Submissive CD used in Park!

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I’m a submissive bottom, sometimes crossdresser. Basically I am into everything , except scat. I especially love being abused and humiliated by whom ever is using me. I had met this guy online and agreed to meet him in the local park, late at night. He told me to dress slutty, walk on the trail leading from the parking lot to the picnic area. He would come up behind me, subdue me and then rape my ass. I had a rape fantasy and was very horny, so I agreed to meet him.

I got dressed and lubed up my hole. I wore my blonde wig, jean jacket, jean mini-skirt, white stockings and heels, no panties. The skirt was so short that, if you looked closely, you could see my clitty. I drove to the park and parked my car under the far streetlight, just like he commanded. In order to get to the picnic area I had to walk the length of the parking lot. As I walked I noticed there were three cars in the lot, two were empty, but one had a couple who were making out in it. I reached the trail and I hadn’t gone 50 feet when he came up behind me, grabbed me by the arms and started to force march me towards a clearing with a picnic table. I started to stumble on my heels. He said, “you’d better keep going if you know what’s good for you!” I managed to make it to the picnic table with no further stumbles.

Once there he bent me over the table and snapped a pair of cuffs on my wrists. He told me to spread my legs and show him that pussy. I spread my legs and exposed my hole and clitty to him. He roughly felt up my hole, noticing that it was already lubed up. “mmmmmm, looks like you were expecting something. Your hole is wet and dripping.” He noticed my clit starting to stiffen, laughed and said, “it won?t be hard for long.” At that, he tied my ankles to each side of the picnic table. I was spread as wide as I could go and totally exposed. My clit was getting harder by the second. He saw this, grabbed my balls and squeezed very hard. I let out a scream, at which point he said, “we can’t have too much noise, can we?” He let go of my balls and put a ball gag in my mouth. After he finished Halkalı Escort attaching it, he went back to my balls. He squeezed and squeezed until I thought I would pass out. My clit started to soften and when he saw this he quickly put it into a metal cage with a lock on it. He said, “now we can get down to business.”

At this point I was starting to get a little worried. I hadn’t expected all the hardware, especially the locked cock cage. He came to the front of the table, took his pants off and showed me a rather big cock, fully erect. He said he was going to take the gag off and that he was going to fuck my throat. If I made too much noise or bit him, he was going to leave me there for the mosquitos and the park police to find. I nodded that I understood. He removed the gag and I opened my mouth. He quickly shoved half of his 10” cock into my mouth. He tilted my head up, so my throat would open up more, and shoved the remaining 5” down my throat. I’m a pretty good cock sucker, but this was testing my limits. I barely had time to adjust when he pulled his cock almost all the way out and then shoved it all the way back in. He kept at it for at least five minutes. All of a sudden he stiffened, shoved it all the way in and started to shoot his load deep in my throat. He held my head on his cock until it started to soften. I suckled his cock as he slowly withdrew it from my abused throat. He said,”That’s a good faggot. Now we can get to work on that pussy of yours.”

He went behind me and examined my cunt. He shoved two fingers and moved them around, roughly. “Nice cunt . It won’t be this nice once I get through with it.” At that I felt something being poured on my ass. It was very slimy. He said, “This is the lube I use on my cows when I do pregnancy testing. It is very slippery and allows me to shove my whole arm up their cunts. I don’t think you’ll take my whole arm, but most of it will eventually fit.” He was going to fist me, right out in the open. I had been fisted once before, but only after lots of stretching and foreplay. As Escort Bayan he massaged the jlube into my cunt I could feel it starting to loosen up. He had three and then four fingers in my hole. I started to moan and wiggle my ass. He just laughed and said I was such a slut, worse than the cows.

Finally, he curled his thumb over and started to insert his fist into my cunt. After a little initial resistance it slid right in. He held it there as my hole adjusted to its size. He then started pushing it deeper. He’d stop every once in awhile and then proceeded further down my tunnel. Eventually, he got to his elbow. He said, “That’s not bad for the first time!” I wondered what he meant by that. At this point he pulled back out and started punch fisting my hole. In and out he went very rapidly, for about 10 minutes. Finally, he stopped and pulled his fist out of my now ruined cunt, “What a mess. You won”t be able to use that faggot hole for awhile. It’s just a gaping tunnel.”

At that he untied my ankles, but left my hands cuffed behind my back and the cock cage on. He said he was going to leave and that I was now his faggot slave and he would use me whenever he came into the city. He put the key on the picnic table, picked up his phone and started talking to someone. I heard snippets of the conversation, “ya, he’ll take it. I loosened him up real good. Use him hard.” He hung up, looked at me and said, “A guy I met online is going to come walking down the path in a few minutes. If you do everything he says he will uncuff your hands and release your cock. If not, he will leave you here. Understand?” I nodded my head. He turned around and left. I waited on the picnic table, hoping the next guy would show up. After about 5 minutes I heard footsteps. I looked up and there was this guy walking his dog. I was stunned. He just smiled and said, “Mmmmm, he said you would be here and there you are. Get to work faggot.” I got on my knees in front of him, ready to suck his cock. He said, “Not me, him,” pointing at the dog. He said he got enough sex at istanbul Escort home from his wife, but that Rover, the dog, hardly got any. He needed some hole to put his dog cock into, and I was the faggot that was going to take it.

I wasn’t in any position to argue, so I bent down lower and tried to put Rover’s cock in my mouth. The man laughed and told me to get on my back. Once on my back he brought the dog over my face and put the tip in my mouth. I had sucked hundreds of cocks, but never a dog cock. Rover was prancing around as I tried to suck his cock. It soon got bigger and much larger. The owner told me to get on my knees with my face in the dirt. My ass was totally exposed and hole was gaping open. The owner commanded the dog to mount and it did. It started to hump away. After a few misses his cock found my cunt. He speared it right in, all 10”, right to the knot. He started to use short thrusts and soon forced the knot past my abused cunt muscles. He held it there as the knot started to swell. I was now moaning in pain as it grew to the size of a softball. I heard some laughing and looked up. There was the couple from the car in the parking lot, the original guy and the dogs owner all standing together, laughing. The guys had their cocks out and the woman was taking pictures. Once we were fully knotted the dog and I went back to back as his cock pumped loads of semen into my cunt.

We were knotted for about 20 minutes, during which they explained my situation. They were all aquaintances who were looking for someone to use to fulfill their kinky sexual fantasies. It appeared that I was to be that person. The woman uncuffed me and told me to start sucking the mens cocks. The dog’s knot was starting to shrink and it plopped out while I was sucking the mens cocks. At this point she removed the cock cage and told me to get to my knees. The guys said they were ready and they all shot their loads on my face and chest. Just as they were finishing the woman kicked me in the balls from behind. I dropped like stone. She laughed and said, “You’d better get used to it because faggots don’t need balls.” While I was laying on the ground the men proceeded to piss on me. I was soaked.

As they left they said they would be in touch. I could hardly wait!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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