Taking Chel

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Gabe scratched his head… It was the middle of a long day of a convention. He wanted to help, but he didn’t know a lot about cosplay design or sewing repair, but she needed his help. She held up her arm again with the top half-on and half-off.

“See?” she asked. “It doesn’t want to stay on!” At this point she was pouting.

Chel was a little spitfire when she was revved up about something. She could also pout with the best of them. Gabe wished his daughter, Chel’s best friend, was here. SHE knew what she was doing, and could figure out how to fix the outfit problem.

But then again, if she were here, Gabe probably wouldn’t be getting the half-naked marvel in front of him. Chel was wearing a skirt that was part of the outfit. The blouse, a little school-girl number, was hanging half off her as she held up one arm in the sleeve. Underneath that was a skimpy lace bra. Chel was all of 5′ 4″ and had very little up top. The bra was clearly more for modesty than support. As she turned to show the sleeve issue from another angle, Gabe got to see her ass in profile. That was one thing she could definitely brag about.

Both his daughter and Chel talked him into coming to this convention. Gabe’s wife was there too. In fact, his wife knew about the effect little Chel had on him. She worked her deft magic to take advantage of the ‘cosplay emergency’ and engineered a way for Gabe to be alone in the hotel room with Chel. I owe her for this, he thought as he admired the curve of her tight little ass.

“I don’t really know what to do with it, Chel.” he admitted to her. “If the arm is falling off, I think all we can really do is pin it on. Neither of you brought a sewing machine.”

He checked his watch. “It IS getting kinda late. Why don’t you change into one of your other outfits so we can get back to the con before it closes?” He knew he had plenty of time and his wife would keep his daughter busy long enough for him to enjoy a bit of time ogling this pert little minx. Does she know the effect she has? He wondered.

Chel sighed as only an 18 year old girl can and let the rest of the top slide off her arm. She crossed her arms in front of her bra-covered chess and looked down. “I guess so…” she said and trailed off, obviously disappointed that her cosplay plans were not working as she had hoped. He took a step towards her, careful not to get too close and make her uncomfortable. He placed a fatherly hand on her shoulder and said “I’m sorry Chel… I know you wanted to wear this one, but you don’t really have a choice.”

She looked up and he could tell that she was closer to tears than he would have thought this situation called for. He cocked his head and asked “Chel, are you OK? Seems like something else is bothering you… what’s up?”

She took a deep breath and reached up to put her hand over his. “It’s nothing… I’m just…” she shrugged. “Frustrated, I guess. Nothing ever seems to go right.” She squeezed his hand, slid out from under it, and moved over to sit on the bed. She reached down and pulled the suitcase that held her other outfits over to her. She hopped off the bed long enough to slip the skirt off and sat back down. Gabe was thankful that her back was to him at the moment so he could adjust the growing erection to be less obvious.

Chel’s panties matched her bra. Both in red “Yes, I could help you with playing”. He placed his hand on her bare stomach, but didn’t move it. She didn’t make a move to push it away.

“I…” she started, but trailed off.

He smiled gently at her, and made a small circle with his hand on her stomach with each point: “I don’t want a relationship… I have one. I know what I’m doing… ask my wife. And, I can make it worth it.” While he fought to keep a calm, sure look on his face, Pendik escort his heart was racing. He had stepped over a line that could not be uncrossed.

“But your wife… She’d be… OK with that?”

Yes! He thought. She’s not saying no! He fought to keep a relieved smile off his face as he realized that she’s working through the things that would keep her from saying yes. “Her and I are in an open relationship. We’re not poly… we just play with other people”. He trailed his fingers from one side of her ribs to the other… up and down between the bottom of her bra and the top of her panties.

“I’m… I don’t…” She had been looking in his eyes this whole time, but now she looked away. He slowly moved his hand on top of her bra and gave her pert breast a gentle caress. She closed her eyes and arched ever so slightly into his hand. “But what about Mel?”

“What about her? What I do, and what you do are none of her business” he answered. He released her breast and trailed his fingers down and circled them around on her panties over her mound. Due to how thin they were, he could tell that she shaved. Not a wisp of hair could be felt through the cloth. By this point, his cock was hard as a rock.

