Tara , Jacob Pt. 03

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Big Tits

This story is a continuation of ‘Tara desperately wanted to cuddle up to her, kiss her, and somehow convince her to remove his plastic prison.

“It wasn’t a request Jacob. Kneel.”

He quickly complied, kneeling just a foot or so away from her side. She took a sip of coffee, and handed him the mug while she made herself comfortable. Apparently the bedside table wasn’t quite convenient enough – but he wasn’t going to argue. She sat up properly and took back the coffee, gently blowing to cool it down. With her other hand she started running her fingers through Jacob’s hair affectionately.

“I’m so pleased we’ve come to this new arrangement. I can tell you’ve already grasped how this is going to work, but in case there was any doubt – from now on, whatever I say, goes.”

He didn’t reply, was there any need? He was mesmerised by his new queen, his goddess.

“From now on, unless you have express permission, you’re to refrain from wearing any clothes in the house. I expect you to keep yourself shaved, entirely, from the neck down. I never liked all that hair on boys anyway, and now you’ll see what it’s like to maintain – I’ve been doing it for years after all.”

He nodded again, the feeling in his gut re-emerged, the mix of fear and excitement that kept his heart racing.

“And finally, I don’t want you nagging me all the time. I know you’re keen to get out of that cage and rub your little weenie, but it is completely at my discretion, and it will only happen as a reward for good behaviour. You’re free to ask me for a release whenever you like, but any time I say no, there will be a punishment for wasting my time with silly requests. Understood?”

“Yes Tara.”

“Good. Now go downstairs, and start cleaning the house. I’ll be down when my coffee is finished.”

She stopped stroking is hair, and gave him a soft playful slap on the cheek. He gave her a bashful smile, and started down the stairs, glancing back to see her still watching him as he left.

Later that morning, Jacob was cleaning the kicthen when he heard Tara calling from the living room. She was just folding down the page in her book as he entered, and looked up happily as he walked in.

“Ah, there you are. Come over here, let me have a look at you. That’s it, just stand in front of me… spread your legs a little, and hands behind your back.”

As Jacob complied she set down her book, and started inspecting his cage, moving it gently to get a look around the edges. He’d started to get used to being naked around Tara more, even when she was fully clothed, but this felt especially vulnerable.

“How’s your little dick doing so far, comfortable?” asked Tara, not meeting Jacobs eyes, still just examining her newly claimed property.

“It’s OK so far, a little uncomfortable, but that’s just when… you know.”

“Yes I think I understand… like right now for instance?”

He grinned, and nodded sheepishly. Even this relatively cold and almost professional inspection had caused him to start swelling up, making the cage more uncomfortable.

“From now on, I’ll be doing regular checks. Whenever I tell you it’s time for an inspection, you’re to present yourself like this – legs spread nice and wide, hands behind the back so you don’t obstruct me, without question. If it’s one of the rare times you’ve been allowed clothes, you’ll disrobe immediately as well. Understood?”

“Of course Tara.”

“Good. While you’re here… I just got to a really hot chapter of my book, and it’s getting me all worked up. Make yourself useful.” instructed Tara.

Tara was wearing a light green dress today, and as she gestured to Jacob, also spread her legs, exposing her complete lack of underwear. She leaned back and opened her book, not waiting for any response from Jacob, but presenting him with a task – one he was more than happy to fulfil.

At first Tara seemed completely disinterested in his presence – from her lack of reaction he might as well have still been cleaning the kitchen. But as the minutes went by, with her still calming reading the book, she began to shift a little in her seat, and let out soft, quiet moans as he worked his tongue around her clit.

Before long her legs had begun clasping his neck and shoulders, pulling his face further into her crotch, and now grinding slightly against his face, with his hands tightly gripping her thighs to keep the two of them locked together.

He finally felt her body shuddering as she began to climax, the book finally going ignored, and pressed against the back of his head as she used it Maltepe Escort to pull him even further in. Despite the obvious pleasure Tara had been mostly quiet until now, but she let out one scream of ecstasy before relaxing finally, without releasing Jacob from his bind.

