Taken Whilst Asleep

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*All characters are over 18 and are consensual*

Mark didn’t know if you did this on purpose, but the way that you were on the couch, the soft blanket not even covering a third of you, it was tempting.

You were dressed only in a large shirt and a pair of cotton panties, which didn’t cover anything. You had fallen asleep on the couch, after finding the flat empty you wanted to wait for the group of boys to walk in. But of course, you couldn’t keep your eyes open.

“Is she trying to torture us?” Mark turned his head to reply to Josh. Both of them returned home from a long day working, just to find you in your current position. Both of their eyes were wide upon seeing you.

“She’s been doing it for years, it’s her talent.” He laughed, his eyes meeting your body once again as he sat on the seat opposite you. Hearing the camera sound from Josh’s phone, Mark glanced over to see him grinning at his phone.

“Jake and Shawn are going to be so jealous. If it weren’t that they were being held up with paperwork they would be home before us.” He chuckled as he sent the photo to the group chat they had. His chuckles bounced off the walls and made you stir, you mumbled into the pillow as you arched your back further. That movement had both mouths dry. That movement had revealed the outline of your pussy, a small patch of wetness had began darkening the fabric, revealing your arousal to the men. You moaned in your sleep, it was mostly muffled by the pillow but they both still heard it. Their eyes were watching like hawks as your hips pushed back, in a searching manner as a deep sleep overtook you again.

Mark couldn’t look away. Before he realised his body movements, he quickly closed the space between you. He sat in the space which your body had been uncovered from your movements, he was positioned in the curve of your legs, which gave him a close view to your wet panties.

Josh soon joined him, going to his knees at your side. He noticed the camera was still on, without another thought he clicked the record button as another moan left your mouth, this one being slightly louder, which made both of the men lock eyes as they smirked.

“How about we make them really jealous?” Josh showed his phone, aiming it at you. Mark licked his lips as his teeth found the bottom lip. His eyelids began to close as he thought about everything he could do to you.

“Hurry up please, I wanna taste her.” Mark spoke, not being able to hide his neediness.

Josh rolled his eyes as he made sure the camera wasn’t blurred as he gave Mark the go ahead. He was quick to duck his head between your thighs, giving kisses to the skin, trailing his tongue to meet the spot where your panties met your inner thigh.

Your eyebrows furrowed as your mouth dropped open, and Josh made sure he captured it, glancing at the screen briefly before his gaze was once again on you. His cock was nearly hardened completely, his free hand went to adjust himself, he groaned softly at the pressure on his tip. Small drops of precum were seeping into the fabric.

Mark ran his tongue altyazı porno up onto your panties, lightly running it over the wet cotton, moaning at the hint of your wetness hitting is tongue. He yearned for more. His tongue lightly pressing to your panties made you gasp, letting the air in your lungs escape with a moan. Your eyes fluttered as your hips lifted, not knowing it was Mark’s tongue that they were seeking. One of his fingers slipped under the fabric which was blocking his path, he lifted the wet fabric to reveal you pussy. Both men released a loud groan as his nose filled with your scent.

“Such a good girl, already being so wet.” He praised automatically, he glanced up to Josh, sharing a smirk with him as he shot the camera a wink.

Mark quickly dove in, his tongue parting your folds, capturing the sweet juices, and he didn’t waste any time in sucking your clit between his lips. Your head quickly shot up, your eyes finding Josh straight away. Before you could recognise anything else, your eyes squeezed shut and you began gasping for breath. Your hips pushing against Mark’s mouth, grinding on his tongue, trying to find a release. Your eyes whipped to find Mark’s dark gaze, you could only just meet his gaze over the curve of your ass.

“Fu-Fuck! Wh-” Mark growled into your pussy, and began to increase his pace which stole your breath. Your head fell back onto the pillow as you moaned out. Slowly you looked up at Josh, spotting the phone his hand held.

“I couldn’t resist, Princess. You look so good. Does Mark’s tongue feel good? Do you want to cum all over his tongue?” You shivered listening to his words as Mark released a groan which vibrated through you. Your eyes began to flutter as you gazed at Josh, your hips chased your close release.

“Ye-Yes! It’s so g-ood, so fuc-king good!” Whimpers cut through your words as your body was pleading or Mark to do anything to make you cum. You turned to him, reaching for his hair as you begged. “More. Please. I need more, please, please.”

“But what do you want me to do, baby?” He stopped pressing wet kisses to your clit when he spoke. As soon as he finished speaking he continued doing it.

“Fingers, please, please! I want to cum so badly!” You whined, and tugged his face upwards before it was in front of yours.

He smiled as he brushed his lips over the skin of your shoulders, his fingers sliding over your hole and immediately burying themselves into your dripping pussy.

“Oh, you’re being such a good girl for us today, aren’t you? Isn’t she, Josh?” Mark shot a smirk to Josh who was massaging his hard cock. He met his eyes and nodded.

Your head was buried into the pillow as your pussy began to clench around Mark’s fingers, the fabric of the pillow failed to catch your loud cries and moans as you started to grind on his length which was pressing into your ass. Your cries began to drown out his hiss of pleasure.

“Ple- fuc- pleas- going to cu- please!”

“Jess? Don’t you dare cum without permission,” Your head began to shake, “Don’t amatör porno make me have to punish you.”

