Teacher’s Golden Rule

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* * * * *

On my eighteenth birthday my Mother threw a surprise party for me. She invited all of my close friends as well as my favorite high school teacher, Mrs Oliver.

It was a wonderful day and the world seemed so conquerable to me. Little did I know this day would eventually change my life forever.

When the party ended and everyone gone, I gave my Mother a big hug, thanking her for such a nice gesture. It was typical of my her… she and Dad had been spoiling me my entire life.

After carrying some of my gifts up to my room, I went into the upstairs bathroom. To my surprise, there, sitting on the commode was my teacher, Mrs Oliver. Thinking all the guest had departed, I was momentarily startled. I stood just inside the door, completely taken aback… and naturally, quite embarrassed.

Apparently she wasn’t bothered by my intrusion al all as she looked up at me and smiled. Suddenly I heard the familiar hiss of peeing. I stood there, frozen, her urinating seemingly going on forever.

When she finished, she stood, faced me, and pulled up her panties. She did not wipe herself and my eyes became riveted to a large wet spot that immediately spread over the crotch of her panties.

It apparently didn’t go un-noticed by her that I appeared mesmerized. She adjusted her skirt, stopped momentarily as she walked by me, and wished me a happy birthday.


Over the next several weeks this small, insignificant incident seemed to plague me… I was constantly playing it over and over in my mind. I couldn’t understand why the image of her peeing remained so vivid to me. Even more disconcerting was the sexual connotations I seemed to place on it… that I was getting these stirrings every time I thought about it.

Eventually, other things began occupying my mind, like graduation, my prom dress, and most importantly, my choice of college.

That would have probably been the end of it had I not ran into Mrs Oliver the last day of school.

“Did you pick a college yet Sarah,” she inquired.

“Yes, yes I did. I’m going to Baldwin University. ”

“Really,” she gave me a look of amazement. “That’s my alma mater. I’m going back there in two weeks to work on my Masters Degree. I’ve been doing most of my work over the Internet but my testing has to be in person. ”

“Oh wow, that’s cool,” I said. “Maybe when you get back I can ask you some questions about the school. ”

“You know,” she said thoughtfully. “You should go with me. I’ll only be there for ten days which would give you plenty of time to get the feel of the campus. You could stay with me… it wouldn’t cost you anything. I really think you’d have a good time… there’s swimming, hiking, and you could meet some of the professors. There’s no doubt in my mind you would really enjoy it. ”

“You won’t believe this Mrs Oliver,” I exclaimed excitedly. “This is like so weird… I’ve been trying to talk Mom into taking some time off from work and drive me up there for a few days. She’s been so busy though, she didn’t think she would be able to get the time off. ”

“Well you’re more than welcome to go with me,” Mrs Oliver said.

“I’ll have to clear it with my parents but it shouldn’t be a problem,” I said enthusiastically. “I’m sure Mom will be happy… she won’t have to listen to me bugging her almost every day. ”

Mrs Oliver stepped into one of the classrooms and grabbed a blank piece of paper. She wrote down the particulars of her trip, like the date she was leaving and the date of her return. She even had the phone number of the dorm room where she was staying… information my Mother would certainly require so she could check on her little girl every other day.

Just as I thought, Mom was overjoyed when I told her about Mrs Oliver’s invitation. She liked Mrs Oliver and thought this was an excellent opportunity for me. It also took her off the hook, especially the guilt of not being able to take me herself.

The night before leaving with Mrs Oliver my dad gave me $300 for expenses. He absolutely spoils me… his baby girl.

The next morning Mrs Oliver was right on time. As we loaded my suitcase into her car, I tried not to be conspicuous while grabbing quick glances at her when she wasn’t looking.

I had really never seen her dressed so casually before and was amazed by her near perfect body. She was wearing short shorts and a halter top… her large breast nearly falling out when she leaned over to pick up my bag.

“You look nice this morning,” she said hesitantly. “Listen, I need to say this… I don’t know if your Mother has mentioned this to you or not… you can probably expect a barrage of remarks from people regarding your age. And especially from some of the professors. My god girl, you look like you’re thirteen or fourteen porno izle years old. You hardly look any different than you did when I had you in my class in Junior High. ”

I didn’t like to be reminded of my little girl looks. I knew I appeared much younger than I was… I wished I looked more my age. Mom tried to tell me aging comes quick enough and I should be thankful. Sometimes though, I tired of being small and cutesy petite. It certainly wasn’t something I could change.

