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Larry’s eyes were closed as he listened to the pastor finish his sermon. His face and body relaxed as the words washed over him. “Amen,” he murmured and his eyes flitted open.

As he waited in line to speak to the pastor at the door of the chapel his thoughts turned to today’s sermon. The pastor had talked about acceptance and tolerance of others and it had really struck a chord with him. He smiled at the pastor as he shook his hand.

“Beautiful service today, Pastor.”

“Thank you, Larry. It’s a subject I feel very passionate about. I look forward to seeing you next Sunday.”

As he stepped out into the brilliant sunshine, he glanced around looking for his mother in law. Spotting her standing under the shade of a tree with two of her daughters, he made his way over to join them. A soft hand slid into his and he looked down to see his wife, Joyce, by his side.

Joyce rushed over to her mother and hugged her before embracing her sisters in turn. Larry also hugged and greeted his wife’s family, complementing his mother in law on the chapel flowers, before they all started the ten minute walk to the family home.

Larry walked a few steps behind the chatting women. They had left their car at Joyce’s mother’s house and walked to the chapel without her as she gone early to arrange the flowers. So he was happy to give the women this chance to catch up without him.

He smiled as he thought back to the sermon. He really felt as though the pastor had been talking to him, about him, and it gave him as sense of wellbeing. He pushed his hands into his pockets and slid one of his thumbs over the lining of his pocket.

He could feel his thumb sliding over the softness of his favourite peach, satin panties through the lining, as he rubbed his thumb over his hip bone. The satin panties that were cool against his skin when he first pulled them on, causing his balls to twitch a little at the change of temperature, were now warm from his body. They cupped his balls lovingly and held his cock firmly in place, the satin smooth against his ass. He even enjoyed the feel of the elastic running around the groin, nothing was going to hang down the leg when he was wearing these.

Larry wasn’t gay or a transvestite or anything like that, he just had a thing for women’s panties. In fact he had a deep appreciation of women. He loved their feminine ways, their soft curves and sweet fragrance. They were wildly erotic with their sensual lingerie hidden beneath their clothing. They could look like a stereotypical librarian but underneath they were hiding their true nature, wicked and teasing.

He had quite a collection of panties in a drawer next to his wife’s own lingerie drawer. She was very accepting of his little quirk and would often buy him the same panties as herself, although in a larger size to accommodate his cock and balls.

Looking at the four women walking in front of him, he smiled. They made a beautiful sight. His eyes ran over their shapely calves, their legs seeming impossibly long in high heeled pumps. The material of their dresses swayed as they walked and as they turned the corner, stepping out of the shadow of a row of trees, the sun shone in front of them. Offering glimpses of their thighs as the material became see through.

Larry felt a stirring in his cock as he continued to watch the four women. The daughters all took after their mother, tall and elegant and he knew his wife would remain a very beautiful woman as she grew older.

Larry’s stomach rumbled when they entered the house. The delicious smells from the kitchen permeating throughout. The women quickly fell into their normal routine. A big pot was pulled from the oven, which Larry knew contained his favourite beef stew, rich with gravy and vegetables, bread rolls were placed into the oven to warm through. He opened a couple of bottles of wine, while the sisters finished laying the dining table and his mother in law removed the plates from the warming oven.

Sitting at the table the family joined hands as they said grace in thanks for the food on the table.

Larry sat at the head of the table, having took over as the head of the family after the death of Joyce’s father five years ago. To his left were Joyce and her mother Rebecca, and to his right Sarah and Mary.

Conversation started to flow as they all helped themselves to the food and drink. Larry turned his head towards Sarah as he asked her about a new client she had at work. A piece of beef got caught in his throat and he started to choke. He quickly picked up his glass of water and swallowed it down, clearing his passageway.

Trying not to be too obvious, he glanced again at Sarah. Yes, his eyes hadn’t been deceiving him. She was wearing a light cotton dress that wrapped over the front of her body and tied closed. Bur Larry was guessing it was a bit on the big side for her, because ensest porno it was currently gaping open at the side and one of her tits was completely exposed to him.

