Sweet Surprise

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Have you ever had one of those days when nothing seems to go right? Where you feel as if some divine power is just toying with you? Well by 6pm, I had had enough. My horrible day was about to end, the only thing was, is that I had no idea…

I entered the house thinking that it felt good to be at home, away from the noise of the city, away from the hassles of work. Our house is so cozy and warm that from the minute you walk inside, you’re transported to another place, a happy place. I put my coat on the hanger, flicked off my shoes at the door and walked into the kitchen where a heavenly smell was coming from. There you were, dressed in a baseball cap that was supposed to be a chef’s hat and an old shirt wrapped around your waist like a mock apron. So cute that a smile came across my face almost instantly.

You were leaning over the boiling pot, tasting the fruit of your labours. “Hope there’s enough for you, I’m famished,” I say was I walk up behind you and wrap my arms around your waist.

You turn around in my arms and look down up on me with a silly grin. “Hello beautiful,” you whisper as you kiss me tenderly. “I tried something a little different tonight…all I want you to do is enjoy,” you say as you walk me slowly to the table, which was beautifully set.

You sit me down and bring the pot to the table. It smells wonderful and my stomach growls. You’d made beef stew. MMMmmm yummy. Perfect for a hard day. We talk through dinner, and you tell me all about your day…. I relay mine to you as well.

“Aww poor baby,” you say and push out your cute lower lip. “I’ll make it all better…promise.” It was the way you whispered ‘promise’ that made me shiver from head to toe. That little sparkle in your eyes that told me you had something else up your sleeve.

I leaned in a little and unbuttoned my blouse to show a little more cleavage, with no complaints. Your eyes darted down to get a better look and I pulled your face in closer to give you a soft kiss on the lips. The soft kiss didn’t last for long at all. Soon we were locked in a passionate kiss, nearly knocking over the table as you pulled me to sit on your lap.

“Oh god,” you whispered. “You always taste so good.” Another long kiss, then you pull away for a moment, “Wait honey, I have a surprise for you.”

Mmm I love surprises. You take my hand and walk with me up the stairs to our bedroom. It’s full of candles casting a romantic glow around the room. “Oh baby, this is so beautiful,” I gasp.

You smile and bring me further into the room and sit me down on the edge of the bed. Then slowly, without saying a word, you kneel in front of me and begin to undress me all the while gazing into my eyes. Gently you unbutton my blouse, button by button, skimming my full breasts as you do so. Instantly my heart rate increases tecavüz porno and my skin feels as if I’ve been branded by your touch. I moan softly as my shirt falls to the floor. Next, you unclasp my skirt in the back, and gently tell me to lift my bottom so that it too can be removed. Your penetrating gaze is driving me wild. You look at my body like a man in complete lust and it feels good to be able to have that power over you.

Gently you hold my hands and stand with me at the foot of the bed…staring deep into my eyes. You smile a little, wickedly, and pull me towards the bath. A bath is ready and waiting for me to get inside. Bubbles everywhere, lights down low, and soft music in the background. You kiss me more deeply this time, and your hands are beginning to wander over my body…paying special attention to my behind. I melt into your arms; I can’t believe you did all this for me!

Softly you push my bra straps over my shoulders, and unhook it. My firm breasts spring free, and I hear you gasp at the mere sight of them. “God, I love your breasts,” you say just before you lean your head down and kiss them each in turn. What was on a slow simmer is now on full boil. I moan aloud as your tongue does lazy laps around the nipples…. teasing them. Hot flashes are running down my spine and causing the fire burning in my core to nearly burn out of control. It’s all I can do to keep standing, as my knees go weak at your touch. You go lower still, kissing and licking down my stomach. Dipping your tongue into my belly button for an instant. I gasp aloud because it is almost as if you’ve dipped your tongue in my other hollow…the one where I’m nearly desperate for you now. Lower still, you kiss. Reaching the top of my panties. Gently, you fall to your knees in front of me, and take a hold of my hips.

Softly, you pull down the fabric of my panties and start to lick just under the seam. It’s almost too much for me. My heart is pounding harder in my ears than ever before. Every hair on my body is standing on end. That simple lick causes my panties to become saturated. You know what you’re doing to me. You know exactly what you’re doing. And it turns you on even more to know that you’ve got me right where you want me. You pull the panties even lower, and this time you start to place gentle little kisses at my hip. The only other place on my body that can make me reach orgasm, besides the obvious.

“Oh god baby…not the hip,” I gasp. My body is quivering with need and want. God, if you don’t stop soon………

As you kiss me, you pull my panties all the rest of the way down my legs to the floor. Gently, you lift my legs up to pull them off of me completely. Stroking the back of my calves as you do. Then you move higher, to the back of my thighs. Tickling üvey anne porno me.