They both rested for a few seconds, before Jacob felt her lift her leg, and press her foot against his shoulder, and kick him backwards. Surprised, Jacob, went tumbling backwards onto the floor, and was left sprawling looking up at Tara.

Her face was already out of view, her own nose now buried in her book – legs crossed beneath her as she got comfortable on the sofa.

“You can carry on cleaning now.” she said distractedly, while Jacob collected himself on the floor.

“Umm… OK.”


She quickly silenced him, obviously already engrossed in her novel. Jacob picked himself up and slowly walked back to the kitchen.

The next few days continued in a similar fashion, with Jacob attending to all of the housework, and Tara taking full advantage whenever she felt like it. The next surprise for Jacob came when he was preparing dinner one evening.

“You’ll need to make another plate honey, we’re having Rachel over for dinner.”

“Sure. I’m guessing you want me to get dressed before she arrives?”

“Hmm… do you think so? It might be nice to have a naked servant for the evening…”

Jacob froze in place while Tara pondered this. Was she really going to ask him to do that? So far all of their fun had been in the house, just the two of them. He couldn’t deny that the thought excited him though… he snapped out when he heard Tara laughing.

“Ah the look on your face Jacob. It’s so easy to mess with you! Of course you’ll need to get dressed, if you were a little more impressive, maybe I’d want to show you off.” she giggled, and waggled her pinky finger at him.

A couple of hours later, Rachel arrived. She’d been one of Tara’s best friends for years, and they knew each other well. She was beautiful and curvy, with fiery red hair. Jacob had always had a crush on her, and tonight she looked especially good – wearing a tight low cut dress showing off all of her best features.

It took a lot for Jacob not to openly stare at Rachel’s cleavage when she arrived. Having been on the edge of arousal pretty much non-stop for several days now, just the sight of her got his cock twitching in it’s prison, but he knew there would be hell to pay if Tara caught him ogling her.

Jacob opened a bottle of wine while they sat down to eat, and did his best to look interested in Rachel’s work stories about a dozen other people he didn’t know.

After the food they all moved to the living room, and started into the next bottle of wine. Jacob spent a little while fidgeting, not only had he grown accustomed to being naked all the time, but the chastity cage was sometimes difficult to postion comfortably, and Rachel seemed to notice his discomfort.

“Everything OK Jacob? You seem a bit antsy.”

“Yeah I’m fine thanks, just getting comfortable.” he replied.

“Don’t stand on ceremony around me, if what you’re wearing is too… restrictive, go get changed!”

Jacob had changed into a nice shirt and slacks on Tara’s instructions, and he had to admit it wasn’t his first choice, but he didn’t want to annoy her.

“I’m fine, really. How’s the wine?”

“Oh it’s great, I’m running a little low though…”

Jacob started to rise to get a re-fill, but Tara put a hand on his shoulder, and grabbed the glasses first.

“Don’t worry honey, I’ll get these.” she said, and winked at him as she left the room.

“So how’s the love life Rachel? Been seeing anyone lately?” asked Jacob.

“Oh not really. A few one night stands, but no one who I’ve really liked. I don’t know how Tara managed to lock down a guy like you, this town seems to be full of douchebags.” she said despondently, leaning back on the sofa. This angle made her breasts look phenomenal, as if they might even pop out of her dress, and he had to stop himself staring again. He couldn’t help a quick glance though, and she gave him an admonishing look when he met her eyeline again.

“I’m sure you’ll find someone soon, at least one night stands are fun right?” he offered sheepishly.

“Oh definitely. These men may be douchebags, but they’re well hung, and they know what they’re doing in bed!”

Not too long ago, this sort of comment wouldn’t have bothered him at all – but having been recently made fully aware of his shortcomings, he couldn’t Anadolu Yakası Escort help feeling a little uncomfortable, and he glanced away awkwardly.

“Sorry Jacob, does it bother you when I talk about their big cocks?”

