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Alena Croft

This story, like most that will be submitted by me , is a collaboration between my beautiful wife and myself. We have been writing stories for each other for some time, and have decided to share them. Some are true, some are fantasies, but I won’t tell which… Enjoy.


It was the first time they had been able to get away from the kids for a night in a very long time. They had gone to an extravagant wedding reception in a much-to-expensive and fancy hotel ballroom. The bride was her best friend… and very well off financially. But, Kevin and Naomi enjoyed it nonetheless. She’d even gotten him to dance with her a few times. Each time, becoming more entranced with each other. She would slyly press herself against him, look into his eyes, and smile that amorous smile of hers. He knew damn well what she wanted… Good thing they’d booked a room in that very hotel…

Soon the teasing proved to be too much for him. As he twirled her around the last time, he caught her hand and swiftly led her away from the crowd and into the lobby. No one seemed to notice… No one came out as they waited for the elevator. Their eyes never left each other as they got inside.

No sooner had the doors closed together than he had her against the wall, crushing his lips to hers, pulling her body against him. She kissed him hungrily, wanting to taste his mouth, his tongue, his lips. By the time the elevator stopped at the 7th floor came, he had her hoisted up, legs wrapped around him, his hands hiking her skirt up holding onto her perky little ass so he could grind himself into her through his pants. Both of their shirts were halfway unbuttoned as they tore into the hotel room, slamming the door behind them. He still had her wrapped around him as they fell to the bed. His lips moved to her neck where he trailed long, sucking, olgun porno biting kisses down it, slowly moving down her body.

Her black lacy bra was all that stood between his mouth and her little breasts. He quickly moved that aside as he fondled one breast with his hand and teased the other with his tongue. Her breath caught in her throat when he bit down on the soft pink flesh. His mouth was hungry to taste her.

Her skirt and his pants somehow made it to the floor. The thong she was wearing matched her bra… black and lacy. He all but ripped it from her body and sat back to gaze lustily at her creamy naked skin.

His fingers slid between her legs and played with her, rubbing her clit and making her squirm. He pushed two fingers into her wet pussy and moved them inside her. Her body responded quickly to his fingers, moving in sync with them. He watched with growing lust as her fingers pinched her own nipples, head thrown back, lips letting long, aroused moans escape.

He withdrew his fingers and licked the juices from them, then lowered his mouth to where they had been and buried his face into her. Tongue expertly licking every crevice, pulsating on her clit. Her moans quickly turned to cries of bliss as she started to orgasm. Her hands grabbing desperately at his head, begging for more. His mouth cradled her as cum swirled over his tongue as she rode out her orgasm, screaming her pleasure. He licked the hot cum from her and moved his lips back up her body.. Slow, tantalizing kisses, back to her mouth.

She kissed him eagerly, tasting her pussy on his tongue. She felt his hard cock rubbing against her. It was warm and throbbing against her naked skin. She rolled him over and knelt before him, sliding him into her mouth. Slowly she inched her hot, wet mouth over him. porno Her soft tongue rubbed the head of his dick, her smooth fingers circled the base and began to slide skillfully in sync with her mouth. His breath was heavy as he watched her. She looked up and met his gaze she sucked him… He felt ready to burst watching her, feeling her, wanting her.

After a moment, he lifted her gently from his cock and moved her so that she straddled him, lowering her waiting pussy onto his throbbing erection. Agonizingly slowly, he spread her wet lips apart and entered her. She gasped at the feeling of fullness. He wrapped his arms around her and held her to his body, rocking her against him gently. Barely moving inside her, but brushing that sweet spot inside her ever so lightly. His mouth was covering her breasts again. He loved that he could fit one of her little tits whole inside his mouth.

As he moved to kiss her lips again, she started to move faster on top of him. She kissed him deeply, then pushed him back from the sitting position to lay down so she could control her movements better. She rode him intensely… slamming herself down on his cock, silently pleading with him to make her cum again. She cried out in bliss with every thrust, building her orgasm within her. He moved his hips with her, plunging into her deeper each time.

She moaned his name as she felt herself begin to cum… He grabbed her waist and pushed into her harder moving fast to extend the orgasm. Her eyes were shut, reveling in the orgasmic euphoria, but her cries of delight and movements never ceased as her hot juices covered his cock.

As the orgasm tapered, he quickly moved her to her knees and shoved into her from behind. His long thighs slamming against the back of hers and hands grabbing harshly at her breasts. She Porno 64 placed her hand over his on her breast, encouraging him to squeeze harder. She liked it hard…

He felt so good inside her this way… pounding into her from behind. It wasn’t long before she felt another orgasm building.

His hand moved to the back of her head, pulling her hair gently, tilting her head back. This made the head of his cock graze her sweet spot intensely. She couldn’t hold the shriek of pleasure that followed. He pounded into her relentlessly, bringing her to the brink of orgasm again. Her hair in one hand, the other smacked her ass playfully hard. The combination of the pain from the smack and the pleasure of his cock sent her over the edge. Her eyes blurred and she screamed as she came hard. He began to hammer into her faster, causing her orgasm to both heighten and lengthen. For a moment, she thought she might never stop cumming… especially if he kept pistoning into her that way. After a second though, that fear turned to hope.

He was lost in her screams of ecstasy as she came on his cock again. A long, hard orgasm… leaving her breathless… and completely satisfied.

He pushed her onto her back, climbed on top of her, eagerly sliding between her legs and shoving himself back into her. His mouth crushing hers with fiery kisses. He moved inside her again. Long, bold strokes… slow and tender this time. She wrapped her arms around him, holding him to her body as he made love to her. She kissed his neck and nibbled at his ears seductively. He moved faster as he felt himself give in to her.

He choked back the urge to shout as his cock throbbed and spurted inside her, releasing his awaiting orgasm. A groan of satisfaction escaped as he filled her with hot cum and slowed his movements. A final thrust and he fell onto her, showering her lips with kisses.

Through winded breaths, she whispered “I love you” to him as he buried his face in her neck. He kissed her and whispered the same.

She gazed into his eyes, smiled sweetly, and said, “Round two?”

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