Tell Me What You Need

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I need to service you.

I need to fuck you. I expect you to be sopping when you knock on the door; I instruct you to start on yourself in the car. I need to throw you face down over the bed, flip your skirt, tear your panties, and get inside you in a single thrust. I need to pound you until you cum. I need you to cum from nothing but my cock.

I need to turn you on your side, your pussy already widened by my thrusting, and slide between your thighs, rolling you around like you’re my fuck doll. I need to put you on your back, legs high in the air, and bottom out inside you. I need our sweat to stick us together.

I need to lick your body. I need to roll my hands across your skin and make you putty. I need to spread your pussy and lick you until you can’t take it. I need you to trust me, so I can take a break from your pussy to work on your ass. I need you to faint from my mouth’s pleasure.

I need you to awaken, fully content, and ready to treat me like a man. You will go slowly where I was urgent, gently where I was strong.

You will take me to the shower and methodically wash me from head to toe. You will wash inside me with first one, then two soapy fingers. You will scrub my penis softly, getting over and under every fold of skin. You will not neglect the rest of my body. You will dry me thoroughly.

I need your touch. I need you to massage my muscles, easing the tension from my body, starting with me on my back, working on my shoulders, anadolu yakası escort and then rolling me back over to work the knots out of my back, my ass, and my thighs.

You will then, because I say so, massage my feet ever so gently, apologizing when you tickle me; and work your way back up my body softly, slowly, simply stroking my skin and watching me shudder. You will see me melt as you roll me to my back. You will work on my face, very gently, before running your fingers through my chest hair and massaging my chest and nipples. You will stroke my belly and my sides, watching my face to see what pleases me the most, and return to those places as you go lower.

You will open my legs and start by simply massaging my thighs until they open on their own. You will stroke my crotch with your fingertips, circling closer and closer to my cock, which will be iron hard with anticipation. You will stroke my balls softly, then massage the skin of my scrotum with more strength between your thumb and forefinger. You will start with your tongue at my knee and drag your way up to my taint, which you will lick thoroughly and thoughtfully, before making a circle at the other knee and coming back to me, this time to suck each ball in turn, lavishing the skin with your tongue. You will kiss the tip of my cock softly. You will call my attention (as if you need to) to watch as you dip your tongue in the atalar escort slit of my cock and the pre-cum drags away from me. You will suck it into your mouth and smirk.

You will get me up and seat me, ensuring that I’m fully comfortable with my ass hanging over the edge of the chair, reclined enough to relax while able to see your ministrations. You will get up and drag your hand from just above my cock to my face, where you will kiss me with more strength than you have used yet, or will use again. You will go to the table and retrieve the lube the Rude Boy and your scarves, placing each on the floor next to the chair, along with a pillow for your knees. You will kiss me again, and suckle at each nipple briefly, before returning to your place at my feet.

Again you will massage my thighs and my ass, ensuring that I’m relaxed and comfortable. You will tie me gently to the legs of the chair, guaranteeing your access. You will lick my balls and taint softly, edging closer, before beginning to lick at my perfectly clean center. You will spread my cheeks and ease your tongue slowly around me. We will both feel the tip of your tongue stroke every crease. You will work your tongue into me, holding me open even further, loving how I squirm against the restraints. As you come up for air I will beckon you to me, kissing myself from you, biting your tongue, knowing what’s next.

You will make your last trip ataşehir escort to serve me, now. You will apply the lube generously to a finger, then around my ass. You will hold me open with your other hand as you get into me with one finger, feeling for the little nut inside me and swirling your finger around. One finger becomes two, scissoring me open further, then three, all the way to the last knuckle. You will use your other hand to add lube before pushing a fourth finger, amazed and satisfied at your capacity to please me.

You will withdraw your hand slowly, watching my shape (almost) return, before coming back with the toy, covering it with lube and pushing it gently into me, pausing as you go so I can feel the texture, before inserting it fully. You will fuck me with it slowly for a while, until neither of us can stand it any longer, when you turn on the vibration and push it into me, with the rough portion against my taint.

Finally, you will change your position to attend to my cock. With one hand gently rocking the Boy against me you will lick around the base of my cock then up the underside to the tip. You will swirl the tip a few times before going all the way down on my cock, relishing every inch and cumming from no touch as you see the look in my eyes. My hips bucking against you, you will return to the tip, lavishing it in your mouth as you pump the base with your hand. You will take as much of my monstrous load as possible, knowing that I want to see it dribble out of your mouth.

You will stand up and drool most of it down to your chest, holding a small amount in your cheek. You will massage my fluid into your tits softly, loving the feel against your skin, giving me the prettiest, dirtiest smile I’ve ever seen. I will pull you up and you will kiss me, our tongues dancing around in the rest of my load.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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