Strangers in a Bar Pt. 03

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Public Sex

After a minute of licking, sucking, and biting each other’s mouths in the hotel room entryway, you pull you face away, but your pussy is still moving rhythmically against my leg. You sigh deeply with your eyes closed, before opening them again and ripping my shirt open. It’s alright, because it has snaps instead of buttons, but I’m not sure you were aware of that. You pull my shirt off behind me and then reach under my t-shirt. You run your hands up my stomach to my chest, pushing my shirt up and then tearing it over my head. My glasses go flying. You stop what you’re doing and get them for me. You hand them to me laughing.

“I’m sorry,” you laugh. “I’m getting carried away with myself.” You take a deep breath putting your hand on your chest. “Whoooh,” you breathe out. “I feel like an animal in heat. And I like it,” you say giving me a wicked smile that let’s me know I’m in for a treat. You put your hands on my chest and finally notice the nipple ring and tattoos I got in college.

“Oooh,” you coo. You start licking my nipple with the ring in it, pulling at it with your tongue and teeth, and nibbling on the nipple. Then you move to the other nipple. You’re sending electricity shooting through my body and shivers up my spine. I tell you how wonderful that feels. You double your effort, using your hand to stimulate the nipple that’s not in your mouth.

You start undoing my pants, but I want you to slow down so I reach over and start pulling up your top in the back. You straighten up and put your hands over your head. I pull up your top and your breasts go with it at first. They fall free with a slap against your abdomen. My wedding band falls on the ground somewhere. I don’t care about it. You’re embarrassed by the sound your breasts make and grab them to keep them from slapping again. But when your fingers touch your own nipples you let out a squeal and I see your body quiver. You moan as you play with your nipples.

“Let me do that,” I say. I grab your shoulders and swing us both around pressing you up against the wall now. You gasp again. I take your wrists and move your arms behind your back holding them there. My face is right in front of your tits now.

I’ve never been a tits guy. I’ve always been more partial to a nice ass and a pair of nice legs. But yours are amazing. I’d guess somewhere in the range of 36C, or bigger. I don’t really know these things. The best thing is their shape, perfect teardrops. Maybe they sag now more than they used to, but I don’t know, and I certainly don’t care. I move in close to you so I can whisper in your ear again. I move my body so my chest brushes lightly against your hard nipples as I move upwards.

“They’re perfect.”

You respond with a moan. You try to move your hands but I hold them firm behind you. You try to move closer to me to rub your nipples against my chest again, but I move away. You moan again. From your ear I kiss and lick my way down your neck to your throat, then down your chest to your breasts. I make sure to kiss and lick every inch of their perfection while I hold the hands you’re struggling to get free. I lick between your breasts, and then work down to the underside of them. Finally, there are only the nipples left. I blow on them, and you let out a long moan. You are really struggling to free your hands now, but you’re not asking me to let go. I lick one hard nipple, then the other. You are breathing hard and your chest is heaving.

“Please,” you beg me.

I lick one, then the other. I move back and forth between them, alternating between licking hard and lightly flicking.

“Please,” you beg me again.

I suck one nipple into my mouth and let go of your wrists so I can grab your other tit with my hand. I’m nibbling lightly on the nipple in my mouth and flicking it with my tongue. I start pinching the other. I hear your heavy breathing stop. Your hands are free now but they stay at your side, balled up into fists. Your body starts to shake. I move my mouth to suck in your other nipple, and pinch the first, which is wet with my spit. Your body continues to shake and I work each nipple with my mouth and hands. Your musky scent fills the small area we’re in. I hear you take in a deep breath.

“Oh my god! Oh my god.” You close your eyes and take a couple more deep breaths. I continue to play with your tits with my hands while your body comes back down to earth. I watch your face as you recover from your orgasm. When you open your eyes, you see me looking at you and you start laughing.

“Jesus fucking Christ.” You wipe some sweat from your forehead and put your hand on my shoulder. “Where did that come from? You haven’t even touched my pussy yet.”

“I guess your body needed that. So we’re done here then, right? Should I go or do you want to…?”

“Shut the fuck up.” You push me hard and pin me against the other wall of the entryway with your body. You give me that wicked smile again. “I’m not done with you yet.” You keep looking at me while you fumble to get my belt loose and pants off. We’re staring bağdatcaddesi escort into each other’s eyes when you yank my pants down. You see that my underwear is all wet.

