really sad, because he’s got so much to offer, and has to have the biggest heart of anyone I know.

The way he looked at me with those big, long-lashed blue eyes that always had the power to melt me; though he might be about to turn fifty next month, there was no getting around it, he still had it going on.

With such thick, lush dark hair, and just a hint of gray at the temples, tall and lean, with rock hard abs; he was in better shape than most guys I’d dated, half his age.

I know a few of the girls in the office loved to joke about getting him drunk and having their way with him; they all thought he was such a hottie. But I never dared join in, mostly because I’d secretly been crushing on him pretty much from the day I started as his executive assistant. No way did I want him to hear through the grapevine that his right hand lady spent her days fantasizing about seeing him slip out of his suit and tie, so she could trace her tongue over every last muscle in his body. Especially the one that I knew was a really good size, just from the outline in his pants.

“So, looks like we’re stuck here together,” he said, drawing my attention away from my naughty thoughts, back to what was going on outside. Making me realize just how hard it was starting to come down, even up here in cottage country, as the sky turned almost black with the threat of thunder rumbling off in the distance.

“Well, at least we won’t starve,” I said, thinking about the ton of food he’d brought, expecting a crowd.

Owen chuckled, finally breaking into a smile. “No, that we won’t. But I don’t think I’ll ever want to look at another steak once this weekend’s over.”

Holy crap, did he just say weekend? Then it dawned on me; if no one could drive up here, then we’d have no way of Escort Şişli getting home. So, it would be just the two of us until the storm passed, and the roads were open again. According to the last thing we’d heard on the radio as we were pulling into the driveway, there were storm warnings now for the entire weekend.

What a thought, being stranded for days with my hunky boss at his beautiful cottage, forced to stay inside and find ways to entertain ourselves.

Smirking to myself, I could think of a few, but then I would have to strip him out of his clothes.

Owen had picked me up at my apartment bright and early in the morning, so I could help him get everything ready for when the rest of them arrived. Now I was glad I’d put a change of clothes in my carry-all, along with my bikini, so at least I wouldn’t be stuck in my shorts and T-shirt all weekend, and having to wear the same pair of panties.

Standing beside him watching the storm really starting to brew, the weatherman had said there was a chance it would miss us up here in the Muskokas. But judging by the look of the lake and how choppy the water was getting, and the way the wind was picking up, making even the taller trees begin to sway, I imagined we were going to get hit pretty hard.

I stroked a hand over his back, knowing that he’d planned this for months, and now because of a turn in the weather, it was all for nothing.

Then my eyes flared when I felt his arm slip around my waist. I could hardly believe that he not only had his arm around me, but his fingers were doing a little stroking up and down along my side, getting my girls all tingly, as I did my best to stay put and not shy away.

Being top heavy, I’d always been self-conscience about my breasts. Though I’m on the slender side, with a tiny waist, and a tight little tooshie — thanks to my spin classes — I’ve also been endowed with some pretty substantial hooters, considering that they’re really full 36D’s, and don’t really fit with the rest of me.

Unfortunately, I’ve had to deal with them from the time they’d first started to sprout when I was only thirteen, when I’d cringe at the way the boys would eat me up with their eyes, practically drooling. I’d always felt embarrassed as I walked through the hallways at school, especially when they’d call me names like: Walking Wet Dream, or Boobsie Galore, or even laugh and holler, “Hey, here comes tits!”

The girls were no better, especially during P.E., which I hated, having to strip off and have them all point at me and laugh at the size of my boobs.

I’d felt like a freak, since most of the other girls at that age were just starting to show, and some barely needed a bra.

Of course I did everything I could to hide them, so they wouldn’t stand out, even binding them to try and get them to look flatter. To this day, I still feel so self-conscience, I try to hide everything under a jacket or sweater. For the last few years I’ve taken to wearing the tightest compression bra I could find, hoping no one would notice how I big I am up top.

Sex of course, is beyond awkward. Usually I try to strip off in the dark, so that the guy I’m with doesn’t go into shock and just stare at me wide-eyed, the minute he sees my girls, forgetting why we’ve even got our clothes off.

Consequently, with my less than stellar love life, the only orgasms I’ve ever had have all been self-inflicted. Sadly for me, once a guy starts playing with the twins, they kind of forget that most of the action is supposed to be downtown.

Though Owen’s fingers were still doing a little stroking, sliding up and down along my waist, I noticed as I looked at him from the corner of my eye, he still looked pretty pensive, and his expression hadn’t changed. So I didn’t think he was even aware that he had his arm around me.

Having worked closely with him for a few years now, we’d gotten pretty comfortable with each other. Often working shoulder to shoulder, especially when we’d have to look at each other’s computer screens, as we looked over things like contracts or specs on a property he was thinking of developing.