Chel kept her eyes closed and moved her hips slightly in time with his fingers. She wasn’t quite trying to move further under his fingers, but he got the message. He slid his fingers between her legs, feeling the outline of her lips through the thin panties.

She sucked in a breath and arched her back further. “Well?” he asked. “Do you want to use me to take care of your needs?” He kept a slow movement of his fingers between her legs and slid the other from her breast, up to her neck, and ran his thumb across her cheeks.

She began moving a bit more, but Gabe could still sense some reluctance. She had not given herself up to him just yet. He thought for a moment and remembered some of the conversations he had overheard between Chel and Mel. He remembers that she was interested in being tied up, spanked, generally submissive things. A spark of inspiration struck him.

He leaned down close to her ear. He cupped her pussy and ran his fingers into her hair. “Or… I could just TAKE you…” he grabbed a fist full of her hair when he said ‘take’. That was it.

She shuddered from head to toe, and he could feel her panties flood. She whimpered sweetly and snapped her eyes open and looked directly into his. There was a mixed look of excitement and fear in her eyes. He had her, he knew.

“I…” she began. He growled, tugged her hair and pressed his mouth forcefully on hers. Her arms cam up against his chest, but there was no force behind them. As he pushed his tongue into her mouth, she began to grind her soaking pussy against his hand. Her moans went from lustful to fearful and back.

He gripped her pussy tightly through her panties and moved his mouth to her ear… between licks and nibbles on her ear and neck, he told her: “it’s okay, little one… you don’t have to make the choice. I’ll make it for you”.

With that, he flipped her onto her stomach and straddled her legs to keep her from getting up (not that she was trying hard). He leaned down and trailed kisses and licks up and down her spine while unsnapping her bra. He pulled it roughly from beneath her, causing her to rise up for a moment. In the mirror across the room, he caught sight of her small breasts. His cock surged even harder at the image of her topless and her eyes shut hard in pleasure.

“Mmm” he growled, reaching a hand again between her legs. She was completely flooded. “You DO want this, don’t you?” She whimpered, but said nothing. “Answer me!” he demanded, and grabbed a handful of her hair again.

“Yes!” she said, her breaths Kurtköy Escort coming quickly now. “Please!”

He stood next to bed, on hand still on her back, holding her there. He undid his belt and let his pants fall to the floor. He pulled her to face the edge of the bed, still laying on her stomach. He lifted her head up by way of pulling on her hair with one hand and lifting her chin with the other. “Open your mouth.” he ordered.

She opened her eyes and saw his hard cock sticking out, pointing right at her. Her eyes widened and she opened her mouth as much as she could. Gabe’s cock wasn’t abnormally large, maybe just shy of 6 inches… but he never received any complaints.

He held her head by her hair and chin, and slid the tip of his cock past her lips. He felt her tongue run around the head and felt her suck more of it in. She let out a muffled moan as he pushed more of his cock in her mouth. She made little grunts as he built a slow, steady rhythm fucking her face.

He relaxed the grip in her hair and ran those fingers through it, telling her “Mmm, good girl”. The praise made her increase her efforts and she added more head movement to her work.

Gabe let her continue for a few minutes, petting her head as she serviced him. But he could already feel his balls tightening. He pushed her head back and pulled his cock out of her mouth. She panted for breath and laid her head back down. Before she could calm herself, Gabe grabbed her and flipped her on her back and spun he around. She yelped in surprise.

Gabe pulled his shirt off, leaned down over her and and kissed her again. This time, she eagerly returned the kiss, her tongue sliding into his mouth this time. She reached both arms around his back and pulled him down. He suppressed a chuckle at her enthusiasm.

He reached back and pulled her arms from around him. She looked surprised, until he moved them both above her head and held them there firmly. She got the idea and writhed against his grip playfully. He kissed her yet again, moving from her lips, across her cheek, and down her neck. She moaned and whimpered as he kissed his way over her collarbone down towards her breasts. He stopped for a moment to admire this amazing little beauty held down beneath him. He appreciated her small breasts with perky little nipples. He smiled and attacked one.

She again arched up to give him better access as he bit and sucked on first one nipple, then the other. He grabbed both of her wrists in one hand and slid the other hand down to one breast. He gave it a squeeze while sucking on the other, and continued his hand down to her panties. He grabbed one side and ripped them off. She gasped and squirmed against his grip again.

