Surprise Interruptions Ch. 03

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I decided the shower could wait. I went to the kitchen and brought back two glasses and a nice bottle of wine. I turned on the taps in the large jetted tub, passed Lisa her wine and told her how remarkable she looked standing there wide-eyed and naked. I dipped my finger into my wine and then moved it around her areola, cupping the fullness of her breasts in my hands as I bent over to take the wine-scented bud into my mouth. I spent a great deal of time slowly kneading her large breasts and sucking on the beautifully hardened nipples that adorned them.

I pushed into her as she backed against the bathroom counter as I playfully spilled a little more wine between her breasts as we both watched the red trail disappear between her legs. I whispered, “Now there’s something I am sure is worth a taste.” She shot me a look that said eat me now through those expressive sexy eyes. It seems I had hit on one of her sexual pleasures so I moved on.

“So I take it you like oral sex and Tom does take care of licking that pussy when you wish?” I inquired.

A little smirk came across her face and she put a finger in her wine then went to her knees and moved the wet finger around the head of my cock, swirling her tongue around the head then looking up and me and mewing, “We both like it, I love to cum on his face just as much as he loves feeding me his cum when I suck his dick.”

She never took her eyes off of mine as she took my cock into her mouth and began working on the head and shaft only to pull away and adding, “only his cock isn’t this size!”

I knew what she meant but I mocked disappointment as I replied, “Oh I am sorry it doesn’t live up to the cock size you are accustomed to.”

“No silly!” Lisa huskily shrieked, “I love how big your dick is and how it excites me to know it will soon be inside of me.”

So much for relaxing and warming this girl up, she was ready and if her cock sucking skills were any indication of her sexual talents, then tonight was going to be the most triumphant result of a beer spill in the history of man.

I pulled her off of my cock and up off of her knees. The tub was ready so it was time to move on for now. There would be plenty of time later to see just how much cock she was willing to take into her mouth. We had plenty of time….there should be no more interruptions now!

I climbed into the tub behind Lisa and poured us another glass of wine as she leaned back into my chest. I slid my hands around her and moved them over those luscious breasts as I kissed her neck softly.

I loved how her chest began to rise and fall as the swirling water was not the only thing that was heating up to a rapid boil. I nibbled on her ear and asked her if she really was ready to be fucked in the ass. She excitedly purred and assured me she was.

“Do you have any reservations?” I asked, wanting to make sure she had plenty of time to think it through …even if it was under the pressure of my thumbs and fingers pinching and rolling her nipples as I whispered in her ear.

She sighed lightly and offered, “It’s Tom, I wish he would do this with me.”

I knew he would be in the back of her mind.

“We can stop right here if you wish and you can ask Tom to experience this with you.

“I would have no hard feelings and am in no way trying to take his place. I am merely offering you a secret partnership so that you are able to explore those things you find to be sexually arousing…those pleasures you may otherwise never explore.”

She turned to search my eyes and again before she spoke I saw the burning answer in her eyes, “No! Tom will never change his views on sex.

“He strongly feels that sex is just a basic need with few variances. It was quite an accomplishment for him to go down on me, even though he has become quite good at it. In fact, he considers doggy style to be the highlight of his sexual exploration. He has demanded we never talk about the possibility of anal sex.”

Here we were, sitting naked in a hot tub; our bodies pressed together as my hands moved over her silky skin as I asked her if she was okay with what we were doing? I guess I just needed reassurance, as if her stripping and giving me a wonderful hand job on the bed wasn’t enough proof she wanted this interruption to occur just as much as I did when I saw her standing in my doorway.

It was all the conversation I needed to hear as I was still fondling her tits as she spoke and knew even if she wished…she was not going to stop.

We both leaned into a long lasting kiss only to be broken by a soft moan escaping her lips as I had both nipples between my fingers. She was panting as I asked, “Are you now ready to completely trust me, surrender your body to me?”

Just as I finished my question I pulled the nipples just a little more intently and pinched and rolled them a little stronger. Her reaction was immediate and responsive.

