Study Partner

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Writer: North Star
Editor: Woody Smith

“Dave!” She shouts slightly exiting the building.

Carrie only hopes to grab his attention before he leaves the campus for the day. He turns to face her on the stairs amidst all the students coming and going around them. For a moment she stops to catch her breath as she feels she has been chasing him since forever, even though she knows it was only moments since class was dismissed.

Dave looks at her with a squinting grin that clearly says the morning sun is in his eyes as he turns to see who was calling his name out in the open. He neither looks surprised nor disappointed; he moves his tall frame toward her. She stops and excitedly introduces herself.

“Hi there! I sure am glad Professor Taylor teamed us up for the assignment on Proprietary Business Loans.”

“Really? Why, would that be?”

“Why wouldn’t I? You are the wisest guy in the class and well, the most handsome in my opinion.” she added. Her eyes darting to the ground.

“Really…?” He says modestly “I mean about being the wisest of course.” he chuckles along with her.

Dave continues on with the conversation so as not to make her feel uncomfortable.

“Well Carrie, what would you like to do about this assignment? Did you want to work on it separately and amalgamate it together or did you want to meet to work something together?”

She was hopeful that the latter of the two would be his preference since she has been admiring him since her first term.

“Well experience has shown me that working separately never works well. We should do it together.” he says to her with a sheepish grin.

“I work this evening and tomorrow evening but depending on what is too late for you and what you have intended I would have no trouble meeting with you afterward if you wish. What do you have in mind?”

“Thursday night? Let me see here…yes I am free. Shall I meet you at your work or at your place or somewhere more general?”

“That would depend on what you are comfortable with. There is a really nice cafe at Town Square I can meet you outside my work as soon as I am done at 9 pm. How’s that?”

“Terrific! I’ll be there. I’ll bring my notes. Thanks again, Dave.”

She is relieved and so happy she had stopped him. She is hoping she will be able to impress him tomorrow evening. All that day and the next Carrie is so excited she does not talk to anyone about her class assignment. But it is all she can think of. She is totally distracted in all her other classes. She plays out the series of events in her head. Imagining how Dave will be dressed and imagining him impressing her with his thoughts and theories of the assignment. She thought about him asking her out for a date and becoming the romantic inclusion in her life she so missed.

Thursday came and went soon enough; she decides that she will wear her chocolate brown mini skirt and cream coloured cami. She will keep herself a little sexy with no bra. She has a petit frame with smaller breasts. While not particularly vein with her looks she admires the fact that she is nicely toned with little effort on her part. It may be cool if they sit on the patio so she decides to wear her short-cut sweater. It is a casual look dressed up with a cute choker and a nice pair of summer sandals. Black would definitely be too formal, she did not want him to think she is confusing this for a date. Oh my! She better get there so he does not get there first. She does not want him there first. She wants to look busy in her notes when he arrives.

When she arrives at the cafe she requests a booth secluded off to the corner and advises the waitress she is waiting for another person shortly after nine. She orders herself a mint cappuccino and sits with her books. Preparing for her assignment partner to arrive, Carrie opens her notes, puts on her glasses and begins a little reading in the dim cafe light. Her heart pounds with eager anticipation. Glancing up, her heart skips a beat when she finally sees him enter the front door.

Dave arrives. She pretends not to see him and with her head down studiously on her notes, using only her peripheral vision to admire his tall stature standing in the doorway, she is watching him. He is standing with his right hand in his pocket, so confident and handsome. His smile sent butterflies rolling and brought an automatic smile to her face. She can not hold herself back from looking obvious at this point; she just has to look up.

Dave speaks briefly with the hostess and is directed to the back corner of the cafe. He walks towards her.

“Well, well, well! Look what we have here, professor in training?” He is totally handsome in his business suit attire, tie and upper button undone. Her heart skips another beat.

“What? Me? No, no! Not me… I do all I can just to get through this course. Need all the help I can get.” For what he can see she looks really cute. He is curious to see that sweater come off though, noticing that she is not wearing a bra under Göztepe Escort her sweater.

“Really?” he asks, a little surprised.

“For sure.” She responds assuring him. “Doesn’t come easy to me like you.” she adds.

“Well it looks like it does.” He says complimenting her.

