Surprise Visit

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This is one the first stories I have ever submitted for public viewing, so any and all comments or feedback would be greatly appreciated. Please send your comments to me at the contact link on my profile. Flaming will be promptly ignored and deleted, so please don’t bother. Read and enjoy.


Quietly he watched her as she entered her chambers, knowing that she thought she was all alone. He sat and waited for his opportunity, and finally it was there as she went to look out the window, wondering when her beloved would finally come home for her once more. As she dozed by the window, he silently crept up behind her, moving right up next to her, he slipped his hands over her eyes from behind.

“Shh, it’s just me sweety, it’s just me.”

He whispered softly in her ear. He did this, because he knew she would be very alarmed, as would anybody if they were suddenly blinded from behind by some mystery assailant. He continued to whisper soft nothings into her ear, his breath tickling the hairs on the back of her neck. Slowly he removed his hands from her eyes, but moved them down to her neck and shoulders. While he was still whispering into her ear, his hands started to slowly and thoroughly massage her neck and shoulders. No doubt she had probably been stressed, as most queens of large kingdoms often were. Each time his hands glided down to her shoulders, he lowered his mouth to kiss, lick, nuzzle, nip, and suck softly on her neck, knowing how much she enjoyed his motions on the soft skin of the nape of her neck. Finally and reluctantly, he kissed her neck goodbye as he slowly moved in front of her. His hands glided down her sensuous curves, resting on her hips.

He moved in front of her so that she would know that the person behind her wasn’t using anything to disguise their voice to make it sound like him. There was one dilemma left though, how to convince her that he was in fact himself, and not some doppelganger who appeared, and sounded like him. With his hands still resting on her hips, he smiled into her eyes, smiling that small and unique half smile that he always does. Then slowly he leans his face close to hers, feeling her breath on his face as she is breathing a little more heavily than when she had entered her chambers. When his lips met hers his arms moved around her. He sighed softly into her luscious mouth as he felt his mouth cover hers. Gently he licked and flicked her lips with his tongue, then softly probed them for entry. Once granted, he slowly and languidly licked and flicked once more. This time flitting here and there about her mouth, all the while her tongue dancing and rolling over his invading tongue. Then finally he let his tongue rest on hers, dancing with hers. One of his hands moves up to gently stroke her soft hair, the other moved slowly under the bottom of her shirt to rub soft circles on the small of her back.

He did this for two reasons. One, was that he loved the feel of her soft skin, and the other was that he knew how weak-kneed she could get when he kissed her this way. Tilting his head slightly o the side, he pulled her body closer, to his, feeling her erect nipples through the fabric of her shirt. His tongue pressed deeper into her mouth as his member pressed hot against her inner thighs. Finally his lungs started to feel empty of air, and he reluctantly broke the kiss. He did not however, move his face too far from hers, so as to not lose the intimacy of the embrace they shared. Her arms resting on his back, pulling him close, also saw to it that he made no attempt to move away from her.

“Did you miss me sweetheart?”

He whispered once more in her ear, then lowered his mouth to her neck once more, nuzzling softly. She let out a small sigh, with a moan to accompany it. Once of her hands moved to the back of his head, gently holding his head to her neck, which he was more than willing to go along with. Slowly and carefully, he started moving her backwards, turning her slightly, his mouth still pressed lovingly to her neck. He carefully moved her against, the bed, and eased her down, settling himself down lying next to her.

As he lay beside her, his arm instinctively moved around her, holding and pulling her close. Of their own volition, his lips moved to hers once more. As his lips met hers, he felt truly complete than he had for quite a long time.

His arm around her moved up her body, his hand gliding out from under her shirt, to hold the back of her head to his. Carefully he tilted his head to the side slightly, deepening the kiss as his tongue once more nudges it’s way past her soft sensual lips. As his tongue met hers, he rolled his around hers as she tried to caress his tongue with hers. Slowly and carefully as the kiss continued to deepen, their breathing becoming harsh due to lack of air, he slowly eased her to her back, adjusting himself to be resting on top of her.

