Teaching My Daughter to Please Ch. 02

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(This is a continuation of a Mother’s training of Her 18-yo daughter; read Chapter 1 first, please)

Just how much will Jessica take? What all will she do to please me? I picked out a few important things from my toy drawer. A paddle and crop will make her ass so pretty. I’ll need two sets of cuffs and some rope to hold her down on her bed.

Before returning to my daughter’s room, I had to pee. I also thought I should get a little more information on just what those two have been up to. “Sara!” I called out, “Talk to me for a minute!” The little minx ran in right away. Pointing at the floor, I matter-of-factly instructed, “Kneel down when I talk to you.” What an obedient little thing she is! “I want you to suck my toes while I ask you some things.”

Sara reverently picked up one of my feet and brought the big toe to her lips. Her tongue slid around it a couple of times before she placed her lips around it. Mum, like a little cock. She proceeded to repeat herself with all five toes.

“So, tell me, what all have you and Jessica done together?” She looked up at me, two of my toes still in her mouth. “I can tell you have let her eat your pussy before. She’s really quite good at it. You’ve trained her well. Has she eaten your ass, too?”

Sara shook her head.

“Have you tied her down before?”

Sara paused from worshipping my foot to tell me, “We wrestle sometimes and I’ve pinned her down, but I haven’t tied her or anything.”

“Have you spanked her?”

“Yah, sometimes.”

“With your hands, or with other things?”

“Mostly my hands. Sometimes we use your paddle and stuff.”

“Do you paddle her hard or just play?”

“Nah, I don’t get too hard much.”

“Why, does she stop you?”

“No,” she shrugged, “I just don’t.”

The feel and sight of this cute girl holding my foot and licking it so intently was quite enjoyable, but I still had to pee.

So I just did. I was a little afraid it would break Sara’s concentration on my toes, but she didn’t skip a beat. If anything, she seemed even more submissive and attentive. As long as I was there, I went ahead and shit. The plops and splashes seemed to go unnoticed by my little toe sucker. Hum…

“OK, Sara. That’s enough. You can clean my pussy now.” She reluctantly put my foot back down and reached for the toilet paper roll. I shook my head. “Just like the way you cleaned my toes.”

Sara smiled and crawled up to lick me clean. She wiped her tongue through my hair to slurp up every glistening drop of piss from my bush. Of course, she didn’t stop at that and continued to suck me like the good girl she is.

“Oh, I’m sorry, Mom,” Jessica said from the doorway.

I tossed the cuffs and rope at her. My, she is so pretty! “Here, baby. Put these cuffs on and tie one end of each rope to them. Wait on your bed for me. I’ll be right there.”

I wasn’t going to sit on the toilet all night while my daughter waited in leather bonds for me on her bed, so once Sara brought me off, I sent her to fetch the handcuffs from my drawer. When she returned, she dutifully knelt before me and raised her wrists for me to cuff.

“Take a shower and shave off that stubble from your pussy, Sara. Make yourself all sweet smelling. Then dry off and wait here for me to call you.”

Jessica obviously knew what I was going to do with the rope because she was already spread-eagled in the middle of her bed. Oh, my little baby is growing up! I quickly tied the ropes to the frame under her bed, hardly able to contain my excitement. I pulled the ropes tight, stretching her limbs out in all directions.

“Oooh, Jess, your pussy is so cute. It’s just a little, pink dot. Before we do anything else, It’s about time I finally got to taste it.” With that, I climbed up between her legs and dove my face down to her dot. Oh, it tasted as good gaziantep escort as it looked! I glided my tongue up one side, then the other. I held it open with one hand and started to lick her the inside. Mum! She liked it as much as I did and came achingly close to cumming. Then I stopped.

“Oh, don’t stop, Mom!”

“First, it’s time for you to get your first taste of ass,” I told her, climbing up to straddle her face and turning around. “I’ll let you cum after I feel your tongue up my asshole.” I reached back with both hands and spread my cheeks open before lowering my ass to Jessica’s face.

“Ew, gross, Mom! You didn’t wipe!”

“It’s ok, honey. Germans call it ‘caviar’. I’ll understand if you don’t like it, sweetheart… though I hope you do. Either way, you are going to try it at least once.” With that, I sat down on my daughter’s mouth.

The obstinate, little brat wouldn’t stick out her tongue, so I reached forward and grabbed I tiny piece of each of her inner thighs between the nails of my thumbs and forefingers. Pinching both thighs, I demanded, “Eat my ass, Jessica!” Her screams were muffled and she finally relented, licking the shit from my rectum with her wet tongue. I relaxed my pinch and started grinding my ass over her face. Jess was getting into it, slurping my ass hole. When she began tongue fucking my anus, I thought it time to let her cum, so I gently grabbed her clit and began jacking her off like a little cock. That drove her wild and her tongue aggressively searched out any remaining faeces.

