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Edited by Angel Love


Grocery shopping blaaahhhhh, how mundane and it had always been, until…

Walking up and down the aisles was the same thing as usual, but today for some reason I felt as though someone was watching me. I kept looking around trying to see who it was or if it was my imagination. Even though I saw no one the feeling just wouldn’t go away.

Then I noticed you. Weren’t you in the last aisle and the one before that?

Of course, you were doing your shopping too. I glanced down at your trolley and the only thing in it was a pack of condoms and personal lubricant. The thoughts that flashed through my mind made me blush. I forced myself to look away, hoping my mind wasn’t easily read at that moment. God how long had it been since I’d had the chance of an encounter outside the bedroom? A smile came on my face as I said to myself. Way too long!!!

I continued on. Suddenly there you are heading toward me. Staring straight at me and I then recognised that feeling and it was you all along I’d felt watching me. I checked you out, and liked what I saw. Was it true what they say about meeting guys in supermarkets? That they are really looking for someone for a little fun.

Well hell, what the heck!

I looked up and smiled at you and you smiled back. OK, that’s first contact. I then said Hi as sweetly as I could. Right then my mind was moving way too fast to think of anything wittier. For some reason I felt very attracted to you. Could it be the cute smile or the blue eyes that I could imagine getting lost in? You slowed and as we passed you stopped. We started chatting and amazingly our conversation just flowed. We both seem totally comfortable with each other.

We continued on shopping together and I made a comment about you obviously not wanting to live on much, your trolley still only containing the 2 items. You blushed slightly and said, “I had to get your attention somehow.”

We laughed and I suggested you lose the trolley and put your items in with mine. For an hour we wandered the aisles not really looking at anything and not even getting any thing new, just chatting and laughing.

Finally bayburt escort we couldn’t find any more excuses to continue shopping and headed to the checkouts. After paying for everything you walked me to my car. Shouldn’t warning bells have gone off? Allowing a total stranger to come with me into what we then found was a deserted car park. I couldn’t help but laugh when I realised the only 2 cars there were yours and mine and they just happened to be side by side in a darkened corner.

I asked you if you planned our meeting and you gave me the cutest of smiles and said, “I was hoping so.”

Again no alarm bells. As a joke I asked if you had been following me long. “You laughed out loud and replied, “Only every day for the last 3 weeks.” Was that a joke or the truth?

As we got to the car I put my groceries in the boot. Now I thought, ‘dam I have no more excuses to keep him here.’

So I started to say goodbye. As I looked up, you bent down and kissed me. My breath was taken away; I pulled back slightly to see if you were feeling the same shock as I was at such a reaction. My question was soon answered as you pulled me to you and our lips met again. That time with more ferocity. Our desire and arousal seemed instantaneous.

We were so in sync as our lips parted and our tongues sought the other out. An urgency between us was apparent, the need and wanting burned between us. Your tongue danced around mine as your hands explored my body. Mine just as easily glided all over yours. We pulled away long enough to decide which car it should be and we fell into the back seat of your car. I said a silent prayer of thanks that this dark corner had been the only vacant spot when I arrived earlier.

We fumbled and seemed all fingers as we try to get each others clothes off and ended up in fits of giggles as our efforts seemed more of a hindrance than a help. Without saying another word we decided undressing ourselves is so much more beneficial. At that point.

Finally we were naked. Our hands wandered and caressed each other as our lips met again. I push myself to you as your fingers bartın escort found my hardened nipples. You tweaked and pinched each, making them harder. I felt a wave of arousal start to build as I found your hard cock and wrapped my fingers around it. Instantly, you pulled back just a little, allowing me to enjoy your full length as I started to caress and pull you.

Both of us knew it would be so easy to climax fast but we wanted this encounter to last. Not only in our memories but also in the act.

I moaned as I felt your fingers on the lips of my pussy. Small electric shocks surged through me as I opened my legs for you, wanting you to explore me. Your fingers found my clit, hard and welcoming. I quickly became moist as you began to massage me, caressing the length of my gash. I instantly tightened my fingers around your shaft, pulling, up and down your entire length. As I reached your knob I loosened my fingers and lazily played with your eye with my finger nail. So smooth. I licked my finger wanting to have just a taste of you and returned it your knob where the moisture helped to spread your pre-cum.

My moan then turned to a groan as I felt your fingers enter me. You were so willing to explore and excite me more. Instinctively we started to pump. You with your fingers delving deep inside me. Me again wrapping my hand around you. Wanting you to feel as though you were deep inside my pussy. We got lost in the motions as we both reached higher and higher in our arousal. All the time our lips hadn’t parted our tongues emulated the actions of our hands.

You pulled away from me and looked me in the eyes. I melted and geo lost as you moved me around so that I could straddle you. As I lowered myself onto your knob I felt you tongue close around my breast on my erect nipples. We gasped together as your swelling knob forced my lips open and you entered me. How easily my cunt swallowed you. Greedily I wanted you deep inside me. Your hands were now at my hips guiding me up and down, riding you slowly, feeling your length gliding in and out.

I totally relaxed to your guidance as I felt the intensity ığdır escort building inside. Together we increased our pace. Me riding you while your cock assaulted my cunt, giving yourself to me deeply. The first wave hit me and I instantly tightened the muscles of my pussy, surrounding your now throbbing cock. I felt you swell knowing soon your juices will be flowing just as mine are about to. You changed the pace wanting to prolong this amazing ride. You pulled me up and down your full length again and again. Oh God, you buried yourself so deep inside me. I couldn’t stop myself any longer as I whispered and told you I’m cumming. My juices flowed over your cock, completely coating your still swellied and throbbing cock.

Incredibly as the first wave finished I felt the second not starting off small but leaving off where the other ended. Then you told me with your eyes you were about to explode in me. Together our pace increased, your thrusts became deeper, faster, harder, I matched you as again I lost my battle to prolong the inevitable feeling about to overwhelm me. Suddenly you pulled me down on you hard holding me there. You then gyrated as your cock seemingly alive, finding every spot possible inside my cunt making me groan an animalistic groan as we came together. The explosion wracked our bodies, both shuddering from such an intense joining.

Our juices flowed, combining, as we slowed down and savoured the feeling. Again we kissed, this time tenderly for what seemed a lifetime. As we parted and I dismounted, our hands and fingers entwine. You squeezed my hand and whispered, “Thank you.” Together we dressed silently and I climbed out of your car. You waited till I was in my car before leaving.

I tried to wipe the smile from my face. It was impossible. I still felt you deep inside me. As I drove up my driveway I tried without much success to put the encounter out of my mind. I popped the boot as I heard the back door to the house open. As I climbed out of the car my partner popped his head up over the boot ready to help me take the groceries inside. I noticed a big smile on his face as he lifted his hands up above the boot, showing me their contents. You laughed as you said, “Oooops we forgot to use these,” as I recognised the condoms and lubricant.

We both fall apart laughing as you continued and asked me if you could cum grocery shopping with me every week. I said, “Of course,” as I found myself again lost in those blue eyes.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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