“Did you cum already?”

“No, that’s just pre-cum.” I’ve had at least a dozen erections since I met you. I see that smile again and you kiss me. Our tongues lick each other for a while before you pull away. You move to pull my underwear down and I grab your hands.

“Wait. It’s been a while. I’m likely to blow as soon as you touch me.”

You move your face back up to mine and coo to me, “That’s OK baby. I just means more fun for me getting you hard again.” My heart flutters when I hear you call me baby. Nobody’s ever called me that before, and I know without asking that, if you ever called your husband that, it’s been at least twenty years since you have. You kiss me again and I feel your wonderful tits mashing up against me. Our height difference and their size means they’re almost rubbing the swollen tip of my cock while we kiss in the narrow hotel room entryway. I reach down and undo the fastenings on you skirt, letting it fall to the floor. You move back and pull my underwear out and down so they don’t rub against my sensitive, quivering cock as you pull them off of me.

“Oooh,” you purr, taking the base of my cock in your hand. “It’s nice. Bigger than I’m used to. This is going to be fun, baby.” Your orgasm has made you playful and frisky. You’re exploding out of the shell I found you in. I’m excited that I get to be here to see it. I agree with you, it’s going to be a lot of fun.

You stroke your hand up my cock. It’s as hard as steel and has been for some time now. The underside is slick with pre-cum that’s dribbled all the way down to my balls. But the top of my dick could use some. You tease my sensitive tip with your thumb. I moan as more pre-cum leaks out. You take it in your hand and use that to coat the top side of my hard, rigid pole. You look up at me with that smile again and chuckle knowingly. You’re really getting into this. Watching you abandon your inhibitions and become this enthusiastic, wanton participant in my wildest fantasy is turning me on more than your hand on my dick.

“Haven’t cum yet,” you say looking up at me. “Let’s see what we can do about that.” You continue stroking me as you give me a kiss. I play with your tits some more. Then you move down away from me. You put your hands on the wall on either side of my waist. Your ass moves back until it’s touching the other wall. I see you arch your back in an attempt to rub your pussy against the wall. I reach down to you rub your back and ass, but I can’t reach your pussy, not without blocking your mouth’s access to my cock. And I really need your mouth on my cock. I tell you that and hear you purr and watch you rub your ass against the wall again.

With your hands still on the wall you lick down the top of my hard dick and then back up. You lick the sensitive top side of the head. I moan. Then you move your tongue up to the slit and work the fresh pre-cum out following it down the underside of the head. Suddenly, the head of my cock is in your warm, wet mouth. You’re swirling your tongue all around it. I let out a grunt.

“Oh baby, that feels so good. Your mouth is perfect.”

I hear you make a sound in your throat when I call you ‘baby’. You start bobbing your head up and down on my dick. My cock feels so hard and strong, I feel like I could pick you up with it. I can feel your tongue moving around on the underside of my cock as you bob on it, going lower and lower each time, taking more of me into your mouth with each downward thrust. I close my eyes and put my head back against the wall. I’m trying to enjoy the feeling while not cuming, and resisting the urge to thrust my hips, fucking your face.

I feel the vibration of your moans on my cock before I hear them. I open my eyes and look down at you. You’ve moved one of your hands back to rub your swollen, aching pussy. The sight of you, so horny and lascivious, is the hottest thing I’ve ever seen. Combined with the sensations your mouth is creating on my cock, it’s more than I can stand. I’m surprised I’ve lasted this long. “Fuck baby, I’m gonna cum,” I warn you. I expect you to move up to kiss me while you jerk me off, but you keep bobbing.

I explode with a low growl in my throat. “Aaaaaahrr!” I feel your mouth full with up with my hot semen. Some escapes and drips down my rigid shaft to my balls. I feel you swallow my load as I explode again into your perfect mouth. I grunt and try to catch my breath. My legs are shaking. You’re rubbing your pussy frantically, but you’ve stopped bobbing as you concentrate on taking all of my hot load. I explode again, bucking my hips and grunting, you handle it like a pro. I reach down with both hands and grab your still swinging tits. I pinch your nipples hard and I hear you scream in your throat and watch your legs and ass shake wildly as you cum again.

You’re moaning as you let my cock fall from beykoz escort your mouth. You move, or fall, to the floor and lick my shaft and balls clean. You’re still moaning as you take my now limping cock into your mouth again for one last taste.

