Sweet Agony

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He undressed her slowly, admiring every inch of her, and loving this woman whose desire matched his own. Picking her up in his arms, and kissing her deeply, he walked to the bed and gently lay her down.

She reached with arms outstretched, inviting him.

With heart beating faster, he lowered himself on the bed and hovered over her. She looked into his eyes with so much love, it almost made him weep. “This night will be for you my darling,” he said.

He kissed her, a slow lingering kiss, his tongue feathering her lips, and savoring the taste of her, then covered her mouth with his. She opened her mouth and he accepted her invitation. He explored, pleased by her eagerness, and their tongues mated in a ritual dance.

While holding her close, softly caressing her bare skin with his hands, she sighed, and his loins stirred. “I love you”, he whispered. He withdrew from her mouth and gently kissed her eyelids, then her swollen lips, teasing them.

They held each other close, she delighting in the feel of his muscular arms, and he the softness of her exquisite body. He lowered his head, and agonizingly – slowly- put butterfly kisses on her neck, first one side, then the other.

She threw her head back, giving him access to…. wherever he wanted to go.

He could feel her melting in his arms and it spurred him on to conquering her completely.

Continuing down her body with soft kisses, his hands gently kneading her breasts, she moaned, and arched upward inviting him to suckle. Knowing what she wanted, but determined to prolong her pleasure, he kissed her nipple, then gently blew on it. She shivered with the sensation while he gave the other breast the same attention. Suddenly, he took the nipple into his mouth and suckled, slowly at first, then increasing in strength, until she thought she would die with the wonder of it.

She was on fire now.

He moved to the other breast and suckled there, while rolling between his fingers, the nipple of the breast he had just left. bahçeşehir escort He nibbled with his teeth and drew on it, until it was hard and throbbing and standing straight out, then lifting his mouth, blew on it.

The heat from his mouth, and the coolness of the air hitting it when he blew, was driving her mad. She quivered, and moaned, and in response, he grew harder. “Please”, she cried out, “Please”.

He kissed and teased one hard nub before drawing it into his mouth, and feasting with abandon.

She sighed in ecstasy,

He drew in a breath, and willed himself to continue her pleasure, while postponing his own. He suckled one breast and then the other, until she whimpered, and began thrusting her hips upward. Drawing hard, he pulled each nipple to it’s full length.

She gasped and her heart was pounding. Never had she felt such exquisite sensations.

His moved his hand to her womanhood, and felt the wetness. He kissed her stomach and moved down, down her body a little at a time, kissing and tasting her silky skin along the way, until his lips touched her pubic hair.

She gasped and he smiled.

She had never felt so turned on in her life! He was her master, and she his slave, to do to her, and with her, whatever he pleased.

She was squirming now, and opened her legs wide, begging him to enter her. He did not. He looked up at her, and she was laying with arms above her head, in total trust and surrender. Love for her surged through him like wildfire. He kissed the inside of her thighs, then opened her portals with his hands, and found her rosebud with his tongue. His tongue darted up and down, and back and forth, until her clit was hard, then stopped, only to continue on, time after time.

She thought she would lose her mind.

Her hips were lifting in rhythm to his ministering and he thought he’d explode. His cock had never felt so hard. No, he told himself, not yet. Not until she bakırköy escort was on the edge. He could barely contain himself now, but wanted to give her what she had never experienced before, and was determined to postpone his release.

His lips surrounded her clit, and held it there, motionless, knowing it was driving her insane, and reveling in it. After long moments he began to suck….slowly.

She had never felt anything so soft in her entire life! His tongue holding her, felt like velvet, and she gloried in it. She couldn’t lay still.

He took her love bud into his mouth and devoured it. Reaching upward he caressed each breast and rolled the erect nipples between his fingers.

She drew in a ragged breath and yelled out with longing.

Still he persisted, sucking harder.

She lost all reason. She was bucking, whimpering with each ragged breath, running her fingers through his hair- pulling it, begging him to fill her.

He lifted her hips, and impaled her to the womb, with one long…..slow….. movement. His rock hard cock was long and thick . It stretched her beyond reasoning and filled her completely. He began thrusting , slowly at first, and then faster and faster, pounding her until he thought he would surely die if she didn’t reach her climax soon.

Her toes were curling. She was gasping for breath and rolling her head from side to side. Her finger nails where digging into his back. Suddenly she cried out. With stiffened legs, her body convulsed time after time, with her pleasure.

He held her close, softly kissing her, until her body relaxed.

“I love you,” she said Suddenly, her inner muscles grasped his cock, and pulled him deeper and deeper into her hot wet pussy. She used her muscles like a heart beat, clamping around his cock, wave after wave, sucking him like a strong, smooth mouth.

He withdrew his cock, and used his hands to pull her hips off of the bed, as he took a kneeling başakşehir escort position. Grabbing her ankles, he lifted her legs high and spread them wide.

Looking at each other, their eyes never wavering, he teased her pussy lips with his cock. Using the tip he rubbed her still throbbing clit.

She felt the head of his cock enter her. Still looking into each other’s eyes, he hesitated.

She was trying desperately to take more of him inside of her, but he held her legs wide, having complete control. Her eyes were closed and her hands were, first pulling her hair, then clutching the pillow her head lay on. Her mouth was open, moaning and whimpering.

Still he held his position.

“Oh god. Please,” she screamed. “Please, give it all to me. I’m so hot…so hot… please!”

“Open your eyes and look at me, then I’ll give it to you.”

She opened her eyes and looked at him.

“Are you ready?”

“Yes, yes, yes!

He gave her what she wanted and thrust his cock into. Hard!

It took her breath away!

He began pumping. Faster…..harder. So hard, his cock was pounding her cervix. Her ample breasts were bouncing up and down and side to side. Nipples hard. So lovely, he thought, and so tight He fucked her like a mad man!

She screamed, “I’m cuming! I’m cuming! Oh god, oh god!”

He could feel her muscles contract with each wave of her orgasm, milking him. Suddenly, he felt his own explosion rising. One last thrust and he emptied his hot cum into her. Heaven had opened to him and he thought he would never come back to earth. He didn’t want to come back to earth. With each spasm, he buried himself in her sweetness.

She was crying. Her tears wetting his shoulder as he collapsed on top of her. They lay there for an eternity, holding each other, their breathing slowly returning to normal. He thought he would never be normal again.

Never before had he experienced what had just happened. His mind had lost all rationale and he had been reduced to animal instinct. Pure lust in it’s most wonderful form.

She was kissing his skin, and rubbing her hands over his back, and her tears were still flowing. He gently lifted himself, and lay down next to her. Pulling her into his arms, he kissed the tears away, not knowing if they were hers tears or his, and not caring.

He said, “I love you” and they slept.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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