Suburban Housewives Ch. 05

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Although Jen had found true pleasure in the company of her peers, Annie and now Terri, she still had fantasies about that sweet young thing she and Annie had seen at the “love” shop. One day, as she was finishing up her typically domesticated housewife errands, Jen happened to drive by that same little shop and so decided to pop in to see if there was anything new for sale that might spark her curiosity. To her delight, that same nubile young shop clerk was working that day; rekindling a different kind of spark within Jen she had only dreamed about in restless night’s sleep where the young woman’s phantom had entered her bed in place of her husband and proceeded to passionately fulfill her deepest desires.

At first Jen tried to stay clear of the clerk, feeling a little awkward and embarrassed not only about being in this “unseemly” public space but also out of trepidation that the clerk would see her and recognize her from before; perhaps guessing at what her secret desires had been. She sifted through the various provocative garments, lubricants, sex aid DVDs, and toys while doing her best to spy out her true object of interest out of the corner of her eye. The clerk was obviously too preoccupied with either sorting through new inventory or helping a customer at the counter to notice some matronly housewife in the back corner, thus allowing Jen plenty of opportunity to analyze the young woman’s features without interruption or fear of being caught.

Jen was able to determine that the clerk was quite tall, much like herself, perhaps 5’7″ or 5’8″, she had a long, lithe body whose legs seemed to consume more than what was proportionate for a woman’s body. She was very slender, with pert breasts, likely 32c, and her blonde hair was only somewhat longer than Jen’s own shoulder length hair. One thing was for sure, she was very pretty and much younger than Jen; she guessed 20 by her appearance. She was also quite sensually dressed, as might have been the expected attire for someone working in a place like this, a micro miniskirt — that only accentuated her long, limber legs — a midriff bearing tee shirt but one with a rather low neckline that exposed much of her chest and cleavage; cleavage that was enhanced but what must have been a push up bra. All of this was far more provocative than the clothing Jen was wearing, an admittedly clingy sweater styled top with an open top button, but otherwise a typically modest knee length skirt and matching bra and panties set.

Jen was turned away from the clerk for only a minute when she was surprised by her presence. Jen was in the unfortunate position of nonchalantly looking over some dildos and similar toy paraphernalia when the clerk interrupted her somewhat daydreaming state with a little clearing of her throat and a question.

“Hello, I’m Maggie, are you interested in any particular item ma’am?” Jen froze and blushed as she heard this unexpected query.

Maggie moved a little closer and rephrased her question, “Are you finding everything you need here or can I help you in some way?”

Jen’s frozen stance slowly thawed as she gradually turned to face her inquisitor. She was gape mouthed at the young woman’s beauty. Realizing she might be staring, and fearful she may actually have her mouth wide open, she collected herself and stammered a reply.

“Um, well, um I’m not sure, there’s quite a selection and, well . . ..I’m just not sure.”

“Great response,” thought Jen, “you truly sounded like an idiot there!”

“Perhaps I could go through the products and guide you to what you really want?” Maggie offered, though Jen could only focus on the part where she said “really want.” Oh, she knew what she really wanted, but whether that would ever be part of the service here was highly unlikely!

Jen simply smiled and nodded to Maggie’s offer, feeling a strong sense of emotional and ethical conflict within her.

“Now I’ve done it, first I go beyond my marital vows and spend ‘time’ with Annie, then onto Terri, and now I feel an overwhelming desire to be with this much younger girl,” Jen mused to herself, while Maggie began discussing the various attributes of each item, “oh who am I kidding, she’s nearly half my age! But, ” and Jen paused for a moment then galvanized her spirit and desires, “I must have her . . .I just have to!”

At this affirmation of her sexuality Jen bit on her lower lip and tried to focus on what Maggie was saying, hoping that her attentiveness and, perhaps, flirtatious advances would garner a similar response from Maggie. As Maggie careful provided important, almost overly technical, explanations on the attributes of each sex toy, Jen made a point of moving a little closer to her running her fingers through her hair and slowly caressing her thigh with her other hand all in a rather sensual manner; her legs parted more than was usual when standing in a public place.