Hotter and hotter I get as your tongue swirls over my hip. “Please baby,” I plead. You know what I want. But you want to hold off just a little longer…torture me a little more. And just when I’m almost at the place of no return, you stop. And kiss your way back up to my mouth, intending to kiss me tenderly and leave me for a while to take my bath and relax. Intending to rattle me, and let me stew. But it didn’t work out that way. Your plan backfired.

As soon as your lips hit mine, I nearly lost control. I kissed you back with such passion, such force, that I knocked you against the wall. Pressing myself against you and devouring you. What could you do but kiss me back?

My fever was contagious. In a matter of seconds, your hard manhood was straining against your jeans. Your hands were roaming all over my body, and my body rubbing up against you was nearly too much for you to take. God, you wanted me…

I nearly ripped your clothes right off of you! I couldn’t help myself. All I knew was that if I didn’t feel your skin on my skin soon, I would explode. You had no complaints; your clothes were just getting in the way, as far as you were concerned too. As soon as the last bit of clothing hit the floor, I smiled wickedly up at you.

Then I started my revenge. Kissing along your neck and behind your ear, as my hand gently stroked your back and butt. Spanking it softly. You groan softly as I start to kiss down further to your chest. You close your eyes and lean back against the wall, wanting to just feel what I’m doing to you.

I start to kiss even lower until I reach your belly button. It’s only fair that I too insert my tongue to cause a shiver to run through you. Then slowly I begin to kiss under your belly button. Back and forth…teasing you. You groan softly as my hair gently tickles your hard cock. I’m kissing and licking everywhere but where you want me to the most, as payback for your wonderful torture. Kissing as the top of your inner thighs, letting my tongue trace along the fold there, making sure that you can feel my hot breath on your balls. You begin to ache. Your penis is so hard and red, it looks like its made of stone. And out of the top, tiny drops of pre-cum start to form. You’re a rocket ready to explode. All you want from me is one tiny little lick…

You’re mind is racing, but its like everything is frozen in time. Your whole body is tight with tension, ready for release. And yet, I keep teasing…. kissing and licking everywhere around that special place.

Your hands come to rest on my shoulders, silently begging me and pointing me in the right direction.

“How badly do you want this baby?” I say to you, while kneeling üvey erkek kardeş porno in front of you.

You can’t even open your eyes, but you do manage to mumble a soft “Please.”

With that, I lean in and lick you with one long stroke, from behind your balls, to the tip of your hard cock. Your hands squeeze my shoulders and there is a sharp intake of breath as I do this. I can feel your body shivering and it’s driving me insane. To have you totally under my power is the biggest turn on in the world. My aching core is calling out for you just as badly. But I want to bring you more pleasure.

Gently I lick the pre-cum off the top of you and start to flick my tongue over the sensitive spot on the underside of it, “Ohhhhh yyyessss baby…yyyyyeeeeeeesssssss.” You manage to get out, “Please don’t stop.”

Then I take you into my hot, wet mouth. Softly suckling you. Swallowing every drop of pre-cum I can. Milking you slowly. You’re teetering on the edge. I can feel you grow even bigger and harder in my mouth. You’re going to cum….I can feel it. I stop.

You let out the breath you’ve been holding. Panting hard. You open your eyes and look down at me kneeling in front of you. I smile naughtily.

Then without warning you pull me up to you and kiss me hard on the mouth. Pushing me back against the sink. When my butt touches the counter, you stop the kiss and turn me around. Now we’re both facing the mirror. You push me down over the sink and grab a hold of my hips from behind. You want us to watch ourselves in the mirror.

One of your hands slides up to play with my breasts, while the other slides between my legs to play with my clit. You lean over me. I’m so wet for you. Instantly you thrust into me with force. Both of us gasp aloud, both of us watching the other in the mirror. I can see the concentration on your face, the pure need. It brings me higher. You can see the pleasure each thrust brings me. You’re hitting my G-spot. I’m burning up!

Slowly the rhythm gets faster and faster. You start to thrust harder and harder. Both of us reaching our limits…higher and higher and higher. Sitting on the edge. You stop with one more thrust to go…one more movement and both of us go crashing over the edge. Neither of us moves. I can feel you throbbing inside of me…both of us turning redder and redder as it takes all our control to hold the moment for as long as we can. My body begins to tremble…I can’t hold on much longer! Your body is bursting!!! You can’t take it much longer!!…

Involuntarily my muscles twitch…both of us let out a loud groan…and we cum crashing down to earth together. Watching each other in the mirror as you thrust into me with full force.

And when it’s all over, you’ve fallen on top of me at the sink. Both of us gasping for air, and unable to move.

Slowly the world returns and I turn around and kiss you. You hold me close for a few minutes. Then it’s my turn to take your hands and lead you to the tub. We both climb in together. I sit in front of you and we hold each other for a while….

At least something went right today.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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