Reluctantly then, he broke the kiss, keeping his face close to hers as they each gasped for breath. liseli porno Her eyes, which had been closed up to that point, opened to gaze deep into his. He could only smile that small half-smile that she loved so much. Slowly, he eased himself off of her, and helped her to a sitting position.

He moved his hands to the bottom of her shirt. His hands lifted, and the soft fabric glided up her skin as he slowly pulled both it and her bra over her head and off. He smiled once again when he saw her breasts, her nipples already standing at full attention. He finally managed to tear his gaze from her beautiful nipples, and moves it back to her eyes, that smile still on his lips.

He moved himself closer to her once again, wrapping her in a hug, sighing softly as he felt her hard nipples against his clothed body. Still hugging her close, he eased her to her back once more, kissing her mouth, then her neck, shoulders, and collarbone. He stopped briefly at each side of her collarbone, sucking softly, before moving on downward. His kisses turned into licks as he started to feel the swell of her voluptuous breasts.

Slowly and teasingly he licked his way all around, up and around her breast, getting teasingly close to the aerola that surrounded her nipple. One of his hands moved to her other breast, mimicking the motions of his tongue with his fingertips, using a featherlight touch. Then, as her breathing picked up, he couldn’t resist the urge any longer.

He moved his mouth straight to the succulent tip, and pulled it into his mouth, rolling her other nipple between his fingers. She let out a sharp gasp of pleasure as his mouth closed over her nipple. His tongue rolled over and around, while his lips sucked lightly on her nipple. He felt her back arching as she pressed her breasts to him, almost begging for him to continue. He briefly lost all sense of who and where he was as his mouth and tongue played with her nipple.

Her rapid breathing finally brought him back around. He then moved his mouth to her other nipple, paying it the same much-deserved attention it deserved. Once again he moved one of his hands to her other nipple, rolling, pinching, and tweaking it softly. Then, taking one breast in each hand, he held them together, allowing him to kiss, suck, and nuzzle both at once.

Her one gasp turned into many as each stroke of his tongue brought another gasp to her lips. Her harsh breathing told him it was about time to move on, so upon releasing her breasts from his hands, he briefly kissed each throbbing nipple goodbye. His tongue then picked up where it left off, licking it’s way from the hollow between her breasts, down her stomach.

He briefly let his tongue roll around her naval, before once again moving on to where he felt she needed him more. His hands kept pace with his tongue, gliding over the flesh of both her sides with a soft and sensitive touch. As his tongue reached her hips and started to move beyond, he hooked his fingers in the waistline of her pants and slowly pulled them down her legs, noting that she wasn’t wearing any panties.

As his lips moved past her hips edging closer to her now very bare pussy, he found himself barely able to resist the temptation of her sweet pussy, which was already wet with her juices and giving off that intoxicating scent he had never forgotten. His chin preceded his tongue, grinding lightly on the soft skin of her pubic region, and at the veeeery last possible second, he skirted to the side, kissing her inner thigh.

Then, once again, his tongue continued it’s looooong and slow lick, down her leg. All the while, his hands rubbed, massaged, and caressed, up and down her other leg with long full strokes of his knowing hands. Upon reaching her foot, he kissed it lightly, then let his tongue glide back up her leg. He could hear her breathing getting faster and faster as he glided up her inner thigh, and came oooooh so close, but denied her pussy once more the pleasure of his tongue, and mimicked his motions on this leg.

His hands once again gliding up, over, and down every inch of her leg, with equally long and full strokes. Once both legs were complete, he let his tongue glide up her once more. As he reached her inner thigh, her scent was so heady and strong, it was almost overwhelming, such was her need. This time, as his tongue crept closer to her pussy, whose lips had opened fully, like the beautiful flower it so resembled. He let his gaze briefly lift to her face, smiling as she lay there, breathing heavily with her eyes closed. There was a cute smile on her face, one that reflected complete happiness.

Finally dropping his gaze back to her sweet pussy, he smiled inwardly. First he moved his lips to her nether lips, kissing her there, on her most intimate of places. Then, he opened his mouth, and with just the tip of his tongue, he let it glide up the full length of her pussy from bottom to top, stopping just barely before hitting mobil porno her clit, which by this point was swelling, and then back down.

