Tamed Pt. 02: A Change in Persona

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Be sure to leave a comment or a feedback email, I love reading them! This one is more of a build-up for things to come 😉

Disclaimer: This is all a publication of fiction and in no way happened. This also may get a little unrealistic. You’ve been warned.


The days that followed were those of study. I had been spending more and more time in one of the campus libraries, from sun rise to sunset. It was gruelling to say the least. Not only was I working on my own, almost flawless reports, I was also working on Hana’s; that woman whom I am embarrassed to say I had spent the better part of 2 years trying to be anything more than her errand boy. It was hard for me to see her with other guys, clearly more interested in them than I… Alanah was right, while I worked on her education she was out with ‘Real Men’ who gave her everything…

In regards to my bitch of a step sister, she had been acting different. Very different. Before that evening she would have brought home a different man each night, making sure that I heard every thrust, scream and moan that came from her room. But for the past week, that had changed. It had been days since her last one-night stand, days since she wore one of her tight, low cut dresses in high heels; not to mention that she had become increasingly quieter when it came to me. Before, if I did anything, she deemed out of line I would get an earful of her whines and chastising comments. Now? Barely a peep.

In reality, Alanah’s brain was thoroughly scrambled. Having to actively avoid me to stop the vivid picture of my meat stick infesting her thoughts. Emotions went back and forth in her mind, swinging wildly from arousal, to disgust; to longing, to horrified. She had tried her best to cleanse herself, if she didn’t have sex, maybe she would stop thinking about what her not so little step-bro was packing between my legs.

Eventually she couldn’t take it much longer. She had to at least try to get well and truly fucked, maybe then the fantasies and wet dreams would stop. “It’s not like he’ll know how to use it. What good is it if he doesn’t know where to put it?” She tried to rationalise with herself as she slid on a pair of black, slightly transparent pair of stockings that wrapped around her legs like another layer of skin. She had stuffed her thin yet curvy frame into a tight-fitting red dress, low cut to show off some thigh, along with a neckline that pushed up hard against her eye drawing cleavage. Between her bust nestled a simple Christian cross necklace, swallowed by her tits. She liked showing off this fake innocence. She ran her hands up her legs, cooing softly at the feeling of her nylon covered legs on her fingers.

Alanah was lounging about in the living room when I returned home, tired and with hands filled with papers and binders. My bag was almost too heavy with text books and Hana’s work which I had admittedly worked harder on than my own. I was about ready to collapse once I smelt the familiar scent of our apartment. I did not bother to talk to my sister, only giving her the obligatory scan, she could go somewhere with anything and she would make it look sexy.

Her heart had begun to thump hard on her chest once she saw me in the corner of her eye, she had dashed the perfect amount of makeup over her cheeks, painted glossy nude lipstick over her pouty lips, shadowed her eyes dark to make her aquamarine eyes pop. Her hair was hanging loose, and as shiny and silky as it usually was.

I was the first to speak up. Resting my body on the cool marble of the kitchen counter I sighed “Got a date?” I asked, thinking finally her weird phase was over. Alanah nodded in a quick succinct way, humming in acknowledgement; she knew if she tried to talk it would come out timid, and submissive for me. “Thought you were going dry for the month or something.” I muttered with a shrug, spinning in place to open the fridge. The cold breath gave me a welcome embrace, as did the light that illuminated the dimly lit apartment. Behind me Alanah huffed, biting her lip to stop herself from reacting to that comment. She rose from the leather sofa, causing a creaking leathery noise as she stood. Her heels began to click on the varnished floor once she moved past the carpet. She swayed her hips as she strutted past me, a natural stance she would make when going out, it made her already amazing ass sway and bounce with every step.

She couldn’t help herself. Her body froze in place and looked over at me, her hands clutching a red purse. It was like she was on autopilot…her eyes trailed down past my old shirt and onto my grey sweat pants. I had not noticed; I was too focused on picking out the carton of orange juice at the back of the fridge past the milk and eggs. Her eyes stayed fixed on my naturally bulging crotch, her mouth salivated, her fingernails digging into the elegant and expensive purse *It looks like he’s stuffed it with a fucking sock…* she thought. Seconds past, doeda her pretty eyes locked onto me; a light coo escaped her lips as heat began to build up inside her. One look and she knew that her mind would certainly not be on her date tonight.

