Teasing Ilse Ch. 02

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I diligently followed my classes for the next two hours, anticipating what the third hour would bring. After the bell rang, I walked excitedly to my English class, which I shared with Ilse. When I was about to open the door, someone grabbed me by the shoulder and pulled me to the side. I turned around and saw that it was Ilse, who apparently ended up getting pretty frustrated in the past two hours. She had obviously rushed to catch me before class and was panting slightly. We stood awkwardly next to the door while people were entering the classroom. While whispering, Ilse demanded I give her the key right that moment. Although it was clear that she was struggling, I was not planning to give in. Class was about to start, so she would not even be able to free herself. She didn’t care about that, though. She was clearly intending to skip class if that was what she needed to do. People were giving us weird looks when they walked past. We must have looked pretty odd when whispering to each other right outside of the classroom, but Ilse did not seem to care at the moment.

I bluntly told her to wait until the break. I slipped into the classroom and sat next to another classmate of mine. It surprised me, though, that Ilse sat down at the table right in front of me. Apparently, she was still aiming to talk me into giving her the key. When she turned around to continue lashing out at me, she realized that she couldn’t really do that when Alex was sitting right next to me. The guy already looked pretty surprised when she turned around to look at me that intensely, so she just awkwardly turned back without a word. He looked at me with a look asking, “What was that about?” but I just shrugged my shoulders. Ilse and I rarely talked before last week, so it must’ve looked pretty weird for her to just flop down right in front of me instead of next to a friend of hers.

For a change, the English class was pretty entertaining. Because Ilse had sat down right in front of me, she unintentionally gave me front row seats to enjoy the show she was putting on. While the teacher went on and on about some literature, she was fidgeting like she had done in detention, but even worse this time. It was a miracle that no one else noticed that there was something going on. She was holding both hands down on her lap and nervously moving her legs around, probably trying to get some kind of stimulation. It was a joy to look at her big ass wriggling about, which was getting pushed back far into her chair, giving me a great view. I also saw Alex take a few peeks at her rear, which didn’t surprise me. With the way she was presenting it to us, it would’ve taken a special kind of obliviousness not to notice. Luckily, Alex did not think anything weird about her behavior, or at least he didn’t mention it.

The last ten minutes were scheduled for us to work on our homework, but if we’d already done that we could go have our break. Ilse immediately shot me a glance and stood up to walk out of the classroom. When showing the teacher her homework, she gave me another pressing look and left the room. I sighed and decided to play along. Teasing her too much would just make her angry at this point. I was planning to just sit out the ten minutes chatting with Alex, who hadn’t even started his homework. I quickly made up some excuse about needing to go to the bathroom. It didn’t look like he thought anything weird about it, and he waved me off, telling me to take my time.

I showed my homework to the teacher and went after Ilse. She was still standing right outside the classroom, clearly waiting for me. She was relieved to see me open the door, probably fearing that I would just hang around until the bell rang. Without saying much, she grabbed me by my hand and practically pulled me towards the nearest bathroom. Luckily, the hallways were still empty, so no one saw Anadolu Yakası Escort her pulling me right into the girls’ bathroom.

She pushed me inside a stall after checking if the other ones were empty. She slammed the door and demanded the key. This time I gave in, but not before I stated a last condition. I needed to be the one to unlock the cage. She protested, but I was unyielding in this case. “Fine”, she eventually sneered, and she unceremoniously dropped her pants. I took a bit of time to admire her broad hips, but went on to take my key to unlock her. The small plastic cage looked like it was about to explode. Her balls were red and swollen, and her cock was straining against the plastic container. It was bulging out of the air gaps on the sides and pushing through the hole in the tip of the cage.

Last time she would’ve been too embarrassed to let me see her like that, but this time the horniness clearly overpowered that. She sat down on the toilet and just pressed me to hurry up. The tiny lock clicked open and I took it off to put it in my bag. Ilse immediately tore off the cage from her cock. It was immediately rock hard, even bigger than when I had caught her masturbating last Friday. Veins were running over the shaft and it was flexing up and down. She was about to sit down on the toilet and had already put her hands on her cock and pussy, when she remembered that I was still standing there. She wanted to push me outside the stall when someone entered the bathroom. Even at that moment, she could recognize that it wouldn’t be good if we were caught together in the girls’ bathroom, so she gave up on that idea.