Again, and again his tongue moved up and down her sweet and beautiful pussy lips. The taste of her was divine, and he had forgotten how much he had loved both it, and the sounds eating her pussy emanated from her. With each full stroke of his tongue on her lusciously intimate lips, he moved more of his tongue against and inside her.

By this time her hands had moved to his head, her fingers entangling themselves in his hair, as she tried to full him to her, begging for him to make her cum. Her breathing coming in sharp rasps, her chest heaving.

Hearing, and sensing her need he moved his tongue immediately to her clit, sucking it into his mouth, while simultaneously flicking it with his tongue. She let out a long gasping moan as she felt his hot wet mouth enclose over her clit, and her body shuddered as she almost came right then and there. He felt her pussy pulsing and knew it wouldn’t be long.

He opened his mouth, to suck as much of her pussy into into his mouth as he could, all the while his tongue flicking her clit again and again, with more pressure on each stroke than the last. Her breathing got faster and faster, and as her hands pulled him tightly to her, he felt her legs close around his head, making sure he could go nowhere, and do nothing else but that which he already was.

As he felt the increased heat of her pussy, he opened his mouth further, and flicked her clit harder and harder, faster and faster. Then with a piercing scream, her body erupted, and he felt her juices spurting into his waiting mouth. He drank from her beautiful pussy, but continued to flick her clit, lessening the pressure, as he knew how sensitive she would be right now. Then, once her legs loosened, he adjusted his body, allowing him to wrap his arms around her hips. His mouth, which had never left her sweet pussy, moved a little lower, and his tongue pushed it’s way into her hot wet pussy.

The quick penetration of his tongue into her caused her hips to buck as she let out a squeal. His hands held her firmly in place however, and he started to tongue-fuck her furiously. He quickly started to bob his head back and forth, getting as deep into her as he could with his tongue, his nose hitting her over-sensitive clit, with each thrust. Her hips were bucking so wildly now, that he could barely hold her still, yet somehow he managed.

She built quickly, and almost before he was ready for it, her legs clinched tightly around his head, forcing his tongue even deeper into her, and his nose hard into her clit. Her pussy erupted once more into his waiting mouth, and once more he continued his pace, swallowing most of what she had to give. This time however, some of it gushed out onto his face.

He knew she would want to lick that clean, but now was not the time, he still had more in store for his beloved. Once she finally calmed down again, he lifted her hips and let her legs drape over his shoulders as he adjusted himself again, to lying on his stomach, with her pussy right in front of his face. He moved his tongue to her incredibly sensitive pussy once more, this time moving to the bottom of it.

He did this, knowing she would anticipate what he would do next. He started to push his tongue in and out of her pussy again, this time starting slow. Then, upon reaching a steady rhythm he felt her starting to match his pace. He removed one hand from holding her hips and brought it around in front of him. As he tongue-fucked her, he moved his middle finger inside the top-most part of her pussy. He slowly fucked her with his finger, then eased in his index finger as well.

Once he felt her start to buck to his fingers, he bent them at the knuckle and reached upwards along her inner wall, to her g-spot. Lightly he stroked her g-spot with his fingers, letting his thumb move to her clit. He started to tongue fuck her faster, thrusting it harder and deeper into her. Simultaneously applying more and more pressure to her g-spot while moving his thumb vigorously over her clit.

Her hips started bucking, and he had no control. Still, he continued to tongue-fuck her as best he could, while still trying to keep as much pressure on her g-spot and clit as he could manage with her thrusting her hips this way and that.

All the while, his other hand dropped below her, and was lightly probing her ass. Then, as he felt her body start to tense, and felt the increased heat from her pussy, he thrust his index finger hard into her ass. She let out a loud, gasping moan, her feet coming down hard on his back, pushing his finger finger harder into her ass as it dropped onto it.

The trio of pleasure, proved too much for her exhausted body. Her pussy and ass, clenched painfully tight around his invading digits, and with a banshee-like wail, her pussy gushed as the g-spot orgasm hit her hard. öğrenci porno Her entire body quaked and shuddered from the force of the orgasm, her pussy shooting out spurt after spurt of cum. He drank as much of her juices as he could, but there was no chance. Her cum gushed all over his face and chin.