Thanks,” I murmured. I was embarrassed by her compliment… She was dressed so provocative I felt about as young as I looked. She laughed at my uneasiness… everything suddenly felt alright.

The trip was an eight hour drive. We stopped for lunch about half way, one of those road side restaurant… more like a truck stop it seemed to me. After being seated, Mrs Oliver excused herself to the ladies room. My birthday party encounter came back to me and I suddenly felt uncomfortable… still not understanding why the image of her in the bathroom excited me.

Her first remarks upon returning to the table… it was eerie…

“Remember your birthday party when you walked in on me in the bathroom?” she asked with a smile.

“Yes, I remember. I was totally embarrassed. I… I thought you had gone… you really startled me. I was caught completely off guard. ”

“Well, you shouldn’t have been embarrassed,” she said. “Actually, I’ve always thought peeing was sort of exciting, sexually that is. Weird, huh. ”

I didn’t respond because, well I didn’t really know what to say. I was flabbergasted she would admit such a personal viewpoint to a student… well, a former student.

Fortunately the subject was dropped and we went on to talk about other things. Thank god… I didn’t feel like being weirded out… especially within the first five hours of a ten day trip!

We arrived on the University campus late in the evening and immediately checked into the dorm where we were staying. We were both dead tired and couldn’t wait to get to bed. Tomorrow was going to be a beautiful day.

The next morning, while Mrs Oliver was off to her classes, I walked the entire campus trying to absorb the college atmosphere. I did manage the courage to approach a few summer students, and for being upperclassmen, were quite pleasant and friendly to me. But, just as Mrs Oliver had predicted, they were totally amazed at my age. Even one professor they introduced me to had a difficult time believing I was old enough to attend a university.

That evening I met Mrs Oliver back at our room. We went out to dinner, watched a little television… both of us were in bed by ten.

By the fourth day I was getting bored. Other than lying by the pool and working on a tan there wasn’t a lot to do. Even Mrs Oliver, after attending class all day, seemed to be tense and short tempered in the evening.

Sometime during the middle of the night of our fifth day I got up to go to the bathroom. I didn’t purposely leave the door open, I just didn’t close it. I did, however, refrain from flushing the toilet so I wouldn’t disturb Mrs Oliver’s sleep.

As I crawled back into bed Mrs Oliver startled me by saying, “That sounded lovely Sarah. Did you not flush for my benefit?”

“Yes,” I said. I didn’t want to wake you. ”

“Oh, I see,” she said.

She then arose from bed, went into the bathroom, closing the door. She was in there for a long time, finally returning to bed.

“Thanks Sarah, I needed that,” she said quietly.

Within minutes she was fast asleep, leaving me wide awake, trying to make sense out of her statement. Why in the world would my going to the bathroom sound lovely? Why was she in there so long? What was she thanking me for?

I had this strange feeling we were entering a different level of relationship, Mrs Oliver and I, but I had no idea what it was.

When I arose in the morning, Mrs Oliver had left a note for me. The note said she was going out with some friends after her last class and not to wait up for her. I suddenly became very angry. My days alone were becoming tedious… I looked forward to her company in the evening. Now she was going to leave me alone at night as well!

I was surprised by my strong feelings, my anger… my jealously.

So my day began the same… lie by the pool, go to lunch, walk around the campus. When evening came I ordered a pizza delivered and watched television. It was after midnight when I became concerned about her. I couldn’t understand why se would worry me by staying out this late. I had assumed her note meant she was going out to dinner with friends… why would she be out past midnight?

About 1:00 am, while out on our second floor balcony watching for her, a cab pulled up in front of the dorm. The driver, a young asian girl leaped out of the cab and opened the back door. She was helping an obviously drunk Mrs Oliver from the vehicle! I could tell brazzers by her stumbling around she was inebriated.

The driver helped her up on the sidewalk. “Can you make it to your room?” I heard the asian girl say.

