Summer Loving

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Big Tits

Note: This story is not a quick fuck. It is more of a romance than a few sentences that you can masturbate to. If you are looking for one long sex scene try another story (I will be putting one up shortly that is entirely sex) or just skip to the sex.


“School’s over. Now the real work can began.” I lamented to my best friend, Ashley at the first graduation party of the year. I had to shout to be heard over the music and the shouts of a bunch of football players who already had picked out their fraternities.

“I thought you liked doing theater.” Ashley said, trying to look like she was paying attention but she was clearly occupied elsewhere.

“I do but it’s a lot of freaking work. I mean it’s a different show with new costumes, lighting and sets every two weeks. And I’m going to be working my ass off in a non air conditioned cockroach infested school while you get to hang out in a bikini with Danny and Chris.” Ashley laughed.

“Those losers? I was hoping for a college guy.” I nudged her.

“They are college guys now.” I reminded her.

“Well they still kiss like they are trying to clean my tonsils out.”

Suddenly I spotted him. “I don’t know. Some of them aren’t so bad. Let me show you.” And with a wink at Ashley I began to make my way through the crowd over to where he was standing.

He was tall with long hair that fell a little past his shoulders. His jeans hugged his butt and his shirt clung to his body emphasizing his abs. Every cliché I had ever heard (from the crappy romance novels I used to read before I got any action under the covers to the Disney movies I watched when I was younger) came swarming through my head at that moment. Especially when his eyes locked on mine. Before I could say anything to him though Cory Richards came on the scene.

“Catherine!” I cringed as heads swiveled in my direction. Attention. Just what I had been hoping to avoid. As if right on cue Cory’s girlfriend Kelly appeared at his side.

“Was she invited? She doesn’t even go to Lakewood.” A crowd was beginning to form.

“She used to.” Ashley said hotly. She was the typical best friend always having my back.

“Well the party is for people who graduated from Lakewood. Not some trashy private school for whores.”

There was dead silence. Ashley turned to look at me expectantly. I had come a long way since then. But there was still some part of me who couldn’t handle it. I left the party without another word.

Let’s rewind. Imagine a short, skinny girl definitely not ugly but certainly not your typical blonde bimbo that gets elected homecoming queen (obviously I’m generalizing here). So I wasn’t an ugly duckling but I wasn’t exactly a swan either. And when you are in high school, it’s tough for the people who aren’t swans.

Especially after the torment started. At first it was the whispers. Then came the shoves. Over time it turned from subtle pushes to being knocked down flights of stairs. But even I could never see it ending the way it did.

Now several years later I still close my eyes as I replay my freshman year. And when I open them they are sparkling with tears.


The summer after I graduated from high school all I had lined up for me was sleeping, eating and jerking off to the large stash of porn I had accumulated over the four years of high school.

Unfortunately life had other plans. Two weeks into summer my mom informed me that she volunteered me to do the lighting for a local production of Grease.

“You got to be fucking kidding me.” I complained. Mom glared at me.

“Watch your language young man. I was not the one who needed two extensions to get my community service hours in on time.”

And it was because of that damn community service project that one week into summer I was already a slave to commitments that I honestly didn’t care about. I had been hoping to put it off until college. Obviously that was not going to happen. I hate my life.

Even though I had set my alarm, I arrived at my first day of rehearsal late. The theater was just what I had expected. Stuffy, the air stale, the stage small and cluttered with dust and small pieces of rubble. The constant chatter of the cast was already Şerifali Escort starting to give me a headache. It was going to be a long week.

One of the older women at the front of the room caught sight of me. “Joe it is so nice of you to help us out! We were in a really tight spot until your mom offered.”

“Oh it’s nothing.” I said making a mental note to kill my mom as soon as I got home.

“I’m Amy.” the director and that is Lexie, the choreographer and Anthony our music director” She gestured toward two people who were having an argument over coffee brands.

“And this” she held out a black binder that gave me the feeling I was back in school “is your script. Mark it, highlight it, make notes in it- today you will just be observing as we do a run-through. Tomorrow we can try the show with lighting.” She turned to the group of kids in the auditorium.

“Everybody on stage please!” I was almost knocked over as a bunch of kids stampeded past me.

Most of them looked to be in middle school but there were several that were in high school, maybe older. They were the ones who took their time getting to the stage laughing and joking and flirting with one another just like the characters in the show (yes I have watched the movie).

Several girls nudged each other and giggled. I’m not going to be falsely modest. I know I’m sexy. And I have no problem with being that way. But sometimes, like now, I get annoyed when groups of middle school girls start batting their eyelashes at me like they have a chance.

“Catherine” one of the very few boys in the cast called from the stage “hurry up!”

I was almost knocked over when I turned and collided into a girl running towards the stage. We both took several steps back.

