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*Although not stated, all characters are 18 and over*

As my friends and I pulled up to the party I felt a wave of contentment wash over me. My friends had come to drink, chat, and maybe score some tail but I came with one goal and nothing was going to stop me from achieving that.

Her name was Taylor and we had never officially met. But she knew who I was, and I definitely knew who she was. Her reputation preceded her as a slut and mine preceded me as one who could give sluts what they need.

A good fucking.

We entered the house and greeted the host and a variety of our friends who were there. We were escorted to the living room and that is when I saw her, on the couch and looking ready for me.

I had seen her earlier in the week at my work, after scanning each other’s bodies and liking what we saw our eyes met and our fates were sealed from that moment. I was called away before I could speak to her but our eyes had already held the most important exchange. That of consent and desire.

When I had been told of this party my interest was piqued, but when I heard of her presence there the decision was made to attend. It had been a while since I last had sex and she was the perfect candidate, hot as fuck and willing to please.

I borrowed a forty of whisky and took one big swig, then left my friends and walked over to her. She was drinking something alcoholic from a red cup while sitting at the far end of the couch, her face told me she was disinterested in what her friends were talking about beside her. I passed her friends, walked up to her and extended my hand.

She looked up and I could see the recognition in her face. She glanced at my hand and knew what I was offering and immediately accepted it. My kind of woman.

She took my hand and I helped her up. She placed her cup on a table and followed me out of the room. I passed my friends and the host gave me a wink, she had already told me which room to use as me and Taylor “got to know each other better.”

My cock was getting hard as we got closer and I was ready for action. Taylor leaned over for a feel as I unlocked the door to our personal sex room and whispered in my ear: “I’ve wanted this dick inside me since we last saw each other.”

I grinned as we entered the room. I turned to lock the door behind us and I whipped my shirt off as I turned around to see that she had done Kartal escort the same. Her heavy breasts were held up by a utilitarian bra that she quickly discarded as well.

I lunged at her and we locked lips as she hit the bed under me. I groped her large breasts and she moaned as her legs wrapped around me to get our groins closer together. She grinded into me, searching for release. Clearly I was not the only one who had been sexually deprived recently.

I descended slightly and latched my mouth on her left tit, taking as much as I could into my mouth. Her moans heightened as my mouth wasn’t there to muffle them, and they only got louder as I switched from breast to breast, enjoying myself immensely with her tits.

I felt a hand pushing against my chest so I pulled away from her, but Taylor kept pushing me until I was standing beside the bed. She slunk down to her knees and slyly looked up at me. She didn’t say a word as she somehow undid my jeans with her mouth and pulled them down, followed by my underwear.

As soon as my cock springs from it’s confines and slaps her nose, she decided hands were needed. I sigh in accomplishment as Taylor wraps both her hands around my cock and swallows the head into her mouth.

“Fuck you know what you’re doing.”

She grins as best as she can with my dick in her mouth and proceeds to bob her head up and down, taking more and more of my dick into her mouth. Soon she jerking me with one hand, while toying with her breast with the other.

“Fuck yeah bitch, suck that cock.”

The insult seems to spur her on as she wants to prove she is the sluttiest girl I’ve ever been with by forcing my cock farther and farther down her throat. I can see that she won’t be able to do it due to my thickness but nevertheless I thrust into mouth, getting pleasure by the power I held over her and her warm mouth enveloping my length.

I withdrew from her mouth with a pop. A trail of her saliva dropped from my dick on to her impressive chest. She looked up at me hungrily and I decided it was time to begin the endgame.

I grabbed her from under her arms and threw her back on the bed. I grabbed her yoga pants and ripped them off of her, her thong I pulled off as well. I reached into my discarded pant’s pocket and pull out a condom, no telling what this hoe has. I got up onto the bed, pulling her towards Kurtköy Escort me, our reproductive organs drawing each other together.

With the condom snugly on I press myself to her opening, it’s warmth the most enticing feeling. She moans and grabs her breasts again as she awaits my entrance. I take my dick with one hand and push the tip in.

