Susie and the VIP Room

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There on the large video screens in the club was my Susie being fucked by Roger with his foot long, 2-inch wide cock. And ohmigod was she ever fucking back and having one noisy orgasm after another.

Back in college my girlfriend was Susie S. She was a short, 5’3″, brunette with a bubbly personality. We went out for several years and although we engaged in mutual pleasuring we never had intercourse. Susie was a good Polish, Catholic girl and was saving herself for her future husband, and at this age I wasn’t proposing matrimony. This is the way our relationship had progressed over the three years we went together throughout our college years at Wayne State University.

Then some of her sorority sisters had remarked about what a great time they had had over spring break at Ft. Lauderdale. We planned ahead; saved our dollars from the jobs we held and headed down to Ft. Lauderdale during spring break. I was living away from home so it was no problem for my parents. Susie, however, had to tell her mom she was going down with some sorority sisters and make sure she called her mother every day.

We got off the plane that morning, found our hotel room, and surveyed the beach, the clubs, the shops, and the eateries.

That evening Susie surprised me. I was showering and she came into the shower naked, something she had never done or been able to do at either her parents house or at my room at the fraternity house. One thing led to another and we were soon on the bed and she was inviting me to have intercourse with her. I asked if she was sure and that’s when she told me two things: one, that she was now on birth control pills and, two, that after going together for three years she felt I deserved a little fun since I’d been so patient with her rules.

At first it was weird and then the second and third time we both really got into it. I treated her like she deserves to be treated, like someone very dear and special to me. As her passion rose and her sexual shyness retreated Susie even let me go down on her. She had expressed the opinion in the past that she thought it was unclean to do that, so we had restricted mutual pleasuring to hands only. Needless to say she found she really enjoyed my wet tongue sliding all around her.

The next morning as we woke up together naked and in the same bed I was in heaven and Susie had a gorgeous, great big smile on her face. Normally modest about being butt naked she hopped out of bed and walked out onto the balcony of our room on the 14th floor and stretched as she took in the sight of the beach and the Atlantic Ocean…still nude. I even heard her look over towards one of the other balconies and say hello to someone else. I heard a male voice respond, “Good morning to you, too!!”

Wow. What a change a night of passionate, loving intercourse and sex play had rendered.

We readied for the beach and headed down for our first full day of sun and fun. It was Monday.

Susie wore a wrap down to the beach. We found where we wanted to lay our towels out and began setting up for a day of sunning and swimming. When Susie took her wrap off, I got my second surprise of the day: Susie’s bikini; it almost wasn’t there. Susie’s been blessed with a large pair of breasts that were naturally firm and defied gravity. At home she would often simply use Band-Aids to cover the dark circles of her nipples and forego a bra. Even with tight nylon blouses it was hard to tell if she was wearing a bra because her breasts were so firm; she had very little jiggle.

Well the yellow bikini she was wearing was basically two tiny triangles held together by string which left most of her breasts exposed. The triangles just covered her nipples. The bottom was a tiny triangle in front that snugged neatly into her pussy lips and the back wasn’t there. The back was a thong that left those twin cheeks of Susie’s gorgeous, round butt completely exposed. Her tanned skin was a nice contrast against the bright yellow of her suit. She said she had gotten advice from her sorority sister, Patsy, on what to buy to impress me. They had visited the Wicked Weasel swimwear web site. Now mind you Patsy was the kind of girl who had gone topless at some fraternity/sorority functions. She had also visited a tanning spa to brown her skin a little in preparation for the Florida sun.

The guys around Susie were clearly interested in her. She got shy all of a sudden as she felt the breeze on her bare behind, “Is this too much? Do you like it? Are you embarrassed that I’m showing so much?”

I hugged her in my arms and said, “Susie, you’re absolutely gorgeous in this bikini. You have a great body. I love you and I love your body. And I’m kinda getting a rush from the guys around us ogling you and your bikini. You have it and you should strut it, darling.” We then kissed and I patted her bare behind. How cool was that: to be able to pat my girlfriend’s bare behind on a public beach with several guys checking her out.

With that we headed down to the water and played with a Frisbee we had brought with us and soon other guys and gals joined us.

