Strangers on a Train

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Big Dicks

She was in an extremely bad mood. She had overslept, not had time for her morning shower and breakfast, just dressed quickly and straight out of the door. She didn’t even feel properly dressed as she had put the first pair of panties on she had grabbed which was a thong and she hadn’t had time to put her tights on and she felt more comfortable wearing them when wearing a thong under her short business skirt, however she had pair in her bag to put on at work.

Now here she was at the back of the morning crowd waiting to board the train to work, where she was going to end up standing all the way there in one of the aisles where all those not early enough to be at the front and get a seat had to stand packed like sardines on the daily overcrowded train.

At last the train arrived and the mad scramble to get on began. Her worst fears were realised. Here she was, packed tightly in the mass of those who had to stand, unable to move, trapped in a claustrophobic scent of sweat and too much aftershave which the mostly middle aged men seemed to think was compulsory.

She was in a dark mood as the journey began. Not the smoothest of journeys, she was constantly being bumped into those surrounding and in front of her, while being bumped into herself by those behind her.

Consumed in her angry thoughts, it took her a while to realise something wasn’t right. The next couple of bumps confirmed her suspicion. Whoever was behind her was using the bumping muğla escort to press an erection against her bottom. Anger flowed through her as she regretted not putting her long overcoat on, and the nerve of the man behind her.

She decided to wait a few minutes to be sure before confronting the penis thruster behind her. There it was, every bump of the train and she felt it press against her bottom. While waiting she had calmed down a bit and a feeling of being flattered was mixing in with her anger and also a touch of excitement at the thought of turning a stranger on. Deciding to play him at his own game, on the next bump she pushed her bottom backwards. The quiet little gasp she heard and the harder feeling of the hardness against her caused a little dampness in her thong.

All anger gone now, she played along with this game, backing into his hardness every thrust for a few bumpy miles, becoming wetter all the time. At last curiosity overcame the delightful feeling this little game was giving her and she decided to turn round and see who this hard penis thruster was.

It was a struggle in the crush but at last she found herself facing her tormentor. No handsome hunk as she had half hoped, just a typical middle aged business man, in his typical long black overcoat holding a typical briefcase. Beads of sweat were rolling down his forehead and face as she looked him in the eye. “I, I, I’m s s s so sorry” he ordu escort stammered quietly, “I, I just couldn’t help it, I’ve never done this before, I am so sorry”.

More turned on than she had been for a long time, she pressed against him, her hard nipples pressing into him and leaned forward, put her mouth to his ear and whispered quietly “A gentleman would have put his briefcase in front of this you naughty man” and rubbed the back of her hand across his crutch, feeling the bulging hardness. Both his eyes, and his mouth opened wide with surprise.

Enjoying the reaction she’d evoked, she began rubbing his hardness with the back of her hand while looking into his glazed open eyes. Again she leaned forward and began whispering in his ear. Silently he nodded his sweat streaked face and whispered “Yes, yes, oh my god yes” Satisfied that he would do as she’d told him, she stopped her teasing of him and squirmed in the crush to turn round again so once more her back was to him.

Almost immediately he began following her whispered instructions. He pressed himself against her, she could feel his excited penis against her bottom all the time now. Reaching down with her hands she took hold of each side of his overcoat and pulled it forward slightly. She felt his hand pull down his zip behind her and lift her skirt slightly, then he released his hard penis from his trousers and moved forward as far as he could. A soft osmaniye escort excited moan left her lips as she felt his hard naked penis pressed against her bottom. She shifted her legs slightly and the hard tip slid between them, pressing against her thong clad pussy. Gently she began slowly pushing back and forth against it with the short movements the cramped space allowed. Each time the train rocked and bumped causing him to thrust it almost brought a cry to her lips, the feeling of his hardness rubbing her and the heavy breathing from behind had her on the verge of an orgasm.

As his breathing became heavier and he started thrusting even on the smoother parts of the journey she realised he was close to cumming. Unable to resist, she began a wiggling thrusting movement, not caring if anyone guessed what they were up to. Suddenly the train hit a particularly bumpy stretch of track and she heard a gasp from behind and a warmth on her thighs and the crotch of her soaking thong as he came on her. Past the point of caring, she quickly let go of his coat, struggled to turn round and pressed against him. She reached down, took hold of his still hard penis and guided it under the front of her skirt and into her thong, the hard tip against her aching clitoris. A minute and another bumpy stretch of track later, she was biting on her lip as he came again all over her clitoris, also releasing the explosion that had been building up in her, giving her a shuddering orgasm, thankful that her strange cock thruster was holding on to her.

As the feeling subsided, she looked at him and said “Nice meeting you, we may bump into each other again sometime” straightened her skirt and began getting ready to leave the train which had also arrived at its destination.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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