He quickly looked around the table. Nobody else had noticed and he realised that because of the way the dress wrapped around her and where he was sitting, he was the only one who had this tantalising view. He looked at Sarah again. She was deep in conversation with Joyce and paying no attention to Larry.

His eyes dropped to her chest. She wasn’t wearing a bra, her upper body was completely naked under the flimsy cotton. Her tits were bigger than Joyce’s, a little over a handful if he had to guess. It looked full and firm, and slightly turned up at the nipple. Her nipple was a deep red, the same shade as Joyce’s he noticed, like a juicy strawberry and Larry’s mouth watered at the thought of sucking it into his mouth and biting down.

Her nipple was long and hard, protruding much further than his wife’s. Thinking back Sarah’s nipples were always hard, always visible through her clothing unless she was wearing a thick sweater. He wondered if she was one of those women whose nipples were always erect, he’d read about it online and the thought of the normally demure Sarah’s nipples in a permanent state of arousal caused his cock to stiffen.

“Larry, are you playing basketball this week?”

His cheeks burned as he turned towards his wife.

“Erm, yes. We’ve got a game on Wednesday night. Nothing serious, just a friendly game.”

Larry tried to maintain focus on the various conversations around the table, and add his own little comments, but his eyes kept being drawn back to that sweet little nipple.

Sarah hadn’t had a boyfriend in over a year and had never really mentioned dating anyone during their weekly Sunday lunch and it sent Larry’s imagination racing. Did she pull on those hard nipples when she was pleasuring herself? Did she own a vibrator or did she use her own fingers?

Larry squirmed in his chair trying to adjust his now hard cock in the tight confines of his panties. He could picture Sarah lying on a bed, her slender legs bent at the knee, as she spread her legs opening herself up. Her long fingers squeezing her tits before taking a nipple in each hand and pinching them. He could hear her small gasps of pleasure as she pulled on the hards buds, making them swell, turning them an even deeper shade of red.

One hand would lazily make its way over her stomach and through the tight little curls he imagined protecting her most intimate part. Her middle finger gliding over the slit of her cunt, feeling the wetness, before pushing past her lips. Would she push the finger inside herself or go straight for her clit? He decided she would tease her clit a little. She would make small, slow circular movements, causing her hips to make small jerking motions.

Larry noticed his breathing had increased and tried to regulate it. The women all started laughing and Larry, attempting to join in, laughed out loud. They all looked round at the slightly maniacal sound.

“Larry honey, are you ok?”

He smiled nervously, “Yes, of course.” Before looking down at his plate and pushing a piece of the now cold beef on to his fork and then into his mouth. He chewed slowly, not tasting anything, waiting for the chatting to resume so he could get back to Sarah teasing him in his daydream.

Now, where were they? Oh, yes! Her finger would leave her clit and find its way to her opening. Swirling the tip of her finger in the moisture gathered there, coating her finger before slipping inside. All the while her other hand continued torturing her nipple, the same one that Larry could still clearly see. Her hips would lift as she pushed her finger in and out of herself, but it wouldn’t be enough. No, that poor neglected pussy would need more and a second finger would be added.

The speed at which she fucked herself quickened. He could hear the sound of her juices, smell them in the air. The scent of her arousal, the perspiration on her chest and lingering smell of her perfume seemed all very real to him. Having not been with a man in so long her cunt would be greedy, sucking her fingers, gripping on to them tightly, wanting it harder and faster. Her hips were moving quicker, her cries becoming louder and more frantic, her thumb now rubbing hard on her…

“Larry, Larry! For goodness sake, what is the matter with you today?” Joyce interrupted his daydream, bringing him back with a jolt and with the realisation that he had almost came in his panties while sitting around the dining table with his family.

“Oh, sorry. Just thinking about work,” he muttered.

“Yes, well we’re going to clear the table. Can you help, please?”

Thinking about the raging hard on pushing at the front of the slacks, Larry picked up his nearly escort porno full glass of wine. “Of course, honey. Let me just finish this.”

Joyce stared at him a moment before standing with her plate in her hand and walking towards the kitchen.

‘Get a grip of yourself,’ Larry thought to himself, willing his erection to go down. Once he was composed he picked up his plate and helped the women with the clean up.

