Teasing Devastation! Tiffany V

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After my night of passionate submission to Mr. Parker, I returned to class with a bit more zeal than before. I still loved watching him. I still loved the sound of his voice as he ordered us to do every move. But he became more worried that his wife would discover his transgression. And I was unwilling to settle for just half of him. We decided to let it cool off while he figured out exactly what and who he wanted. In the mean time, I still loved my class. It allowed me to work through my aggression towards Andy in a safe environment. The people in my class were funny, supportive, and just an incredible group of people. I don’t know if I mentioned this before, but there is just something about watching men politely beat the crap out of each other. It’s sexually intense. There were a few men in my class that made it particularly enjoyable.

Mr. Parker was aware of my excitement every time I watched the guys practice. He also knew that I paid particular attention when he demonstrated a technique. He did it often. And every time he punched, chopped, or kicked someone, my desire became almost unbearable. He usually chose one student in particular. Brian was a Purple Belt. I’m not sure what that is suppose to mean in terms of skill. I can only tell you that he amazed me with all that he knew. Something about the way he moved made me always look at whatever he was doing. Being only a yellow belt, he would often teach me certain things as well. Sometimes I couldn’t help but forget what he was saying as my eyes focused on him.

Brian was twenty-five. He stood six feet tall and let’s just say he is one of the few people that actually looks good in a Gi. His hair was black, short, and seemed to lay in no particular direction. He had a short goatee and a slight mustache. He wore black rimmed glasses that only accentuated his green eyes. He had the most perfect set of lips I’ve ever seen on a man and I watched them move every time he spoke. His body was slender with muscle definition that I enjoyed seeing after every class when his Gi top came off and his wife-beater was all that separated my eyes from that chest. His ass made me very glad that I was behind him as we did our push-ups. Head to toe, he was exquisite to look at. But to watch him execute his techniques with absolute precision is what made me picture him completely out of that Gi more times than I care to count.

One night, my body led my mind into a dream from which I did not want to wake. I fell asleep thinking of class that night. I pictured the kicks, the punches, the look in Brian’s eyes as he does all those things. In my dream, he turned to me and pulled me close to him. With his eyes fixed on mine, he leaned in to kiss me. It was soft and so different from what I would expect from a man capable of the forcefulness I had witnessed of him during class. The feel of his lips, the taste of his tongue seemed so real to me. I was unprepared for the morning sun peering though the blinds. That dream, that simple kiss haunted me all day.

When I attended class that Thursday, I looked for those lips I had been dreaming about. They were not there. We began the exercises at the start of class. And as we moved on to our groups to learn a new technique, my preoccupation became more apparent. I daydream a lot. But when fists are thrown at your face, you kind of need to be all there. So after I missed a block and caught a hit in the jaw, Mr. Parker pulled me aside to talk to me. As he turned to me, Brian walked into class. “Tiffany?” Mr. Parker began. “Is everything okay? You seem a bit off tonight.”

“I’m fine.” I avoided his eyes. “I just am not quite sure about this technique.” Okay, I lied. What was a suppose to say?

“No problem. I’m working with Luke so let me get you someone to help. Brian? Could you work with Tiffany on this?” And that’s what I get for lying.

“Sure. No problem.” Brian answered slightly turning his head to me. Those eyes, for fucking Bostancı Escort eyes. It was all I could do to stop looking at him. I stood there between the man I’ve been with and the man I’ve been dreaming about. I was in Hell. Mr. Parker left to work with Luke as I stood there looking at Brian. “Okay, now start in a left neutral bow.” I did as I tried to look like this was just another instruction to me. “Now, it’s a hit to the groin and then grab the leg force them down.” I knew this technique but it was difficult to concentrate. “Here, let me show you. Throw the punch.” In an instant he blocked, hit, and came in close to me just before he threw me on my back. I have to admit, it was quite exciting and before I knew what I was saying, I managed to betray my own secret.

“Gee Brian, if you want me on my back there are easier ways to do it.” And just as the words left my mouth, I realized I had inadvertently hit on him. “Damn, did I say that out loud?”

“Yes you did.” He grinned as he answered. “You know, most women would not find getting hit and thrown exciting.”

“Yeah, well I’m not most women. You can throw me down anytime. Just make sure you join me.” No point in hiding it anymore.

“I don’t quite know what to say to that.”

“I bet you know what to do though.” He stood there for a moment just dumbfounded. And then with a smile, he cocked his head as if he was going over the possibilities in his mind.

