Tales of Promiscuity Pt. 04

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Author’s Note: And then, I kept writing. My word count indicates that I’ve now written what can be considered a novella. Sorry, not sorry.


Sean left early the next morning. He claimed he wanted to get back before his roommates woke up. I’m not sure why he really cared but, to each their own.

I checked my phone as I lay in bed, content that I’d hooked up with someone who was both a fun lay and single. It wasn’t too late, but I’d received several texts overnight and this morning.

They were from Alex.

“Hmm..” I started reading. They were innocuous enough to start. The first few were just regular banter, asking how my evening was going, but as the night progressed and I ignored the messages, they seemed more agitated.

It seems Steve was a bit of a snitch, because Alex asked if I was having a good time with Sean.

‘I’m gone for one night and you already need to find another dick to play with.’ I’d known Alex long enough to know this wasn’t sarcasm. My anger flared. How dare he. I’m the one who’s single. He’s got a girlfriend and is giving me shit about having sex with someone else? We aren’t supposed to even be having this conversation… and yet, I enjoyed the jealousy. It made me feel wanted, desired.

Yeah, I’d had a few random hookups here and there, especially over the summer. But they required a certain amount of concessions on my part. Having to do the work to meet up, reach out in the first place and even making sure we had a private place to hook up. Despite my anger, the fact that he was reaching out was enough to want to text back. To tease by denying him the confrontation he so clearly was fishing for.

‘Bingo’ was all I replied. I smirked and got out of bed, making my way to the kitchen for some coffee. Steve was already downstairs, watching who knows what in the living room.

“Have fun last night?” He called as I came down the stairs. No animosity there, he was just happy someone in the house was getting some action.

“Sure did” I grinned, knowing that he was most likely going to say something to Alex, sooner than later.

Surprisingly, I didn’t receive any further communication from Alex that day, and Sean was quiet. I chalked it up to having things to do and settled in for another lazy day before the start of the semester.

Alex got home that evening and didn’t seem at all agitated – in fact, he seemed chipper. I was suspicious. He wasn’t the kind of person I’d ever dreamed of describing as “chipper”.

Steve, Alex, and I settled in on the couch to wrap up the movie we were watching, but once it finished and credits rolled, Steve said he had to go meet up with his girlfriend on campus. We said our cheery goodbyes, and I got up off the couch to go find something to eat. I was reaching up to find something in the cupboard, when I heard Alex enter the kitchen behind me.

I’d chosen to wear my pajama shorts all day. They were very short, and very thin, but it hadn’t been an issue to the other roommates. My hoodie came down almost to the hem of the shorts, so at certain angles, it almost looked like I wasn’t wearing pants at all.

He didn’t stop at the doorway, but instead walked up behind me, gripped my waist tightly, and pinned my hips between his body and the base cabinet. His mouth was at my ear and his voice was a dangerous rumble.

“You’re a fucking tease, you know that?” No longer reaching up, I placed my hands on the countertop, feeling the familiar rush of warmth to my face and my pussy.

“I really don’t know what you mean” I replied flatly, while at the same time, widening my legs just a touch. It didn’t escape his notice. He pushed harder against my backside, and I could feel that he was already hard. Alex moved his hands from my waist, then up under my hoodie. I wasn’t wearing a bra and his hands found my breasts, and he gripped them hard.

“I think you know” he rasped, his mouth began tracing down my neck, nibbling softly.

“Are you talking about the fact that I slept with someone else? I don’t think that makes me a tease. And it’s not like I messaged you a play-by-play” I ground my hips back against him.

“But you knew that would make me jealous,” Alex paused, “Unless, you’re just that horny all the time?”

He had a point, I had been way more horny since the first time we’d slept together. Sex with my ex, by the time we broke up, had been more of a chore than anything else. And my pleasure bursa eskort bayan always was secondary to his. My ex told me I was hard to get off, so he hardly ever tried. Turns out that wasn’t the case – my ex’s foreplay game was just lacking. With Alex, there was this electricity. The taboo of it was enough to get me going, but his dominating nature was something I didn’t know I wanted.

I didn’t know how to answer. Instead of continuing the conversation, I simply opened my legs wider, less subtle this time. I felt Alex’s right hand let go of my breast and move down between my legs from the back. I was still pushed hard against the cabinet. He roughly pushed my panties to the side, a finger exploring my slit, finding that I was already wet. His left hand now also abandoned my breast, moved out from under my hoodie, and he reached up towards my neck. I leaned my head back as he grasped my throat, albeit gently.

He inserted a finger into my pussy, slowly. So slowly. I moaned softly, relishing the feeling.

“If I wanted to fuck you right here in this kitchen, would you let me?” He was now moving his single finger in and out, teasing me.

“Yes” I moaned. Part of me thought it was a bad idea – who knew when Steve would be back, or if Kyle would be coming down for dinner any time soon? If he asked permission, I would have said no, but if he demanded…

Suddenly, he removed his finger from my pussy, and his hand from my throat. He turned me around to face him. His face was flushed, too and I could see the hunger in his eyes.