“What the hell was wrong with you today, Larry? You were acting really strangely at lunch,” Joyce questioned him as their car pulled away from her mother’s house.

He reached out and squeezed her knee, “I’m sorry, honey. Just thinking about the big meeting we have at work this week. It’s a huge move for the company, a lot of pressure.”

Larry blocked out the sound of Joyce’s voice as she chatted, nodding occasionally in agreement with whatever she was saying. It wasn’t until he heard Sarah’s name that he tuned back in.

“…and what was she thinking? That dress was clearly too big for her. And then she was nearly in tears when mama said she looked like a harlot, going to chapel with no bra and her breasts hanging out.”

“Who? Sarah did you say? I can’t say I noticed.”

Joyce looked at him, her eyes suddenly becoming wide. “Is that what was wrong with you? Were you staring at my sister’s breasts all afternoon?”

“What? Of course not, don’t been silly.”

A blow to the bicep made him jump, he looked over at his wife glaring at him. “Pig! Fucking men!” She turned her head and stared out of the window for the rest of the journey home.

Once they reached their house Joyce jumped out of the car and walked quickly to door and disappeared inside. Blowing out a long breath Larry got out of the car and followed her in. He headed upstairs to take a shower, perhaps jerk himself off while he was in there, and change into some shorts and a t-shirt.

When he entered the bedroom Joyce was naked apart from the high heeled pumps she wore earlier. He smiled and made his way over to her. “You can forget about it, Larry. I’m not interested.”

“Fine, I’m going to take a shower.”

Larry stood under the warm spray of water and grabbed the shampoo and began to wash his hair. He heard the clatter of heels on the bathroom floor as Joyce entered and started to remove her make-up in front of the bathroom mirror.

‘So much for jerking off’, he thought to himself. He turned his back to Joyce and continued with his shower. Just as he turned off the shower he heard the wash hamper lid slamming closed. Getting out he noticed Joyce had picked his clothes up from the bathroom floor. She obviously wasn’t that pissed if she was tidying up after him.

A few minutes later Larry entered the bedroom, his towel wrapped around his hips. He came to a halt when he saw Joyce sitting at the end of the bed. She was still wearing her pumps, her legs parted. Her tits were bare and with her hands braced on her parted knees,they were pushed out, just begging to be touched. But what did surprise him was the peach satin covering her pussy.

“Are you wearing my panties, honey?”

“Yes.” Not quite sure where this was going, Larry asked why.

“Well, I was going to put them in the wash hamper when I noticed a curious stain on the front. She ran a finger across the material. Looking closely Larry could see that there was indeed a mark.

“Was your cock hard looking at my sister’s breasts? Did you imagine what it would be like to hold them and kiss them? Did it make you cock weep with the need to taste her?”

“Shit, honey. She was naked under that dress. It wasn’t my fault her tits were hanging out.”

“Sit down.” Joyce nodded her head to the chair in front of the dressing table. He noticed that it had been pulled out and turned to face the bed. He sat down in the chair, his towel opening and falling between his parted thighs.

Joyce put her hands to her breasts and lifted one in each hand. She squeezed them, let go and then cupped them again. Her nipples were growing hard as she played with her tits. Her thumbs swept over the hard nubs and she gave a little moan.

“Umm, did you think about touching Sarah’s breasts? Did you think about the weight of them in your hands? Did you think about pinching her nipples and making her cry out with pleasure? Or maybe it was with pain?”

Joyce mimicked her words, pinching her nipples softly at first before pinching them hard, crying out with the slivers of pain radiating through her breasts. She tugged on them, making them grow. Pulling them, twisting and pinching, all the time making little mewling noises and biting on her lip.

“Did you know that Sarah can flick her nipple with her tongue? She can, she showed us at Clare’s bachelorette party.”

Larry shifted on the chair. His cock was fully erect watching his wife touch gizli çekim porno herself, but the thought of Sarah sucking on her own tits caused his cock to twitch, pre-cum leaking from the head.

“Can you do that?” he asked.

“Hmm, I don’t know. I’m smaller than Sarah, but let’s see shall we?”

Joyce tugged on one nipple, keeping it extended. She cupped her breast with the other hand and pulled it up towards her face. She bent her head down and stuck out her tongue, almost reaching that tasty morsel. She pulled and twisted her nipple, and this time her tongue flicked the tip of it.

