Taking MIL to Bed

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I decided to give mother in law a ride. She isn’t bad, I just find her annoying. She’s 69 and about 5’10”, I’m not sure about her weight but she has smallish tits but wide hips and big ass. We’re going to see her sick aunt who is in a home an hour away.

My wife, her daughter, was out of town on business, so off we went. I picked her up at 10 as planned. She was ready and waiting, wearing virtually the same clothes she always wears. Very nondescript 70’s style. I thought to myself, if I’d had her instead of her daughter, she’d be a different person. Oh well! We drove along and the conversation of her aunt started to get her a bit sad. I reached over and held her left hand, she responded by placing her right hand on top of mine. I gently squeezed and offered her reassurance that things will work out. I kept my hand in hers as we drove along. She thanked me for inviting her along. I gently squeezed her hand and told her I was glad to be there to help.

We chatted a bit about her childhood and the extent to which this aunt of hers was a fixture in her family’s life. She told me of different family gatherings that were meaningful to her. After some time I needed both hands to change lanes but I quickly put my right hand back on hers and laced my fingers through hers, and stroked her thigh with my fingertips, she gently squeezed my hand. I continued stroking her thigh and asked her if she’ll be ok. She smiled and said yes. She released my hand but I kept it on her thigh, and continued stroking. My stroking became caressing of her whole thigh from knee to crotch and back. I would stop and reverse direction each time I got close to her crotch.

I continued like this the rest of the trip since she showed no objection. At first she kept her thighs together but almost imperceptibly she parted them. I was sure she was getting turned on. Well sure I’m horny. She’s not giving me any other indicators however so I don’t push any more than that. When we arrive I scoot around and open her door for her, being a gentleman. She’s obviously somewhat old fashioned. I put my arm around her shoulders and we walk to see her aunt.

The poor dear of an aunt doesn’t even recognize her. By this time my arm is around MIL’s waist, so I caress the small of her back and console her. I ran my hand up her side and hugged escort gaziantep her. We spoke as best we could to her aunt, reliving recent events when she was lucid etc. We stayed perhaps a half a hour and then it was time to head back . My arm stayed around her waist back to the car. I could tell she was a little broken up.

Back in the car, I took her hand and placed it on my right thigh. There it stayed. I would give her a gentle squeeze every once in a while. Eventually she relaxed it and made slight motions on my thigh, so I took hold of her hand and gave it a squeeze and held it to my lower torso where I released it. She kept her hand there just above my crotch. I reached over to her thigh, which blocked her from moving her armband began to caress her again. This is how we stayed. I did my long caresses as before but this time I would bump her crotch each time. Eventually I stopped and kept my hand against her crotch for a few minutes. When she didn’t react I began to stroke her crotch with my fingertips. Her thighs parted. By this time we were almost at her home. I stopped caressing and just let my hand stay attached to her crotch and just pressed against the fabric of her pants.

I pulled the car into her drive, she opened the overhead door with the control she carried in her purse. I drove into the garage and asked her to close the door. She asked if I were staying, to which I pressed firmly against her crotch and told her I’d stay as long as she needed me to. She said she’d be ok not to worry that she was just going to take a hot bath and relax.

She then lightly caressed my hand in her crotch saying, “I don’t know what to say about this Randy.” I felt a little sheepish but assertive at the same time.

“It feels nice doesn’t it?” I asked her.

She smiled. “Well, you’re my daughter’s husband.”

I pressed firmly into her crotch and smiled. “And that won’t change, Mom.”

“Come on, I’ll walk you into the house.”

With that I got out of the car and went around to her side and opened the door and took her hand , helping her out. I caught her looking at my crotch which was hiding a very rigid tool. As she turned to head to the door, I placed my hand on her bum and rubbed it up and down. It felt nice and warm, firm and wide. I let my fingertips gaziantep escort forumları trace along the crack.

“What on earth are you doing now?” she asked as she opened the door.