“No, it’s fine – I just wasn’t expecting it!”

“A bit jealous, maybe?”

He paused and looked up at her again to see her laughing behind her hand.

“I’m joking Jacob! Don’t get all worked up. I just saw you checking me out a minute ago. I just thought I’d tease you a little.”

With a quick glance towards the kitchen first to make sure Tara hadn’t returned, she leaned forward and pushed her arms together, squeezing her boobs so they almost popped out of the dress – giving him another wonderful view, she whispered seductively “But we wouldn’t want Tara to see you staring like that would we?”

She leaned back again laughing, obviously enjoying his discomfort. Jacob just sat their silently, mouth slightly agape, his cock aching as is desperately tried to break free. Rachel had always been a bit of a flirt, but it felt different today.

He started to wonder… had Tara told her about his cage? He thought he’d picked up on a few hints… something about Tara locking him down? Maybe she was doing her best to make things uncomfortable for him, had Tara set this up?

More likely she was just horny and drunk, so he tried to forget about it, just as Tara returned with 3 full glasses and another bottle – Rachel still laughing at Jacob’s expression.

“Having fun you two?”

“Oh yes, I’m just making fun of Jacob a little, and telling him about my latest romantic exploits.”

As Tara sat down, Rachel leaned in and stage-whispered to her, “Is Jacob as well-hung as my latest few boys? I think I sent you a picture of the most recent one…”

Jacob immeditately went red, and looked at Tara. She raised an eyebrow and met his gaze, still deciding how she would answer. His mind was already racing that they sent each other pictures of the men they slept with, but it seemed implied that his hadn’t been included in that… yet.

“Ah, that’s for me to know Rachel! If he was just a one night stand you know I’d tell you. But not Jacob.” she replied coolly.

“That means it’s small doesn’t it? Does he have a micropenis or something?” she continued, in her ‘whisper’, trying to goad Tara into talking.

“Nice try Rachel, you’re not getting anything out of me.”

Jacob relaxed a little after that, and the conversation calmed down a little bit for a while, as they made a start on the next bottle.

As the evening wore on, Jacob almost forgot about Rachel’s earlier comments, and was just enjoying the night, until Tara left the room again, to go to the bathroom. As it turned out, Rachel hadn’t dropped her earlier line of questioning so easily.

“So maybe you’ll tell me how big it is, Jacob, if Tara won’t.” she said, with a pointed look at his crotch.

They were through the replacement bottle Tara had brought earlier now, and definitely feeling the effects of the wine.

“No way, you’ll have to talk Tara into a threesome if you want to see it for yourself.” he joked. He was expecting a laugh from Rachel, but she looked at him seriously – as if she was calculating the effort required to make that happen before replying.

“Well how about a little trade. I’ll flash you… *if* you return the favor.”

“What? No way.”

“Oh go on, just for a second. You’re both being so mysterious about it! It’s either huge or tiny, it has to be. I know Tara, and she wouldn’t be this coy. If you say no, I’ll know that it’s the latter.” She thought for a second before continuing, with Jacob too stunned to reply. “How about this – I’ll show you my tits first. If, and this is a big if, you can stand up afterwards, and show me you didn’t just get a boner from them, you don’t have to show me anything.”

Now… that was interesting. Maybe this cock cage was going to help him out here – there’s no way he’d have a visible erection no matter what Rachel did. He glanced around to the doorway, and couldn’t see Tara. She’d gone to the bathroom upstairs, so he was pretty sure he’d hear footsteps before she got back. He turned back towards Rachel, who was starting to grin. She knew she had him.


“Yess!” she whispered, punching the air.

Rachel sat up straight suddenly, and began slowly pulling back the fabric of her dress to reveal more and more of her breasts. Knowing she had to give him a boner, she took her time, both of them keenly listening for the İstanbul Escort sound of plumbing or footsteps from above.

“Make sure you pay close attention Jacob, I want to see your soldier at full salute.”

Jacob would have been fully erect about 5 minutes prior if it wasn’t for the cold embrace of his chastity cage, and for once he was slightly grateful it would hide his excitement.

