Sumo Wrestlers

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Big Cock

My name is Mina Ambrose and I am a Fat Chick. Damn proud of it too, just in case you’re wondering. I stand six feet tall, jet-black and thick, with a fifty-inch behind that looks so fine it could stand by itself without the need of my curvy body for support. I am a dark-skinned black woman, which suits me fine but has also made me an outcast among my people. Add this to the fact that I weigh two hundred and fifty pounds and you’ve got a whole lot of complications. Fortunately, I’m not the self-pity type. I am pretty damn proud of myself. Every inch of me is beautiful. Don’t you dare disagree.

I like to get down in all kinds of freaky ways. Fortunately for me, I meet all kinds of freaky guys who like to get down and dirty with me. First, there’s my Monday night man, Jeremy Shay. He’s a good-looking, Japanese-American stud who stands six feet two inches tall and weighs two hundred and forty pounds. We met through the Internet, on a forum for fans of Sumo Wrestling. Jeremy is a sumo wrestler and is quite well-known back in Japan. Sumo Wrestlers are held in high regard in his culture, much like Professional Football Players in America. We get along famously.

Jeremy Shay is a big man who likes big women. My kind of man! I still remember some of our more passionate hookups. It was a cool winter night in Boston and Jeremy had come back in town from a major match in Tokyo. I made sure that this Sumo Wrestler got a warm welcome. I picked him up at Logan Airport and brought him to my dorm room at Northeastern University. Jeremy once told me that while competing in Sumo Wrestling Championships, he completely abstained from sex. gaziantep escort bayan He said that he couldn’t afford distractions in the Dojo. I understood.

I went to Logan airport to pick him up, and he smiled as he saw me. He gave me a big hug and kiss. I drove us back to my dorm room at Northeastern University, and once there, we got our freak on! We were making out in the car, and almost got messed up in traffic. So, our lovemaking got intense! Jeremy and I undressed, and went to my bed. I licked him from his head to his toes, and then went straight for the dick. I sucked his cock and licked his balls. He groaned as I pleasured him. I knew what he liked, so I slid a finger up his ass while sucking his cock. Jeremy didn’t mind. In fact, he got even harder. I continued to work him over until he finally came, and I drank his seed.

Every man’s cock tastes different. Also, no two men’s cum tastes the same. Jeremy tasted different from just about any man I had ever been with. It’s almost as if his seed were saltier, and better. I licked his balls, which caused him to moan in pleasure. As I sucked the cum out of his cock, I continued to finger his asshole. He really loved that. A long time ago, Jeremy and I discovered that we had much more in common than just being large, heavyset minority types. We both had a certain anal eroticism which we kept hidden from the world. I was a fat chick who secretly desired to have her asshole filled with some stiff cock. Yet I couldn’t articulate this desire of mine, until I met him.

In many ways, we were each others firsts. I remember that night when Jeremy finally relieved me of my anal virginity. We had been wrestling in his basement, practicing some of his Sumo moves. We worked up a good sweat. Two large people, a tall Asian man and a black woman, wrestling in a circular arena. Yeah, it was fun. It also made both of us very horny. We were wrestling when suddenly Jeremy pinned me. I looked up at him. He looked masculine, sexy and virile. I wanted him. Jeremy told me that he wanted to take me.

My eyes widened when I figured out what he wanted. This huge Sumo wrestler wanted to bury his thick cock up my buns. No way! I gasped and tried to flee. Jeremy wrestled me down and then spread my butt cheeks wide open. He pressed his hard cock against my asshole, and pushed. I gasped as his cock went into my asshole. Damn! The thing which I dreaded, and secretly craved, had finally come true. Jeremy held me firmly by the hips and thrust into me, burying his cock deep inside my ass. It hurt like hell at first but after a moment, it felt better. Yeah, it started to feel good, having a fat cock up my buns. Especially a long and thick cock like Jeremy’s. It went deep into my asshole, filling me up completely. When Jeremy finally came, filling my asshole with his cum, I felt abased but alive. My screams were cries of pleasure and the tears in my eyes were tears of joy. Yeah, Jeremy was the man I lost my backdoor virginity to, and I loved it.

Tonight, we decided to explore his back door instead of mine. I prepared him for it. I sucked his cock and got him nice and hard, then I applied some lube all around his asshole and inside of it as well. I slid first one, then two fingers inside of him. Jeremy gasped. He was used to this. I smiled and tentatively added another finger. He could take no more. I fingered his asshole, and watched as his already long and thick cock lengthened and hardened. Oh, my! I had found the on button! I continued to probe and lick his asshole, with my fingers and tongue.

Jeremy closed his eyes and relaxed, enjoying what I was doing to him. Slowly, I pulled my fingers out of him and replaced them with a slim blue dildo. I worked the dildo in and out of his ass while sucking his cock. He got incredibly hard in my mouth. Once I got him at his hardest, I decided to pull a switch. I slowly removed his hard dick from my mouth and changed positions. I turned around and, holding his cock, guided it to my asshole. I lowered myself onto his member, until his cock was buried in my ass. At the same time, I slid the dildo in and out of Jeremy’s asshole. I was fucking his ass at the same time that his cock was deep inside my ass. He placed his hands on my hips and fucked me for all he was worth. It wasn’t long before he came, flooding my asshole with his hot cum for the second time that night. We fucked and sucked the night away before falling asleep in each others arms.

I was glad that Jeremy had returned. He told me that he had learned many new Sumo wrestling moves and was anxious to show me. Well, I was his ever eager apprentice, as long as we got to wrestle in oil. Yeah, I was glad to have the Japanese stud in my life. I’m going to sex him down like he’s never had it done to him before. Why, other than the sheer nasty fun of it? Simply because he needs to be reminded that Boston is where I am, even when he’s surrounded by Asian vixens. My way of keeping my man. Anyhow, have a good one. Peace.

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