“You feel so warm.” I replied. We closed the overhead door and proceeded through the side door. Once inside I embraced her from behind, wrapping my arms around her waist, and squeezed her tight letting her feel my erection against her bum.

“I’m so glad we went to see Aunt Doris” I said to her.

She caressed my hands now on her tummy saying, “Yeah, me too. And thanks again for taking me.”

I released her and allowed her to remove her shoes and I did the same. I worked my way around in front of her and took her hands in mine and drew her to me and hugged her. “I’m very happy to have brought you along” I really enjoyed the drive” I placed emphasis on the “really enjoyed”.

“You were such good company for my roving hand, you helped me stay awake on what would have otherwise been a boring drive.”

When I placed my greedy hands on her behind and pressed my erection into her groin she said she had to go to the bathroom to freshen up, that’s its been a long time since she left the house. I guess two and a half hours is a long time for a retiree.

“Excuse me I’ll be back in a few minutes, if you need to you can use the bathroom when I’m finished.”

“Sounds good, may I pour myself a drink?” I said.

“Sure, there should be a little bit of whiskey left.” she replied from halfway down the hall. I quickly poured us each a drink making hers a double and went down the hall to see if she was still in the bathroom. She was just coming out of her bedroom and going to the bathroom.

“There you are,” I said, “here I poured one for you as well.” She gave me a nervous smile saying thanks and surprised me by knocking it back right away and handing me the empty glass.

She entered the bathroom and closed the door, I listened but didn’t hear the lock click. I stood there trying to imagine her dropping her pants and squatting over the toilet. Then I imagined her pee squirting out of her twat wanting to put my cock into that sweet hole. I heard her pee then the toilet flush. I then heard her clothes ruffling. I knocked escort gaziantep bayan my drink back and set the glasses down beside the door and tried the door handle. It wasn’t locked . I turned it and pushed it open slightly, looking in the mirror I didn’t see her reflection, but then heard the shower turn on. I took all my clothes off and left them beside the empty glasses on the floor. I went into the bathroom and approached the tub, she peered around the shower curtain just as I was about to move it.

She saw me there naked with my cock pointing straight out and asked “What are you doing?” Just as her eyes dropped to my cock.

“Just thought I’d grab a quick shower too Mom” I said and walked into the shower with her. She backed up and placed her hands at her tits and her crotch.

“Well I’ve seen you in bra and panties before, but this is so much better,” I said.

She replied, ” Well you shouldn’t be in here, this isn’t right.”

I wasn’t about to give up now so I just reached for the soap and began to lather myself up saying, “Mom, its ok its just between us.”

I began to lather her shoulders, she began to turn around so I washed her back and down to her ass. I soaped up her big ass cheeks giving them a good massaging then slid one hand up her crack. Continuing to wash her crack like this, now both hands taking turns. I proceeded to touch her bum hole and give it a good rubbing with soapy fingers. She had loosened up and placed her hands against the wall.

“You have a fantastic butt Mom, I’ve always wanted to see it.” She simply let out a low moan. I got on my knees and spread her cheeks to wash out the soap. I then licked the whole length of her crack then kissed her hole.

She pulled away and half turned.

“Oh, are you licking my bum?”

“Yes mom, I like it”. “That’s why I soaped it up so much.”

“Oh my, that’s so strange.”

I felt emboldened, I wanted to get into her cunt asap.

“Let’s hurry and go to bed please, I’d love to lick your pussy too.”

She took the soap and lathered herself hurriedly while I caressed her nipples, her back, any place I could while she bathed.

I told her, “Mom I really want to put my hard cock inside you.”

“I want to fuck you till you squeal with pleasure.”

“Just remember I’m an old lady.” she replied.

“Not that old mom.” I told her.

She turned off the water and grabbed for the towel. I watched as she toweled herself. When she bent over to dry her legs, she came face to face with my cock. I held her head and put my cock at her lips. She kissed the head.

“We better go to bed.” she said.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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