“Are you going to sit and contribute or what Mr. Accountant?” she asks, adding a little saucy tone for good measure.

“Well I have been thinking about that for the last little bit, thinking your going to be very disappointed with me…I knew we were getting together tonight but in my rush to get to work I left my things on my desk.”

“Oh, uhm okay, well do you want to do this another day?” she felt a little disappointed.

“No silly, we’ll enjoy our drinks, then, if you’re comfortable, we can go back to my place and go over my stuff. Well I don’t mean my stuff like ‘I, contribute more to it than you’, but well, you know.” they both share a nervous chuckle.

“Sure that is fine.” She says.

The waitress brings him his drink. Using his manners he asks if Carrie would like a refill. She declines. The two share a nice conversation for the better part of an hour. Dave admires her neckline and thinks to himself about kissing her down from ear to breastbone, removing her sweater and playfully kissing over to her tantalizing nipples. Lost in the conversation he is thankful they are sitting at a booth as he can feel himself growing firmer as his mind wanders.

Carrie never would have thought in a million years that a crush she had on Dave in first term would actually turn into something today. She is only hoping she can take it to something more than a class assignment. Although he shows interest in the conversation she hopes she will be able to keep his interest after tonight. She can barely contain herself as she takes in his great smell. It is such a terrific turn on for her.

“Well are you ready?” he prompts her.

“Sure am.”

“Say, did you want to follow me or will you like to accompany me in my Jeep?” he invites her.

“A Jeep you say? OOOh sounds adventurous, I have never been! Well Dave that will mean that you will have to drive me back afterwards and who knows what time that will be, that would not be fair. I’ll just take my own.” Being considerate Carrie attempts to decline.

“Are you sure? I really don’t mine honestly.” he reassures her.

“Well, okay if you really don’t.” she doesn’t want to impose.

In Dave’s mind he will be able to see the skirt ride up her legs as she sits next to him. And just maybe she will be enticed to stay longer.

She climbs into his cool Jeep. This is an automatic turn on for her. It is just another thing that makes her admire him even more. All the while Dave drives home he can not help but imagine himself reaching over and placing his hand on Carrie’s legs. Her skirt riding just above her knee and when she sits her thigh is exposed. He will only have to push it all the way up to have his way with her.

The grin on his face must be dirty. She looks at him with question.

“Are you alright Dave? Where are you?” she asks not expecting a whole answer.

“Ah, uh, oh sorry. Yeah. So sorry I am here, No need to worry. I am just distracted is all.” clearing his wandering thoughts and thinking of what to say.

“I’ll say!” they both chuckle.

The drive was short out of the downtown core and into the rural banks. He is driving up a long dark driveway down a dark rural road.

“Sorry I did not leave any lights on. I have a habit of forgetting in the morning when I leave neglecting what time I am coming home at night.”

And just as he began, three barks let out…”There is a dog too, I hope you don’t mind. He is absolutely harmless. He’s a total intimidation effect.”

“Well there will be no effect here!” She says. “I adore animals.”

Out of the darkness they are greeted by a large dog barking to greet his master happily.

Dave admits to her that the house is an older one requiring lots of work. He says he has had it for 2 years and is looking forward to finishing it. He says he has worked in the bathroom and living areas but not much else and said it is a slow process especially with work and school. Dave says he has to remind himself to have motion sensors installed outside to solve his dark night issues.

Dave helps her out of the Jeep paying close attention to her legs parting in the dim door light. His imagination is not even motivated on his school assignment. He has but one intention tonight. He is working so freaking hard at work and there have been added pressures for a new procedure and the finances for the contractors and now the professor’s assignment. Dave is feeling the need to just want to explode! He wishes he had someone in the picture everyday to just come home to and take him in deep and suck him hard till he blows all his cum all over. At least a wonderful oil massage to release tensions would feel terrific. He can feel the pressure building with anticipation. İstanbul Escort He is really hoping tonight he will be able to entice Carrie out of the work mode she seems to be in.

He escorts her to the back door cautioning her to the mess she may encounter upon entering. He opens the door and turns on some low lit lights knowing exactly which lights will be better to light.