Owen and I work well together, and I like that we have a playful relationship, and tease each other a lot. Though at times things might get a little flirty, it’s always just in fun.

Except for last year at the office Christmas party, when we found ourselves alone in the kitchen, and he gave me a kiss under the mistletoe, that someone had tacked to the ceiling. And it sure wasn’t a peck on the cheek.

I can still remember the way he lingered over my lips, with me wrapped in his arms. But after we’d both stepped back, looking at each a little wide-eyed, I still passed it off to the fact that we’d had a few drinks, and decided it didn’t really mean anything.

Owen also knows that if he tells me anything in private, it won’t go any further, so obviously I kept that little incident between us. And he’s the same with me, so we Sultangazi escort can talk about almost anything, and often do.

Guess now that we’re alone, he’s just thinking of me as a friend, and he’s not trying to start anything.

I know that, because of the long hours we’ve spent together. Sometimes working late, and often sharing dinner in his office, he’s chuckled and told me, “Aubrey, considering how much time we spend together, I often think of you as my work wife, of course without the benefits.”

Now I’m rolling my eyes, avoiding his gaze, since I’d always imagined him as so much more than just my work husband — with benefits galore.

“Wow, that wind’s really starting to pick up, and it looks like we’re going to get hammered,” Owen remarked, bringing me back to where we were.

We both stared as the wind was starting to take its toll, stirring the tops of the tall, majestic pines that covered the islands, and making the smaller trees really begin to sway, as the water got even choppier as it crashed ashore.

Owen looked over his shoulder then and muttered, “I think I’d better check outside and make sure everything’s tied down.”

Hoping I could help, I ran right behind him as he jogged down the stairs to the French doors that opened onto the lower deck.

I noticed he was grabbing everything that wasn’t tied down: chairs, toys, flotation devices, and all the other stuff that he’d put out for the staff to enjoy. I grabbed as much as I could, and held the door open for him so we could stash it all in the sun porch for now.

Though the rain was really starting to come down hard and we were both getting soaked, I knew we had to get everything secured before it all got blown away. I could see some of the lighter stuff was already sitting against the treeline. So of course, I went and fetched that, too.

As I tossed the last few things inside, I noticed Owen rushing down to the dock to check the ties on his boat, tying them off again, to make sure it was secured. I ran down, too, and watched anxiously as he stepped inside and made sure the cover was closed up tight as the boat rocked to and fro in the choppy water, making him struggle to stay on his feet.

We were both shivering and soaked to the bone by the time he took my hand and ran us back up to the cottage.

Once we got inside, both of us laughing at how drowned we looked, Owen grabbed a beach towel and tossed it at me. He used another one to try and dry off a little before we walked across the hardwood floors.

Upstairs, he pointed me at one of the bedrooms. “That one’s got an ensuite, Aubrey, so you can change in there, and grab a shower if you want. And if you need some dry clothes, I probably have something you could wear.”

“No, I’m okay, I brought a few things,” I told him, as he nodded and disappeared into the bedroom across the hallway, to go dry off and change.

Once I got into the beautifully appointed tongue and groove pine bathroom and peeled out of my wet clothes, I decided I would grab a quick shower, just to freshen up.

I’d just finished and dried off, and was eyeing myself in the mirror, knowing I couldn’t do much with my long, stubbornly curly red hair, that I normally worked hard at straightening every morning. Then I took a look in the bag I’d brought and froze when I realized I had packed some extra panties, but forgot to pack another bra. How the hell could I have forgotten that, when it was the first thing I put on every morning?

Oh shit. I turned and looked back at the shower. The bra I’d been wearing was soaked, so I’d hung it up on the showerhead to try and let it drip dry. Heaving a sigh, I decided the only thing I could do was put on my little white bikini under my sundress, and pray that Owen didn’t notice that my girls had suddenly grown to twice their normal size, now that they weren’t being constricted in my uber tight bra.

After I’d pulled on my thigh-high sundress, and gave myself a once over in the bathroom mirror, I couldn’t believe how perky they looked since I normally had the poor things squished down to within an inch of their lives. Even then, I always dressed in layers, so that no one would notice that something weird was going on with my twins.

Oh well, I didn’t imagine he’d say anything, considering he was way too classy for that. Could be with any luck, he might not even notice; although I couldn’t see how, since they were front and center and pretty hard to miss, especially now that I was in just a thin, yellow cotton sundress with my fully erect nipples proudly making themselves known. They’d practically be waving at him, and saying, ‘Hey, check us out!’