“Sara, come in here now!” I called out, then stuck my face back in my daughter’s pussy. Jessica strained against the ropes, cumming hard. When she calmed down, I instructed Sara to untie the ropes from Jessica’s cuffs, but leave them tied to the bed frame and leave the cuffs on Jessica.

“OK, Jess. Stand up here with me. We have to get your circulation back in your arms and legs.” We climbed off the bed and I took my baby in my arms. “Just let yours hang loose. Sara, rub Jessica’s arms and legs for her.” Holding her by her waist, I tilted my head and for the first time, shared a real, grownup kiss with my daughter. Jessica opened her mouth in complete surrender to my invading tongue.

I sucked one lip at a time into my mouth and bit down, but she didn’t even try to pull away. I let my one hand slip down and pressed a finger to her little asshole. Oooh, it was so tight! I could barely get my finger in… but I did of course, and began finger fucking her ass while my kisses became even more demanding.

I’ll never forget the feeling of standing there, embracing my sexy, submissive daughter, sharing a deep soul kiss, our bare tits pressing against each other’s and my two fingers pumping in and out of her eager ass. Jessica’s pussy rubbed against my thigh and she was as wet as me at that point.

As much as I was enjoying that, though, all of those drinks on the plane were haunting me and I had to go back to the bathroom.

“Did you like cleaning my pussy, Sara?” I asked.

“Mum, yah.”

“How did you like cleaning my ass, Jess?”

“OK,” she responded sheepishly.

“Just OK? You seemed to really enjoy it. Are you embarrassed about that?”

“Yah, kind of.”

“But you really liked it, didn’t you, sweetheart? You loved licking the shit from your mom’s ass, didn’t you?”

“Yes,” she finally admitted.

“Come with me, Jess,” I told her, leading her into her bathroom. “Get in the tub and kneel down.” I climbed in after her and stood with my pussy in front of her face. “Now, tilt your head back and open your mouth.”

I held my urethra tight so only a slow stream of pee came out at first. Jessica held her mouth open, her tongue sticking out slightly across her lower teeth, forming a gutter. Jess swallowed the first gulp and immediately clamped gaziantep escort haberleri her open mouth over my pussy, reaching her hands up to my hips and holding my crotch tightly against her face. I gradually opened up, until I was pissing full blast into my daughter’s thirsty mouth.

She was a natural, gulping down nearly all of it, only spilling a few drops. “My baby likes pee, too. Don’t you, Jess?”

Jessica managed to nod her head, but kept it buried between my legs, snaking her tongue up my pussy. Oh, what a good, little pussy eater she has become! And so eager! She almost seamed to be trying to crawl back into me. Between her very skilled mouth and the sight of my daughter eating out her mother, I came twice in no time flat.

I was so turned on! Jessica was being the submissive, aggressive, sex slave I always dreamed she’d be; I’d cum more times than I could count; her lesbian girlfriend seemed to be just as submissive; and the pot was still holding my inhibitions at bay. I guess I got a little carried away. That is my only explanation for what happened next.

I pulled Jessica’s hands off my hips and turned around to let her eat my ass some more, which she did with gusto no other girl or woman has done to me before. Jessica worshipped my ass, pure and simple. She couldn’t get enough of it; clean or caked with my shit.

Thinking, “what the hell?” I squeezed my sphincter, forcing a little turd down my ass pipe. When it got low enough for Jessica’s tongue to taste its tip, she grabbed my hips even tighter and forced her tongue up as high as it would go, reaching desperately for what she assumed was just a speck of shit stuck in my colon. She paused nervously when she realised what I was doing, but she didn’t let go; which I took as a sign to continue; not that I could have stopped at that point. Jessica was understandably apprehensive, but she accepted the inevitability of the situation; she opened her mouth and waited patiently for me to shit into it.

Once I did, I worried that I had gone too far and immediately turned around to apologise.

“You don’t have to eat that, Jess. You can just spit it into the toilet if you want.”

Jessica just sat there, looking up at me with a glazed, contented look in her eyes, then methodically chewed the shit and swallowed it. Finally she smiled up at me, a little turd sticking to her front tooth – a shit-eating grin. Reaching for me, she said, “Let me finish cleaning you up, Mom.” Again, she wiped her tongue up and down my ass, in and out, leaving me as clean as a whistle and hotter than hell.

“Sara, clean up Jessica and brush her teeth. I’ll be right back.”