I help you stand up. You press your body into mine. We’re both sick with a thin layer of sweat. I can still feel the stray shudders race though your body. I can smell both of our cums. I stare at your face, spent for the moment. Your lips are red and wet with my cum. Some has formed a drop that begins to drip down your chin. I watch as you use a finger to wipe the cum away, then lick it off. I take your other hand, the one you were rubbing yourself with and lick the fingers to taste your pussy for the first time. We stare into each other’s eyes as we taste each other on your fingers.

“Mmmmm. Baby, you taste so good,” you purr. “I never thought I’d say that. I want more.”

“You’ll get it,” I assure you.

You kiss me deeply. I can taste my cum on your lips and on the tongue that’s working my tongue the way it just had my cock.

“You’re such a dirty girl. I love it,” I tell you, smacking your ass.

“Hmmmm,” you purr, laying your head against my chest. “Just for you, baby. Just for you.”

“Do you not like giving blow jobs?” I ask while I stroke fingers up and down your back to your luscious ass and play with your hair. “Because you’re pretty damn good at it.

“I’ve only ever given John a blow job, really. And I stopped doing that a long time ago.”

“Did you stop or did he ask you to stop?”

“He just stopped asking, and I was never in the mood to do it for him, so I didn’t. There was one time when he asked me to stop. I was bummed because, for whatever reason, that night I was starting to really get into it. After that was when he stopped asking.”

“Ahhh.” I say knowingly.

“You pull your head back to look at me quizzingly. “What?”

“I think I’m starting to understand your hus…John.” I had noticed that she always called him John and not ‘my husband’. “It’s all about power for him, isn’t it? When you started to really suck his cock you had the power and he didn’t want that. So he took it away from you. Did you feel your own power, your power over me, when you had my cock in your mouth just now?”

A look of realization comes over your face as you listen, then you start to look a little mad again. “Uh-huh,” you reply.

“You were in complete control then. I would’ve done anything you asked me to do. That’s your power. Use it, enjoy it. Don’t give it up. Unless, of course, you want to surrender yourself. There’s fun, and power, in that too, because you choose to do it.”


“Yup”, I nod.

“I’ll remember that.” I see that wicked smile again before you lay your head back down on my chest. “Let’s go lay down on the bed and rest a little.”

“Rest?” I ask with mock incredulity. “Did you think I was done fucking you?”

“Maybe. For just a little bit,” you say coyly, looking up at me with a smile.

“Girl. I’ve barely started fucking you yet. That thing with your nipples you liked so much? That’s not even on the list of the shit I’m going to do to you.”

Your smile gets bigger. “What IS on your list?”

“Do you really want to know, or do you want it to be a surprise?”

You have that wicked smile again. “Surprise.”

I bend over and pick you up in my arms. I can feel how wet your legs are. Your pussy has dripped all the way down to your knees. You feel light as a feather. I’m so jacked up on testosterone and the promise of your pussy. You put your arms around my neck. You whisper into my ear, “What are you going to do to me now?”

“I’m going to make you scream,” I say. You sigh and put your head down on my shoulder.

I carry you out of the entryway, in which we’ve both cum now, to finally see the rest of the room. It’s big, and nice. Very nice. There’s a dresser, a desk, some chairs and a table, a couch, and a king sized bed.

“Nice. Look at all these things we can fuck on.” I say with a smile. You giggle. I point you at each object while I say “Eeny, meeny, miney, mo…”

“The bed,” you say.

I lay you down on the bed with your ass at the edge. You put your feet down on the floor and I crawl onto the bed over you. We kiss some more before I start kissing and licking my way slowly down your entire body. You know where my final destination is and I can feel your body tense and squirm with anticipation as I work my way there through your other wonders–your neck, your freckled, blushed chest, your breasts and nipples, your soft, smooth stomach. I spend some time on your breasts again and get you really revved up. You tell me how wet you are, but I don’t take the bait. You’re going to have to wait until I get there. When I reach your pubic hair, I get off the bed onto the floor between your legs. Your bush is small and neatly trimmed. It just fits inside the small untanned area below your stomach. I realize there are caddebostan escort no tan lines on your breasts and that you’ve been sunbathing topless, and in a very skimpy bikini. Part of me wishes you had that on right now so I could see how sexy you look in it before I tear it off you.

