Sunny Afternoon

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– I’m ready. Where do you want me?

– Right here.

He walked into the room fresh from the shower she had asked him to take. There had been some flirting throughout the day and both felt pretty relaxed and in the mood to be with each other but he wasn’t expecting to walk in the room and find her sitting on the bed, her make-up on and hair perfectly done, and only four strands of silver chain running from her nipples and between her legs up to a collar around her neck for clothing. He walked up to her with an eager look in his eyes, feeling an erection form beneath his towel, and tried to push her on her back has he kissed her.

– No, no… – She smiled, a wide smile framed in red lips. – Here.

She pushed him back gently with one hand and patted the bed, where he suddenly noticed there was a towel spread across.

– We won’t be needing this.

With a hooked finger, she pulled the towel wrapped around his waist, letting his erection sway free before cupping his testicles with one of her warm hands, which he noticed had the fingernails painted in a dark burgundy red shade that matched her lips, as she very slowly and tenderly caressed him with a loving look in her eyes.

– Lay down…

– Can you let go of me?

– Yes. But I don’t want to.

Her voice was deep and warm and the silly smile on his face widened even more. She felt playful and he was more than eager to let her have her way with him so he made his best to get on the bed with her fingers wrapped around him, with all sort of ideas running through his mind as he sat on the bed and propped himself up on his elbows, managing to do so while retaining eye contact and without tripping on his own feet. Her lips only became fuller and more inviting each moment he spent looking at her beautiful face.

– All the way back.

He let out a sigh but complied. Her teasing manner was more than welcome but he felt eager to have her. More than he had previously realized. Her hand moved from his crotch to his side and she crept on the bed over him, the strands of chain dragging on his skin as she kissed her way up his torso, from his side to his stomach and up, stopping to tease a nipple with her tongue before biting gently to elicit a muffled moan from him. He went for her but she swatted his hand away and moved up for a kiss.

– No touching… – She moved back down, this time paying attention to the other nipple, again coaxing a moan from him. – And no peeking.

His erection twitched and jerked has she took hold of it and his body stiffened and lifted off the bed in anticipation and then in response to her touch as a fingernail ran over the soft skin, tracing the swollen vein that ran across his length down to again cradle his orbs in her soft warm palm, to lovingly play with the sensitive spheres between her fingers, judging its size and weight and feeling how it moved up and down has he took a sharp breath when she either raked her nails over the wrinkled skin or tugged it gently, until he let out a low groan. Then she would let go of him and start again, making him hold on to the side of the mattress to the point his knuckles turned white with the strain.

– You’re being a little mean on me…

– Am I?

A strong pull on his crotch, nails dug sharply into the soft flesh, and suddenly a feeling of moisture came over the spongy head of his member, followed by warmth and suction. He emptied his lungs in a long drawn moan as she took him into her mouth, pressing her body against his and pushing him down onto the bed, catching him completely off guard as she gave herself fully to minister him has much pleasure as she could. Moving her mouth back, she focused her attention on the sensitive head, while slowly rubbing the full length with one hand, allowing her fingers to go further down between strokes Bostancı Escort to tease his scrotum and the sensitive area below it, when suddenly she took her mouth from him, coughing with a stray hair caught in her throat.

He raised his head off the bed, heaving and panting, slightly dazed, watching has she struggled to get the hair from her mouth, a vision of beauty, with a deep shade of reddish pink colouring her cheeks and her lips glistening with what he knew was a mix of her sweet saliva and his own salty fluids she had managed to pull from deep within his body, resisting the urge to take a look at his crotch when he noticed her lipstick was faded away except from the edge of her full lips where she had outlined it with dark pencil. When she was finally able to get rid of the unwelcome intruder, she moved back over him, legs astride his body, and leaned in for a kiss.

– This is not going to work. – She moved back, stopping to lick and nibble on his right nipple and got off the bed. – Don’t move.

The mid afternoon light came through the bedroom window curtains, creating intricate patterns of light and shade on the bed, as he waited patiently for her, trying to follow the faint sound of bare feet tapping the floor as she moved around, doing whatever she was doing.