At first I was too occupied with the throbbing pain that I felt in my head to notice that she looked familiar. I cocked my head to the side, trying to place where I had seen her. Maybe an underclassmen at Lakewood. Or an ex girlfriend of Cory’s. He had dated enough girls to put together a cheerleading squad.

Then I remembered.

“You’re that girl from Kelly’s party” I blurted before I could think. Her eyebrows knitted together in a frown then brushed angrily past me taking care to stomp on my feet again. And this time I was pretty sure it wasn’t an accident.


As usual Amy started the day off with a run through of the show. I think it went well although I can’t be sure because I wasn’t paying much attention. I was too distracted by the fact that the cute guy, who had witnessed one of my many moments of utmost humiliation, was now sitting in the audience.

Obviously I was not the only one who had noticed him because a lot of the girls were a lot more focused on his presence than they were on their lines. That was especially true for Kiana and Daria, the only girls doing theater that had also graduated from high school. The minute we stepped offstage, they both nudged me and burst into giggles.

“That guy is hot! Where the hell did he come from?” Kiana asked nudging me with a sly wink.

“I think he’s doing the lighting” Daria whispered as though she was sharing military tactics.

“Well” purred Kiana “I’ll give him something to shine the spotlight on”

“I know him” I blurted without thinking. All eyes turned to me.

“Your kidding?” Charlene whispered.

“Sorry” Daria backtracked “I didn’t know you guys were-“

“Oh we’re not!”

“But you saw him first that makes him yours. I would just make sure you lay your claim soon. Some girls in this cast have NO class.” she rolled her eyes.

“I want everyone onstage!” called Amy. For the last few minutes she had been talking with Lexie and Anthony and were now here to give us notes on our performance. For most people this is their least favorite part of a runthrough. Not for me though. Amy loved to lavish me with “good job” comments and like most actors I loved hearing my name.

Today during notes though I found it hard to concentrate mostly because in the light of day the mysterious Lakewood guy looked even more sexy than he had the other night. Maybe Amy noticed the lack of interest because before she dismissed us for lunch she gestured at Üsküdar Escort him and said “Oh this is Joe. He will be doing the lighting for our show. I expect you to listen to him and treat him with as much respect as you would treat Lexie, Anthony and I.”

Daria gave me a knowing nudge. I snuck a glance at Joe who had blushed when his name had been called. He had been looking down at his copy of the script but almost as if he could sense my gaze he lifted his eyes and rested them on me. It was my turn to blush. I felt a hot flood of warmth throughout my body and had to avert my eyes.

It was only when the rest of the cast started to jump up and move off the stage that I realized we had been dismissed for lunch. As I went to my bag to put my tap shoes away I noticed Julia (a obnoxious sophomore at Lakewood) sauntering over to Joe as though she were about to entertain at a gentleman’s club. I tried not to pay attention to their interaction but it really wasn’t working.

“So” Julia simpered giving him a not so subtle up and down “your name is Joe?” He nodded looking slightly alarmed. Well maybe more than slightly.

“Nice to meet you. I’m Julia.” she bent over to shake his hand but really was just looking for an excuse to put her boobs in his face. I rolled my eyes, having heard enough. I shoved my feet into my flip-flops and left the auditorium without a backward glance.


I can’t believe people actually spent time in this auditorium for fun. It felt like I was baking in an oven. Every single hair was plastered with sweat to some part of my body. And yet some bit of jailbait from the cast still decided to hit on me in front of everyone. Including Catherine.

I was still having a hard time getting over the fact that Catherine was here. With luscious shoulder length brown hair, big brown eyes, pouty lips and a curvy body that made my cock twitch inside my jeans; she was a walking wet dream.

I had no idea why Corey and his friends hated her so much and on Saturday he had been too plastered to give me an answer. But here I was, and so was she. And Corey wasn’t. Anything could happen.

The auditorium was almost empty now. Thankfully the blonde bimbo that had shaken my hand a few minutes ago had left. Well at least she had killed the stiffening of my cock. All morning I had been trying not to look at Catherine.

The show was Grease and Catherine was playing a sleazy greaseball of a guy who reminded me of Corey. It was living proof that she could look sexy during anything. Dammit, all the thinking about Catherine had been getting my cock going again. I got to my feet and headed for the bathrooms, hoping to maybe rub one out but on the way to the men’s room the sound of my name made me stop dead in my tracks. I moved closer to the window where I could see about seven girls sitting on the picnic table, not unlike the first scene of Grease (you know it’s a sad day when you start drawing musical theater parallels).

“Well he is cute even if his friend does sound like an asshole” one of the girls was saying. Catherine who was sandwiched between two other girls shrugged.