There were two other toys I needed, for it was time to fully consummate Jessica’s and my very special mother-daughter relationship. Picking up my strap-on, I felt the big shaft that I would soon drive into Jessica. Oh, how I wish I had a real cock so I could feel her tight hole around me as I fucked her silly. I felt like a gladiator strapping on his armour as I stepped into the dildo harness and pulled it up tight. I felt even more powerful than before! The dildo was far bigger than most men and won’t get soft.

I strode confidently back to the girls who were waiting on their knees for me on the bathroom floor.

“Jessica,” I announced, “it’s time for you to become a woman. I won’t break your cherry, but you do need to know how to fuck and I’ve always wanted you to learn at home. First, we are going to clean you out. Sara, fill this with warm water. Hold the soap under the water so that it gets some soap in it,” I instructed her as I handed the girl my enema bag.

“Jess, you are doing so well. I can’t tell you how proud I am of you.”

“Ah, thanks, Mom,” she half-laughed.

“Is this warm enough?” Sara asked. It was perfect, gaziantep escort hikayeleri so I had her fill the bottle up; nice and warm and sudsy.

“OK, Jess. Turn around and stick your butt in the air.” Jessica complied immediately, even wiggling her tail for me after she had moved.

I slid the nozzle into my daughter’s asshole and opened the valve.

The cramping began in a moment. “Agh, Mom, that hurts,” she moaned.

“I know, baby,” I answered, caressing her back and upturned ass. “It’s supposed to be uncomfortable. Sometimes that is a good thing, isn’t it.”

“Yah, I guess so.”

“Don’t you feel excited, having your ass filled with water to clean you out; being stretched from within; knowing that you are going to have to hold it for a few minutes while I tease you; knowing that I’m going to fuck you for the first time after you’re all cleaned out?”

“Yes,” she moaned.

Jessica actually took the whole bag much faster than I had expected. I pulled the nozzle out and told Jessica to stand up.

“Ooh, look at my baby; all full of water; holding it in. You want to let it go so bad, don’t you? Now run in place.”

“Huh?” she asked.

“Come on, Jess. Run in place,” I repeated. I began picking up my legs to emphasise my point. Jessica ran too, her gorgeous young tits bouncing wildly, but stopped after a moment to clutch her side.

“OK, Jess. I’ll let you shit after you make Sara cum. She hasn’t cum in a while.” Jessica dropped to her knees in front of Sara and began eating her out. Jessica used the fingers of one hand to fuck her friend while she played with Sara’s tits with the other hand. She’s quite an adept lesbian, so it took next to no time before Sara was crying out in joy.

“OK, sweetheart. Sit down on the toilet and let it out.” She had been quick to follow my orders but never as fast as that. “Now just relax and let it happen.” She let loose a river into the bowl. When it was all over, she reached for the toilet paper.

“No, honey, let Sara clean you up.” Jessica understood, got up and turned around, while Sara knelt behind her and lovingly licked her girlfriend’s ass clean.

“Alright, Jessica, we’ve waited long enough. Get on your bed on your front. Sara, tie her down and put a couple of pillows under her pussy.” I gave her a little spank as she ran past me.

When I strode back into Jessica’s room, I was greeted the sight of her lovely bottom up in the air, waiting for me to fuck her. Her legs were stretched out by the ropes tied to her ankle cuffs. Her toes were curled up under her feet and I couldn’t resist testing the security of the ropes by tickling her cute, upturned soles. She laughed hysterically but she could not pull her foot away.

“Sara, get up in front of Jess and let her eat your pussy.” (Like I really had to order her to do that.)

I climbed up between my daughter’s legs and aimed my dildo at her tight, virgin ass. I had almost grabbed some lubricant, but thought better of it. Eventually, she’ll be able to relax enough without it, so let’s not give her a crutch; just let her learn the right way to begin with. I didn’t even bother starting with a finger or two; just began pushing the head of my ‘cock’ at her hole.

“Ow!” she yelled.

“Sara, hold Jessica’s head down in your pussy while I fuck her.” Before long, Jessica’s resistance wore out, as did the endurance of her sphincter and she loosened enough for me to get all the way into her. Oh, how I wished I could feel her asshole around the cock like a man could! I pulled back and rammed forward again, slamming my hips against her ass. Then again, and again. Oooh, she was getting the hang of it.

“Ow! Yes! Fuck me, Mom! Oh, it burns! Fuck me!” she screamed.

“Does it still hurt honey?” I asked her while I fucked her asshole.

“Not as much, but it’s really sore and kind of burns. Ohh! Fuck me!”

I reached my hand down below us to finger her pussy and could feel the dildo through the membrane between her cunt and asshole. Jessica was delirious with nonstop orgasms, but I continued until I came.

Catching my breath, I announced, “Jessica, I am so proud of you! And I have so much more to teach you.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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