She gasped as I moved out from the fridge, with carton in hand. “Gotta go…!” She squealed timidly, rushing out the door, her heels clicking and clopping loudly across the floor. As she slammed the door behind her she pressed her back against the door, her face as red as her hair. “What is the matter with me?!” She hissed, voice echoing through the empty hallway. She lingered for a moment, cursing me for wearing something that made my third leg bulge out so much.

I took a long swig of the orange juice carton, gulping down the sweet tasting drink as I looked in the direction Alanah zipped over to. “So weird…” I muttered before yawning loudly. I rubbed my eyes with me free hand, I was so tired I could barely think, one thing was for sure though, the image of Alanah in that dress lingered. Sighing to myself I heaved a binder up from the counter and took it with me to the sofa; “Still need to sort through Hana’s papers…” I said to myself. I crashed onto the leather, resting my weary head on the cushions. A deep sigh of relief escaped me, eyes dropping as I drifted into a dreamless slumber.

Alanah returned alone. Her key pushed into the lock and turned as she came in. Darkness had descended into the apartment. It was well past midnight, and the lights were off, usually she would have gotten me to turn them on so she could see the route to her room with a fuck boy in hand. She had a frown on her face. Her date sucked. Sure, the guy was a hunk, and he spoke a big game…But her mind lingered on my impressive bulge. While the fuck boy was bragging about his sport accolades, she was having a mental conversation with herself. Should she do it? seduce her younger step brother? She had noticed herself trying to explain how I was a virgin.

*He’s actually quite cute…f-for a loser…*

*Maybe girls ignore him because they think he stuffs his trousers?*

*Fuck it I need him inside me!*

Her heels clicked across the floor, this mental battle she was having was exhausting, “Straight to bed…” She huffed to herself as she reached for the main light switch. As the main lights flicked, the apartment around her illuminated brightly. As she went through into the main space, she spotted my form passed out on the couch. Her breaths caught slightly as her nerves started to rise. Very slowly, with every move of hers delicate and deliberate; she set her purse down and made her way towards me, making sure to step over and around the sprawled-out papers that littered the floor. As I slept, I must have dropped Hana’s papers.

She quickly found herself standing in front of my slumbering body, her shadow cast over me, but my bulge ever obvious in the shadow of her incredible curves. *Touch it Alanah.* Her mind shouted at her, her fingers fumbled with themselves, forcing them desperately to stay well away. Again, she started to feel the wave of warmth wash over her, cheeks flushing, breaths coming quicker and quicker. She needed nothing more than to feel it in her hands…Its pulsing heat, the weight of its flaccid shaft in her hands, all that blood causing it to grow harder and harder in her hands. Her arm was outstretched, inches away from the fabric that covered my crotch. Frozen again, the last rational thoughts in her brain pleading with her to stop.

That was when I awoke. I had felt the presence of a person in front of me. I firmly rubbed my eyes to adjust to the light of the room, giving my step-sister enough time to clench her fingers into a fist to pull it to her mouth to clear her throat. As I blinked, the form of Alanah came into view, seeing her heavy chest pushed up into that cleavage, nylon covered thighs naturally pressed together.

“You’re back alone?” I asked with a half-asleep groan. “Must have dropped off…”

She blushed as she saw my eyes linger on her well-crafted body, *Fuck he has really pretty eyes…*

“Being brought back to reality with my voice breaking the sexual tension she stood up straight clearing her throat again, buying time to think of something clever. “Uh, yeah…I saw you had fallen asleep; I was going to wake you up.” She watched as I bent over to retrieve Hana’s work, shifting the papers around the floor into a pile. Immediately she squatted with ease on her heels, causing her ass to throw out, her dress straining as she assisted me in collecting the papers. “I mean, I need you to move, you’re taking up the couch and uh…um…I-I have company coming and I need you gone.” Her normal bitchiness was gone, replaced with a frantic voice desperate to find the words faster than she could spit them out.

