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Chapter One

Cara Riley was dressed for seduction. Tonight she was looking for a man, a particular, totally alpha stud to physically take her body to another place. It helped that at this moment in time she felt sexy, able to seduce an attractive man. With a smooth tan fit body barely covered by a beautiful dress she felt equipped to catch one Aleric Kloeffer’s attention and it was past time that she did.

Or at least her body screamed for satisfaction so it must be long overdue.

After a few reconnaissance forays over the past few weeks she was sure of his free and single status, so was she, so no harm no foul. Now Cara was at the party of the year and ready to reel in Aleric so she can bow before his erotic power.

This year the hugely popular Angels and Demons party was all about raising money for Homes for Humans and that was her chosen venue for catching her target.

Normally reserved in both her social and work life, Cara had used that to her advantage and noted how the stud operated from a distance. The downside was that she had had to leave a few events pressing her thighs close together, trying to ignore her needs until she was home.

As one of many lawyers contracted to the Kloeffer account she figured he had no idea she existed, nor was she looking to change that in any way. There was not a chance he would recognize her out of her usual suits and dressed as she was this evening.

Slip dresses were big this summer and she had chosen the sheerest of them all in her bid to appear both angelic and seductive. The white silk gossamer did little other than float over her body, ending below her knees. Her shoes were subtle and strappy with crystals tracing along the straps for sparkle.

Utter madness had her going without any undergarments, not even a tiny thong. In good light her large light pink silver dollar sized nipples would be visible for anyone who cared to look. Her bare mound and ass were mere shadows although they also were uncovered. The crystals that currently decorated her lower back, if seen, would attract more than a few sly looks. The pattern they followed resembled a flowered garland, randomly tracing from hip to hip, with one strand dipping temptingly down, deep down into her ass crease.

Lush long chestnut curls were piled up and loosely pinned atop her head with an understated crown of crystals resting amongst the beautiful silken tresses. The lighting in the party was low compared to elsewhere but she still swapped her glasses for contacts, it was an obvious easy change but her nerves were still on edge.

Who was she fooling, it was one night and no more. Like a man, Aleric would get his rocks off, be pleased and look no further, and she could satisfy a long held desire for the man with enough fact to mix with fantasy to last her a lifetime.

For over an hour she had been bidding her time. Walking the room whilst sipping a glass of carbonated water, she never had a drink if she was getting behind the wheel later, and calmly looked around the room. Cara knew right where he was but was not making a b-line for him and his harem. No early in the planning stage she had deduced that he preferred to make the moves, she just needed to tempt him her way.

There was a strong spot of light that passed just before the bar set against the back wall, if he looked up then he would see her offer and come to her. However the timing had to be perfect. It took about another twenty minutes before he made a move toward the bar and she was off.

Walking through the light beam pausing just outside of it so her silhouette was perfectly visible before starting forward again, slowly and with a sensual twitch to her backside, about ten feet in front of him toward the dance floor.

Standing on the edge of the dance floor she watched as the couples bumped and ground against each other in primitive imitations of sex. Nerves shot, Cara wished for something strong to drink but instead stood there, pretending to enjoy the music and ambiance playing out before her.

Did her temptation work?

Putting her weight on the other foot slid her hips into a jaunty position, but she was anxious, waiting to see if her plan had worked when she felt someone standing beside her. Looking to the side and up, up – hoping it was Aleric – only to find it was not.

Disappointed she politely declined the request to dance and decided her plan had been stupid and moved to leave the party. A check had already been handed over in support of her favorite charity so she had no difficulty in going before the end of the evening plea for more.

Once she had her beautiful black shawl wrapped around her shoulders, purse and valet ticket in hand she made her way out the front doors of the hotel toward the line waiting for valets. Not once did she look back to see which lucky woman had caught his eye because admittedly it would hurt.

Waiting patiently but still ready to hand over her ticket to the first person who looked ready to collect her car, Cara felt a presence liseli porno behind her, close enough that they were invading her personal space but not so close as to touch. It drove her nuts but there was little room for maneuvering with the group ahead of her all bunching around, besides she was eager to leave this party.