“Yea, yea, I’m alright,” Mrs Oliver blubbered. “Come here you little bitch, give me a kiss before you go. ”

I watched in total disbelief! The asian girl and Mrs Oliver locked in a passionate embrace… I could hear their moans all the way to the second floor. They groped at each other’s bodies in a such a vulgar, distasteful way, I was embarrassed to even know her. The driver, finally pulling away, climbed back into her cab and left. Mrs Oliver, reeling, made it to the front door of the dorm and entered.

I was appalled by what I had just witnessed, what I had heard! On the other hand, I experienced a weird sort of excitement, a front row seat to an adult dark side I didn’t know existed. I went to the front door of our room, opened it and waited for her to get off the elevator across the hall. When the door opened, there she stood, her khaki slacks soaked from her crotch to her knee’s!

This was getting weirder by the minute… she had apparently peed her pants!

“Sarah, baby,” she slurred as she approached the door to the room. “You’re still up. I thought you would be in bed by now. ”

I held her by her arm and led her to the bed where she collapsed, passing out into unconsciousness…

I stared down at her for the longest time, not knowing what was expected of me. Should I just leave her there? Should I undress her, put her to bed?

I removed her shoes and socks and loosened the belt to her slacks. She still looked uncomfortable, as well as messy.

I couldn’t leave her like that. I unbuttoned her slacks, and with some difficulty, finally removed them. Her skimpy, bikini panties were soaking wet. My hands trembled as I stripped them from her, my heart pounding from excitement.

Her private parts were completely shaved. My reaction shocked me… I thought how clean it looked, how enticing, and I had this overwhelming urge to smell it!

I quickly put those sick thoughts out of my mind. I just wanted to do the right thing, clean her up and get her to bed.

I retrieved a towel from the bathroom and dried her legs. Very tenderly I dabbed at the V between her legs, but when she let out a moan, I quickly pulled the towel away. I checked, she was still passed out. I tried drying her again. This time when she moaned I continued cleaning her.

I wasn’t very knowledgeable about sexual things, but I wasn’t stupid. I could see her moans were a result of the friction of the towel, and even in her unconscious state, she was experiencing pleasure from it. What I didn’t understand was the pleasure I was feeling! I certainly wasn’t accustomed to becoming wet between my legs… a very uncommon occurrence for a girl who has lead a sheltered life like me.

The shame I felt was real, brought on by the moral dilemma I was caught in. My Mother would just die if she knew her little girl was sexually excited over another female.

I could tell she was completely dry, but I continued to rub her, her moans becoming increasing loud. I somehow felt empowered… my actions clearly arousing her… her hips undulating to my touch.

Suddenly, her body stiffened and shuddered… stiffened again, then relaxed, a sigh slipping from her lips. I stopped. I knew what had just taken place… I had masturbated my teacher to an orgasm! I didn’t want to think about it. It was too nasty and dirty to contemplate.

Moving her legs so she was lying lengthwise on the bed, I pulled the blanket from underneath to cover her. There was one more piece of clothing to remove… her blouse. She wasn’t wearing a bra… I almost gave into the sudden urge to touch them, to feel their weight in my hand, to nurse on them. I think the fear of waking her was the only thing keeping me from giving in to my depraved desire.

Finally, she was covered and fast asleep. I immediately went to the bathroom. Standing in front of the mirror, I slipped my hand inside my panties. In just moments I clumsily fingered myself to an orgasm, maybe the third or fourth time in my life. I recognized the difference… this orgasm was so explosive my knees buckled. I had to hold myself up by leaning across the sink. I never, ever experienced such physical pleasure.

After cleaning myself, I returned to the room and sat down on the edge of my bed. I just sat there staring at her… I tried to make sense of my actions and why I felt this strong, sexual urge around this pee soaked woman.

There was no way I could comprehend what was happening to me.

When I awoke in the morning Mrs Oliver was in the shower. I lay in bed pretending to sleep until she was fully dressed. She was writing me another note when I confronted her.

“Mrs Oliver,” I spoke timidly. “We need to talk. ”

“Well, fake taxi porno good morning to you too Sarah,” she said sarcastically. “What’s your problem today. Do you miss your mommy?”

I was totally unprepared for her attitude. I couldn’t understand why she suddenly seemed to resent me.