Changing plans, she whispered to me to turn around like I had done last time. I decided to let her have this and gave her the most privacy she could expect when sharing a cramped bathroom stall. I assumed that she had probably already started going at it, but I had to remind her that she should probably take off the plastic ring. The ring around her shaft and balls was meant to secure the cage when her dick was soft. Her balls and shaft had to be painfully straining against it. I put my hand out behind my back and I soon felt the plastic pieces fall into it.

I immediately heard quiet sopping noises, very likely coming from Ilse going to town again on her pussy. She couldn’t make too much noise because of the other girl who had entered the bathroom. After a minute or two, a toilet flushed. The moment the door closed, Ilse started moaning, and the sopping got louder. I had to really control myself to not turn around. I highly doubted that she would even care at this moment, but I didn’t want to cross a line now. The moaning had given me a boner, so I put it behind my belt to somewhat conceal it. The moaning got so loud that I worried people in the hallway could hear her. I just prayed no one would notice. Not much later, one last long moan escaped Ilse and after some rapid sopping noises, the bathroom got quiet again.

After her ejaculation had subsided a bit, she cleaned herself and got up from the toilet. She looked really embarrassed now that the fog had cleared up. I playfully asked her if she was all ready now, so she shot me a dirty look to shut me up. Together, we sneaked out of the bathroom. Without saying much, we headed to the cafeteria. On the way I eventually asked if she wanted to try this again, but she declined. I noted that detention would be hard for the next couple of days, but she just said that she’d manage somehow. I offered that she could message me whenever she changed her mind. She just scoffed at this and walked off on her own into the library. I chose not to chase after her and continued my way towards the cafeteria. I took a seat at the table where I and a few of my friends usually sat. A few minutes later, the bell rang and students began to pour Kartal Escort in.

I had decided to be patient for now and not to push her. Although she was acting angry, she had clearly liked being denied. Normally she’d manage a full day of school without any relief, but now she couldn’t even make it until the first break. I hoped that she would get back to me of her own accord soon. I also guessed that she would be having a pretty tough time today because of detention. It secretly turned me on to imagine Ilse struggling to hold back for two hours, during which she would be thinking about the stuff we had done earlier.

That day, I didn’t share any more classes with Ilse. I did cross her once in one of the hallways when moving between classes. She did her best to pretend not to see me, but it was pretty obvious she did. I played along with her game and ignored her for the time being, if that was how she wanted to do things at that moment.

The rest of the school day was pretty uneventful. I simply headed home after the last bell rang and played some games with the guys to pass the time. I thought for sure that Ilse would message me eventually that day, but it didn’t seem to happen at all. After dinner, I began to get a bit anxious, contemplating if I should have been a bit more assertive that day. To distract myself a bit, I picked up the book we had to read for our English class. Languages weren’t my strongest suit, so it was hard to get through, but it did suffice in keeping me busy for a bit.

It was getting late and I was still reading. I only had a few more chapters left before I would finish the book. I began to seriously doubt that Ilse would text me that day, until a notification popped up on my phone. Although it certainly was not the first time that I got my hopes up for nothing, I still jumped at it. My heart started beating faster when I saw her name on the lock screen of my phone. It was a short message asking me if I really didn’t have any other ideas for her “problem”. I sent her back that the detention must’ve been pretty bad, teasing her a bit. I was relieved that she messaged me, but also a bit displeased that she let me wait so long.

At first she dodged my remark, but in the end she admitted that it was quite rough. This time, another teacher was supervising detention. This meant that she had to sit out the two hours in its entirety. When she was getting worried that her boner would be visible through her trousers, she again tried to go to the toilet. The teacher, however, would have none of it. She said that she’d had plenty of time before detention started, so that she had to be patient for now. Ilse thought that if she would’ve pressed a bit further, saying that she couldn’t hold it anymore, she would’ve probably been let go. She didn’t want to make a ruckus though, because she wasn’t sure if she could get out of the classroom again while hiding her hard-on if everyone was looking. She had gotten a bit paranoid since a certain someone had caught her.