This evolved into games of chicken in which Susie and the other girls sat on the guys shoulders Ataşehir Escort and we tried to tumble each other into the surf. Susie sat on my shoulders and other guys’ shoulders. During one of the rounds a girl, Rachel, who was sitting on my shoulders and whose boyfriend Susie was sitting on, yanked at Susie’s top and it popped off. Susie was now topless, but hopped off to retrieve her top. She looked gorgeous all bare breasted with her breasts all shiny and wet and bobbing in the surf.

After the playing ended we headed up to the beach to an umbrella we had rented so we wouldn’t get thoroughly burned in the Florida sun and that’s when I got my third surprise and Susie got a surprise also.

The yellow material of her swimsuit was now nearly transparent. The diameter and shape of each of her nipples were now clearly visible through the wet, clinging material. The outline of her pubic triangle was also clearly identifiable and when she lay down on our towels what her pussy looked like was also clearly visible from the lazy S-shape that her labia made to the size and shape of her clitoral hood. I remarked, “Dam, Susie, it’s as if you were nude. Every guy here on the beach is seeing what I saw last night.” Pouting at me she rolled over onto her stomach until her suit dried somewhat.

That was the first time. But after we went in and out of the water repeatedly she soon didn’t care and just lived with the fact that she was clearly visible to everyone who wanted to look at her body. In fact she told me as that first day wore on, “I don’t know why I was so concerned before and so shy. After looking at yours and all the other guys’ reactions to me, I know I look real good. It’s kind of neat. I’m really liking this. I’m glad Patsy talked me into this swimsuit.” So was I.

That night Susie was so horny from being ogled all day long that after we got out of the shower we went out on the balcony in robes that the hotel gave us and made love with her straddling me on the lounge chair. After cumming one time, Susie shed her robe and fucked me butt naked with the nighttime air against her skin. We could hear other folks talking on their own balconies but that didn’t stop Susie from making love to me. After making love we dressed, went out to dinner, and then danced at a local club until late at night.

The next day was pretty much the same as Monday with us spending time at the beach, playing in the water with other folks we met, and catching the sun’s rays on the beach. Susie wore a swimsuit that was similar to what she had worn Monday but it was a pale iridescent green color. It turned transparent like her other swimsuit but this time Susie didn’t shy away from guys who wanted to check her out.

When we were on the shore Susie sat like she normally sat with her legs open and her ankles crossed. This left little to the imagination. When her top slipped and revealed some brown nipple she didn’t rush to cover it. When we were playing chicken in the water, she lost her top again and just asked her partner (me in this case) to grab it and tuck it into my swimsuit. She laughed when it happened, “Don’t worry honey, it just makes it harder for our opponents to grab me…my boobs are a lot slipperier than the swimsuit.” And later that same day when we were chicken fighting with Gene and Nicole, a couple, also from Michigan, with whom we formed a friendship, Nicole put a move on Susie that spilled her off Gene’s shoulders. Unfortunately for Susie and fortunately for every guy in the water, Nicole never let go of Susie’s bikini bottom and so as Susie tumbled the suit slid down her legs and off. Nicole was on my shoulders and wouldn’t let Susie get it back. Susie had to hop up to grab it from Nicole and this just showed her off her bare butt and her bush until she got it from Nicole.

After another day of sun and fun Susie and I retired to our room and hooked up with Gene and Nicole later for dinner and dancing.

The next day was Wednesday, hump day. We hooked up with Gene and Nicole in the lobby of the hotel and headed out to the beach together.

When we got to the location we wanted and set up the umbrellas, Nicole and Susie had a surprise for us. As they removed their wraps they revealed string teardrop bikinis of a sheer white material and no tops. Both girls had agreed to spend the day topless. They had seen other girls doing it and had checked with a cop and found that it was legal. If guys could go topless so could women is what the laws of Ft. Lauderdale said.

Susie’s breasts were round, large and firm with soft brown nipples that generally stayed flat. Nicole’s breasts were small, conical and tipped with light tan nipples that stood right out all the time.

The girls swimsuit bottoms consisted of a two strings that started in the crack of their asses, rode up over the cheeks of their asses and over their hips to meet in a sizable teardrop pouch. The teardrop design allowed a woman to be as modest or immodest as she wished. Susie had chosen a modest arrangement of the teardrop so that it cupped her whole lower groin and she wouldn’t have to shave. Nicole had reduced the tear drop so that it barely covered the lips of her pussy. Anadolu Yakası Escort It was clear that she had shaved her pubic hair off otherwise the suit would have exposed a patch of pubes; it was that tiny.