“I don’t have a problem,” I said in an even toned voice. “But… if you have other friends you want to spend time with I can call my mother to come and get me. We’re supposed to be here another five days and I certainly don’t want to sit around in this room by myself in the evening, especially when I have to take care of you because you’re drunk. “

“I think we both know that isn’t true Sarah. I think you enjoyed exploring my body last night. And I must say, I enjoyed it too. “

Suddenly I became very emotional. I tried but I couldn’t hold back the tears. I was so embarrassed, so ashamed. She knew all along… she fooled me into thinking she was passed out! Now I really wanted to go home.

Mrs Oliver put her arms around me and I naively assumed she was trying to comfort me. I lay my head on her shoulder, accepting her compassionate embrace. We stood there together for several minutes, holding each other close.

I felt her soft lips gently kiss my cheek, my forehead. It felt so nice, so motherly, and I appreciated her affection. When her lips brushed mine, I stiffened. A cold shiver shot up and down my spine.

Without warning, her lips locked to mine, the kiss became passionate and serious. I was caught completely off guard, and without thinking, returned the kiss, accepting her tongue as it slipped into my mouth.

We kissed for several minutes, my heart racing as the sexual tension coursed through the room. My entire body seemed to ache for some kind of release… I didn’t know what was happening to me. Every nerve was on edge… hot flashes spiking thru every part of my body, converging between my legs.

“I think you’re ready to be baptised baby… I sensed your taste for the golden rule ever since your birthday party. Tell your teacher what you want you little slut. Tell teacher you want the golden rule. “

“I don’t know Mrs Oliver,” I moaned softly. “I don’t even know what you’re talking about. This is so strange for me. I don’t thing we should be doing this. This is wrong, isn’t it?”

I tried to gently pull away from her but she held me firmly. She began kissing me again and I succumbed without hesitation to her soft, long tongue invading my mouth and throat. Her hands were kneading my ass cheeks, pulling me even tighter to her body. I could feel my legs part, ever so slightly, as I tried to push my aching pussy against her leg.

“Take your right hand and rub your pussy,” she said firmly. “Go ahead, I want you to finger your pussy. ”

“I can’t,” I cried. “This is so terrible wrong, Mirs Oliver. It’s wrong. Please let me go. ”

She grabbed my wrist and forcefully pushed it between our bodies. When she had my hand placed between my legs, she hugged me tightly, trapping my arm and hand between us. Kissing me again, this time her tongue felt thick and hot as she pushed it forcibly down my throat. My gagging didn’t deter her, forcing it all the way to my tonsils again and again.. My fingers instinctively began to caress the lips of my pussy, my panties becoming sticky and wet almost immediately.

I’m sure she could tell I was on the verge of an orgasm. She stepped back, grasping my shoulders firmly, forcing me down to my knees on the floor.

“Keep fingering yourself you little slut,” she growled huskily. “And don’t you goddamn stop. ”

I was so close now I couldn’t stop even if I wanted too. As I knelt in front of her she slowly began to slide her skirt up above her crotch. I was staring right at her panties, and a familiar, large wet spot spreading at the crease of her lips.

I could swear to god, I never suspected, never saw it coming. I was totally naive. She spread her legs, pulling my face, my mouth to her panty covered, swollen lips. A stream of her warm pee filled my mouth. I could think of nothing more nasty or sick, and my first instinct was to gag… throw up… but when I was forced to swallow to breathe, I continued to swallow.

The very thought of submitting to her vile treatment of me was arousing such an acute, pleasurable sensation, I wallowed in her perverse defiling of my body, I could feel a massive orgasm surfacing…

I tried to scream… I was drowning in her putrid stream of piss… but the seemingly unceasing spasms between my legs became more intense as I gulped her discharge, the ultimate pleasure of my life swept over me in wave after wave… so intense I would have done anything for this perverse pleasure.

I had this strange thought of myself… a filthy filthy slut… and the very thought of the horrendous act I was being forced to perform brought with it another wave of panty filling pleasure…

I finally fell forward, my body aching from the long, uninterrupted orgasm and the warm, tepid piss that filled my stomach. My tee shirt was soaked… the smell of her urine filled my nostril’s… I inhaled the intoxicating odor, god, the humiliation was exquisite. !

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