“Catherine has got her hands full with cute guys, right?” said the girl on Catherine’s right nudging her playfully. Catherine mumbled something inaudible.

“What do you mean?” asked one of the girls who looked no older than twelve.

“Every single year Catherine manages to find trouble.”

“What do you mean trouble?” asked another girl who, I had learned from earlier experiences, could have the word “Dense” tattooed on her forehead without anyone’s objections.

“So who is it gonna be this year? Joe?”I found myself holding my breath. Here I was 18 years old and I was eavesdropping on a girl like some randy little boy in the schoolyard. Catherine gave a snort of laughter that made her even more attractive if possible.

“No. Cocky and arrogant not my type at all. Besides he wouldn’t know what to do with all of this.”

I was so offended by this last remark and the shrieks of laughter that came after it that, I almost didn’t notice my phone vibrate.

“Hello” I said quietly my eyes still on the girls.

“Yo Jo tonight. The fairgrounds. 9. You coming?” It was Ümraniye Escort Corey. If his slightly obnoxious drawl hadn’t given him away than the way he spoke every piece of information like it was a sentence definitely would have.

“I don’t know. I have that volunteering shit that my mom signed me up for and I don’t want to be up too late.”

“Not now baby I’m on the phone.” I heard Corey say to someone who probably wasn’t Amber. “Look Joe, you can’t let your mom fuck up your whole summer. You need some fun in your life. Maybe you’ll finally get some pussy for once” There was a giggle in the background.

“I don’t know.”

“Good. I’ll see you there.”

I’d be lying if I said I liked Corey. I didn’t. I didn’t like the way he treated girls, I didn’t like the way he copied my homework and I didn’t like the way he threw up in my car after every party. I had moved to Lakewood at the beginning of the year and I met Corey through (what else) the football team. Once I hit college I was planning on turning my back on him and the rest of my dead end friends. But college hadn’t started yet.


As much as I didn’t give a shit about Joe Armstrong, I still pumped Ashley for information that night at the Fairgrounds. She didn’t know much about him other than the fact that he ran around with Corey and that he was on the football team (neither were a good sign of character).

“I would just forget about him if I were you. Lakewood is full of losers. You said it yourself.” Ashley pointed out in between slurps of her slushee.

“What about me?” protested Josh, our best friend and the only tolerable boy at Lakewood.

“You don’t count”

“Hey Catherine I think it might be time to get a restraining order. Look who it is.”

Leaning against the side of the firehouse was Joe, in the same clothes he had worn to rehearsal earlier and wearing the same unreadable expression. I was pretty sure that he saw me because his eyebrows shot up but that was the only indication that he even noticed my presence.

“He’s looking right at us.” Josh said. He had a knack for stating the obvious.

“He’s coming this way.” Ashley whispered. Apparently so did she.

“Hey Catherine.” I already knew that Joe’s voice was deep and husky, the kind that could make a girl flood her panties, but when he said my name it seemed like it got even deeper if that was possible. And one look in those bright eyes of his and I forgot my disgust for Lakewood boys. I could almost feel the sparks shooting between us.

“Catherine, we’re going to be over by the ferris wheel.” Ashley said quickly. I almost didn’t hear her. Joe’s lips curved up in a smile as though he knew exactly what I was thinking.

“Too bad cocky and arrogant isn’t your type.” he whispered “But then again you could just be afraid that you’ve met your match. Or maybe your just afraid you can’t handle me?”

“I’m not afraid of anything!” I protested hotly. Joe laughed. I could smell the slight scent of cologne, enough to be enticing but not as though he bathed in the stuff.

“Oh really?” His lips were inches from mine.

“Yeah!” I don’t know who closed the gap between us, me or him, but it didn’t really matter. Our lips were fused together in one of the most passionate kisses of my life. Almost immediately I pressed my body against his, wrapping my legs around him, not caring that we were in the middle of the crowded fairgrounds, wanting to be as close to him as possible. His hands were everywhere, stroking my hair, resting on my waist, pinching my ass through my gym shorts until I let out a loud moan of longing. And then suddenly I found myself being pushed roughly away.

“What the hell, Armstrong?” It was, of course, Corey. And he did not look happy “What are you doing?” he demanded. For a few minutes Joe looked like he was in shock. Then he recovered.

“Well you said to find some pussy. And she was all too happy to give it to me” I felt a wave of nausea swoop over me. I had been played for a fool. Again.

“I’ll let you go this time man because you don’t know the whole story.” Corey said stepping closer to Joe and putting his arm around him “Don’t go anywhere near that cocktease from now on” Corey was already starting to lead Joe away but he turned and gave me another one of his unreadable glances. I turned away before he could see the tears of anger swarming in my eyes.

Joseph Armstrong, it’s time for payback. Get ready for the ride of your life.

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