He placed a hand on her now-bare pussy and rubbed it gently as he kissed down her stomach. He reluctantly let go of her hands as his reach stretched out once he neared her mound. He smelled her excitement as he got closer. He felt her fingers entwine in his hair as she gently pushed him lower. He kissed his way to her slit and licked once, from bottom to top, and played his tongue around her clit. He slid a finger inside her as he continued licking. She moaned long and loud as he continued licking and fingering her pussy. She tasted as sweet as he thought she would. He lapped up the juices that flowed freely from her. He felt her tense up and a fresh gush flooded down his chin. He smiled as she gripped his hair tightly in her first orgams of the day. Not the last one, though, he promised himself.

“P…Please… I…” she panted, trying to catch her breath. He made his way back up her body, trying to avoid her more sensitive areas for the moment. He kissed her eyes, then her nose as she continued breathing heavily. Before he could Maltepe Escort kiss her lips again, she opened her eyes and looked into his. “Please… please fuck me…” she begged.

She trailed a hand along his chest, down his stomach, and gripped his cock. “Please! I need this inside me!” Not wanting to keep her waiting, he rose up and knelt between her legs. She opened her knees wide, exposing herself to him. She was breathtakingly cute. So small… so vulnerable… so innocent-looking.

Before he could admire her for long, she squeezed his cock a bit more forcefully. “Please!”

He moved forward again and she helped him line his cock up with her opening. She rubbed the head up and down her slit a few times then released his cock and put her arms on his hips. He took over holding his cock in place as she pulled on him to enter her. He wanted to enjoy this moment… he had dreamed about it (literally, sometimes) for so long. He kept his eyes on her face as he placed the head of his cock against her and slowly pushed in.

As he eased into her slowly, she closed her eyes tight and tilted her head back. “Oooohhh fuuuuck yeeeesss…” she drew out in one long moan as he slid into her, inch by inch. Once he was fully inside her, he closed his own eyes and enjoyed the incredible silky tightness of her pussy. He held himself still, fully inside her, and savored it. When she started moving her hips, he opened his eyes and looked down at her. She smirked lustfully up at him and shocked him with “Finally… I’ve been waiting for you to fuck me for a long time now. I told Mel that I thought you were hot” she said with a salacious grin. “And that I bet you have a big cock. That’s what we were fighting about” she confirmed.

It surprised him for a moment that she lusted after him too. She always played such an innocent little girl. He cleared that out of his mind for now and got to work. He slid his cock in and out of her at a steady and full pace. He leaned down and locked his lips on hers and they kissed deeply. The kiss was full of tongues and moans. She broke the kiss and started moaning louder.

“I…I’m going to cum again…” she told him. He kept the pace for a moment, and when she started to breathe faster, he stopped. She snapped a surprised look at him, and saw him smiling evilly. “Not yet, little one” he said. He sat up and flipped her over back onto her stomach. He reached down to her hips and pulled her ass forcefully up. He lined his cock up and slipped back into her pussy from behind in a single thrust. She moaned out at the entry and grunted with each thrust he gave her. He fucked her hard from behind … taking her like he promised he would. This time, he didn’t stop until she was screaming that she was cumming again. He pushed his cock all the way in when she climaxed and held it there, kissing the back of her neck and shoulders.

Once she had slowed her breath back down, he gently turned her back over once more. He slid between her legs and kissed her sweetly. He slid his cock in again, savoring the feeling of entering her tight pussy. This time they fucked at a slow, leisurely pace, kissing and nibbling at each other. She looked up at him with a vulnerable expression on her face (Damn, she’s good at that act! he thought) and asked “can you make me cum again? Please?” She had put on the face of the perfectly innocent little girl… fucking for the first time. It almost put him over the edge.

He ground his teeth and regained control. He grunted his assent and started fucking her harder and faster. To his amazement, she kept the sweet, innocent look on her face the whole time. “Please Mr Gabe… please make me cum again” she acted out.

It didn’t take long. “I think I’m going to… Oh my god!” she screamed as she came once more. This time, Gabe had reached the end of his limits. He thrusted harder and harder, until he felt the cum boiling up his cock. He pulled out and with only one stroke, blasted cum up her stomach, across her pert little tits, and on her sweet, panting face.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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