It took several minutes before her body relaxed itself enough for himself to remove all of his fingers and tongue. Then as she lay there, collapsed in post-orgasmic bliss, he sat up, and quickly shed his clothes. He then moved his mouth to hers, kissing her lovingly, knowing she would need some after-care after such a powerful series of orgasms. He felt her lips sucking on his, as she tried to get as much of both his lips, and her own juices as she could.

His fully erect cock, grinding against her thighs and lower stomach as he lay on top of her. Then, he sat up once more, positioning himself between her legs, placing his achingly hard cock right at the opening of her pussy. Already it was striving and reaching for her, yet he held back. He took her hips in his hands, and lowered his gaze to hers, asking with them, that which he wouldn’t dare ask aloud as it would spoil the moment.

And so he waited on his knees, not too long however, with his fully erect cock jumping almost of it’s own will to reach that which it was barely touching, her soft pussy. She sensed his need, and wordlessly opened her eyes, and nodded, gazing into his eyes with her own dilated ones.

That was all the invitation he needed, and with one long, full, and hard thrust, he buried his hard and over-heated cock deep into her pussy. He let out a husky moan as his cock sank deep into her equally hot and soft pussy.

Once his cock was fully within her, he adjusted the position of his knees, moving them forward, so that his resting position was this, with his cock fully within her. He then fought with every last bit of his willpower to hold still, letting her once again get used to his cock within her.

With one final nod of readiness from her, he pulled out, grinding his cock against the soft inner wall of the top of her pussy, then thrust hard into her once more. They moaned as one this time as he impaled her deeply on his cock. His hands gripped her hips tightly as he pulled her to him.

He started to fuck her furiously then, driving his cock harder, and faster with each thrust into her. His balls slapped against her pussy with each strong thrust of his cock into her. As one, their breathing got faster and faster, getting more harsh with each passing second. The feeling of her hot and oh-so-very wet pussy enclosing his cock with each thrust was almost beyond description. So pleasurable was it in fact, that he could already feel the building deep within him.

In an effort to stave off the orgasm building, he pulled mostly out of her after the latest of his full strokes into her. Then, gripping the base of his cock hard in one hand, moving the other to her left breast, just over her heart. Using her heartbeat as a guide, he started to fuck her again. This time keeping his hand on the base of his cock, knowing that doing so would stave off the orgasm. He knew, unfortunately, that she would get less pleasure from only having half of his cock within her, but he doubted she would care, as her head was currently thrashing back and forth.

Loud gasping moans emitted with each thrust of his cock within her. He fucked her even more furiously then, knowing that even though he was holding his cock by it’s base, stalling, that it wouldn’t stall it for too long. He was far too aroused from pleasuring her to hold out too long. Keeping this in mind, he continued to fuck her hard and fast with as much of his cock as he could, while still maintaining his grip on his striving cock.

Already he was starting to feel himself building again, and he only continued his pace. She pushed her hips to him, while he thrust his hips, driving his cock into her again and again. He felt the building inside him getting stronger quickly, he also felt her heartbeat rapidly increasing as well. He was doing his best to keep pace with her rapidly beating heart, but it was a losing battle, as was him trying to resist the pressure that had by this point reached his balls.

He picked up the pace of his thrusting once more, now fucking her as hard and fast as he could, knowing she was as close as he was. He bit down hard on his bottom lip as he felt his orgasm coming. Then, as he pulled mostly out of her one last time, he felt himself hit the peak, and knew there was no stopping it. So as he drove himself into her, he removed the hand from his cock, and brought it to her other breast, moving his hand on her heart to her left breast. He grabbed her ample bosoms, and used them briefly as leverage, pulling them to him, causing him to thrust harder into her.

Her body, which had been getting closer and closer with his, feeling the extra pressure on her breasts she offered up no resistance. Her legs clamped around his hips, pulling him even harder into her. Her pussy pulsed, and pulsed, and then clenched hard around his invading cock. With the added pressure of her clenching pussy, and the restraining grip gone, there was nothing stopping his cock.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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