Maggie became increasingly aware of the older woman’s ever more provocative stance. Soon she noticed out of the corner of Cebeci Escort her eye when Jen slowly let her fingers teasingly run down from her hair over her ample bosom to her skirt’s hem, then gingerly running along the hem’s edge which helped aid Jen’s efforts at hiking her skirt farther up her long, luscious legs. The younger woman felt a strong sensation within her core and down to her nether regions, one that soon resulted in a degree of warm, wetness to emerge. Maggie smiled to herself, she recalled who this woman was from that earlier time when Jen and Annie were shopping many weeks before and it excited her to know that her interest in Jen seemed to be reciprocated.

“Ma’am, would you care for some demonstration of how some of these items work? We do have demos in the back room that we are allowed to use for this purpose.”

Jen was shocked, though very aroused, at this outrageous suggestion. Yet, she assured herself, it really was, on the surface at least, merely an innocent sales pitch; an indication of excellent service to an ignorant customer.

“Well, um, certainly, if it won’t trouble you too much to show me?” Jen asked in a sheepish, almost naïve manner.

“Not at all, all part of the service we offer here,” Maggie grinned; although Jen was pretty certain it was a far more mischievous grin than would have been elicited in the usual sales situations she had been in.

Maggie waved her coworker over and whispered in her ear. Jen hadn’t even noticed this other woman, being so focused on Maggie and on trying to avoid looking like a fool in the shop. The two young women look at Jen and giggled before Maggie returned to Jen. Jen felt a mounting sense of awkwardness and self-consciousness; were they laughing at her? Some old hag that too obviously had the hots for a young girl who really had no interest in her, except as a way of making a fool of for the two women to joke about for months to come? Jen was beginning to look for a way out of her predicament, a way to escape and run far from this potentially embarrassing situation when Maggie arrived and leaned into her.

“Ok ma’am, you ready for the demonstrations?”

Maggie’s hand softly brushed against Jen’s hand and side; her warm, pleasant breath played with her ear and seemed to soother Jen of her fears. She looked into the young woman’s eyes and realized she had to take a chance of being made into a fool; if only to see if maybe something far better might occur.

The lithe young lady led Jen to the backroom, her lovely firm buttocks seemed to dance for Jen through Maggie’s short skirt. Jen had great difficulty watching where she was going as she attended Maggie’s movements from behind. Once in the room, Maggie reached round Jen and closed the door then proceeded to open a number of boxes laid out on a nearby table.

“There, now we’ll have a little more privacy so you can have a better idea about our products in a more discreet setting.” Maggie grinned and pulled out a few different toys, laying them out openly on the table.

“Do you have any preference for which item you’d like to see or would you like me to choose?” Maggie’s eyes twinkled as she made eye contact with Jen, resulting in much fidgeting and blushing by the more staid older woman.

“If you don’t mind, . . .since you are the expert, I’d like you to choose,” Jen nearly whispered these words as she diverted her eyes from Maggie’s view.

“Alright then, but first of all, since I like to get to know my customers,” with this Maggie gave a seductive smile and ran her fingers a little over the back of Jen’s hand, “would you mind telling me your name, ma’am?”

Jen gulped at Maggie’s touch, “It’s Jen.”

Maggie ran her fingers through her hair a little then stood akimbo with her hands on her hips, “pleased to meet you Jen,” she reached out her hand to shake Jen’s but made sure to run her thumb a little more over it and allowed the handshake to linger a little longer than was usual.

“Now that we have that out of the way, let’s begin,” Maggie lifted her first choice toward Jen. “This is my personal favorite, I find it really seems to satisfy . . . my customers I mean.”

Jen gasped as she stared at what Maggie held before her, a larger two headed dildo. Although she had seen them, Jen had never used one of these before, especially one as large as this one.

“Of course, you’d need a fair bit of lubricant to make it really work well, something like this,” Maggie pulled out a container of lubricant and showed it to Jen before opening it and applying the substance to the long, thick fake phallus.

“Well, that’s one side, but of course with a baby like this you’ll need both sides covered,” Maggie chuckled and repeated her action on the other side, making every effort to be as provocative about it as possible.

Jen was becoming light headed at what she saw, yet she held out her fingers and gently grazed the dildo’s head. “You ever use something Kolej Escort like this yourself?” she cautiously inquired.

“Of course, ma’am, as I said it’s my favorite toy here, would you like a demonstration of how it works?” Maggie moved closer to Jen, her breath was now breezily drifting over Jen’s neck and ear, making Jen’s arousal ever more heightened as noticeable by her hardening nipples.