Looking at her with surprise I quickly darted my eyes to her behind for a few moments, before shifting in my seat eş değiştirmeli porno to stand up. She had never helped me with anything like spilled papers; she really was in a weird mood. “Fine. I get the idea. Strike out with your date so you set up with another guy?” I ask, not particularly caring what the answer would be, but her sudden unconfrontational mood caused me to be ever so slightly braver with what I said around her.

She finished collecting the papers, straightening them into a neat stack as she saw the words “By Hana Sazumi” plastered over the front page. She scoffed and shook her head in bewilderment.

“How can you be so hung and such a cuck for this chick?” She muttered under her breath as soft as she could. I had heard her mumbling, raising a brow at her before asking.

“Huh?” Her eyes filled with panic. She took a moment to respond, hoping I hadn’t heard what she said to herself. Flicking her silky locks that sent the scent of her citrusy shampoo into my nostrils she cleared her throat before putting on her usual tone.

“Just wondering if my cucky lil bro would enjoy watching his crush get triple teamed while he blew his tiny load all over himself.” She blushed and immediately pictured my endless flow spray out of my monster; She wondered if I even knew what I was packing was inhuman, and absolutely pantie dropping.

“Now get the fuck out, and if I hear you leave your room ill call mom and tell her you tried to slip drugs into my drink!” She had found her voice again, snapping her fingers as she pointed straight at the sleek broken door of my bedroom. I was fuming, grinding my teeth with my hands balled into tight fists. There it was, her usual annoying insults. I snatched the papers from the couch and strode past her, I was taller than her, so I had to look down to meet her pretty eyes

“Just please keep it down.” I huff, stealing one last look at that hefty cleavage. The glint of the necklace caught my virgin eyes as I passed her, swinging my door open to step inside the familiar tiny room. I stood there for a moment, sighing as I set the papers down on my work filled desk with a moderate thud. I yawned softly as I pulled my old and nerdy t-shirt off and allowed sleep to welcome me once more, moving toward my bed to collapse onto it.

*How can the daughter of such a nice woman be so bitchy?* It was clear that Alanah had inherited her mother’s assets, and her beauty, I could only assume the attitude came from her birth father…If so, god forbid I ever met him!

Alanah had retreated to her room, already rubbing her makeup off her face with special, and very expensive, makeup remover. She was about ready to call it a night, the lie she told me was feeble, of course there wasn’t a guy coming over, I was all she could think about…

She had stripped off her clothes, leaving her in nothing but her nylons. Flopping face first onto the sheets that pressed coldly on her burning body. She rolled onto her back, looking down at her body, her tits blocking most of the view with two perfectly stiff nipples poking out so hard they could cut butter. “What the fuck is wrong with you…” She muttered, feeling the apartments cold breaths caused her to take a long breath out of her nose. She couldn’t remember the last time she was so…sensitive. No tinder fuck boy had ever gotten her messed up to this degree. “Shit.” her voice sounded almost bitter as the slit between her thighs called out in desperation to be touched.

She finally gave into the desires she had felt since the afternoon. She slid her hands down her front a small shiver of excitement running up her spine as she pushed one hand under the waist of her nylon stockings; then underneath her bright red panties that matched her sexy yet ever slutty dress. She instantly felt the wet lips of her cunt. Knowing full well that I was expecting a man to be with her at this time of night she felt no need to hold back her moans. Her eyes closed as she felt her fingers push inside her, with her thumb expertly finding her clit to massage in slow circles.

Her legs squirmed as her body continued to relax, her mother hand coming up to squeeze one of her soft, heavy tits. In her mind, she was picturing me. Felling no shame, no disgust, just a deep desire for me to be on top of her, inside her. Her fingers progressively hastened, her moans getting louder and louder. It didn’t take too long until she was screaming with pleasure, fucking herself again and again wishing her fingers were substituted for my girth and immense length. She finger fucked herself until she felt her body switch from relaxed, to tense. Every inch of her body was calling for a release; a release which came in the form of a half-choked cry and a squirt of her juices that soiled her panties and stockings.

Her eyes shot wide open, pants of pure excitement and bliss as she looked down to see the damage. She had never squirted before genç porno in her life…and that was just the thought of me being with her. A grin formed over her face, exhaustion taking over her as she slumped back onto the bed. That was how she fell asleep: on top of her covers, door wide open, her hand still firmly lodged in her soaked lower clothing with only one thought in mind.

