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He was there. A flush of warmth spread over her face and upper body as she smiled and handed her coat to the clerk at the front. She took a deep breath and tried to maintain a nonchalant walk as she headed into the room and glanced around for the bar, yet she couldn’t help feeling that she looked stiff and well, nervous.

Making it to the bar was a challenge of winding through people, but a drink was crucial at the moment, something to do with her hands. She took the drink and turned, looking for a free spot to stand and peruse the crowd. Despite trying to be thorough and look over the entire room, her gaze immediately swept to the left, where she had seen him upon entering. Her glance landed on his own eyes, looking back at her, and she jerked her eyes away, the flush growing anew.

She shifted on her feet and taking a sip of the cocktail, slipped a peek over the rim again. He was still looking at her and this time he smiled, obviously completely ignoring the talk of the gentleman next to him, before he turned to him, offered an excuse and started to walk across the room to her. She swallowed and waited.

They smiled at one another when he came close. A shaky “hello” left her lips and other cordial meaningless talk followed. It was their third meeting, nothing momental at each, but enough to keep her awake each night following, images of more intimate encounters occupying her brain.

An announcement was made that the dinner would be served. They smiled at each other, he indicating her to walk forward, and she felt another jolt of heat as his fingers rested against her bare back, guiding her to the dining room. She sat next to him. So much for eating at this meal. She picked at the food, not tasting anything, the smell of him next to her intoxicating. His knee kept bumping against her thigh until finally, he let it rest there against Şerifali Escort her. She shifted her legs, ever aware of the heat rising along her thighs at him touching her. Her whole body tingled.

Resting his elbows on the table, he turned and leaned in close to speak with her. The room was a little loud, but she could have easily heard without him leaning in. She noticed the frequent glance to her lips and maybe a flicker lower. It renewed her interest in her food as she lingered over an item of food at her mouth, hoping to draw his eyes again, and she did. He stopped talking and smiled and watched her eat.

Someone rose to speak and the two of them had to look to the speaker, but a large warm hand had lowered beneath the table and rested on his own thigh, the back of the hand brushing her leg. She shifted again in the seat and his hand moved to rest over her knee. Her lips parted and she looked up to the ceiling, trying madly to control her breath.

She felt as if every inch of his body were touching hers, enveloping hers, smothering her – but it was only his palm resting lightly on her knee. And he moved it. He caressed her knee at the edge of her dress, the fingers slipping just beneath the material to touch more of her thigh. She slipped her own hand down to run along the top of his wrist, over the top of his hand, tracing each vein that stood out from his hand, finally gliding between his fingers and urging his hand a little further up her thigh.

Suddenly the woman sitting next to her spoke to her and made her jump in her seat, jerking her hand away. She nervously turned to the woman, wondering whatever could she want. She felt the hand leave her thigh and she sighed audibly. The chattering woman paused to ask if she was feeling well. She shook her head and excused herself, standing on shaky legs to scoot herself İstanbul Escort from the table, not daring to even glance in his direction.

She walked as if chased to the ladies room. She looked in the mirror and laughed out loud at the flushed face. She fanned herself, going into the restroom stall, she sat on the toilet and wiped at her damp thighs, letting her cooled fingers rest against the crotch of her panties and slip just inside to cool the fiery heat there. She moaned at the cool pressure of her fingers and let them linger, cooling her and teasing her at once.

She shook her head, got up and returned to the mirror, staring hard at herself as if to scold. Get a hold of yourself. She left the restroom, walking more firmly, confident again and was rounding the corner with a smile when she saw him across the hall, just leaning against the wall watching her walk towards him. There wasn’t a smile now. His look was serious, intent. She moved close to him and his hand slid again to her back, exposed by the dress, and he leaned in closer, their thighs touching. He tilted his head and brushed his lips against hers, the jolt going through her making her lean into him weakly, her hands resting against his broad chest as she felt a flick of his tongue in her mouth and she responded heavily.

Voices carried from around the corridor. He looked up and around him and taking her hand, led her down the hall. He tried a door, opened it and pulled her in. She had to stand very close to him, the supply closet they had entered overfull and only allowing a small spot against the wall. She rested her hot back against the cool wall and watched him as he moved in close to her and plunged his tongue deep into her mouth, his hands immediately moving to her thighs and up her dress, gripping her behind and yanking her hard against him. She let Ümraniye Escort out a little groan as she felt his erection against her stomach, throwing her head back as his mouth moved to her throat, giving languid sucking kisses.

A fumbling of hands began, he pushing at her panties, freeing them from her thighs and trying to edge them on down her legs, her hands at his belt, undoing it madly and unzipping, hungrily reaching in and grasping his cock between her fingers. She was trembling, aching at her center as she stepped from her panties. He pulled up one of her thighs to his side and moved in closer between her legs and she felt the tip of his cock reaching, searching, and finally pushing up inside her.

She cried out, his mouth covering hers as he shifted in further between her legs, wrapping both of them around his waist as he thrust up with his hips. She held on as she was bumped repeatedly against the back wall, her heels reaching behind him to try to rest on the counter there, sometimes catching it, but being knocked off again as he thrust up into her over and over, a hard grunt coming from him with each forward motion. Her hands went to his behind, feeling the clutch of his muscles as he shoved up into her.

She felt her inner muscles tightening on him, trying to grasp him as he moved quickly, her eyes glazed over as her breath caught, feeling the mounting rise of pressure build and build until she wailed out a cry and dug her nails into his shoulders, nearly climbing up the wall ahead of him, shaking with a wild orgasm. He pushed her closer, tighter into the wall as the jerks of his hips became more erratic. Her shoulders were banging now into the wall, she made much more aware of the pain as her orgasm subsided and then she felt him shudder violently, jerking and emptying into her, burying his face in her neck.

Their hard breaths seemed amplified by the silence of the room. He gently let her legs fall as he let his cock slip from inside her. Her knees started to buckle and she half squatted against the wall in weakness, feeling a wetness seep from between her thighs.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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