“Well, if you don’t mind?”

“Oh, not at all, anything for a customer,” Maggie smiled and slowly pulled up her little miniskirt exposing her thong, which was soon disposed of at the side of the table.

Maggie then got down on her hands and knees then took the large dildo and carefully pressed its head up to her cunt hole.

“Mmmmm, can u see how well it fills my vagina?” Maggie looked back at Jen and feigned professionalism as her bottom stuck up in the air with the dildo protruding from it. Jen was filled with lust but also confusion, could this really be happening, could this sweet young girl really want to be with a woman nearly twice her age?

“Ooooh, yesss, I . . .I do see what you mean, but maybe I should get a little closer to get a better view of how it all works?” with that Jen drew near to Maggie, her hand lightly stroking the shaft of the long phallus while she found herself cupping one of her breasts and slowly squeezing it through her top. It wasn’t long before Jen’s fingers made their way eagerly down her top, unclasping each button as she drank in Maggie’s wet dildo filled pussy before her. Maggie’s moans becoming more obvious as she pushed the toy deeper within.

“Sorry ma’am, but would you mind helping me out here a little bit? I can’t seem to demonstrate how far this can go inside me; maybe a little push with your hand would do the trick?” Maggie’s eyes were filled with unrestrained lust as she gazed at Jen’s open sweater top and saw her lovely lacey black bra clad breasts underneath.

“Why of course, if you don’t mind a novice like me doing the job?” Jen purred, her hand grabbed the dildo’s shaft and pushed it much deeper inside Maggie’s drenched little cunny.

“Ooooo my, no, you seem to have a pretty good idea how it works!” Maggie moaned her approval and shifted her tight little ass back and forth as Jen pumped the dildo inside her. Jen soon became less concerned about her previous nervousness, nor even of the possibility that others in the store might hear these erotic noises from the back, as her desires overwhelmed all such uncertainty.

“Since we’ve completed this part of the demonstration we really should go onto the next phase,” Maggie grinned, her now messed up hair partially covering her piercing eyes.

Jen knew only too well what was next on the agenda. She could hardly contained her excitement at the idea of being with this little vamp, her skirt already pushed well up her thighs it took little time for her to remove her damp black panties and turn her ass to face Maggie’s; primed to receive the other end of the elongated artificial cock.

“Well, if you’re going to do a demonstration right, you really should go all the way with it,” Jen giggled and opened her legs, taking the other dildo head to her sopping, larger mound which almost seemed to gobble up the big dong in no time. Jen’s obvious state of arousal, greater sexual experience, and child bearing made the dildo’s entry much smoother and deeper than what Maggie had been able to do.

“Oh gosh, this is big, so very big and long and wonderfully hard and wiggly inside me!” Jen gasped and moaned, giving out a little squeal of delight at what she felt inside her.

“Well, ma’am, that’s just the half of it, now we’ll really see how well this baby works!” at that, Maggie pushed her ass back hard onto the dildo, making the other end penetrate much deeper inside Jen’s flooded cavern. Grunts and moans from both women soon filled the air, as did the waft of a tangy scent that truly indicated that women were indeed present.

“Oh yes, push harder, harder damn it!” Jen nearly howled, as she and Maggie thrust their lovely bottoms together; finding each other so that an ever louder slapping noise emerged once cheek met cheek. Jen found her hand unclasp her bra and begin kneading her breasts while barely supporting her body as she maintained the plunging action that affected her mound.

“You see what I mean when I say this toy is one of the very best and why it’s my favorite?” Maggie continued her sales pitch, between pants and heavy breathing, as the two women accelerated the pace of their mutual impaling.

“Oh yes, definitely worth the money!” was all Jen could utter as she writhed back on the long, hard object its head now probing much deeper inside her than she had ever experienced before.

“Oh my, oh my, it almost feels like it’s hitting my womb,” Jen cried out as the girls continued their unbridled assault on each other.

“Mmmmm yes I am fucking sure it is, I know it’s gotta be rubbing mine,” Rus Escort Maggie exclaimed.

In time, the women felt an eruption that was beyond their wildest dreams, an orgasm that made each shudder and collapse on the floor. Yet neither felt they were truly finished for the day.

“Now that we’ve tried that out, perhaps you’d like to see what can be done to the top erogenous zones?” Maggie smiled slyly, only momentarily dismounting the fake dick, just long enough to reveal what she meant.