*I’m going to fuck him.*

I woke up late the next morning. My front pressed onto my bed as the sun seeped through the one window I had in the room. My vision was blurry, muscles lazily aching as I outstretched my arms and groaned. Turning on my back I looked down, gasping as I saw a good half of my morning wood poking out of the waistband of my sweats. It pressed hard against my stomach and throbbed hard, expelling a thick glob of precum which dripped onto my body. I hurried to push the full 12 inches down my left leg, cooing softly as the act of touching it at this time in the morning felt good…really good.

I waited for a number of minutes, just in case Alanah was there in the kitchen, seeing something which resembled a pringle can running down my leg would probably send her over the edge and actually act on her threats over evicting me. Alas my throbbing erection wasn’t getting any smaller, and the lack of noise made me assume that you were either still asleep or out of the apartment…I stood and moved toward the discarded shirt from yesterday, slipping it on quickly before stepping out into the living area. A nervous weight was lifted off of me, she wasn’t there. Instead her door was halfway open, a curious sight as usually she made it a point to lock the door behind her, maybe her conquest had left by himself, and neglected to close the door behind him as he left. To make sure, I decided to have a quick peek inside, just to make sure.

My eyes widened as I saw her in a deep slumber in the middle of the bed, her hand stuffed down her tight stockings with those huge perky tits exposed. Immediately I felt my hands shake, cock drooling with precum that soiled the bright grey sweats. “Fuck me…” I muttered, not being able to stop my hand pushing under my trousers to massage my thick, veiny shaft.

The thicc, soft looking body of Alanah shifted as she mumbled lightly in her sleep. Her mind was infested with lewd dreams of being absolutely split in half by enormous members. Her head fell to the side as an airy moan escaped her plump lips in her sleep. With every apex of pleasure, she pictured herself looking up at men, with the only recognisable one of the hung men being her younger step brother.

Still mostly asleep she focused on one vivid scene…One with me laying over her, pinning her slim thick frame onto the bed. Her fist was clenched in the sheets as her eyes rolled back in her head, feeling the incomparable pleasure of a monster messing up her organs. The vivid dream version of me pleased her like no man had done so before. Each movement of her gyrating body made my elephant trunk to push deeper inside her, feeling like it was going to rip her in half; every time I had punched her cervix with my bulbous head, she cried my name desperately. Little did she know that in reality, her whimpers and writhing’s being the source of my perverted pleasure.

I let out a deep moan as a heavy throb released more of my pre-seed. Knees began to go weak as her soft looking tits bounced with her. It was so wrong…but I couldn’t stop myself. My pocket pulling sped up drastically, with muffled shlick sounds of my foreskin being peeled back and forth through the thick fabric of my sweats.

Leaning forward, I stupidly braced my hand on her door once my primal instincts begged me to release my beast. A loud crash sounded from inside of the room. I instantly leaped back and turned around, heart smacking on my ribcage. *Did she see me? fuck I hope not…that was close…* I rushed over to the kitchen hurrying to pull out an empty coffee cup from one of the cupboards; I began to mime the morning routine, just making sure that my throbbing member was covered by hunching over the counter; the attempt to compress my thighs tightly together helped a little to ease the erection, yet it was still very risky to be caught with it.

Alanah had jolted out of her erotic dreams of me, instinctively shooting up into a sitting position. Her natural silky hair was a mess; strands covering her face. She looked down to see her natural bust heaving with every hard breath. She heard the noise from the kitchen space, it did not take her long to realise. *Oh my god!!* she screamed in her head. She was a spinning ball of emotions, her sleepy mind picking up the pieces to figure what caused her to wake up, and how she knew that she was exposed to me without filter.

With a bright red face, she hurried to pull on a shirt worn by one of her fuck boys. A long plain black top that hung low enough to cover her indecencies. She found me in the kitchen, acting like nothing had happened. She took a dry gulp; her throat was dry, cammy and refused to co-operate with her. “D-did you…” she trailed off, tugging down on her shirt to hide her soaked stockings and underwear. “D-did you see anything?” Her voice was a mix of panic and excitement.

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