When she tiptoed into the room, he was laying still with his eyes closed, enjoying the warm sunlight. She walked around the bed and covered his eyes with a piece of fabric, startling her lover and making him jump.

– Hey!

– Please. – She watched as he hesitated for a moment before relaxing back into the bed before adjusting the piece of fabric over his eyes and giving him a quick peck on the lips. – Thank you.

Strands of moisture trickled down her thighs as she stepped outside the room again, smiling to herself knowing the sort of thoughts would be going through his mind, most like her own mind was busy with, fueled with the constant titillating feelings the clamps pinching her nipples and outer labia sent through her body.

Returning to the room with a pair of fresh towels from the bathroom cabinet on one hand and a small basket of toiletries on the other, she sat on the bed, her right knee touching his leg. She traced the inside of his left thigh starting from his knee with a fingernail, gently forcing her hand between his legs and pushing it apart, opening the way to the soft spot beneath his scrotum, that now hang loose and low beneath his member that had lost its imposingness and was now laying against his body, causing the skin to crawl under her touch.

With her sweet aroma oozing from the panties she had used to cover his eyes he paid little attention to what happened around him and was startled when a cool sensation came over his crotch. It wasn’t unusual for him to be clean shaven down below; he would usually do it under the shower spray in half a dozen quick strokes but it had been a while since he had last done it and even longer since she had had the time and opportunity to do it for him, so he relaxed and enjoyed the unexpected foreplay. His erection quickly returned as the shaving cream was spread on his skin and she giggled as the head slowly rose and swelled, pushing out the foreskin that rolled back behind its crest.

Slowly but firmly, she started to shave away the hair and he would hear from time to time the safety razor clicking and sloshing inside a bowl, before returning, still dripping, to continue its job. When his pubis was done, she moved down to his groin and then lower, pushing his testicles from side to side to clean the hair beneath it, pausing to refresh the shaving cream now and then, to end with the scrotum. When she set the razor aside, his skin was completely bare and smooth and she could notice a small translucent bead forming on the tip of his member Kadıköy Escort and starting to ooze down the underside of the deep red swollen head. In a spur of the moment, she licked off with only the tip of her tongue. He took a deep breath in response.

– Turn over.

– What…?

– Please.

He complied and rolled onto his stomach. Again she used her hands to hint him to give her room and she kneeled between his legs to pull apart his buttocks and get to the pale sensitive skin between the fleshy mounds to shave the soft sparse hair that grew there and circled his puckered hole.

– This is new.

. You trust me?

– Yes.

She set a kiss on his left cheek as she worked the razor ever so closer to his opening, then worked a damp towel on the bare skin to clear the hair off, before running her tongue along the full length of his crack, eliciting a surprised gasp from him.

– Much better. This will work just fine.

He laughed at her remark.

– Really? Are you sure?

– Pretty sure.

Without warning, her tongue darted forward and licked his hole, teasing the sensitive nerve endings and coaxing the tight muscle to relax until it allowed the tip to press into it. He tasted slightly salty and bitter, with a faint aroma of fresh sweat that filled her nostrils and the moans and muffled gasps he let out only served to further fuel the fire burning deep in her body. Between her tights, long strands of her own perfumed fluids ran down her shaking legs.

He took a grip on the edge of the mattress as the intense sensations washed over his body and mind, so strong his knuckles turned white, losing himself to the sensations she was giving him as a pulsing feeling formed between his legs and felt his erection gain a new level of firmness beneath him, to the point it almost became painful. When she pulled away, he was left with a tingling sensation running between his anus and the tip of his penis.

– Roll over.

Her nails dug into his side as she pushed him onto his back and his member stood proudly into attention. A bead of clear fluid formed on the now deep dark red glans and trickled down over her fingers has she tried to wrap her hand around the shaft and was amazed to find him so engorged she could not fully encircle him, before greedily licking it and with a swift movement take him into her mouth. She pumped her fist slowly up and down, forcing more of the sweet and savory liquid out of his member, at the same time her other hand cradled his testicles and played with it, heightening the sensations going through his body like a tidal wave.

