Telemedicine Ch. 04: Agreement

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Ana Dearmond

Chapter 4: Agreement

It was 2:00am and I had basically given up on sleep. The cage on my cock, the cuff on my balls, the plug in my ass, they were working, pulsing, tormenting me slowly with pleasure. I couldn’t find a comfortable position, so I was sitting in bed, watching porn on my phone, caught in the limbo between stimulation and satisfaction. The sirens of the ambulances carrying the sick to the hospital added a level of stress to my situation.

A video from some dark corner of the internet played on my phone: a severe Eastern European women tormented a pale, skinny submissive man. My phone chimed: a notification appeared. “Your diagnostics are now complete. Open Telemedicine to speak with your doctor now!”

Excited, I tapped the notification. The app opened, and moments later a video-chat window appeared and I saw Dr. Popova. At the same time, the patterns the devices were making changed subtly, making me groan.

“Hello, Jonathan,” she said brightly. “I saw you were awake, so I thought you might want to hear the good news immediately.”

“You can see that I’m awake?” I asked, stunned.

“Of course! The devices relay a great deal of data to us in real-time Jonathan,” she said. “For example at this moment…” she turned away to look at something I couldn’t see, “Yes at this moment you seem to be experiencing a high level of stimulation.”

She smiled at me. “Jonathan,” she said in a teasing voice, “Are you looking at pornography?” she asked.

I nodded, ashamed.

“At some point, Jonathan, you will show me some of your favorite pornography, though I can already see what that is.” She paused and looked at me, then continued, “But we will have plenty of time for that.”

What the fuck did that mean? When was this going to end? I honestly started to wonder if I was dreaming.

“Jonathan, the reason we are speaking now is because the diagnostic portion of the protocol has been completed and we are ready to begin the automated treatment plan.”

I was on a rollercoaster. I had no control. Somewhere in Moscow, Dr. Popova sat with her hands on the keyboard, pressing whatever buttons she wanted, and I had no choice but to obey. I was terrified.

The fear prompted me to ask, “Doctor, I don’t understand. Treatment for what?” I was trying hard to keep my voice calm. Honestly, I was scared of her. I was freaked out that she’d said that we have plenty cloud storage of time. How much longer would this last?

“Jonathan, according to our data, your abdominal pain was caused by heartburn that was related to stress. Our tests show that you are experiencing a very high level of stress right now.”

Yeah, no shit. My cock, balls, and ass were locked and under the control of a Russian blackmailer in the midst of a global pandemic. I hadn’t been out of my apartment in weeks. I hadn’t cum in days. So, yeah…

“Of course, this is understandable, given your lockdown situation. Before you contacted me, Jonathan, how were you coping with your feelings of stress?”

I thought about my nightly pandemic porn habit. Honestly, the way I coped was by doing almost exactly what she’d caught me doing now, except it used to end in a semi-satisfying orgasm, followed by restless sleep. I didn’t even want to think about all the day-time jerk-off sessions that had crept into my routine.

“I asked you a question, Jonathan,” she said.

“Doctor, um…” I didn’t want to say it out loud, but she was silent. Waiting. “I masturbated a lot, Doctor.” I said.

“I see,” she said. “Yes, I suspected as much.”

I saw her turn and shuffle some papers on her desk.

“Jonathan, I’m going to explain the treatment to you now. This is important. I need you to listen carefully so that you can decide what you’d like to do. One moment please, while I change… one… setting. Ah there!” She said brightly.

The machine in my ass, the cock cage, the cuff around the base of my penis, they all changed rhythm. They weren’t exactly pulsing anymore. Instead, they started, how can I put this? They started slowly fucking me and jerking me off at the same time. It felt incredible.

“I’ve just started a sample of the treatment, Jonathan. It feels good, doesn’t it?”

It did, and I groaned, “Yes Doctor. It feels so good.”

“Yes, I’m sure it does,” she said. “Well, the good news is that this treatment plan is actually a more effective treatment for stress and anxiety than masturbation. When you masturbate to orgasm, the release provides temporary stress relief, but it also reduces your energy, makes it hard to work, makes it hard for you to be productive. It actually causes you more stress in the long run. Our treatment plan provides the stress relief of masturbation, but cloud file storage without the, shall we say messy side effects of orgasm.” She laughed. “Would you like that, Jonathan?”