Unfortunately, Mr. Parker overheard our conversation. He came over to personally instruct me on the proper way to do the technique. Brian joined the higher belts. We never had a chance to talk the rest of class. But we did continue to glance over at each other.

I had to leave before class ended. I had History the following day very early in the morning. Before I left though, I managed to slip my address and phone number in Brian’s bag. I got home just as I knew everyone was beginning to leave the Dojo. My cell rang. I answered it without looking. “Hello.”

“Hello Tiffany.” It was Mr. Parker.

“Yes Mr. Parker.”

“Stop calling me that. We’re not in class right now.”

“Okay, Yes Collin?”

“I overheard your conversation with Brian.”

“Sorry, we’ll keep it down next time.”

“That’s not what is upsetting me. What’s going on with the two of you?”


“And are you going to keep it that way?”

“I make no such promise.”

“Then it’s a hundred and fifty push-ups next class.” He was joking. But I wasn’t amused.

“Look, you’ve created this situation. You’re the one that’s married. You’re the one that slept with me while your wife was sitting at home. You’re the one who doesn’t even know if you want to be with me. So stop putting on the jealous boyfriend persona. We’re not involved. And if you want to use your position as my instructor to try to manipulate the situation, go ahead. But extra push-ups are not going to keep me from seeing anyone.” There was a knock at the door. I was sure it was Collin on his cell just outside. “Apparently someone is at my door.” I sarcastically interjected. “And if it’s you, you better be gone by the time I get there. I do not want to see you right now.” I hung up the phone and ran to the door ready to scream at him. I swung it open. “I told you not to…” It was Brian. I shut up and stood there in shock for a moment.

“I’m sorry. Is this a bad time?” He said rather shocked at my address to him.

“No. I’m sorry. I thought you were someone else.”

“Oh, well if you’re expecting someone, I can go. But I have to say, Tiffany, that whoever you are expecting is probably someone you shouldn’t see right now.” There was more truth in that statement than he could possibly know.

“No, I’m expecting no one. I’m glad you’re here. Come in.” I realized right then what I was wearing. I had slipped on a blue, satin chemise when I got home. Thinking it was Collin at the door, it didn’t occur to me to Kadıköy Escort cover up. But now I stood there wearing very little in front of Brian. He, however, was wearing jeans and the wife-beater he usually wears under his Gi top. My eyes traced his body before I said, “Oh, hold on and let me slip into something a little more uncomfortable.” I turned to walk towards my bedroom where I could put on a pair of jeans.

“I would rather you didn’t.” Brian said as he grabbed my wrist. Just as I turned to him, “Buttons” began to blast from my speakers. Sometimes, everything falls into place. “There’s been something I’ve wanted to do tonight.”

“Oh really.” I smiled. “And what would that be?”

“This.” He smiled as he pulled me to him. His arm slipped around my waist as the other hand cradled my head. He leaned down and his lips finally touched my lips. It was different than I dreamed it would be. His lips were pressed hard. His tongue slipped into my mouth searching for mine. He dropped his hand to join the other so both of them could lift me to him. My legs left the floor and wrapped around him. Lost in his kiss, I was not aware where he was carrying me. My apartment is not that complicated. The bedroom was easy to find. He pulled his mouth from me and then threw me onto the bed. I just looked up at him. He snickered a bit as he began to take off is shirt.

I knelt on the bed so I could slip off my chemise. He was kind enough to help me with that. He kissed me as his hands slid up my waist to my breasts. His mouth worked down to my neck as I began to unfasten his jeans. In one move, he grabbed behind my knee and threw me back on the bed just like he was performing the technique we had practiced earlier that night. “I can’t believe you just did that.” I said as I watched him pull off his jeans and climb on top of me.

“You said it turns you on.” His tongue worked it’s way up from my inner thigh.

“Oh, it does.” He finally reached my pussy. My breath quickened in anticipation. His tongue lightly brushed my clitoris. I raised my hips to him as I pushed his head deeper into my sex. He fluttered his tongue on my clit until my breath became quick and shallow. Then he sucked on it as my body tightened to the climax. But one was not enough for him. He slipped his fingers inside of me as he teased me some more. Again and again, I came for him. “Oh God, Brian! Please I want you now! Let me taste you.”

He stopped and kissed his way up to kiss my lips. Unwilling to relinquish control, he straddled me so he could plunge his cock into my mouth. He leaned forward and grabbed the headboard to allow me to control the depth and rhythm my mouth took his cock. And I took it all. I let it slide down my throat as I teased the entire shaft with my tongue. “Oh, Tiffany!” He sighed as his hand gently stroked my hair. My hand slid up his thigh to his ass. His legs were solid muscle. It excited me to feel the way the pulsated as he fucked my mouth. I could take it no longer.

