Sweet Sin Ch. 3

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Terry was lost in the lushness of Cynthia’s body. Its pleasures seemed to be endless to him. He could feel her responding to his touch, opening up allowing him unlimited access. He trailed kisses across her breast and down the tautness of her stomach. He felt her tremble beneath his hands and tiny moans escaped her throat. Pushing her thighs apart he kissed the insides, nibbling gently at the tender flesh there. He kissed the backs of her knees and her calves, alternating from leg to leg, ankle to ankle until he gently sucked her toes into his mouth. A little squeal escaped her when she felt his tongue and teeth graze her skin.

“Mmmmm, Terry.” She moaned and stretched out for him. She loved him even more whenever he treated her like this. Terry always left her feeling totally satisfied and devoured. “Terry, please baby, I need you. Now.”

Terry knew it was time for her to start begging for it. She always did especially when he began massaging her the way he was now. He had two fingers slid deep inside of her and was pressing down on her clit with his thumb. He could feel Bostancı Escort the press and pull of her muscles on his fingers. Terry was a very skilled lover, he knew a woman’s body, he especially knew Synthia’s, and he knew where her G-spot was at, and that’s what his expert fingers stroked at. Smelling the scent that wafted up from between her legs was driving him crazy. His manhood stood out straight in front of him, the head nudging at the backs of her thighs. Removing his fingers from her, he put them inside his mouth and tasted her. She was sweet and sticky on his fingers. He felt his dick throb hard and heavy and he could barely control himself from ravishing her right then. But the taste of her made his mouth water, and he wanted to take a deep drink of her juices.

Pushing her thighs open and back, he dipped his head between them and felt her shiver when his mouth met that sweet wet lips of hers. She opened for him, and he ran his tongue along the length of her pussy. Stopping to tease at her clit and run his tongue deep in her. He felt her greedy pussy grasping Erenköy Escort for his tongue. She moaned out load and reached down to grip the back of his head, pushing him deeper into her. Terry concentrated on stimulating her clit; the way he knew she liked it. He began by stroking it hard with his tongue, while he explored her with his fingers.

He rode her clit hard with his tongue, until she joined him and begin working herself against his mouth. Terry knew Synthia was searching for an orgasm. She wanted it and he was there to please her. She gripped his head and rode his tongue, until her breath became ragged and she was panting. Terry could feel tremor after tremor shaking her body, and her muscles were pulling hard at his fingers.

“Oh Terry. Suck it baby. Suck it please?” She arched her back banging her pussy into Terry’s greedy lapping mouth and tongue, but he clamped down on her clit and sucked it hard until he felt her body tighten and convulse hard in orgasmic release. And then her juices came. Smooth and slick. Sweet and slimy, giving him his deep Göztepe Escort drink. He continued lapping at her pussy while he felt her orgasm rip through her body, and just when he knew it was leaving her; he caught her throbbing clit between his lips and sucked hard on it again. She tried to push his head away, but he caught her wrists in his hands and pinned them beside her body. He wasn’t through with her yet.

He continued to lap and suck at her pussy until she was moaning and thrashing around again on the bed with another orgasm exploding within her. After drinking his fill of her again he released her hands and brought his head from between her legs. Reaching down Terry stroked at his hard throbbing dick. He could not control himself any longer. He mounted her while she was still feeling the remnants of her previous orgasm. He let her feel him nudging at her wetness. She opened her eyes and looked deep into Terry’s.

She saw his passion and need painted plainly there. She reached up for him, and pulled his body down onto hers. Loving the crush of his weight on top of her, anticipating the press of him down into her, she shivered and pulled him close.

“Terry, I love you baby.” Synthia said right before their mouths met.

I hope you like this part. I got another for you. Let me know if you want to read it.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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