She sucked in air and let out one long word, “yesssss fuuuuuuuck yesssssssssss.” seks hikayleri

Just as quickly, I released the control I had on her nipples and slid my hand down to cup her mound, rubbing my fingers up and down her slit as I whispered the dirty little words of just how much I was going to enjoy the moment my entire dick was up her tight little ass.

She only moaned and rocked her hips so that she fucked my hand while I filled her ears with sexy little thoughts.

I let the water begin to drain as I exited the tub and gathered two soft towels, taking one back to Lisa as she stood there and wrapped it around her as we hugged.

Now the second part of the soaking would begin. I asked her if she had ever had an enema. She gulped and told me no. I explained that the experience would be much better if she allowed this process to take place and once again she deferred to my judgment.

I had her kneel down next to the bathtub and bend over it. Fuck! She had such a perfect ass. I admired it as I stood there behind her with the prepared bottle of warmed distilled water attached to the hose and applicator nozzle.

I knelt behind her and moved my hands over her ass and down over her pussy. I wanted her relaxed so I played with her a bit while I explained what I was going to put up her ass and how it was going to work.

I wasn’t sure if it was my fingers, me telling what she was about to expect or the combination, all I knew was that she was increasingly getting wetter and her ass was now rocking in slow sexual motions.

I knew now was the time to apply the glob of lubricant to her little pucker and begin. I spread it around, taking time to rim her ass softly with my finger before trying to insert anything.

Finally I pushed the tip of my little finger to meet the resistance of the tight protective muscle ring. She gasped as if she expected tremendous pain but instead all she felt was just a little pressure from being invaded by anything for the first time.

I assured her that this is all she would feel when I inserted the nozzle tip. I proceeded slowly and then explained the sensation she would next feel as I released the liquid into her.

I asked her to hold it as long as she felt she could and then go squat on the toilet instead of sitting down. This causes a little extra pressure on the abdomen and allows a more complete emptying process. She was somewhat embarrassed in this compromising position but at the same time, turned on knowing I was staring at her as she spread her legs and squatted while in the process of a most private act.

Her increasingly wet pussy betrayed any embarrassment she was feeling and revealed her elevating arousal from the experience, anticipation and excitement of what was to come.

After the process went a third time, I guided her to the shower where I lathered her entire body with suds. We played and stimulated each other for about twenty minutes.

My cock had fully recovered from my previous orgasm on the bed. It proudly stood out from my body, fully hard from all the attention Lisa’s hands were giving it. The large mushroomed head rubbed against her soapy skin as lust-filled thoughts to take her flooded my senses.

I could not leave the shower without pushing her up against the wall and going to my knees to lap at her hot cunt. I wanted to get her hot, get her asking to cum and yet…bringing her there just to deny it happening. I placed one of her legs over my shoulder as she leaned back. My tongue teased over her pussy, staying away from her clit for now. I licked and sucked on her pussy lips and finally split them with my tongue and dove into her hot hole. I lapped hungrily at her sweet juices and then replaced my tongue with two fingers as I brought my mouth over her clit and began to suck and lick it.

Her rocking motions telegraphed to me when I found the right combination in my assault on her pussy that would bring her to the edge of her climax. Her breathing became increasingly ragged and her hands more forcefull on my head.

She began to moan loudly and followed by breathless whisper-soft pleas for me not to stop. I was lost in the taste of her sex on my tongue but knew now was the time to stop.

I spun her around and pushed her again to the wall. Her breasts now feeling the cool tile against them as my hands pried her ass cheeks apart. It was time to give her a new sensation, a tongue moving over her ass hole.

It was like she was shocked with a jolt of electricity when my tongue rimmed her for the first time. Her senses were so alive from the new sensations, causing her to scream wildly because of her heightened state of arousal.

Placing my thumbs on each side of her back hole, I opened her slightly and stuck the tip of my tongue into her ass. I flicked the tip in and out of her hole. The sounds she made were now just continuous soft pleasurable mews as her legs began to quiver.

I moved up her body and let my swollen cock rest between the crack of her ass as I leaned against her. Once again I moved to her ear. “Tonight I am going to own your ass completely. The sooner you relax and are able to take the full length, the sooner you will be able to adjust and experience what it’s like to be thoroughly ass fucked. I can’t wait to mark it with a hot spurting load of my cum.”

