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Angelica Drake walked gingerly up the alley. She wasn’t looking forward to what lay ahead. About halfway up the alley she came to an unobtrusive door with an inlaid marker that said “STUD”. She rapped twice on the door. Her velvet gloves muffled the sound but the door still swung silently open. Inside the room was white and clean. A reception desk was tucked away in one corner and the receptionist smiled at her. “Mrs. Drake?”

“Yes,” she mumbled.

“Please come here and I’ll handle any questions you may have. We have plenty of time until your appointment.”

“This is the sperm bank, isn’t it?” Angelica quietly asked.

“Well, we’re not a sperm bank in the classic sense. Weren’t you briefed on our procedure?”

“No. A friend of mine gave me your number and told me to come here if I wanted to get pregnant. I assumed it was a sperm bank.”

“Oh, well, maybe we need to talk. You are under the wrong impression. We don’t do artificial insemination. Our methods involve direct injection from the source. Our procedure is guaranteed.”

“Are you saying someone is going to put their penis in me and cum?”

“Yes, that’s the way it is done here. We cater mostly to women who are desperate to have a baby and are willing to undergo the procedure. If you are not among that group then you have come to the wrong place.”

“When your brochure said guaranteed results, I had no idea that I would have to submit to this!”

“Maam, you don’t have to submit to anything. If you don’t want to do it, I suggest you find a baby somewhere else, adoption perhaps.”

Angelica’s shoulders slumped. She wasn’t too hot with the idea of coupling with a total stranger. She was very much in love with her husband but they had tried for five years to have a baby and had no results.

“Tell me about the procedure, please.”

“We have a very pleasant setting for your coupling. The man you choose will make tender love to you and will then engage you when you are ready. You must be willing to have a climax with him. We guarantee that when you walk out that door, you will be pregnant.”

“You said ‘the man I choose’. How many do you have?” “

We have four here today. If none of them pleases you, there will be a different group of four tomorrow. I’m afraid that’s all we’ve got. If you don’t like any of them or if you are not pregnant, mobil porno your entire fee will be refunded.”

“I understand the fee is five thousand?”

“Yes, that’s right. It is payable now. Why don’t you have a seat and think it over? We certainly don’t want to pressure you into anything you don’t want to do.”

“That’s a good idea. I’ll think about this for a while. I’ve never let anyone but my husband into me.”

She sat down on one of the overstuffed sofas and thought it over. If I don’t do it, we may never have a baby. To get it, it looks like I’ve got to let some total stranger fuck me. Do I really want a baby that badly? She thought. Suddenly the years of failure came crushing down on her. She was tired of getting negative results month after month. Her husband would never have to know where the baby came from. He would think he did it. She stood up and walked over to the receptionist. “Okay, I’ll do it,” she said quietly. She handed the girl a check for five thousand dollars.

The girl smiled and said, “You won’t be sorry Mrs. Drake. You’ll be nursing by Christmas! Have a seat and I’ll take you back in just a minute.”

Ten minutes later the receptionist returned. “Come with me please.”

Angelica followed her through the door into another room that was dark. In front of her was a lighted stage and on the stage, four naked men stood.

“Do you need help in selecting one?” the receptionist inquired.

“I could use a few tips.”

“Pick one that is about the same size and shape as your husband with similar coloring. If your husband has a large penis, pick a guy with a big one. You need the genes of someone who is near to your husband.”

Angelica looked at the naked men on the stage. One of them was just about the same size as her husband. His cock was about the same size too. “Number three will do.” She whispered to the receptionist.

“Follow me.”

She followed the receptionist down a hall and into a bedroom. It was luxuriously appointed. Soft music played in the background. The receptionist smiled at her. “Will this be all right?”

“Yes, I suppose. How many times will this guy fuck me?”

“He’ll know when he’s been successful.”

The receptionist exited leaving Angelica in the bedroom alone. She sat on the bed. Five minutes later the door opened and her selected stud walked alman porno confidently into the room.

“My name is Jack,” he smiled.