“Get on your knees” The words were hardly out of his mouth, and I was already down, kneeling between him and the base cabinets. Thinking ahead, I quickly took the hair tie from my wrist, and tied my hair back into a ponytail. Alex grabbed it, wrapping my long hair around his hand “I like that.”

I reached towards his jeans, my hands were now shaking with adrenaline, and unbuttoned them, reaching into his boxers to expose his erection. He was already rock hard. With no further encouragement, I took him into my mouth, struggling with his girth. I wrapped my right hand around the base of his cock, my left hand against the back of his thigh, both to keep my balance and to help control his thrusting. I took him in, as far as I could, almost gagging. I adjusted my hand to act as a buffer, and bobbed my head up and down, feeling his hand still wrapped in my hair.

He used that to his advantage. When I tried to take my mouth away, his grip tightened and pulled my head down his shaft. Rather than thrusting, he was moving my head, face fucking me. I’d never had a guy do that to me, but being in his control gave me a rush. I moved my left hand off his thigh, and down my shorts fingering myself as my palm ground against my clit. I opened my eyes, looking up at him from the floor, wanting to pleasure him, wanting to hear him call me a “good girl” again.

My eyes were beginning to water, tears spilling down my cheeks, as he started thrusting in addition to moving my head.

“Let me see your tits” He commanded. Not wanting to abandon my pussy, I moved my hand off the base of his shaft, pulling my hoodie up over my breasts. The air felt cold, adding a contrasting sensation to the heat of my pussy. I tucked my hoodie up so it wouldn’t fall down again, and placed my hand back at the base of his shaft.

“Good girl”

At those words, I was moaning on his dick, my eyes now closed, I was so close I couldn’t focus on his dick at the same time as my clit. He could tell I was getting close, but he didn’t let up, his hand still moving my head, fucking my mouth. Alex held my head still, as I came, using his dick to muffle my moans.

He let my hair go, and I quickly stood up, getting lightheaded with the sudden movement, blood flow returning to my legs. He held me steady for a moment, letting me get my feet under me. I adjusted my hoodie back down, not wanting to flash anyone who might be walking by the kitchen window. He tucked his dick back in his jeans and motioned for me to follow him to his bedroom, just off the living room.

With no hesitation, I followed him into his room. He lingered by the door, closing it after we both entered, and he sat down on his computer chair.

“Do you not want to get on the bed?” I asked. There was no way we were through. He didn’t even seem close to cumming and I was desperate for more.

“Not yet” he replied, bursa merkez escort now freeing his erection from the confines of his jeans. His dick was still glistening from my saliva. I wanted to taste it again. He turned away, momentarily, turning on some music. Heavy metal, something I didn’t recognize. Loud enough to cover any noise we might make, but not so loud that we couldn’t talk.

He looked back to me, expectantly. “Strip.”

It wasn’t a request. It was a demand. I’d never stripped for anyone before. Usually if I was about to have sex with someone, it wasn’t a slow build, it was fast. Trying to get to the “main event” as quickly as possible. Clearly, he was in no rush.

I took off my hoodie, tossing it aside and I was ready to lift my shirt, but he motioned for me to stop, “Slowly”, he said.

“Ohh… so you do like it when I tease” I grinned, understanding what he was after. I let my hair out of my ponytail, shaking out my long hair. He’d told me before he liked it better down.

“Maybe,” he conceded. He was now stroking slowly up and down his hard cock. He’d pulled lube from somewhere. Hell, it might have just been sitting out on his desk, but I wasn’t about to question it.

I turned my back to him, hooking my thumbs into the waist hem of my shorts, I slowly teased them down my hips, an inch at a time, moving in rhythm as best I could to the music. Damn those bands and their random time signature changes.

I worked my shorts off, bending over to continue their journey down my legs. I stepped out of them as soon as I got them close enough to the floor, leaving me in only panties and a t-shirt. Gathering my confidence, I strode towards Alex, still sitting in his chair, and straddled his legs. I didn’t get on top of his dick, instead, I left it between us, resting now against my stomach. His hands went to my hips, which were now gyrating against him. I flipped my hair out of my face and over my shoulder, bringing my hands up to my breasts, over my t-shirt, stretching the fabric to more clearly show their outline.

I took my time, letting him take it in before I started moving the hem of my shirt up. I have always had larger than average breasts, and took to wearing larger shirts than I needed, hoping to hide behind them. I dealt with a lot of unwanted attention, but now, I wanted nothing more than Alex’s eyes on me.

He greedily took me in as I slowly moved the hem further up, his hands following up as I exposed more skin. His hands stopped at my waist, as I finished taking the shirt up over my head.

“I love that I actually get to see you naked” His sudden words threw me off.

“What do you mean? Why wouldn’t I want to be naked for this?” I leaned into him, my hand now at the back of his neck as I traced my tongue along his jugular.

“She doesn’t take her shirt off when we have sex.” He never seemed to want to say his girlfriend’s name when he was around me. Maybe he felt some guilt. It seemed to rile up some of the competitive nature in me, though. Like I was competing with her to be the better lay.

“Ever?” I breathed, beginning to bite along his neck and down to his collarbone.

“Never. I’ve never once actually seen her naked.”