Ilse ended up having to wait for it until she was home. She wasn’t sure if she could manage another day of detention like that. Maybe she would end up masturbating in class, which was way too risky. I obviously opted to help her again. This time, however, she had to obey me better than earlier that day. She asked me if that was really necessary to help her. I told her that it would not work if I would give in every time she begged to get released. Only on my terms would she be locked, unlocked, and given release. She had to think about this for a while. I didn’t think I went too far, because after a few minutes I got a final reply agreeing to meet me again before school tomorrow. I could hardly contain my excitement.

The next day, we were both free for the first class, which gave us plenty of time. We met up at the quiet Maltepe Escort bathroom from last time a bit after the first class started. I was expecting to be the first one to arrive, as per usual, but this time it was Ilse who was waiting for me. She was wearing her usual casual clothes, aiming to obfuscate any curves hidden beneath them. I should really ask her one time why she didn’t wear clothes a bit more revealing. When we made eye contact, I waved at her. She waved back, although a bit hesitantly.

For some reason, we were both pretty nervous, maybe because we had agreed on the roles between us. This meant that I had to take the lead. I took her into one of the bathroom stalls and put my backpack down on the floor. I sat Ilse down on the toilet again. I hesitated a bit, considering how far I would take it with the demands for now. For now, she did what I told her, so I started by ordering her to take off her pants and see how it would go. Now that she wasn’t as horny as before, she wasn’t as keen on doing it. We looked at each other for a bit, until she looked down and slowly dropped her pants. She held her hands in her lap when they were down, hiding what was beneath. She didn’t want to meet my eyes, so I continued to rummage around in my backpack and got the plastic ring. I told her to put it on.

This time I did not turn around, so Ilse asked if it was really necessary. I told her not to complain and to get on with it, trying to sound authoritarian. She shyly removed her hands from her lap and got to work. This was only her second time putting it on, so she was still a bit clumsy. She avoided looking at me, all the while I was inspecting her efforts. After she had removed her hands, she was still flaccid. This was the first time I saw it like that. She was more of a grower than a shower, for sure, having a length of not more than a few inches. This is probably why you normally couldn’t see anything in her crotch, apart from when she got excited. She struggled somewhat with the top part of the ring because of her bush. It would be easier if she was clean shaven. Something to keep in mind for later. After she got the cock ring secured, her dick was well on its way to getting fully erect. It was clear that this excited her, the blush on her cheeks indicating further.

While I was looking at her work, I noticed that it was not her dick that excited me particularly. It was more the control I had over the urges of such a cute girl that made me excited. It had excited me tremendously to see her squirm around in her chair the day before. To know that I decided when she would get her relief.

I handed her the ice pack I had brought with me again, which she took without a word. She was probably too embarrassed about being scrutinized like this. More so because it was obvious that this excited her. It took a while for it to go down again before I could pass the lube and the cage. She lubed the inside of the cage and her cock, which was now even smaller than it was before she got hard. It easily slid in the cage, leaving a tiny bit of room in the front. Although I assumed that this wouldn’t be for long. When all was in place, I reached out with the padlock and locked her package in place.

Now she could pull up her pants and push her package in place between her legs, trying to prevent any bulge from being visible. I gave her a hand to get up and looked her in the eyes. I told her she would be locked up for the day. I would check up on her in the lunch break to make sure the cage wouldn’t pinch or hurt and after detention she would get her release. She nodded at me. I smiled, pleased that she was obeying me nicely. I decided to try something out for myself. While we walked out of the bathroom and were about to head our own ways, I put my hand on her big ass and grabbed a nice handful. She jumped up and gave me a disapproving look. I simply smiled at her. She pouted at me and hmphed, after which she walked off. My God did she have a great ass. It felt nice and soft and swayed enticingly while she walked away. I should really get her to wear something a little more sexy next time.

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