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He was late, as usual, the sucky traffic did him in. Seattle was such a difficult place to get around in. It was a wonder people didn’t shoot each other.

Nah, then it would be LA.

He was looking forward to this after a long day of cubical surfing. He sometimes felt like a rodent in a maze. The stress of his situation was tremendous.

He pulled into the parking structure and found his assigned spot. He removed his cel phone, pocket computer and all other vestiges of technology from his person. These were not permitted. Locking his car, he patted his pockets for the envelope.

Finding it, he smiled. This was one of the few pleasures he permitted himself. The envelope was a reminder to him that this pleasure was awaiting him on this day and at this time. Glancing at his watch, he saw that he had made up the lost time and was just a few minutes early.

Crossing the street, he entered a non descript building and walked up three flights of stairs. He removed the envelope from he coat pocket. “3-C” was written on the front, nothing else. The faint aroma of rose petals tickled his senses.

Opening the envelope, he found a letter and a key.

” Since you are reading this, it is assumed that you accept the conditions of our agreement, and that the terms are also acceptable. The key you have in your hand will open the door 3-C and 3-C only. Please go inside and make yourself comfortable. You will find reading materials and refreshments suitable to your tastes

Shortly after you arrive someone will attend to you.

Thank you for you patronage”

Folding up the letter he replaced it in the envelope. He smiled briefly, and found the the door labeled 3-C, inserted the key and unlocked the door.

Upon entering the room, he found warm lighting, tasteful decorations, period furniture and soft blues music in the background. In the center of the room an overstuffed couch and oval coffee table were placed. Next to them was a large leather chair beckoned. On the coffee table was a silver serving plate with fresh salmon, cheese and breads. Against the wall was a large bookcase filled with various political novels and written histories. Opposite that was a antique bar with a bottle of Syrah wine and a 20 year old single malt Scotch. Taking a deep breath, he could smell books – real books, the hard bound kind, wood and a sense sikiş izle of age, as if the contents of the room had been there for a long time.

He poured himself a drink, unable to resist the lure of 20 year old scotch, he’d try the wine later. Then wandered over to the bookcase. He selected a book by Ambrose, a biography of John Adams. Something he had always meant to read, but had no had the time. Settling in the chair he found a position of comfort and began to read.

He sipped his drink and found it to be as good as it gets. That warm sensation all the way down, and strong flavors of oak and port. Very well balanced and smooth.

After a while, a few snacks on cheese and salmon, and another drink, he really began to feel that he was unwinding, almost a physical release of his tension. He sank deeper into the chair and was engrossed in his reading. He allowed himself this as it was part of his process.

He felt his eyes begin to go heavy on him and shortly was napping, book in his lap and his drink on the table.

Thirty minutes later, he was slowly roused by the touch of a hand on his shoulder, followed by the caress of a hand on his face. He let himself linger in the twilight of sleep as long as he could. when he opened his eyes, he saw a vision of beauty, grace and strength.

“Hi” she said caressing his brow.

“Hello” he replied sleepily.

Her hair was a deep auburn, with red and gold highlights, her skin was clear and light, almost an alabaster hue. Her lips were full and lush, she smiled, and it seemed light up the room. But what struck him most was her eyes, so clear and green, of purity he had not seen in his lifetime. She sat down on the couch and allowed him to fully awaken. She was dressed conservatively, in tones to accent her natural coloring.

” Did the nap help?’ she asked.

” Yes it did, very much, thank you” he replied.

They chatted for a bit, discussing current events and the first chapter or so of the book in his lap. She was well read and very broadly educated. It was also clear that they knew each other quite well. They shared a glass of the Syrah, which was quite good, considering it’s youth. She moved to the arm of the chair and gently rubbed his forehead and neck.

“oooo, lots of tension here”

“It’s a hard life out there.”

“So it is”

She stood up and brazzers offered her hand to him. He accepted it and she led him to the next room. This room was done in a softer fashion, more feminine, less stoic. A bed, vanity, mirror and two night stands. All coordinated and in very good taste.

She took his jacket and hung it up in a closet Then she slowly began to disrobe him, one clothing item at a time. When she had completed her task, she motioned him to lie on the bed and be comfortable. He pulled back the comforter and proceeded to lie down, positioning himself so he could still see her.

She continued to chat with him in soothing tones, while she moved about the room, closing the drapes and dimming the lights, giving it a soft, warm atmosphere.

At this point she slow began to undress, removing her top to expose her full bosom. Her brassiere contained her large breasts, and small, very dark nipples, which were plainly visible through the sheer fabric. She watched him watch her and was plainly pleased with his reaction to her. She stepped out of the flowing dress she was wearing and he was pleased to see the stockings and garter belt she wore beneath. She turned away from him to place her clothes in a neat folded stack on the dresser. He watched as she removed her bra, always fascinated by her deft hands. She lifted her leg and unclasped the garter and did the same to the other leg. She removed the belt and was about to remove the stockings.

“Please leave them on?”

She turned to face him, “Like this then?”

He drank her in like an oasis in the desert. Her breasts were full and soft wobbled gently. She did it to tease him. Her hips were round and womanly, a patch of bright red fuzz between her flawless legs, incased in silk stockings completed the picture.

“Yes please…”

He rolled on his stomach, for he knew what came next. Closing his eyes, he again felt a certain release of care and worry.

He felt her get in the bed with him and put her leg on either side of his body, straddling him. The warmth of her touch was only accentuated by the oils she used to massage his skin. Her hands were strong and supple, releasing the demons bottled up in his body. Her fingers seemed to melt the knots and aches just away. He could feel her short red curlies rubbing against his skin, he was awash in fake taxi porno sensation.

She spent a time kneading his shoulders and neck, until there was no resistance left, his back became putty in her hands. His buttocks while firm also was not spared her healing touch.

She turned herself around and began to deeply massage his legs. This was almost too much for him as it was very close to pain. The pleasure was knowing she was doing this and also feeling her short curlies scratch and slide on his back while she worked. He wanted to reach up and touch her while she worked but he knew that was not allowed.

She now began to work on his feet, while not an area of great tension, still an area deserving of her special talents. One toe at a time and then deep strokes across the bottom of his foot.

She slapped him on the ass once, he knew this meant to turn over. He did and was greeted by a very close view of her backside sliding back an forth on his chest. He could almost taste her. Smiling he enjoyed the view while she worked on the fronts of his legs and thighs. Her skin was covered in a light sheen of perspiration, which glistened in the soft warm light.

She tuned around her leg brushing against his erect member.

Leering at him, she said” Peeking are we? Shame on you!”

She lightly slapped his balls He jumped and closed his eyes, almost. He liked this part as he could watch her closely, see her hands do their work on him. Watch as he pendulous breasts swayed as she released his aches and pains.

First his abdomen, then his chest, arms, shoulders and neck. All the while teasing his member with her lips, touching him, opening but not allowing entry. When she did his arms her breasts dragged across his body, and she was so close she could smell her scent. Which made him ever harder.

She finally gave him a head massage, and then she stopped. Putting her hands on both shoulders she looked down at him.

“You can look now. Do you like what you see?”

She was bathed in sweat, her hair had become damp with perspiration and had lost some volume. Her nipples were erect and pointed, he also could tell she was very wet, as his cock was covered in her juices.

” I love what I see. ” He whispered.

She shifted a bit and he felt his cock slide inside of her. She was tight and wet and oh so very wonderful.

He still does not know what he did to deserve this woman who loves him so. But he knows that he has found the one.

They spent the remainder of the day pleasing each other, in ways this author will leave to your imagination…


Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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