“Some women enjoy a little rougher activity, so they try these on for size” with that Maggie surprised Jen by pulling out and clasping on small clamps with a little chain joining each together onto Jen’s large, distended nipples.

Jen yelped and bucked with the pain, but soon found it had its own erotic charms. “What have you done to me? This is well beyond what I ever expected from your demonstration!”

“You not like it, ma’am?” Maggie nearly pouted as she asked this, “would you prefer it if I removed them from your lovely big nipples?”

Jen was startled by the brazen, yet girlish, tone of her young suitor. This only accentuated her excitement which made her sore nipples harden again under the constraints of the clamps- sending a shiver of sheer perverse joy through her body.

“No, I think I’ll leave them on, but only if I can do the same to you,” Jen winked and grabbed another pair of clamps which she held up to Maggie’s smaller, firmer bosom.

Maggie grinned, removed her top and bra and arched her back so as to ensure her breasts were almost lovingly caressing what were soon to be snapped onto them. “I’ve been trained to always please my customer, because the customer is always right.”

At that, Jen affixed the two clamps to Maggie’s very pert nipples, where they dangled; exposing only the out circle of her areolas on the sides of the two clamps. “Mmmmm very pretty,” Jen admired her young protégé. “I might want to wrap those up in my purchases too.” Jen’s hands cupped Maggie’s perky, up turned orbs, slowly twisted the clamps, teasingly pulled on the chain to exert a little more pain and then leaned down to lick around Maggie’s areolas.

Maggie grabbed Jen’s chain and reciprocated the act on her older companion. Jen let out a small cry of pain and bit her lip before pulling Maggie close to her and gave her a wet, sloppy kiss.

“You’ve been such a helpful little sales clerk I just wanted to thank you.” Maggie then replied with her own sensuous kiss.

“My pleasure Jen, you’ve been one of the best customers I’ve ever had,” at that Maggie reached down and pushed Jen’s legs apart between the now nude women and reinserted the dildo heads into each woman’s love canal as the two girls openly faced each other, again tugged on the chain and began to rhythmically push against the toy.

Jen moaned and held firm to Maggie’s chain, turning and twisting it, reaching out to squeeze and knead Maggie’s wonderfully young, taut breasts, all the while shifting back and forth on the long, hard shaft of the two headed monster.

“Oh god, Jen, you’re making me wanna scream!” Maggie huskily announced, “I so want you, you’re such a fucking beauty!” Maggie reached forth and aggressively handled Jen’s big, somewhat floppy tits then reached up to the table again to find another item.

“How about we try out a little edible cream or lotion to see if they might be something to add to your shopping items?”

Jen grinned widely and caressed her new partner’s face, “I think that is an excellent suggestion.”

Maggie extricated herself from the ungainly and obscene position she was in on the floor with Jen and got up onto the table whereupon she laid back partially prone with her long, limber legs pulled up and wide.

“What flavor would you like to try out first, ma’am? I have honey, chocolate, strawberry, wild berry, or mango.”

Jen licked her lips and grabbed the honey and mango, “I think a little combination of flavors is in order, don’t you?” and quickly opened and distributed the ingredients over Maggie’s torso, legs and mound.

Maggie just sighed and ran her fingers through Jen’s hair as the older woman overlapped her while she poured out the liquids.

“You were sweet before, but I think you may taste even better now!” Jen grinned before embarking on her tongue’s cleaning job; lapping and teasingly probing ever lotion covered inch of Maggie’s body — giving extra time and attention to her breasts and bellybutton before letting her tongue slowly glide down over her hips and between her thighs.

“Oooooohhh yessssssssssss,” Maggie shuddered and let out soft moans and sighs of approval, which were accentuated with the first brush of Jen’s tongue over her labial lips.

“Mmmmmm, I always liked honey and mango, but never had them together like this . . .this is really tangy!” Jen winked and giggled at her wordplay before her tongue returned to its taste testing ways.

Maggie arched her back and slowly writhed; her hips and thighs swaying with snake like movements as Jen used her mouth’s tool to explore Maggie’s cavities, first her sweet cunt’s nectar and then her almost as sweet anus. Maggie ran her hands over her wet, sticky breasts and sucked her fingers to taste the solution before grabbing Jen’s head and holding it fast between her legs.

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