Summer Job

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John had just finished high school, with no real plans or goals for his future. He still liked getting high, drinking, and just having fun in general. He was out with his best friend Ralph jamming to the tunes and getting high while cruising town. Ralph asked John what the hell was he going to do now. John just shrugged and said hell I don’t know. Ralph laughed, telling John he was heading south to find a good paying job.

John had other plans, he wanted to stay closer to home and just get a job for now. Ralph then replied that his older sister Mary Ann had just leased a small hamburger/ice cream place and she was looking for some help. So, John thought why the hell not.

Next day, John went to the restaurant looking for Mary Ann. They have known each other for many years because of being friends with Ralph. The place was a tad run down and needed some work. John knocked on the door, waiting for an answer.

“Hi, Mary Ann, Ralph told me you was looking for some summer help, thought I would maybe see if you’d hire me.”

“John, come on in, check out this mess I got to deal with.”

John entered the place, it was indeed nasty dirty. Years of old boxes, shelves, and other things lying all over.

” Wow, Mary Ann, this is going to take some serious cleaning and painting. This place is a dump!”

Mary Ann chuckled, “Yeah I knew what I was getting into when I rented this place, figured I could do some magic on it.”

“Gonna need a whole lotta magic.”

They talked a bit, Mary Ann asking John if he would help her out fixing it up before opening. Then after opening, would he mind being a cook. He quickly accepted her offer. Starting tomorrow, the place was going to get a face lift. And so it did, after about ten days of cleaning, scrubbing and painting. The place was ready for inspection and then for business.

John became the cook, Mary Ann was the boss. Business started, but it was slow most of the time. Mary Ann would let John run the place while she was away. Which was often, she liked going out with her friends and partying too. So, this job went on for four months. When autumn arrived, business really slowed down even more.

Last week in September, sancaktepe escort Mary Ann told John the joint was closing for the winter. And that on the last night, they were going to have a small little closing up party. The last Saturday of September arrived and at 9:00 that night the place closed. Soon after, a couple of cars pulled in that were friends of Mary Ann’s and John’s.

In the back room of the restaurant, rock music was blaring. People were dancing, drinking and having a good time. In all, there was about a dozen people there. As the evening got late, the partiers started drifting one by one. Soon, it was just John and Mary Ann left in the place. The music was till playing, as Mary Ann sat on a freezer, swaying to the song. John just watched from across the room.

Now, Mary Ann was 25 years old. She is 5′ 6″ tall, little extra all around her. But not fat, she had great curves. Her tits were at least a “D” cup, long thick brunette hair, and the most beautiful pouty looking lips you’d ever seen. John had seen her earlier in the summer in her bikini, and it looked great to him.

Both of them were feeling pretty loose from partying. A slower rock song played on the stereo. Mary Ann perked a bit, jumped of the freezer.

“Oh man, I love this song, come dance with me,” as she lifted her arms up at shoulder length.

John arose, walking to her, putting his right hand on her shoulder and his left hand on her back. They dance very slowly, both laughing at times. John was getting aroused, his cock stiffening under his jeans. He tried keeping himself a distance, but Mary Ann was really letting herself go. She laid her head on his shoulder, and got closer to him. Her thigh would brush occasionally against John’s protruding lump.

Mary Ann’s hands slowly would roam behind John’s backside. One hand near his neck, her finger softly touching behind his ear. Her other hand was just below his belt line. Turned on now, John let his right hand slide off her back. And slowly rubbed her upper ass cheek. John could her Mary Ann’s breathing change, he looked at her, her eyes closed head on his chest. ümraniye escort She was immersed in this slow dance.

Another song played on the radio, it wasn’t too heavy. The slow dance continued. John getting braver now allowed his hand to smooth down on Mary Ann’s ass through her tight jeans. His fingers gently running up and down the mid seam of her ass. Her head still on his chest, slowly she moved her hand from his back side. Finding the hardness in his bulge. Her hand cupped it, then pressing hard, moving up and down.

John’s cock sprang to life hard, the jeans actually hurting from the strain. John let both his hands oh her ass. Now, squeezing and rubbing on her firm ass cheeks. Mary Ann lifting her head from John, smiling, she purred, “Come here.” Taking his hands and leading him to the freezer. With John’s back towards the freezer, Mary Ann tugged at his zipper. Then sliding his jeans down near his knees.

“Let’s get these off,” she said pulling his jeans. John picking his feet up through them kicking them aside.

“Have a seat,” she said patting the top of the freezer. John obliged, sitting his ass down on a cold freezer top. It was cold, but didn’t affect his hard cock any. John now sitting there pant-less, his hard rod pointing straight up. Mary Ann backed up a step, smiling with those puffy pouty lips. She took a hold of her shirt hem and lifted it off. Her huge bra covered tits now exposed. She reached back and undid her bra. letting those wonderful big tits fall out.

Her tits were gorgeous, her little brown nipples hard enough, they could cut glass. She moved back to John, as they both embraced in a hot french kiss. Both tongues tangling with each other. John would sometimes suck on her fat lips. His hands all over Mary Ann’s big tits. Feeling her nipples, trying to cup and massage her huge tits. Biggest tits he has ever played with. While they kissed, her hand took hold of his veiny rod, slowly stroking as they kissed.

Mary Ann pulled away from kissing, smiling, as she lowered her head into John’s lap. Quickly, filling her mouth with his stiff prick. John leans back, putting his tuzla escort hands behind him. Giving him better access to watch her beautiful lips attack his cock. Her lips alone drove John crazy. Those lips were made for sucking cock. He watched as she tried taking most of it down her throat.

Her lips tightly wrapped around his shaft, up and down she went. Sometimes fast, then slowing her pace down. Oh how John wished he could video this. She kept sucking what seemed like an eternity, but really wasn’t. When she finally stood back up. licking her lips, all the while smiling.

“Mmm wow,” she said, Wiping the saliva from her chin. John sat up, then slid off the freezer. Wasting no time, he undoes her jeans and both slide her jeans and panties to the floor. Her beautiful dark bush now in full view.

“Have a seat, where I just sat, I warmed it up for you,” John told her. She walks over and sits in the same spot John had sat in. John moves in, getting between her legs. They start french kissing again, Mary Ann reaches for his cock. she’s aiming his cock head between her wet swollen pussy lips. As she guides, John can only get half his cock in at this position.

Realizing this, Mary Ann lies back on the freezer, “Oh damn, this thing is cold.” Lying back, she puts both her feet on the freezer too. That freezer what the perfect height for this. As now, John could fill her sweet hole with every hard inch. Mary Ann moans and pants, as he slides his nice cock back and forth deep in her. Her big tits flopping as he fucks her good.

Softly, Mary Ann would gasp out, “Yes, oh god yes, so good, yes, don’t stop, yes.”

He kept fucking her, looking at her pussy, his cock pulling her cunt lips in and out. Was driving him insane. He couldn’t go no longer, he pushed in deep and hard. Shot a hot sticky stream inside her hot cunt. She shivered, as he emptied his complete load inside her. Both breathing heavy, he slips out his half erect dick from her well fucked slit. Small drops of his juice oozes from her tight pussy onto her asshole.

“That was incredible,” John remarked. pulling his jeans back on. “I always wondered what your tits looked like, and now I know, man, I knew they were hot seeing you in a bikini.”

Mary Ann also dressing back up, doing her jeans. “Well, now you know huh, and umm by the way, I only wore my bikini around you just to get you going.” Stepping towards John, kissing him lightly on the cheek, she says softly, “And, just so you know, you’re a good lay too, who knows maybe we can do it again sometime.”

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