I slid out from under him and kissed my way up to the back of his neck. My hands explored his body further. But soon I had to have him. I moved in front of him, grabbed his leg and threw him back on the bed. “Like that, Brian?” I snickered. He just smiled. I climbed on top of him and got up on my feet before I slipped his cock into my pussy. I was dripping for him by this point. His cock was long and reached all the way inside me. Every time I bounced up and down, I felt a twinge of pain as he hit the very bottom of me. It only made me go faster and deeper. I reached for his hands and our fingers laced together. The rim of his cock was hitting just the right spot to make me come. I clenched his hands. I arched my back. And I held perfectly still while the orgasm took over my entire body. After it left me, I leaned down to kiss him.

He turned me on my back and sat up on his knees. The sight of all of him before me as he entered me made it Göztepe Escort all the more erotic. My legs were pressed against his shoulders as he leaned forward and began fucking me hard. His cock was pounding inside me. “Jesus Christ, Brian! You feel so damn good.” I screamed. My breath timed with his thrusts. He stopped and rolled me over on my stomach.

“I want you this way.” He said as he parted my legs and slid his cock inside me once again. He kissed the back of my neck and my shoulders. I could feel all of his body on me as his cock moved in and out of me. My hands clung to the sheets. My hips raised slightly so I could take all of him. And in a moment he slipped out, grabbed my right shoulder as I felt the tip of his cock on ass. I wasn’t sure if I was ready for that but I didn’t have time to answer. He pulled me down as he plunged his cock deep in my ass. “Oh Tiffany. You’re so tight.” He said as he forced my legs further apart. He was more forceful this way. He held my shoulders down as he fucked my ass so hard and so fast that I could do nothing but hold still and let him take me. “Do you like this?” He said as he pushed his cock deep and hard.

“Yes.” I whimpered feeling the pain that came from such a thrust.

“Do you want more?” He was teasing me now as he slipped out until he was barely in me.

“Yes.” I answered as I raised my ass to try to take more of his cock.

“Oh, I see you do want more. Beg me for it.” He slapped my ass.

“Please fuck my ass.” I screamed.

“That’s better.” He grabbed my hips as he plunged every inch of his cock into my ass. I reached my hand to my pussy so I could tease my clit as he fucked me. “Oh no you don’t. Not yet.” He grabbed both my wrists and held them tight as he fucked me. He didn’t just fuck my ass, he grinded his cock in my ass. Before I could scream in pain, I submitted to my orgasm. My ass became tighter around his cock and I squirted down my leg. “Oh yes, baby. That’s it. Come for me.”

“Yes, yes. Oh God, yes!” He let go of my wrists, pulled back my knees until I collapsed on the bed and he was full on top of me again. He began to caress me again. His hand slid under me so he could grab my breast. His other hand pushed my hair to one side so he could kiss my neck and shoulders again. He never pulled out during all this. He moved steady and deep. I began to move with him. “Oh Brian! Fuck me.” He pulled out and turned me over.

“Yes, Tiffany, now.” He pushed his cock deep in my pussy. But now he was close to me. He kissed me deep and passionate. He kissed my nipples as his hand held my hands down with his fingers half laced with mine. I wrapped my legs around his waist. I didn’t want him to ever slip out of me. His right hand grabbed my ass and moved up to just behind my knee. The pounding became more determined. He looked straight into my eyes as he moved faster and deeper inside me. “Oh yes, Tiffany!” He sighed as he leaned down to kiss me again. And just then I felt him come inside me. His arms wrapped around me holding me close. I closed my eyes and held him tight against me so I could feel his heart beating against mine. When my trembling stopped, I opened them to see a stream of light coming from the door. And in that light I saw…Mr. Parker.

He was standing there watching me make love to another man. His fists were clenched tight. His teeth were grinding. He looked ready to explode. I suppose I should have felt mortified, stunned, or even guilty. But the truth of the matter is I felt none of those things. He needed to see that. He needed to know exactly what happens when he lets a woman like me go.

Brian had no idea the instructor he respected so much was in the room. His head was turned towards the window and I held him tight to keep it that way. I motioned for Collin to walk out. He was anxious to protect his own secret, I’m sure, so he left. Just then, Brian raised his head to look into my eyes. “You’re smiling. I guess that means you’re satisfied?”

“Oh yes.” He held each other for a few more moments. Then he got up, got dressed, and kissed me. He left in the quiet of the night. But I knew a storm was brewing. And I was more than prepared to take the thunder.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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