“Oh Dave! This is immaculate! I don’t know what you are complaining about. You must be a perfectionist. This is so beautiful!”

“Oh well thank you. It still has a lot to be done.” he is enjoying hearing the compliment

“Well, yes but what you have done is just beautiful!” she assures him she is impressed.

“Well thank you again. I wish it were me, but really it is the contractors. I just pay for it all really.” downplaying his accomplishments, and they both laugh.

“Well where would you like me?” Carrie asks unknowingly.

“Where would I like you? You really don’t want to know.” He made open what really was on his mind almost in the most frustrating way.

“I beg your pardon?” surprised and a little confused by the comment Carrie is hopeful that Dave really has a flirtatious side to him.

“Oh Carrie I am sorry, that isn’t what it sounded like.”

“No problem I just meant where did you want me to put my books and things?” she corrects her statement to him

. “I have been so wound with work and school and this house and things. I have really been distracted. I even hate to be assigned yet another assignment. Sometimes it just gets to be all too much.” sounding off to her was a little relieving to him.

“Oh Dave, really I hear you. But really I thought you were the one doing the best. You are the brightest one in the class. You work for the best firm in the group. Look at this home. You drive that hot sexy Jeep out there. You’re not divorced with alimony and child support. I mean what aren’t you doing right?”

“Really? You really think so?” he questions her assurance.

“Yeah I really think so.” She confirms.

“Say do you have an early start tomorrow?” Dave leads, feeling hopeful.

“No, why?” she looks at him curiously.

“Well, stress is getting to me and I really need to relax. I was wondering if you wanted to have a hot tub with me out on the patio with a couple of drinks and go over our ideas for the assignment together.”

“Well that doesn’t seem like getting an awful lot of work done now does it? She raises an eyebrow.

“Well that’s kind of my point.” brushing off her suspicions.

“No one says it all has to be done tonight do they?” he continues.

“Well, no.” she agrees.

“But…” pausing for a moment.


“I don’t have anything to get into it with.” she continues.

“Well you can get in first if you are uncomfortable. Wear your underwear and I’ll get in afterwards. I’ll wear my trunks if I must, although I never do. But I will to be mannerly for you tonight.” Dave tries to earn her trust.

She gives a chuckle and embarrassed grin.

“I think I’ll be fine, Dave.

“Maybe I’ll try not to look!” Dave says and raises his eyebrow. “Great! I’ll go get it started. Why don’t you go over there and play the stereo or put in some CDs. I’ll start the tub and remove the cover” he directs her.

Dave turns on the dim patio lights on the covered deck and enters back in through the trellis. He shuts off the other lights and heads towards the kitchen. In the kitchen he sets out two glasses and a bottle of wine. Carrie approaches the kitchen area.

“You know Dave, this sounds like fun. I had so many ideas about tonight but none of this was what was in my head. Can you point out the bathroom?”

“Sure, upstairs the master is the best, down the hall to the end and on the left you can’t miss it. I left a light on earlier.”

“Thanks, I’ll be back in a minute.” She says.

Carrie heads upstairs and turns toward the bedroom, obviously Dave’s bedroom. She feels so intrigued to be in his bedroom. It was so dimly lit with a bedside sconce. The decor is handsome and masculine. She admires what she sees. She believes it to be a lot like him, structured and masculine. She can smell the aroma of him in the room and she smiles. She heads through the room and into the bathroom. It is amazing! With it’s whirlpool tub and glass steam shower. Dave has really gone all out and done well. Carrie removes her sweater and sandals. She places her choker and earrings on his vanity. From her purse she pulls a vial of shimmer cream and rubs her shoulders. She fixes her natural lips with her favorite lip-gloss. Removing her skirt she examines herself in the full-length mirror. She is very conscious of what she is preparing to do. Dave says he is pressured and stressed. She intends to make that all go away if not for one good night! She has some dirty little thoughts playing in her mind. She glances up and gives herself a smile in the mirror. Without keeping Dave waiting any longer she starts downstairs.

“I Anadolu Yakası Escort was wondering if I was going to have to come up there and get you?” he teases.

“I was just admiring your castle! I have never seen such a bathroom!” she answers.

