Summer Breeze

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Heat permeates your entire body, seeming to consume your soul. Not in a bad way, though. Actually it is very comforting. The waves of heat caress your skin while a soft southern breeze stirs the air. Walking barefoot through the grass, you step onto a patch of sand and sigh contentedly at the feel of it swallowing your feet. The heat and abrasiveness of the sand remind you of a sauna treatment and leave you feeling invigorated and refreshed. Wearing a bathing suit top and a pair of bluejean cut-offs, you feel free and easy gliding across the soothing sand.

To yourself, you quietly sing “Summer breeze, makes you feel fine, rolling with the jasmine on my mind”. Knowing you are miles away from anyone and feeling the lack of inhibition that comes with solitude, you slip off your top and look for a nice spot to lie down. Dropping to your knees, you lean forward and let your breasts kiss the ground and then slowly lower yourself to lie on your tummy. You fold your swimsuit top and place it beneath of your cheek and lay your head down to nap and sunbath.

Immersed in the moment, your mind wanders and daydreams carry you aloft to flights of fantasy. You imagine hearing me walk up behind you, it sounds so real you have to force yourself to resist the temptation of turning your head to look for me. My imaginary presence to keep you company, you slowly drift away to sleep.

In your dream, you are lying on a towel, but still outside Şerifali Escort basking under the rays of the afternoon sun. My hands run up your calves, having poured warm oil up the middle of each calf, my hands glide over your skin magically. My thumbs press gently into your calf muscles and I massage them tenderly. I massage the soles of your feet, tugging and pulling on each and every toe. Up your thighs, float my graceful hands, making a knot in your tummy that builds with each inch I climb higher. As I near the tender inner flesh of your inner thigh, my hands slow down and gingerly cup the soft flesh and knead it with an incredible gentleness. As I massage the area where your cut-offs begin, my thumbs slip under them to steal higher.

The oil is warm and combined with the sweat on your glistening skin, it makes tiny rivulets that trickle along your inner thighs. Teasing along the edges of your fleshy pussylips, the warm rivulets tickle and tease you. Sweat also builds on your back and shoulders, it pours down between your breasts, around your ribs to trickle over the sides of your tummy.

Gliding through the warm coating of sweat and oil that shimmers on your body, my hands continue their dance with provocative proximity to other points of interest to the both of us. I stop and lean back on my heels, letting the warm wind rush over me and fill my lungs with the cool breeze wafting daintily over us. You can hear Ümraniye Escort my breathing is a bit more ragged, a bit more strained and definitely more hurried.

My hands wrap around your ribs and I stretch your body upwards, elongating your spine and raising you from the sand. As I raise you, my fingers trail along the plump edges of your oily breasts and we both breath a sigh of anticipation. Your breasts sway above the sand, tickling your ever-tightening nipples. One of my hands slides under you and I gingerly cup your breast. I roll the nipple under my thumb and tug it softly, giving it a slight twist. Back down your sides glide my sure hands and I take your hips into my hands and pull you upward, arching your back. I slip a hand underneath your tummy and unfasten your shorts. The zipper glides down slowly, the music of it makes a tantalizing refrain that lightens your soul.

My hands slide under your shorts, fingers trailing along your hipbones to cup the edges of your ass, thumbs gliding over the uppermost regions of your pubes. I squeeze and caress your hips in this gentle form of seduction and then slowly slide your shorts down and off of you. Lying there, naked and exposed to the world, you feel oddly secure and comforted by the fact that nothing can harm you, nothing can beset you that I, your protector and lover, can’t shelter you from. You don’t feel self-conscience in the least, kn owing my worshipful eyes Üsküdar Escort are drinking in every ounce of the purity of your soul, along with being enamored with your body. I make you feel like a goddess on a throne, invulnerable and beyond reproach.

You feel me shift beside you, feel my hands spreading your thighs and the gentleness of them caressing your sweat-glistening skin. Starting at your ankles, my fingers slowly dance up your legs. Ankles to foot, foot to calf, calf to thigh, thigh to, Oh GOD, yes.

Never just manhandling you. Never abruptly grabbing you. Not a hint of impatient groping. No sign of the usual thoughtless male, thinking foremost of his own needs and ignoring yours. Somehow, you feel, you know in the inner most recesses of your soul, the only pleasure I am interested in, is yours. That IS my pleasure. Carrying you away on the wings of angels, floating you along on the breath from heaven that only a soul such as mine can bring.

Now a shiver trembles through your entire body and rocks even your soul. My fingers have subtly been replaced with a deft tongue and a hot, suckling set of lips. Lips to die for. Lips that bring kisses most never dare to dream of. Lips that serve as a portal to my soul.

Kissing and with the occasional lick, my mouth hovers up and over your body following the same trail that my hands took minutes before. Suckling the backside of your ankle, then the tender backside of your knees. Licking up the softness of the backside of your thighs.

As my mouth nears your twitching pussy, you hear me softly humming “Summer Breeze, Makes Me Feel Fine” and your body tenses as my hot breath flows over your ever-moistening slit.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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