Sweet Little Daughter Ch. 1

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There she was. I peered into Emma’s dark room. I could see her outline under her quilts, her soft long blonde hair as she slept peacefully. I glanced upwards to see the white outline of the camcorder and its faint red light which indicated it was recording. I closed the door. Plenty of time to watch Emma on video later.

Going downstairs, I fixed myself a snack and sat down to think about my youngest daughter Emma. My wife Edith was staying at her mother’s house in another state and would be staying for a whole week, leaving me to take care of the two children. We have three of them – Samantha, the eldest, who’s gone off to college this year, then there’s Chris, and then there’s the youngest, Emma.

Ok, I have to admit it. Last year, when Samantha was taking a year off before going to college, and when Edith was at work and Chris ‘n Emma at school, Sam and I got off together quite frequently. OK, I fucked my eldest daughter every day until she left to go to college. Not that she hadn’t ever wanted to. Sam is an older version of Emma, with the same blonde hair and blue eyes, slim figure and large breasts – and yes, I do prefer the younger version. Both have this incredible gaziantep escort bayan great body, though Emma’s is better to me.

But Emma’s different from Sam. Sam, never being the perfect role model for her younger brother and sister, went out to town and to put it short, was a slut. A total slut. She wanted it as much as I did, and in fact she even made the first move. Of course it was great, but during our last time, for a moment I pretended it was Emma who was riding my cock. And I didn’t and still don’t feel any shame at fucking Sam, or dreaming of fucking Emma, I think girls with bodies like that deserved to be fucked and are asking for it.

But that would never happen. Emma’s this perfect saint – a total opposite from Samantha. I know she had a boyfriend a couple of years ago, but it didn’t last long and I don’t think they even kissed. On the lips, that is. It’s that innocence that attracts me more. Just thinking of her innocent little face sleeping there makes my cock hard. Believe me, I would fuck her right now if I had the chance, and feel no shame whatsoever.

Anyway, last week I decide to do something about these thoughts gaziantep cimcif escort of mine and came across the perfect solution. The old baby-cam. When Sam was born, we bought this cheap in price and also cheap in quality camcorder. It was big, white and had faint pretty pictures of flowers on it. As well as having a tape inside, which we never recorded on, it was connected to the TV in the living room so if we were ever worried, we could just flip to the camcorder channel and see and hear our baby. Once Chris was born, the camera was pulled down and hooked up in his room and the same with Emma when she was born. Since she was our last child, the camcorder is still up there in her room. The connection to the TV has long since been cut but last week, I tuned the channel back in. Instant “Emma’s Bedroom TV.”

Now you may think I’m sick, but I don’t care. I’ve had a lot of pleasure every night at 9.00 pm, when she goes to bed. Watching her take off her clothes, revealing those breasts and her hairy pussy (which I doubt she’s ever shaved) and then putting on her silk teddy-bear night gown. Night gowns are a lot cinsel bilgiler better than pyjamas. They give you easier access. I discovered that with Samantha.

Anyway, after saying goodnight to Emma, I turned on the TV and watched my youngest daughter sleeping. After a while, I got bored and decided to put on one of last weeks videos. The camcorder was recording as well as transmitting live, and so I had lots of tapes of Emma stripping down. I put on in the VCR and watched her again. I started stroking my cock, watching her beautiful breasts bounce up and down as she put on her nighty. I was a bit disappointed not to see her ever masturbating, but of course, this is Emma. I doubted she’d ever heard of masturbating.

The next morning, Emma and Chris were on holiday from their high school. Chris had gone out to see one of his mates and so Emma and I had the house to ourselves. I was sitting down at the table having breakfast when Emma came down the stairs slowly. When she entered the dining room, she had an upset look on her face, a look that meant I was in trouble.

I watched her as she walked over to me, glaring. My sweet little girl, my youngest daughter Emma, looked like she was about to shout at me – and that turned me on. I felt my cock harden just seeing her there in that nighty. Her breasts’ outline was quite visible through the thin fabric and I could see them moving freely, without the bra, as she walked over to me.

“Daddy,” she said to me. “I saw the camcorder.”

To Be Continued…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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