Summer Heat

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The warm summer day had been an encouragement to walk back from my grocery shopping. It was pleasant enough for me to need only a thin red T-shirt and light boot-cut jeans. I enjoyed the sun’s rays on my bare arms, my backpack on one shoulder, as I walked the kilometer or so home.

The weather had not encouraged only me to be outside. As I took a slight detour past the old priory I saw many people is similarly light summer clothes clearly making the most of an English heatwave. There were a few children playing, one young girl was being pushed on a bike across the grassy gardens, shrieking in delight.

As I got home I dumped my backpack onto the kitchen floor and fixed myself a glass of water. The summer heat had drained me on my walk home and I gulped down the water thankfully. Still feeling uncomfortable, I stripped off my thin red T-shirt and stuffed it straight into the washing machine. The comfortable bra I had on covered my A-cup chest enough to protect my modesty even if anyone saw me through the kitchen window. Besides, right now I was too hot to care.

I unpacked my backpack and put my groceries away before hanging the bag on a hook by the front door. I filled my glass again, this time adding ice, and went into my bedroom to change. I sat down on the bed and shook off my shoes accidentally kicking something under my bed. I looked down and saw that I had kicked the lid off my box of tricks.

Well I had to check them now.

I peeled off my şişli escort socks and wiggled my toes appreciatively into the carpet as I swung down off the foot of the bed and onto my knees. I had kicked the lid from my box, I pulled it out and removed the lid completely. Inside was my collection of sex toys. I smirked as I took in the sight of my vibrators and butt plugs. I had enjoyed each and every one of them at some point or another.

I began to feel hot again, this time it was not the sun warming me but my own desires. I reached in and ran my fingers along the shaft of a lifelike vibrator, savoring the feel of the cold toy against my skin. I stroked it along its length a few times, feeling my heart quicken as I did. I took it from the box and examined it more closely. It was a lifelike vibrator, 7 inches long and comfortably wide. I smiled to myself and stood up deciding to challenge myself a little.

I placed the base of the toy against the bedroom wall and held it there. This toy had no suction cup on the base, so I supported it with my left hand as I licked my lips suggestively and kissed the tip of the toy. I kissed some more and then took the tip into my mouth. After swirling my tongue around it and getting it nice and wet I bobbed my head down the shaft until I could feel the familiar sensation of it pressing against my throat.

I was sure I could hold my toy herewith my mouth alone, my hands quickly unhooked my bra and then undid the buttons escort bayan merter in my jeans. I grasped my toy again and pulled my head back, gasping for air, tow large lungfuls of air and I was ready to continue. I discarded my bra, tossing it onto my bed, letting my small breasts free. I yanked down my jeans and blue cotton panties stepping out of both and standing naked in front of my toy.

I spread my legs wider than I needed to so that I could feel the air moving against my pussy lips and I engulfed my toy with my mouth once more. I loved experimenting with my toys and was working on my gag reflex with some. I bobbed my head along the shaft, taking more length each time. With delight I forced the tip down my throat and held it there. I fought the reflex to remove it and kept pushing. Eventually I whipped my head back gasping for oxygen. The toy was well and truly lubricated now, as was my face, my drool coating my chin in a wanton shine.

I decided that this would perform well as lube and I flopped down onto my bed, legs splayed apart and my pussy glistening with it’s own juices. I rubbed the tip across my slit, shuddering with excitement as my heart rate rose again. The fingers of my left hand guided the tip to my waiting opening as my right held the toy near the base.

I was pleased with myself for how quickly I had taken the toy down into my throat and decided to reward myself. I felt the tip of my fake cock open my pussy and I withdrew istanbul escort bayan my left hand. The right slowly but firmly pushed the toy inside, inch by tantalizing inch, until the whole toy was inside me in one glorious thrust.

I had arched my back during the relentless first thrust, I allowed myself to relax as I pulled the toy back out, being careful to keep the tip inside my greedy cunt. I pushed the whole length inside myself again, groaning as I did so. My free hand glided to my clit as I used my fingers to circle it in time with the strokes.

I pushed again and again, fucking myself faster and faster. Each time the toy slammed into me I grunted or groaned, each time a little louder. My fingers on my clit worked deftly and heightened my pleasure. I began to howl as I moved quicker and quicker, my pussy desperate to be filled.

It only took a couple of minutes before my cunt pulsed and I ripped an orgasm from myself. I clamped my legs shut and came hard on my fake cock, trapped inside me. I screamed as I came aware of the drool still on my face and the puddle leaking from between my legs. The thought of myself looking so used turned me on even more. I found the energy to begin fucking myself again, pounding my pussy and strumming my clit until I had another loud orgasm.

This second one satisfied me for now and I pulled the toy out of my abused pussy, it was slick with my cum. I relaxed into the warm afterglow of my orgasms and lazily dropped my toy on my chest between my tits. I could feel the juices on my chest now and could easily breathe in the musky smell of my pussy. I closed my eyes and smiled to myself.

At least I hadn’t damaged this toy by kicking the box. Perhaps I should test the others?

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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