Drawing in a steadying breath, I opened the bedroom door about to walk out and face the music, when I heard my phone chime and went back and dug it out of my purse. Everyone I knew texted, so I couldn’t imagine who’d be calling. Sitting on the edge of the bed, I rolled my eyes when I saw Taksim escort bayan on the call display that it was Kendra, the biggest gossip in the office.

“Hey, Kendra,” I said with a sigh.

“Hey, Aubrey, I was just wondering if you and Owen managed to make it home okay. When we decided we’d better turn around and come back, it was really touch and go driving down the highway. And poor Doug was white-knuckling it all the way. It was raining so hard we could hardly see where we were going, and we just got back now.”

“Well, I’m glad to hear you made it home okay. We’re still up here. But as soon as this blows over, we’ll be heading back, too.”

Suddenly, her tone changed and she sounded kind of giddy, nearly purring as she suggested, “But what if it doesn’t, and you have to stay the weekend? Wouldn’t that be cool, being stranded with His Hotness?”

Before her imagination ran away with her, I decided I’d better stop her in her tracks. “Kendra, I don’t think that’ll happen. The storm can’t last forever. So I don’t imagine we’ll find ourselves stranded here for long.”

“Well, if I were you, I’d be creaming my panties at the prospect of possibly spending an entire weekend all alone with a guy as hot as Owen. Just imagine what you two could be getting up to. I know if I were in your shoes, we’d have already enjoyed a little road head on that long, lonely drive heading up there. And we could have given a few truckers a thrill, if they looked down and saw what we were up to.”

Ugh. That was a thought I wish I could scrub from my brain, imagining Kendra with her head buried between Owens legs as they drove up the highway.

“Considering you used to tend bar for a living, if I were you, missy, I’d mix him up something potent. Then once you’ve got him feeling nice and loose, you can peel him out of his clothes and have a little fun together,” she suggested, with a snide little snicker.

Dropping my head into my hand, I inwardly groaned. Already imagining her telling everyone when we got back to work on Tuesday about Owen and I spending the long weekend alone together, doing who knows what.

I knew the only thing I could do to put her off was lie, so I decided to lay it on pretty thick. “Kendra, I know a lot of girls in the office love to fantasize about him. But I work with him every day, and to be honest, Owen doesn’t do a thing for me. He’s nice enough, but he’s nothing special. He’s just an average guy. And considering he’s old enough to be my father, I can’t even imagine getting busy with him. I know you’re into him, but I’m not.”

Suddenly, my head snapped up when I thought I heard the other bedroom door opening and closing and decided I’d better get her off the phone before Owen overheard what I was saying. “Anyway,” I said in a rush, “glad to hear you got home safe and sound. And as soon as there’s a break in the weather we’ll be heading back, too. So, guess I’ll see you Tuesday. Thanks for checking in, Kendra.”

“Yeah, hope you two have a safe trip. And if you do get stranded up there, don’t be afraid to enjoy yourself and get your freak on, girlfriend!” Rather than respond, I just rolled my eyes and hung up.

I’d just stepped out of the bedroom as Owen was walking out of his, oddly, with his head down, like he was avoiding my gaze for some reason. But then I got my answer about my breasts pretty quick, when he glanced up, and stopped dead in his tracks with his eyes locked hard on my girls. Lifting his gaze, he looked at me, confused.

I imagined he was probably wondering where the hell I’d gotten them, since obviously I hadn’t just stumbled across an extra-large pair of breasts in the bedroom, and decided to try them on for size.

I wasn’t sure what to say. Because I didn’t think — “Hey, Owen, these are my girls au naturale, without my honking horse blanket of a bra. So, what do you think?”– would be the best explanation.

When I noticed he was getting so uncomfortable, that he was looking everywhere but at me, I decided I’d better tell him the truth. “I uh, didn’t bring an extra bra, so I’m just wearing a bikini under my dress and it doesn’t offer quite as much support as I what I normally wear.” Then I bit into my lip and waited for his reaction.

He dropped his gaze again, still looking mystified, as he got a good look at the size of my breasts for the very first time. Finally, he looked back up at my face, kind of blinking his eyes. “Guess I’m so used to seeing you dressed in layers, I’ve never really noticed how… really good you look when you’re dressed in something more flattering, like that little dress.”

Okay, now that that was cleared up, hoping to let it drop, I nodded toward the kitchen and suggested, “Well, guess I’d better get some lunch going. How does grilled chicken on a bun with a tossed salad sound?”

He cleared his throat, still looking a little stunned. “Uh, sure, sounds good.”

As I worked at putting our lunch together, I decided I absolutely loved his kitchen, and could just imagine how wonderful it would be to cook in a space like this all the time. It was so beautiful, with all the bells and whistles I could ever ask for. Much like the rest of his cottage, all done in dark wood with brass fixtures and filled with gorgeous furnishings.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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