Now came another surprise for Gene and I that the girls had agreed upon. Susie asked Gene to lather her up with lotion and Nicole asked me to do the same to her. My hands roamed over Nicole’s tiny, round backside and she even pushed the strings down so I could smooth the suntan lotion over every inch of her butt cheeks. Then when I was done with her back she rolled face up and I rubbed lotion into her breasts. I grasped each breast and worked the lotion up towards the nipple making sure to roll each nipple between thumb and forefinger. As I massaged her legs with the lotion and then her groin she said, “Mark, I need a little here,” and with that she pulled her skimpy suit to one side exposing her hairless pink pussy lips to me. She grabbed one of my hands and brought it against the tender flesh of her pussy and rubbed my fingers up and down that wrinkled slit in her belly. She then slipped her suit back over herself and laughed at my expression.

Susie told me later that she and Nicole had planned the whole thing and that Susie had guided Gene’s hand down across her pubic hair and inside her suit bottom for a few seconds. She said the stunned looks on Gene’s face and my face was worth it. Both girls remarked how silly we looked and Susie was the first to notice that both Gene and I were turning our swim shorts into tents.

Gene and I raced down to the water to cool off.

When we came back we saw that the girls were now talking to a guy and two girls. They were all scantily clad. Susie introduced us, “Gene, Mark, this is Roger, Nicky and Jasonda.”

Roger, Nicky and Jasonda were all wearing g-string, tear drop bikini bottoms that were of a similar sheer white material as the suit bottoms that Susie and Nicole were wearing. It was hard not to stare at the three of them. Jasonda was a tall black girl with bare augmented breasts, a narrow waist, and a firm round African butt. Nicky was a tall blonde girl also with bare augmented breasts, a narrow waist and a full set of hips with a firm, muscular butt. But it was Roger who was holding our girls’ attention. Roger’s swimsuit did nothing to hide the length and girth of his cock. He had to be a full six to eight inches soft and full one inch across with a huge mushroom cap on the end of his dick. The sheer white nylon suit he was wearing revealed even the veins in his cock which was straining the material.

“Roger was just telling Susie and me about a great party that takes place tomorrow night. It’s at a club called the VIP Room. There will be plenty of food and drink and dancing and wild times. We will be chauffeured to and from the club and our hotel. It’s all on the house. The only catch is we must sign a release to be filmed and a waiver of any injury we sustain during the party if we’re partying too hard. The film is one they are making of the Ft. Lauderdale Spring Break party scene and we each will get a copy of the raw footage and the released film.” Nicole continued, “Susie and I think it’s a great idea. Roger, Nicky and Jasonda will be there as hosts. What do you guys think?”

Gene and I, already sexed up by what our girls had exposed us to just a little while ago and seeing a nearly nude Jasonda and Nicky, answered almost at the same time, “Sure, why not!!!” All four of us signed the releases and Roger got our hotel information and our names for the film and the chauffeur and told us we would be picked up promptly Thursday evening at 6:00 PM.

We spent the next day and a half wondering what it would be like. Come Thursday, 6:00 PM and we were ready. I was wearing a loose shirt, loose cotton slacks and sandals. Susie was dressed in a loose sheer blouse with a yellow tube top underneath and an airy skirt that she could flounce around as she danced. Gene was dressed similar to me and Nicole was wearing a red tube top and a white knit skirt that hugged her butt.

The chauffeur took us to a large warehouse sized building with a drive-under awning and the sign VIP Room hanging out front. Several large, well-dressed bouncers greeted us at the door outside the club and requested our names. We then entered.

The first thing that hit us was the loud thumping of techno/trance dance music, the kind of dance rhythms that got deep inside you and made you want to dance like there was no tomorrow. The second thing was the hosts and hostesses who were all dressed alike. They were all topless with black sheer nylon g-strings on and a bow tie at their neck and a gold chain around their waists and one ankle and one wrist. It created an erotic effect.

One of the hosts came up to us and offered us the requisite drink of the VIP Room: the Blue Passion. It was in a shot glass and Susie, Nicole, Gene and I all downed the shot as requested and then headed into the club.