Her legs were shaking and she trembled as she turned her head and breathlessly exclaimed, “Take it, take it now.”

The time was now. We dried off and moved to the bedroom. The week before Jen left, I had bought her a special new toy…a clit vibrator with holding straps and a remote control. I had planned to make her wear it out to dinner and use the remote control to get her off in public.

Unfortunately Jen had left before I could carry out the plan so the toy remained in my drawer in the box. I placed it, the lube and a small-sized sapphire spiraled pyrex dildo on the bed.

I told Lisa to sit on the edge of the bed and lean back. I placed a pillow under her ass to tilt her pussy and ass up so she would be totally exposed. I positioned her feet on the bed and up against her ass. She looked at me quizzically. “I would have never thought this was the way you were going fuck my ass.”

I smiled and asked, “Who said I was going to fuck your ass first anyway?” I didn’t wait for an answer as I knelt on the floor and slowly butterflied her legs wide apart, looking up one time to see her watching me look down at her pussy and then moved my lips down her thighs with slow little kisses until her smooth little mound was before my face.

I dipped my tongue teasingly at it and she bucked up to meet it. I leaned in and held her hips down as I began to get serious about eating her deliciously scented pussy. She continued to try to fuck my face with her rocking cunt. I let her move as I teased. I asked if anyone had ever spanked her pussy and she said no like it was a strange thing to ask. I gave it a sweet little slap and by her reaction after receiving several light pussy spankings I would say we just added another surprise liking to her sexual repertoire.

I held her thighs up and moved them toward her chest and she squealed in delight as I began licking from her pussy to her ass.

I captured her clit with my mouth and flicked my tongue over it as if in letter-shaped patterns alternating quick sucking motions with the intricate tongue movements. She rocked against my face as the scent of her wet sex filled the air. Her breathing was now ragged and her moaning pleas to not stop came in gasps of air. She yearned for a release and begged for me to let it happen. She was so close now.

It was time to stop and leave her in the frozen state of need while I now slipped on the clit vibrator; attaching the straps around her thighs and waist. I clicked on the remote and it came to life with a heavy buzz and once again an elongated slur of words escaped her lips, “oh yessssssssssssssss fuckkkkkkkkk yesssssssssssss ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.”

The test was over and I turned the vibe back off for now. I told Lisa to move and kneel on the edge of the bed and place her head down and ass up. If I had not previously cum, just the site of her exquisite ass and her pouty swollen pussy lips peaking out would have been enough to make me shoot my spunk all over her hot ass.

I slid my hands up her spine and slowly back down until I had my hands full of her wonderful ass cheeks. I spread her open and dipped down to once again rim her ass with my tongue. The assault was on and there would be no stopping now. I clicked the clit vibe on low and pushed my tongue into her ass. Lisa squealed from being invaded as well as the excitement of the taboo thought of a tongue actually being in her ass.

Her pussy was drenched and too resistible to pass up. I grabbed my cock and rubbed the mushroomed head up and down her slit before pushing into her hot box. Her tight little pussy wrapped around the thick-veined shaft as if it was sucking it inside of her. Slowly I pushed the full length of my long thick cock up her cunt as she became vocal. I could feel the light vibrations of the clit vibe through her glistening walls but I could also feel her flexing the muscles of her sex….milking my cock as it filled her pussy.

I began fucking her faster as I looked down and watch the slick shaft move in and out of her hole. I reached for the lube and placed a generous amount on her ass, placing my hand in the small of her back so that my thumb could extend down and begin playing and rubbing her back pucker.

Lisa was now being overwhelmed with sensations from the clit vibrator and my cock pumping in and out of her hot box that she had little time to think or react to my thumb as I pushed it in her ass and through the tight ring. What she was now experiencing was the firing of all those sensual nerve endings in her ass. The small discomfort being felt quickly evaporated into pleasurable stirrings as I began to open her tight back hole, moving my thumb a little deeper….moving it out…only to push it in past the knuckle until I could slide it in and out of her at will with less resistance.