“Mark! I can’t- plea- fuck- I can’t hol-d it.” Josh hummed and watched in pleasure at your face flushing and as goosebumps rose on your skin. Mark never slowed his pace, your body began to tense with pleasure. Josh, still aiming his camera at you, knelt besides you.

“Are you sure you can’t hold it, baby?” Mark groaned in your ear, nibbling the skin around it as you began to shake when his thumb met your clit. Your head landed on his shoulder as your mouth hung open as you panted. Your eyes met the camera and Josh, you shook your head.

“Ple-please!” A whisper escaped your moth. Your eyes rolling back, you had to cum now and said the first thing to come to your mind. “Daddy, please!”

Josh froze before his hand harshly grabbed your chin, pulling your face to his.

“Fucking cum. Right fucking now.” You let go instantly, you shook in pleasure, your breath hitching, as the only sounds leaving your mouth were small whimpers. Tears of pleasure were released when your eyes opened.

Neither of the boys eyes left you, they watched as you came down from your orgasm, your hips rolling to ride it out as Mark pumped his fingers slowly into you. His fingers were removed as you opened your eyes, you opened your arms to Josh, wanting him to join you and Mark.

He turned the camera off, the video sending to the group chat, the small icons signified that the boys had already opened the message. He put his phone to the side, ignoring the sounds. He leaned in close to you as he pressed his lips against yours. You broke away from his lips for breath as Mark’s lips caught yours and you were pressing your chest to his, moaning as he took your bottom lip between his teeth. You felt Josh’s hands trial up your leg, you pulled your lips away from Mark as you pulled Josh’s face down until his lips claimed yours.

Mark’s hands were at the hem of your shirt and you paused for him to remove it. His hands and mouth found places on your breasts and the pleasure seeped through you and your hip lifted as Josh’s fingers met your thigh. Whimpers were softly leaving your mouth.

“Do you want more, baby? You need to use words, princess.” He asked. His fingers just gently brushed over your pussy but they never went where you wanted them. Mark chuckled as he began to press kisses up your neck.

“Please! Yes!” You breathed out as Mark’s mouth caught the skin of your neck, more moans were released from you mouth. “Fuck me, please, please!”

Both men groaned as they quickly began to strip out of their clothes. Mark settled back in between your thighs as Josh returned to his spot on the other seat. He was freely stroking his hard cock, your eyes never left his hand as you began to lick your lips. Your gaze was back onto Mark as he dragged the leaking tip against your wet hole, combining both of your juices, you quickly pressed your hips towards his.

“Patience.” He groaned as his grip on your hips tightened. You were memorised animasyon porno by the image of him stroking his cock.

“Please! Now, please. I need it!” You moaned as you squirmed desperately.

“You’re so impatient,” You moaned out at the feeling of his hard, thick cock filling your pussy. His mouth landed on your chest, biting at the skin as he hissed and groaned in pleasure. His hips rolling against yours. “You feel so good.” You moaned at his words.

“Please, move.” You begged, as your pussy began clenching around his cock, wanting another release.

He pulled back against your tight pussy which was refusing to release him, without warning he slammed back into you with a roll of his hips. Your legs wrapped around his waist straight away. Your nails began to run over his shoulders and chest.

“You’re so tight and so fucking wet. Fuck, baby. You’re such a good girl for me.” He moaned as he hooked his hands up around your shoulder to pull you down harder on his length. His tip hitting your spot.

“Yesss! Again! Please, please!” You moaned loudly, your lips catching his neck causing his hips to stutter.

“Right there?” He rasped, already knowing the answer. The pace of his thrusts increased until your toes began curling and your vision blurred. One of his hands went under your chin, his fingertips ran over your mouth. His hand then began to graze your your clit, the careless flicks had you over the edge.

He groaned out as your pussy tightened around his cock, your wetness dripping from his length. Coming down from your high, you heard the low moans from above you. As you opened your eyes, they caught sight of Josh, his head thrown back and his hand moving quickly up and down his length as he listened to your moans and cries.

You reached out to him, wanting to have his cock in your hand. He moved forward until your hand could grip his cock. You pulled him towards your mouth quickly, you took him deeply, gagging slightly.

Mark’s head dropped to your chest after he seen you deep throat Josh’s cock, he felt his balls tighten as his release came closer and closer, the wet heat was still drawing him in. His length began to swell as you met his eyes.

Josh let out a hiss as his fingers tightened in your hair and you moaned around his cock, your tongue catching the underside of his leaking tip. Seconds later he was yanking your head back as he ordered you to open up.

“Tongue out for daddy, princess.” His voice rasped as your hand jerked him to his release. Mark couldn’t hold back, not after seeing the first shot of Josh’s cum land in your mouth. He pulled out of your pussy to join Josh. Whining groans escaped his mouth as he watched his cum mix with Josh’s on your lips and tongue.

You kept eye contact as you swallowed all their cum. Loving the taste of them inside your mouth.

The room was quiet until slow claps filled the room, we all jumped in surprise.

Jake’s hands stopped clapping as your gazes landed on his, his eyes dark and piercing yours. Shawn stood silently behind him, leaning against the door as his eyes were on your body. He caught your eyes with a dark smirk.

“Oh I’m sorry,” Jake’s voice filled the empty room, demanding all attention, as he walked to the couch, his hands snapping his belt open. “You don’t mind us joining. Right, Sweetheart?”

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