Great, now she had some pervert trying to rub up against her, well he was well out of luck if he thought he could pull her, not a chance.

A young kid came forward and stood before her. “Your ticket Ma’am?”

Holding the piece of paper out requested she was stunned to feel the man behind her step up flush against her back, wrap an arm around her front to hold her against his body.


“I will be taking the lady home,” rumbled the voice of the man behind her.

Oh dear!

With eyes bugged and on the young man Cara saw a large hand holding a small piece paper out appear in her peripheral at the same time the hand that had been lying flat against her belly was now moving up to cup her breast – her big loose breast.

The kid’s eyes moved down to watch as two masculine fingers reached up and pinched the hard nipple that already poked out.

She should feel stupid, hand holding out her ticket while she was felt up from behind, but the hand, fingers and one deliciously hard cock riding her ass seam all belonged to Aleric Kloeffer so she did not care. This man could fuck her here in line before whoever stood there to watch and it would not bother her in the least.

Smiling and the valet, she dropped her hand holding the ticket, it still took a long moment before the kid took off to collect his little red but horribly fast car. Only it was not the sports car that purred around the corner, instead it was a huge black truck with smoked out windows that grumbled in idle before the couple.

With his hand in the small of her back Aleric led his sexy angel forward. Not giving her a chance to say anything that may remotely sound like a denial or change of mind. Quickly he lifted her up into the cabin, shut the door and went around to get in on the other side.

Placing his seatbelt on he looked over at the woman by his side and wickedly grinned.

“Finally, the sensuously delicious Cara Riley has come out to play.”

Laughing at her shocked expression, he pressed the gas pedal and they sped off. Plans have been in place to seduce this woman for some time, he merely had to wait until she came out from behind her suit, ready to wallow in her sexual needs.

Reaching down he rubbed his hard-on. Soon, very soon, he will be balls deep inside her sweet wet pussy.

It will not be soon enough.

* * * * * “How did you know it was me?” Cara was stunned silent for many miles, not sure how he had guessed it was her standing there.

“Please, I have had my eyes on you since the first day you joined the team as my patent lawyer. For month I tried to get you notice me away from the client and nothing worked. Tonight you walked into that spotlight, naked beneath that slip of nothingness and I knew you would be mine before the evening ended.” Aleric Kloeffer was a self-assured man. He had not an ounce of doubt in his plans or in her accepting his hijacking her seduction.

“With all due respect Sir, you are a liar. You never noticed me until I basically bared my body in desperation.” She still had not looked at him, although she had peaked out of the corner of her eyes.

“Desperation? No way, horny as hell I would accept.” Taking his eyes off the road for a moment he took in the beauty finally resting at his side. “Oh, I noticed all right. No ponytail could ever hide the splendor of those soft chestnut curls, your eyeglasses perfectly highlighted those golden orbs of yours and that mouth, nothing could ever be done to hide the most erotic set of pink lips I have ever seen.”


“There has never been a hint of what you hid beneath those proper suits. It has always been obvious you have an incredible set of legs, but those breasts are awe inspiring. My dick has been hard since you first entered the Angels and Demons party and they bounced gently beneath their light covering. Then you stepped beneath the light and for that brief moment I saw a hint of your incredible nipples.” He reached over and slid his fingers over her knee, dragging the light garment up with it.

Under his hand Aleric felt a shiver race through her and grinned as he continued to drive. He was taking them up to his mountain cabin, someplace private for his oft dreamed of seduction. From the day he had watched her walk into the conference room, settling at the other, he has been hooked.

For the first few months he engaged her in conversation after each bi-weekly meeting, wanting to bring her beautiful eyes up to his, to really see him. That had not worked, it had been like a glass wall, she saw him but only as a client. After that, he made sure every function outside of the workplace that he attended she was invited, although mobil porno that did not guarantee her attendance.

There had been a few events he saw her at but not one had she spoken with him, no matter how many opportunities were offered. Since the day his success and wealth hit the news, women have been throwing themselves at him. Certainly he admits to being an attractive man, but these were the type of females that went where they could get the most, bit it monetarily or notoriety. Although these were not meaningful relationships they did serve a purpose by keeping his body sexually satisfied.