“Your panties are still on? We’ll have to fix that right away.” I take the material at your hips and you raise your legs up into the air for me. I slowly peel them off of you starting from the back. I peel them out from between your ass cheeks. Your panties are so wet that they come away from your pussy slowly, like they’re stuck. They made a slight splat when I throw them onto the table behind me. Your pussy lips are swollen and wet. They stick out from your mons a bit and your clitoris is visible too. This is going to be easy, I think. Your pussy was made to be eaten.

“It’s perfect,” I say, but my voice cracks a little. You moan in response and keep your legs in the air, but I’m not ready for that yet, and I pull your feet back down to the floor. You move your hands to your breasts, to stimulate yourself while you wait for me to finally unlock your treasure box.

I run the nails of my fingers down the tops of your legs to your feet and then back up along the outside of your legs to your ass. From there I run them back over the tops of your thighs to your inner-thighs. I make sure not to touch your pussy. You squirm in anticipation. I run my nails down the inside of your legs to your feet. They are sticky and wet with all the cum that’s been dripping, or gushing, out of your pussy. I grab your ankles and quickly lift your legs into the air and far apart. You gasp in anticipation. You look down at me through your legs. I try to give you a wicked smile, but I don’t know if I’m pulling it off or not. You look down at your own pussy, wet and spread wide open. You moan. I can smell your musk. I want to taste you more than anything, but I hesitate. I like teasing you.

“Mmmmmm. What are you waiting for, baby? Aren’t you going to make me scream?”

I start at your knees licking the pussy juice off the inner thigh of, working my way up. First one leg, then the other. When I’m done with that I lick your mound clean, being careful not to touch your pussy lips. I blow on them, and then on your clit. Your lips are quivering, waiting for me.

“Please,” you beg me.

I tickle the sensitive skin below your pussy with the tip of my tongue before I slowly slide my whole, flat tongue up your wet pussy lips. They part easily and are so wet it’s like they’re floating in perfumed oil. My tongue easily slides up your pussy and gives me a good taste or your fresh juices. They’re delicious. I end with a hard flick of your clit with the tip of my tongue. You moan during the long lick and then cry out when I hit your clit. I can see your stomach quivering.

“That pussy is so good, baby. I’m not going to be able to stop eating you.”

I use my hands to push your legs further apart and down towards you, lifting your pussy into the air. You gasp again, but I don’t give you time to catch your breath. I dive in with long hard licks of my tongue between your lips teasing the edge of your hole. After licking for a minute, I put my whole mouth on your pussy and start sucking your juice into my mouth as my tongue searches your lips and the edge of your hole for every drop. I’m making loud slurping sounds on your pussy, but I’m not sure you can hear me. Your body is shuddering. You can’t catch your breath. You’ve gripped the bedspread and are pulling at it hard. I finally hear you gasp and breathe deeply so I stick my tongue into your hole as far as I can and wiggle it around. You shriek and I’m rewarded with more of your delicious cream in my mouth. I don’t let up. I want every drop of your nectar. Finally I pull my tongue out of you. It’s getting tired. I kiss and softly lick your lips while you catch your breath again and your body stops shaking.

“Mmmmmm, baby. Fuck, that’s so good. You make me feel like an animal. I love it,” you finally say. But I don’t reply, because I’m still not done with your pussy yet.

I move up to your clit and start flicking it with my tongue. You gasp and start moaning again. You reach down and put your hands on my head, trying to pull my mouth closer to you, but I resist for now. I still want to tease you a bit. I alternate between flicking at your clit with the tip of my tongue and mashing it hard with my tongue at the end of licks of your pussy lips. I can feel the tension building in you again. You’re breathing hard and pulling at my hair to get me closer. I ask you if I can fuck you ass.

“Anything, baby. You can do anything to me.”

I relent to your pulling as I cover your clit with my mouth, mashing it hard with my tongue and moving it around. I suck you clit into my mouth. I suck hard on it and I feel my chin getting wet as you cum again. I use my tongue to scrape your clit against the inside of my teeth. You scream and your whole body shakes. I’m afraid you’re going to pull my hair right out of my head. I continue to suck and nibble and lick at your clit and your pussy for a while longer as you come down from the cloud you’re on. You body continues to tremble and shudder at different things I do. Finally, you let go of my hair and you push my head back.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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