“Oh fuck yeah, fuck me already I need it so bad!”

I give the lady her wish and start easing into her. She is surprisingly tight and her pussy grips me as I slide into her increasingly wet hole.

As eager as she sounded for my cock she seemed surprised at it’s girth and let out a small scream as I bottomed out into her depths. I leaned forward into her and our lips met again as I established a brisk tempo, fucking her well. Her arms and legs wrapped around me, pulling me closer, deeper. Her nails dug into my back but the pain spurred me on as I delivered the experience that she obviously needed.

The bed squeaked and creaked as my thrusts increased in power. I latched onto her neck to hear her vocalizations. I love hearing the sounds of a woman when we’re copulating, they tell you how they feel, what they want, and in Taylor’s case it was more of me.

“Oh fuck, fill me up you bastard, I need all of your cock in me.”

I know ways of making women feel my girth. I sit up and pull out of her and she gasps in surprise, as I seem to be doing the opposite of what she is asking for. I roll onto my back and she realizes what I’m after. She mounts me and slowly lowers herself on my cock. Her knees settle beside me and she starts rolling her hips, fucking herself on my cock.

We lock lips again as we settle into the pace of her love-making. I grab handfuls off her ass and smack it for my own pleasure, but her moans tell me she likes it too.

She straightens up as the tempo increases, her moans becoming short yelps and I can tell she is getting close. I start thrusting up into her and she begins to gain some air off the bed.

Taylor is now more or less yelling as she strives to achieve her climax.

“OH FUCK YES FUCK ME FUCK ME FUCK ME,” she times each word with every thrust I send up into her. “FUCK FUCK FUCK FU-“

She freezes then convulses as she clamps down on my dick. I thrust a few times more just for good measure as she loses control and slides off me.

“I’m not done Maltepe Escort yet.” I inform her and maneuver her back on me, this time facing away from me. Watching her plump ass rise and fall is one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen.

Although she is regaining her strength she is still mostly limp. “My pussy can’t take much more.” she groans, pouting her lip as she looks back at me.

“What are you suggesting?”

She slides forwards off of me onto all fours and presents her full ass to me in all it’s glory. “You can fuck my ass is what I’m suggesting.” She says looking back at me.\

Truthfully, that is something I have never ventured to do before. It had never crossed my mind that it would be enjoyable, but the slutty way she offered it along with the power it gave me over her, I simply could not resist.

I got up on my knees behind her and lined my still rock hard dick up with her asshole. I looked up at her and she was looking back at me biting her lower lip, clearly nervous about the size of my dick but also eager to receive the pleasure that would come.

Now I wanted to finish and in her ass was a great spot to do it but I didn’t want to hurt the girl so I entered slowly. I watched as her juicy ass slowly took over my cock, with Taylor’s low and slutty moans urging me forward.

“Oooh, fuck my ass, fuck me with our friends outside, fuck me.”

I reach a slow, luxurious tempo, enjoying watching her ass ripple with every stroke. Her gasping and tired moans let me know she was just about finished. Time for me to finish as well.

I pick up the pace and start driving into her plump ass. Her ass shakes from the pounding it’s receiving and her tits flop around unrestrained. Taylor’s words go incoherent and morph into one long continuous “oh” sound as I reach my own climax.

I feel the wellspring of cum rise and bring me to the brink. At this point I am fucking Taylor’s ass so fast there is no longer any rhythm just two bodies smashing into each other.

“Cum for me baby, cum in my ass, please cum for me please,” Taylor’s words open up weeks of pent up sexual aggression and with two hands grabbing her fat ass I use three more mighty strokes and cum deep into her.

“Oh my god thank you,” Taylor moans as I slide out of her. She lays down on her stomach and falls asleep almost instantly.

I smile warmly at her, my night’s goal achieved. I quietly dress myself and then very gently I dress her as well. I take one more look at the sleeping slut I just fucked senseless, then close the door behind me making sure no one disturbs her. Then I return to my friends for a relaxing night.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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