“How do you like to be fucked, my beauty? Do you like it hard and fast, slow and gentle? What about letting me lick your sweet puss…”


“What Cara?” His hand now rested possessively between her thighs, but he was sure that was not why she had been shocked. No, it was his words that had surprised her enough to call a halt to his speaking. She was a complex woman. Dressed and determined to seduce, a little use of slang and she was taken aback.

“Sir, please…”

“If you keep calling me Sir I am going to think you are into the domination/submission scene. Is that it, do you enjoy being dominated in bed?”


“You do! Excellent! You, sweet princess, are going to be mine for the next forty-eight hours, your satisfaction is my responsibility, although I am not into pain. So, if something I tell you to do does not sit well with you, and you want the whole thing to stop immediately say rooster. It all starts now, take off that shift.”

“Wait a second, uhhh…”

“Come on get out of that scrap of cloth.” He gave a little tug on the beautiful but insubstantial gown.

“Wait! I can’t say words starting with r’s!”


“R’s, I do not speak my r’s clearly, or w’s for that matter. How about bird instead? I am terrified of birds, hate them really.” It was embarrassing for a grown woman to have to make such a confession while in such intimate settings.

“Fine, bird is your safe word. Now strip off that gown, I want you sitting naked beside me.”

Taking a look here out of the corner of his eye he watched as her smooth white skin was slowly revealed. She was even more of a match for him than he had thought. Previously he has flirted with the desire to sexually dominate women, but this gorgeous intelligent woman sitting beside him now inspired him in more ways than one.

“Say my name.” He whispered while smoothing his hand up and down her leg.

“A-Aleric Kloeffer.”

“Only business associates call me Aleric, my friends, family, they call me Ric.”

“No! No…” He watched as her head instantly started to shake in the negative.

“Do not be afraid, I will not tease you about your speech impediment.” A large hand was buried between her upper thighs, taunting her slit. “Spread your legs wide princess, let me see that beautifully bald pussy.”

There was what appeared to be a glistening liquid decorating the puffy pink lips. He wanted to taste her so bad, he has been waiting for this moment but the cabin was still twenty minutes away.

“Dip your finger inside that lush pussy, swish it around real good, load it up with your honey and then feed it to me, while you say my name.”

After a moments hesitation she buried a single digit deep inside her slit. Slowly she pulled it out and extended it full length again, giving herself a gentle finger fuck before pulling it out and leaning over to hold it in front of his lips.

“Say it princess.”

She did not want to show her weakness but at the same was getting off on being dominated by this gorgeous man.

“W-wic.” She said it so softly it whispered across the small distance between them.

He leaned forward and took her finger into his mouth and sucked it clean in an instant.

“Hmmm, delicious, feed me some more of that juice.”

As they drove down the dark motorway Cara was feeling more horny by the moment. This evening her libido had started out on high and now it was revving up for more. She would not be surprised if she climaxed on her finger first.

“Those tits are stunning, larger than my hands and big pink nipples for me to chew on. Come over here and put your head in my lap. There you go, put your feet up on the window, but make sure your legs are spread. Perfect, what a utterly wonderful sight to behold. Now, pinch and tug on a nipple while you finger fuck yourself in order to feed me more.” Keeping his eyes on the road was becoming more difficult.


“Like showing off don’t you princess. I wonder if we can find somebody that might enjoy watching you, maybe take some pictures for me to enjoy when you are not at my side.” It was a thought that would not soon go away, this was not some weekend of sexual excess, no, he was in this for much, much, longer.

The vulnerability she felt in that moment was so intense, Cara found herself craving the sense of helplessness that her position inspired. As her öğrenci porno finger moved in and out of her slit, snaking up to circle around her clit, she wallowed in the lustful call her body was emoting.

Did he mean it about finding someone to take pictures?

Just then they pulled off the motorway and onto a well lit road, full of traffic.