There were cameramen and camerawomen roaming around the audience filming the party but all expertly staying away from filming each other. We checked out the buffet and the bar first. After Kartal Escort a few finger snacks and a couple of drinks we walked around the huge club to see what it held in store for us. There was a huge dance floor. Off to one side of the dance floor were numerous stools, couches and platforms, some the size of beds. Down a hallway that led away from the dance floor, near the bar, was a huge Jacuzzi…actually several. Plus there were a large steam room and a large dry sauna as well as an area to change out of your clothes and shower before and after using the Jacuzzis.

There appeared to be only three people in this area besides the hosts and hostesses. A dark-haired woman and two men were in the steam room. As we quickly checked it out they were all shiny with sweat and the men were both sporting enormous erections. Both Susie and Nicole remarked, “Nice!” and laughed at each other. We were all in a playful mood and quickly picked up on the sexual atmosphere after seeing that threesome and the waiters/waitresses.

We started to head back to the dance floor but Roger, who had approached us on the beach, came forward at that moment with four more glasses of Blue Passion on a silver tray. His cock was clearly straining against the g-string he was wearing with the base of his cock visible and a patch of blonde pubic hair visible.

As we walked away from him Susie said to me, “Oh my god, Mark. This is all making me so horny. We need to get away from this party and back to the hotel room.” Instead I grabbed her hand and headed out to the dance floor where the crowd continued to grow.

As the crowd grew, the touching and rubbing up against other men and women increased and it got hotter on the dance floor. Susie leaned into me and asked, “Are you hot? I need to get out of some of these clothes.”

“Take your blouse off and tie it around your waist and I’ll do the same.” We did so and then both of us really began to be felt up by other men and women dancing around us. I felt both male and female hands caress my bare skin as well as snake down in front and rub my crotch. Susie was experiencing the same thing. Instead of either of us being startled we found ourselves liking the sexual contact. We figured it was that blue drink they had given us that was making us so aroused and uninhibited.

Susie leaned again close to me and said, “This is exciting; it’s like being in an erotic pagan festival and the crowd is getting worked up. Heck, I’m getting worked up. So much for being the good little Catholic girl!!”

She reached for the buttons on her skirt and let it fall to the floor along with her blouse. She was now only in her tube top and panties. She danced over to me and began to grind her hips into my groin. She then unbuttoned my pants and they too fell to the floor. Then without so much as a pause she slid my undershorts down and off and tossed them away. She then began to grind against my exposed dick in earnest and hopped up on me with her legs wrapped around my waist. I was just enjoying it; never mind that we were in the middle of a dance floor crowded with strangers.

Then Susie leaned her face against my ear and said, “I am so horny. I need you now, Mark. Take my top off.” And with that I grasped the bottom of her tube top and pulled it up and over her head so those beautiful, soft breasts of hers were pressed against my own naked chest. While I was doing that though Susie had pulled her yellow lace panties to one side and grasping the head of my cock slid it up inside her already very wet vagina. She was so slippery that my hardened cock just slid deep inside of her. Within three or four thrusts I felt her vagina spasm and she shuddered in a climax in my arms. It would not be the last.

After cumming Susie looked up to me and mouthed the words, “Thank you, sweetheart.” She kissed me on the mouth. It was then we looked around and became conscious of the folks all around us. We saw Nicole and Gene a short way away. They were being approached by Syreeta, a statuesque, nude black woman, and an equally tall and muscular black guy. While Syreeta proceeded to strip Gene and lead him away by the head of his cock, the guy, Jason, Jasonda’s brother it turned out, molested Nicole forcibly out of her clothes, literally tearing her panties off of her. She appeared to be resisting him until that massive brown cock entered her pussy. With his hands crushing the cheeks of her ass so that she was locked against him and couldn’t escape, he began to fuck Nicole violently…right there on the dance floor. At first she screamed and beat against his chest, but then the thrusts began to have their effect and we watched as her body spasmed, her eyes rolled up into her head, and her belly pressed tightly against Jason’s. Still this didn’t stop Jason from continuing to fuck Nicole. He held her tiny body in his arms and speared her repeatedly with his massive cock. He kissed her neck, raised her up to bite her pointy nipples, held her up with one hand between the cheeks of her ass as if he had a finger locked up her anus and with the other hand caressed her skin all over. And still the thrusting continued for Nicole. She was soon in a constant state of shuddering orgasms. Finally yielding, she leaned forward and locked her mouth against Jason’s, kissed him, and came again. Even under the dim lights of the club Susie remarked that Jason’s amazing cock was shiny with Nicole’s juices. It was very arousing to watch this happening to Nicole.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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