I held my thumb deep in her ass now and began to drive my cock in and out of her pussy, ramming the thick meat up her cunt as hard and as deep as I could as she fucked back against me meeting every stroke. The constant buzzing on her clit combined with her pussy filled with long thick cock and a thumb in her ass fueled the pleasurable swells of lust overtaking her. She was aroused to the point where I could do anything I wished to do to her.

She was cresting for the release she craved and she screamed loudly as she tightened around my dick, convulsing as the intense orgasm flooded her senses. I pumped several more strokes in her pussy before pulling out of her holes and telling her to turn around and suck her cum off my cock.

She turned and scrambled for my cock in such a manner that I knew she had now lost control of any inhibitions. She greedily sucked on my cock as it stretched the corners of her mouth as she forced half of it into her mouth. She wrapped her tiny hand around as much of my cock as she could grasp and slid her tongue up and down the underside of the shaft and then cupped my balls with her other hand and licked pussy juice from my sac.

I grabbed control of my cock and rubbed the head around her lips as she tried to capture it. I so wanted to just push the entire length into her mouth and force it into her throat but I knew I would have time later to deep throat her pretty little mouth.

I grabbed the remote and turned the clit vibe on high. She sucked in a breath as her eyes rolled up in her head as she fell back and I watched her body shiver as the little butterfly did its work. I positioned Lisa back on all fours on the edge of the bed and noticed her juices streaming down her thighs.

I applied more lube and now was able to move my thumb into her ass without her yelping of feeling discomfort. She was rocking her hips up and down as the vibe on her clit kept sending pleasure waves building thought her sex. I grabbed the glass dildo and began opening her ass more. The process was slow but now she was into it and purring as the ringed pyrex wand moved in and out of her ass until she could take all five and a half inches. Finally, she muttered, “That feels sooooo different but so fucking goooooood …now when you pull it out my ass feels soooo empty.”

My dick was pulsing and she could feel the throbbing as I grabbed my cock around the shaft and pressed the swollen head against the reluctant back hole. I pushed and finally the engorged head popped past the tight sphincter muscles. Lisa immediately shouted at the top of her lungs, “Fuckkkkkkkkkk noooooooooooooooo, it’s toooooooooo bigggggggggggg fuckkkkkkkkkkk it’s splitting meeeeeeeeeeeeeee.”

I let my dick rest in that position until the panicky burn feel of being stretched subsided and the clit vibe once again regained control of her desires. Her ass had a strangle hold on my cock as I slowly moved more of it up her tight little ass…stopping for her to relax and adjust before pushing a little more dick inside of her.

There came a point where she suddenly rocked back on my cock….wanting it in her ass….now accepting and enjoying the sensations of being fucked in this new way. The clit vibe had her on the verge of another body shaking orgasm. I grabbed her hips as she started to cum and began to give her a proper ass fucking. She was on fire, caught between the ecstasy of her orgasm and the new sensation of that big cock now freely having her ass at will.

She was so loud when the orgasm hit. “Fuckkkkk fuckkkkkkkk fuckkkkkk! Fuck me anyway you want just keep fucking me with that big fucking dickkkkkkk aghhhhhhhhhhhhh fuckkkk yesssssss!”

I took pleasure in my success and now for my reward. I moved my foot up on the bed and wrapped my leg around her thigh. I began thrusting for all it was worth…no longer worried about how she would take it..I was now just taking her ass and driving my cock into her as fast as I could. I reached for her hair and pulled it, pulling her head back and riding her ass as I held on.

My body smacked against her as I pulled her up on her knees…impaling her on my cock as I reached around and lightly smacked her bouncing tits before moving my fingers to her nipples. I pinched and pulled them as I hissed into her ear that I owned her ass.

Once I heard the whispery “yessssssss” affirmation escape her lips I drove her flat on the mattress, grabbed her arms, holding them stretched on the bed above her head. Her breasts crushed against the linen as I was now flat on top of her. My cock relentlessly pounded her ass until we both felt the changing swell of my cock as my cum coursed and breached the tip of my cock to shoot blast after hot pulsing blast of creamy cum deep into her ass.

The force of my cum spurting from pulsing cock was matched by the expansive groan that howled from my lungs as I emptied my balls inside her and marked her freshly fucked ass as mine.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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