Rachel finished her slow teasing reveal, and bared her breasts in their full glory for him to see – with Jacob almost salivating at the sight of them. She licked her finger and started slowly rubbing it around one of her nipples, biting her bottom lip seductively.

“OK Jacob, your turn.” she didn’t cover herself up, and gestured for Jacob to stand. He had a smug smile on his face as he stood, revealing… no noticeable bulge.

“Wait WHAT?! But you were loving it!” she exclaimed. Just as he began to make an excuse, they heard the voice of Tara from across the room, behind him.

“I wonder why that is Jacob? Aren’t you aroused by Rachels’ perfect tits? Even I get excited at the sight of them.”

His stomach dropped, as he slowly turned around to see Tara staring at him from the doorway, and Rachel rushed to cover herself up.

“I leave you two alone for 5 minutes, and this is what you get up to?”

Rachel started to stand up to protest, but Tara stopped her.

“Don’t worry Rachel, I don’t blame you. Jacob should know better, but I could have guessed you wouldn’t drop the matter after we’d been so secretive, and after… roughly 2 bottles of wine. Here, since Jacob was so keen to get you naked, we should return the favor.”

She turned to stare straight into Jacob’s eyes, as the reality of the situation started to sink in for him.

“Listen to me carefully. It’s time for an inspection Jacob.”

Her tone of voice said even more – she had fire in her eyes, and was clearly not in the mood for refusal, objection, or any hesitation. He’d fucked up. Big time. The only way forward was to comply – immediately.

Jacob started unbuttoning his shirt, as Rachel looked on incredulously, already her embarassment at being caught fading away for excitement at whatever was unfolding in front of her.

“Umm… an inspection?” she asked Tara, “What does that mean?”

“Jacob and I have an understanding, things in our relationship have changed a bit recently, and we’ve agreed that it would be better if I had a bit more control.”

Jacob was down to his underwear now, and as Tara finished talking, he pulled down his boxers, and took a wide stance in front of the two of them, hands clasped behind his back.

Rachel gasped, covering her mouth with her hands.

“Oh. My. God.”

“This is what I didn’t want to tell you about yet Rachel.” admitted Tara.

Rachel crouched down in front of him to get a better look.

“May I..?” she asked Tara, pointing towards his constrained manhood, and Tara nodded her assent.

She gently lifted it up, taking the weight, and taking a look from multiple angles.

“Oh you poor thing…” she muttered to herself, before speaking more loudly to Tara, “It’s so small!”

Rachel glanced up at Jacob, and continued inspecting.

“I understand why you didn’t want to show me now… and why you got so embarassed when I talked about my one night stands. If I lined you up next to my last one, I don’t think I’d even be able to see this thing!”

She let his whole package sit in the palm of her hand, as she continued, “I think just the head of his cock would be bigger then your entire dick and balls Jacob!”

Tara laughed with glee, and looked up at Jacob as his cheeks turned almost crimson with embarassment. “Go and get us another bottle of wine. Some snacks too, and some water. I’m going to fill Rachel in.”

Without waiting to hear a response, she led Rachel to the sofa and they started talking in hushed tones. Jacob jumped into action, still desperate to avoid upsetting Tara any further with disobedience.

Jacob returned a few minutes later, laden with drinks and some quick snacks he’d assembled, to find Rachel leaning over Tara’s phone as she swiped through some pictures, both giggling intermittently, but they quickly stop as he enters the room.

“There you are – you took your time. I’ve told Rachel all about our situation, and having seen some of the evidence, she agrees a little dicklet like that needs to be locked away.”

“She’s been telling me about your improvement in other areas though… I’d like to find out for myself.” added Rachel. She glances at Tara, who gives her an approving nod. Rachel shift closer to the edge of her seat, and slowly spreads her legs. He’d already seen the lack of a bra, but now he can see she’s not wearing anything under her dress, presenting a beautiful shaven pussy, and begins rubbing her clit slowly.

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