“I’m Angelica,” she answered.

He looked a lot more handsome up close than he had on the stage. He was wearing a dressing gown. He took her hand and kissed it. “I’m sure we’re going to get along very well Angelica. I know this is a little scary, but try to relax. I’m not here to hurt you. I’m here to give you something you have wanted for a long time.” He smiled again and wrapped his arms around her.

At first she just stood very still. Then she raised her arms and embraced him. She looked up at him and he kissed her lips. He sat beside her and kissed her again. She could feel her body telling her it was time to open up. She opened her mouth and let him explore her tongue. She sucked on his lips and licked his tongue. Her hands wandered under his dressing gown and caressed his chest. He stood and dropped the dressing gown. He already had a big erection. She grasped his manhood and kissed it. She put the head in her mouth and sucked softly on it. His balls moved in the sack. She felt them.

He stood nude before her and started to undress her. He carefully removed her clothing piece by piece. She had nice, big, round breasts and he took the time to suck her nipples before taking off her panties. He squeezed her tightly. She could feel his cock pressing against her tummy. He scooped her up and laid her gently in the middle of the bed.

She closed her eyes and felt him lay down beside her. His fingers were playing with her pussy. He slipped one into her vagina and she moaned. I didn’t think it would be this good or this easy, she thought. She held his cock and slowly jacked it. He knelt between her legs and licked her already wet pussy. He sucked her clit in between his teeth and bit it gently. “Oh Yes!” she cried. Her husband seldom ate her. She loved it.

He licked her nub rapidly, bringing her to near orgasm. Then he slid up her body and slipped his cock into her eager pussy.

“Mmmm,” she moaned when she felt him sliding into her. He was stroking slowly and gently. “Harder, harder,” she begged.

He got a little rougher with her and soon he was slamming into her with great force. Her pussy was quivering under the assault driving both of them closer alexis texas porno to the goal. He felt the final contractions inside her as she started an enormous climax. Right in the middle of it, he dumped his potent seed.

She felt his hot cum as it shot out of his cock and splattered inside her. It felt so good! Her husband had never cum like that! His cock was starting to deflate. Finally he withdrew it. He rolled off of her and lay panting beside her. “Did you knock me up?” she asked.

“I think so, but we should give you a couple of more shots just to make sure. Besides, you are one great piece of tail. I don’t get many like you.”

She was flattered that the stud would think she was really good. Her husband had always told her she was so-so. On the other hand, this guy had a lot more practice than her husband. Her hand wrapped around his cock and she felt it start to swell again. His hand massaged her vulva. He was ready again.

He mounted her and drove in all the way in one thrust. “Oof!” she grunted when his pelvis collided with hers. This time he used long slow strokes and brought her slowly up to the edge of ecstasy. She writhed and wriggled on his cock. “Give it to me Jack. Give me my cum!” She screamed her way into orgasm as he squirted his baby fluid into her. She felt his dick as it twitched and wiggled inside her. She didn’t want to let go. He rolled onto his back so she was on top of him. Some of his high priced cum drizzled out of her but she didn’t care. She knew he had more.

“One more time,” Jack whispered, “then I have to let your beautiful body go.”

His cock was gaining strength fast. It still took ten minutes for it too fully inflates. She sat on top of him and rocked back and forth making his rod rub her ‘g’ spot. He thrust rapidly upward. He increased his speed until he was thrusting into her like a wild animal. Her pussy exploded in a shower of cum and lust as he emptied his balls into her for the last time. She kept rocking on him, unwilling to give up. Finally he popped out of her.

“I guarantee you are now pregnant,” Jack grinned.

“I can never thank you enough, not only for the child but for opening my eyes to the possibilities of teaching my husband something new.”

She got up and got dressed. She leaned down and tenderly kissed Jack on the lips. “It was the most wonderful experience of my life. I’ll be back next year!”

Two weeks later she missed her period. A visit to the gynecologist confirmed that she was with child. Her husband was happy. She was happy, but she couldn’t forget the stud named Jack who had fathered her child.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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