“Shit, honey. That’s fucking hot!”

She flicked it a couple of more times before dropping her breast. “Did you want to suck on my sister’s tits, Larry?”

“Fuck, yes!” Larry reached for his cock and took it in his hand, ignoring the look on Joyce’s face at his answer. “I wanted to suck and bite on her sweet titties, marking them, see if she could cum from it.”

Joyce stopped playing with her breasts and reached behind her. In her hand she held a dildo. Big, thick, flesh coloured rubber, complete with balls and veins. She started rubbing it over the crotch of her, Larry’s, panties. She parted her legs even further, pushing the head of the dildo along her slit.

She rubbed it up and down, over and over. “It feels so good, baby.” Larry could see that the satin material had started to push between her lips with the force of the rubbing.

“Pull your pussy lips out, honey.”

Joyce put the dildo down and opened herself up, the panties were now inside her outer lips, the lips themselves either side of the material. She picked the dildo backup and continued rubbing over the panties.

Larry watched as the peach colour turned a shade darker as his wife’s juices soaked into the material. He cupped his balls and massaged them, he wanted to prolong his pleasure and knew if he continued pumping his cock he would cum too quickly.

Joyce brought the dildo up to her mouth and ran her tongue around the head. “Did you imagine Sarah sucking on your cock while you played with her nipples, baby?”

“Yeah, honey. Suck that cock, make it nice and wet. Sarah looks like she could give good head. Show me how she would suck me.”

Joyce opened her mouth wide and pushed the dildo into her mouth, her lips stretching to accommodate the width. Deeper and deeper it went, her eyes focused on Larry as he watched her suck the dildo. Once she was fully relaxed with the dildo in her mouth she tilted her head back and slid the cock into her throat.

Larry watched in fascination as the didlo disappeared down his wife’s throat. He could see it bulge in her throat as she tipped her head back. Her lovely long neck showing the dildo move in and out. She pulled it out, saliva dripping over the length of the rubber. “Would she suck you like I can, baby?”

“I’d fuck her mouth raw, honey. She’d take all of me down her throat.”

Lifting her ass off the bed Joyce pulled the soaking panties down her legs and threw them over to Larry. He caught them and placed them under his nose, breathing in deeply. Her musky scent filling his nostrils.

Joyce centred the well lubricated dildo at her opening and started to slide it in. “Did you imagine fucking my sister, Larry? Did you?”

Larry fisted his cock again. “I imagined her greedy cunt milking my cock, honey. Is that what you want to hear? Fucking her as she begged for my cock to take her harder and faster?”

The sounds of their heavy breathing filled the air. Larry spat in his hand before gripping his cock again, squeezing it tight, imagining Sarah’s cunt muscles gripping on to him.

“This big cock is fucking me so good, baby.” Joyce started pinching her nipples as she fucked herself with the dildo, watching Larry’s hand move faster and faster as he fucked his fist. Larry listened to his wife’s moans of pleasure. Would Sarah be a moaner? Would she remain silent when she came or would she scream herself hoarse.

Joyce could feel her orgasm building as she plunged the thick cock in and out of her pussy, the base of it hitting her clit every time she pushed it in.She pinched her nipple hard and screamed. Her head fell back and her toes curled as waves of pleasure tore through her. “Yes, yes, yes. Oh fuck!” she cried.

Larry watched as his wife erupted in pleasure, the rubber phallic being sucked into her pussy as her legs quivered and her body jerk. He felt his balls pull up become firm as he prepared for his own release. Positioning his panties in front of his cock he groaned as he shot his load all over them, watching his own cum mingle with Joyce’s sweet arousal.

Joyce pulled on her dressing gown and marched past her husband, still stretched out on the chair. “Stop thinking about my fucking sister,” she yelled at him throwing the dildo as she passed. The rubber cock bounced off his chest and landed on the floor, he picked it up and smelled it. It smelled like Joyce.

Larry went into the bathroom and threw the dildo into the wash hand basin. He lifted the lid on the wash hamper and threw the sopping panties in. “Still my favourite,” he said with a smirk.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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