– Honey, please…

She pulled back and crawled on her hands and knees over him, staring in his eyes. He was panting and rubbing his face with his hands, trying to regain some degree of control on his breathing but had a wide smile on his lips.

– What’s the matter?

– Too sensible… – He closed his eyes and took a deep breath, while she was again going for his nipples. – Your turn.

He lunged forward, pushing her onto her back while turning her around to have her lay on the pile of pillows at the top of the bed, and slid down her body leaving a trail of kisses has he traced his way between the cleft of her breasts and over her belly, stopping to circle her navel with his tongue, until her opening was in front of his eyes. Her thighs parted farther apart to allow him to put his nose to her skin and take in her scent. She was freshly shaven, just like him. Her distinct and unique aroma was deep and earthy but fresh and as he dove in for a first kiss her wetness coated his tongue, thick, warm and sweet. She had her fingers in his hair when he looked into her eyes again, silently asking if she wanted it as much as he did and she pulled his mouth against her body, giving herself fully Göztepe Escort to him. His hands took hold of her hips as he moved on her for another lick, then running the tip of his tongue over the small and delicate inner labia, avoiding the clamps holding firmly to her outer labia, but not hiding his smile has he teased the soft pink flesh with little playful licks, making her squirm.

Nuzzling the little pebble atop her entrance with the arch of his nose, he parted her folds with his tongue pushing each fleshy petal aside to gain access to the her moist entrance. Her fingers would rake through his fair from time to time, encouraging him to draw closer and deeper into her while his fingernails scratched her skin, drawing red lines that matched the tinge spreading on her cheeks and chest. Her nipples swelled under the pressure of the clamps, making her more and more conscious of the tingling heat it created and spread, pooling deep inside her, until a flash of light exploded in her mind and she screamed out her pleasure as a fountain burst open and sweet nectar poured into his mouth. She grab hold of handfuls of his hair to keep his lips and mouth on her as her orgasm rippled through her body, rubbing herself uncontrollably on his face.

They were smiling at each other when she finally let go of his head and their eyes met, his face covered with a sheen of her fluids. They shared a laugh.

– You want more?

– Yes. – Her voice was slow and warm, in-between deep breaths that made her breasts heave and sway, with the chains dragging across her skin with the movement. – And no.

– Can you make up your mind?

She pulled him up to her for a kiss, pushing him closer with her heels under his behind, and could smell and taste herself has she snaked her tongue into his mouth while the tip of his organ, unexpectedly, wedged in her cleft, making them shudder in each others arms. He was eager to press into her but only made a faux attempt at it, just slipping between her labia, causing another shiver to run up their bodies before laying next to her on the bed. She smiled and moved over him, going for his lips, his neck and his nipples, that stood almost as stiff as her own, making him shiver and groan as she showered him with pecks and nibbles, until her hand again wrapped around his member. It felt warm, pulsing between her fingers, fully erect, and inviting, slick with fluids that made the tight skin shine and when she slid her fist slowly along its length a string of fluid trickled down and over her fingers.

Licking her lips, she rose to her knees and placed her wet opening over it to drive it in with painful slowness, hissing as the penetration forced her body open to take the invader in while her lover stifled a moan in his throat and his eyes rolled with pleasure. She felt hot, unbelievably wet and tighter than he could remember.

– Comfortable?

– Very much, thank you. – With their nether regions conjoined, she started a slow grind, the clamps still attached to her labia deterring from the more wild movements she wanted to hammer him with. On his part, he made his best to make her lose what little self control still remained in her by playing with the chain lengths hanging from her nipples.

– Don’t you want to take these off?

– You seem so entertained…

– I am but I want to entertain you as well.

– Do you?

– Yes.

Raising her hips, she allowed him to slip from her and backed up, splaying on the bed with her knees apart, giving him a privileged view of her body.

– Take it off.

He moved between her legs and touched her wet folds with a finger, sending a shiver up her spine, before taking the first clamp from her, allowing the no longer restrained flesh to swell and expose her inner labia and her opening further. When the second clasp was off, she rubbed her thighs together, showing her puffed flower between her legs. With a mischievous smile on her lips, she rubbed his member with her left foot, playing with his testicles with her small toes.

– You want to rest a bit?

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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