The machine-fucking pattern changed again, squeezing waves up and down my penis, slowly pulsing in my ass, steady and intense. It felt amazing, and I felt an orgasm starting to build in my balls. I tried to focus on her question, but I couldn’t. It had been so long and I was so close. I couldn’t even remember what she’d asked me. I just closed my eyes.

“Jonathan, if we are going to start the treatment, you’ll need to give me your permission to continue. If you want the benefits of the treatment, then you need to agree to participate.”

What was I about to agree to? I stalled for time. “Doctor, what if I don’t want the treatment?” I asked. It seemed like a reasonable thing to ask a normal doctor, but Dr. Popova had proven by now that she was no normal doctor.

“Hmmm, yes,” I heard her say, and look away. She seemed to have some kind of control panel next to her, because every time she turned in that direction, something new happened with the devices.

A moment later, the pleasant fucking stopped. It was replaced by a slowly increasing series of squeezes on my cock and balls. And oh my god the anal probe seemed to be…inflating!?! All thought of orgasm vanished, replaced instead by growing pain. Growing panic. Fuck!

“Doctor please!” I begged.

“Jonathan, do you remember what I said about refusing me?”

“I do, Doctor, I do!” The pressure was growing stronger each moment. My ass was starting to be stretched in ways I’d never imagined it could be. It was pushing beyond pain, into agony, and I remembered how much worse it could get.

“Jonathan, I was very much looking forward to treating you,” she said. “Of course, it is within your rights to refuse treatment, but hopefully you will remember that I have feelings too.”

She had feelings?!? She had video is what she had. She had my credit card. She had all of my personal information. And she literally had my balls in a vise.

Still, I didn’t know what I was about to agree to. The pain was crushing, but I managed to ask, “Doctor, what am I agreeing to?”

That seemed to work, as the pressure from the devices eased to nothing. But then I felt them begin their slow constriction again, felt the plug in file upload my ass start to grow again, slowly, steadily. It was like she’d only reset the cycle.

“Of course Jonathan. Let me explain everything to you now,” she said. “If you agree to treatment, we will begin a new and very demanding regimen. The first part of the regimen is the physical treatment, administered by the devices that you are wearing, and perhaps other devices as well. Our physical treatment options are expanding every day, Jonathan, so we may change equipment from time to time.”

That sounded terrifying, honestly.

“Your treatment will also involve psychiatric treatment, Jonathan, which will be administered by me. I am both a physician and a psychiatrist.”

The pressure on my cock and balls had become painful again, and I said, “Please Doctor, it hurts.”

“Jonathan,” she said, impatience in her voice, “do you want the explanation or do you not want the explanation?” She looked at me impassively through the screen.

“I want the explanation, Doctor,” I said, defeated, feeling the pain increasing and knowing there was nothing I could do.

“Good, there are only a few more things that I need to tell you. Now, the training period will continue as long as it proves beneficial. It will be mostly covered by your insurance, but you will be required to make a small co-pay each week.”

Fuck, the blackmail was coming. The pain was already here.

“Doctor, will I be able to take off the devices?” I asked.

“Jonathan, along the way, you will receive many rewards and many periods of relief. You will experience great pleasure. And we will become very very close Jonathan. You will not be simply another patient to me. And I will not be like any other Doctor you have ever known.”

I groaned. I wanted her so badly. And the pain was becoming unbearable. My ass was under assault. My cock in a vise. My balls…

“And yes, Jonathan,” she said, “If you agree to treatment, I will release you from the devices tomorrow.”

What?!? That did it. “I agree to treatment doctor,” I said.

“Wonderful!” She said. “Jonathan, you have made me so happy!”

She turned away from the camera and seemed to type something into the unseen control panel. In an instant, the painful constriction was gone and once again the slow, pleasant pulsing took over.

She turned back to the camera. “Very well Jonathan, I have engaged the automated treatment program, so the rest of your evening should be very pleasant. I will contact you for our next session tomorrow. Until then Jonathan, honey, try to get some rest.”

And just like that, she was gone.

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