I wanted him to see every inch of me. I wanted him to worship every inch of me. Touch everything his girlfriend wouldn’t let him. Do things to me that he couldn’t with her.

I put my hands on his chest, pushing against him to stand up.

“So, what do you think of seeing me naked” I turned away from him, pulling the bottom hem of my panties up, turning them into a make-shift thong. The friction against my pussy felt good, and I pulled them harder.

“I think you’re the most gorgeous thing I’ve ever seen” He reached out, grabbing my butt cheek.

“Good answer” I moaned, now inching my panties down. I missed the feel of the fabric against my pussy, but I knew he would have to take me soon. His other hand was back to stroking his cock as he watched me finally abandon my panties on the hard, cold floor.

I stood straight and turned slowly. Letting him take me in. No one had ever called me gorgeous. Granted, I’d dated mostly assholes, and maybe Alex wasn’t exactly the epitome of “good boyfriend” material, but I couldn’t deny that it stroked my ego.

“God, you’re fucking perfect” he gasped, still stroking himself.

Abruptly, he stood up, tearing bursa sınırsız escort bayan his shirt off, and closed the distance, kissing me fiercely, pinning his erection between us. His skin was hot to the touch, and I ran my hands over his chest, then under his arms to his back. Alex’s hands were on either side of my face, as we made out. I dragged my nails hard down his back. I knew I would be leaving marks, but I didn’t care. He moaned into me, and I did it again, wanting more. I loved hearing him moan.

Before I could make another move, he roughly turned me towards the bed, almost pushing me on to it.

“Bend over.”

I was already mostly there, so I adjusted, finding a comfortable position with my feet still on the floor. I spread my legs, wanting to give him a good view of my wet pussy. I wanted him inside me, so I reached down, spreading my lips apart. I was dripping, having already cum once, and I needed his dick.

“Fuck” He whispered, taking me in.

“You like what you see?” I teased, shaking my ass a little to entice him. I couldn’t wait, and with my index and ring finger still spreading my labia, I inserted my middle finger. Slowly, making a show of it.

I heard his breath hitch, and I felt his cock at my entrance. I moved my middle finger out of the way, allowing him room to enter. He was not gentle. There was still lube on his dick, but he didn’t need it. He slid all the way in, his hips slamming into my ass, as he began thrusting. Grabbing my hips so hard, there would be bruises for days after, he pinned me against the bed, all the movement coming from him.

I groaned against the mattress, loving how his dick stretched my pussy. Without warning, he slapped my ass, hard. I hardly felt the sting, before he did it again. I wanted more.

“Again” I pleaded, my voice muffled against his mattress.

“Again, what?” He asked, slowing his thrusts. I was now able to move my hips a little, grinding myself against him.

“Again, please” I begged. He grunted out a laugh, smacked my ass again and resumed thrusting. Periodically, he slowed, sometimes spanking me in those pauses, sometimes not. Not knowing what was coming was driving me wild. I brought my right hand back down between my legs, finding my clit. I began rubbing it in circles. I could feel another orgasm coming. Just as my breathing started to hitch, he pulled out of me, and moved my hand away from my clit. I could feel my muscles clenching, looking for the release that I didn’t get.

“What the fuck?” I cried, desperate for release.

“I didn’t tell you to cum” Alex whispered, slapping my ass again. It was almost enough to put me over, but I fought the urge.

“Flip over, and get on the bed” He demanded. I didn’t question it. I did as he said, laying down on my back, as he got on the bed between my legs. Instead of coming down to me, he pulled my hips up to him, so I was resting on his knees underneath me. He angled in, and began building a rhythm. I brought my hands to my breasts, playing with my nipples as he watched, aching now with the need of my denied orgasm. I wrapped my legs around him, pulling him in tighter, as he panted, finally getting close.

“Touch yourself, I want to see your face when you cum” he panted out. My right hand shot down, my left still at my breast. Greedily, I rubbed my engorged clit, finally allowed to cum. I felt my muscles tighten against his cock, my hips bucking.

“Fuck” I cried out, cumming hard, Alex still thrusting between my legs. Abruptly, he pulled out, stroking himself, and spurting warm cum over my torso, hitting my breasts. Another stroke, another string of cum landed again on my breasts. On the third stroke, only a little more came out.

I laid there, hardly noticing when he got up and grabbed a towel off his dresser, handing it to me so I could clean myself up. I thanked him as I took it, wiping off my torso. After I was done, I threw it on the floor. He got back into bed, turning on the tv as he did, spinning up Friday the 13th.

“You know, I’ve never actually seen this before” I said, laying on my side to better see the tv. He laid behind me, also naked, propping his head on his right hand, his lift hand resting gently on my hip.

“Seriously?” he asked, genuinely surprised.

“Yeah. I was terrified of horror movies as a kid. And the gore used to really bother me.” I shrugged. “Now, I know it’s fake, so I can handle it.”

“How about the other horror classics? Nightmare on Elm Street, Halloween, all that?” he asked, settling in more comfortably behind me. I shook my head, no.

“Then, we need to get you caught up. We can watch the classics in my room,” he suggested. I felt a grin spread across my face.

“I would really enjoy that.”

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