Chapter Two

Aleric drove slowly so could watch both the road and Cara as she dipped her finger in and out of her slick opening. He had known there was a deeply sensual woman hiding beneath the professional façade she offered the world. Well, no longer would she be allowed to hide from him – he was keeping her.

Her glistening finger was there before his mouth, teasing him with her special scent and his need to taste. He took a swipe at the delicate digit and pulled in her flavor. It was not nearly enough so he took another. Stopping at a red light he grasped hold of her hand and sucked hard on her finger while looking down into her gaze.

“I am going to keep you sweet Cara.” He spoke around her digit, swirling his tongue around the tip before his eyes caught those of the driver of a truck that had pulled up next to them.

* * * * * She felt her eyes widen, had she really heard him right? It was too much to take in all at once. Earlier this evening it had been her plan to snag this man for as much as she had hoped to get, at most an anonymous but spicy one night of unadulterated lust. But he had surprised her by changing things so she was the focus. Before she could think he had hustled her into his truck and was as wicked as she had hoped.

However, this was the man she had chosen. It was time to take the reins back and set about seducing him, not the other way around…although she was enjoying herself immensely.

“Do I have a choice in the keeping?” She asked him, watching as he cleaned offer her finger and looked down at her, hungry for more.

“No, but you can think you do if it makes you feel better.” He answered as the lights turned green. “More please, I am very hungry.”

She was slow to answer him as her finger went back to halfheartedly playing with her moist slit. “I am close to coming…”

“Go right ahead, just let me know so I can pull over and watch.”

“Hmmm,” Cara’s other hand was playing with an excited nipple. “What if I prefer not to come with my finger but around your cock?”

The rod beneath her head was hard but suddenly it felt like steel and she knew there was very little time before she opened his trouser placket and feasted on the tasty morsel.

“Cara, I want to hear that finger sluicing through all that honey and feed it to me.”

“Yes, because you are hungry…”

“If I pull over the driver of the truck holding pace with us, and I am sure so he can see your sweet puss as we pass beneath the street lights, will come up and want to get in the cab with us. Would you like that?” He was a wicked man.

She knew about the other driver and was not all that bothered, she had her own naughty side as well.

“Maybe, but the only person who is going to fuck me tonight is you.” Cara said, struggling to reclaim control.

“You are mine remember?” There was a firm, do not question me on this, tone to his words.

“Yes, but only for as long as I say so.” She too was strong.

“Hmmm, not sure I like that answer – you will be by my side from now on, full stop.” Aleric was not a man who allowed disobedience.

“We shall see.” She did not lie, and if this man only wanted a wild fuck, that was fine with her, but she would not stay in a sex-only thing, Cara deserved and demanded more.

When his rod twitched she made a decision. She knew she startled him when she sat up and moved as if liquid. Twisting this way and that Cara ended up kneeling on the floor of the truck, between his legs and her head just fitting beneath the steering wheel. Her fingers moved swiftly, unzipped the pants and out burst his cock as if demanding attention.

With a quick glance down between his legs, their eyes caught, and he spoke under his breath. “Oh man…” A flick from his finger the wheel moved up giving her a some extra space, and more to the point, enabled him to watch what she planned next.

Grasping hold of his dick she stroked her tongue back and forth over the hole on the tip, tempting some of his delicious essence to spill. Hard as iron, completely inflexible, but as soft as silk, she enjoyed popping the crown into her mouth and sucking on the bulb as if an everlasting gobstopper.

“Hmmm…” They were no longer moving but stopped beneath a street light. She looked up and found his eyes glued to her mouth stretched lewdly around his girth. Tense hard thighs surrounded her, gave her comfort. Carefully she reached into his pants and pulled out two hard balls, gently squeezed them before smoothing a thumb across their surface.

“I have no qualms about coming in your mouth sweet Cara, do you?” Long fingers tangled in her hair, straining from taking control of her mouth moving on and off his length.

She kept her eyes on his face, waiting to catch his gaze, there was no way she was letting loose of the hard piece of candy she was sucking on now. Finally they met and she gave a small nod before moving her mouth down his long length.

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