“Well I am admiring what you’ve come down in!” Referring to the bare feet, string panties and camisole she is modeling. Seeing her long neckline, toned shoulders and firm aroused nipples, takes Dave’s thoughts back to the restaurant when he was imagining thoughts of kissing every sweet inch of it. Dave is happy he is on the other side of the kitchen island. He can feel himself grow hard. Dave hands her a glass of wine.

Embarrassed that she has forgot about parading about the house half nude she looks down taking a check of her exposed body. She is so focused on what she is going to do and feels so comfortable she forgot about what she wasn’t wearing.

“Oh, yeah, sorry I uh forgot. Guess I should go get in, huh?” she responds taking notice.

“Well, here. Let’s start here. A toast… A toast, to a terrific study partner, hard work, a great night and….”

“And good times!” she chimes in.

“And good times! That’s great! I look forward to good times with you Carrie.” he adds. Dave looks intently at her.

Carrie gently gives his glass a clang and takes a sexy swig from her glass. “Shall I get in now?” she was eager.

“Yes! Yes! Go get in before I beat you to it. Then I will have to watch you climb in”. Dave teases her.

On her way over to the hot tub she hollers back to the kitchen. “Oh my goodness Dave, this is so beautiful!” she says from the distance. Little did she know while she was upstairs that Dave had lit surrounding candles.

He gives a grin knowing what she is talking about as he turns down the remaining lights in the hall and dining area. When Carrie enters the hot tub she considers entering with her clothes on as she originally said but under the circumstances she decides to remove what little undergarments she has on and places them inconspicuously beside the tub.

She slips into the tub totally naked. The water is hot, bubbly and soothing. Her ulterior motives make her feel very sneaky but it is too late at this point Dave is on his way over and she is certain she will not disappoint him. She will aim to please. The water was terrific! She sinks down deep taking it all in. She leans her head back and soaks so wonderfully in the massaging bubbles. They tingle her senses. If this doesn’t wash away the week’s stress and worries… Hmmmmmmm………… is all she could think in her head as she sits there with her eyes closed in the soothing candlelight.

“Ready or not, here I come!” Dave announces.

Standing there in all his nakedness is Dave. Carrie’s eyes open and open wide. She can do nothing but fixate herself on the vision on his nude body. He has climbed up on the edge before announcing his presence. With a big proud smile on his face he crouches forward and climbs in. Carrie sits forward keeping herself low enough below the water so as not to expose much of anything. She makes certain to sit in her area and makes room for Dave to be comfortable.

“Well? How is it?” he asks.

“Amazing! Simply, amazing!” Sipping from her glass she says “I can’t imagine anything better to help relieve stress!”

“Yes, it is nice, it helps too but there are other things…” and he chuckles with her.

The music plays on with the rumble of the jets and the candlelight flickers. The mood could not be any better.

“Say Carrie, I don’t happen to see any camisole straps on your shoulders did you by chance slip them down?”

She smirks at Dave, takes the last gulp from her glass and places it behind her on the ledge.

“Nope. I didn’t think I could go home in wet clothes. I might catch a cold.” “Hmmm. Good thinking.” He smiles back at her.

“Were you up to sharing your ideas still?” she asks focusing back on the assignment.

“Sure, just not about school, or work or the house or anything financial.”

“Really? Sounds terrific, then what about?” she sends him a sensual glance.

She is having difficulty with the buoyancy of the water and the bubbles of the jets. Being a little shorter in stature they were raising her from the seat. At times Dave is able to see her bust line peak from the water. This is enticing him. He just wants to reach across and take her. He uses his long legs to reach across and touch her legs to help hold her down. Carrie takes a deep breath and goes out on a limb. She looks at Dave and tilts her head signaling him over.

“Come here.” She motions.

“Sure. Where do you want me?” as he approaches her slowly from across the tub he raises his eyebrows in a playful manner suggesting much more may have been on his mind.

“Well I thought maybe you might like a massage.” She gestures him to sit between her legs.

“Oooh yeah!” She works her hands on his broad shoulders and around his tense neck. While he’s no construction worker, she can feel the muscles of his lean fit body. Her hands work so smoothly over his gentle skin, massaging and rubbing. Carrie works her hands from the muscles in Dave’s neck, down his shoulders around his back and down to his waist.

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