Teresa’s Twist: His Story

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After the morning passion and clean up, it was time for nutrition. This starts with caffeine hot for me and caffeine cold for you. Ironic, because your blood is still hot and mine has cooled. So to keep me interested you dress to keep my interest up. Leaving plenty of cleavage showing with a strategically ripped t-shirt, a sexy thong and very little else.

I read the news and you watch and sip. “What a great way to start the morning!” I comment over my cup.

As you nibble at your breakfast, you say “Don’t think you are done! That was a nice warm up. I am interested in this twist you mentioned.”

I smile slyly, and wait for what I know will come, hiding behind the news.

The long pause and when you can’t stand the silence from me you push the paper aside and say “Well, what is this twist?”

“Always the patient Teresa.” comes my reply. “Surprises aren’t surprises, if you tell!” And the morning moves on.

Close to noon now. “Lunch time?” I question.

“I am only hungry for hard cock!” is your answer.

“I might be able to help you with that.”

“Can I, really?” is your quick reply.

“Only until I say stop,” I tease.

You walk over to where I am sitting and slowly run your hand down my chest. “What game is this?” you ask.

“Might be the twist, but only if you agree to let me set the rules,” I answer.

You lean over and run your tongue down my neck and back up to my ear. Watching me move to you and moan, you whisper, “Do you think you will be able to control yourself enough to stop? I am good at this!”

My only answer is a moan. You slide down my chest with you lips. Lower, slower, deliberately. You pull my robe open slowly and are eye level with hardness. “I am always amazed at you are hard so quickly.”

I moan “Around you, I am always hard, baby!”

You start at my stomach and tease all around me – thighs, stomach, hips. Then slowly you start to kiss the head of my rock hard cock. I feel the warmth of your mouth as you slowly slide over me. Ever the tease, you slowly take me inch by inch backing off with each new inch. Two steps forward, one step back. Your hands slide up to my nipples, pinching and caressing my chest. Never committing to intense love making, only trying to get me to the point that your mouth and cum is all I want. Teresa wants, and will tease until I cum in her mouth. Up and down, slowly you roll your tongue over me. With each moan that escapes me you are surer you will get what you want. A little more intensity, as my hips move to you.

Two lovers fighting for control. Finally you fully commit and go for the finish, you know I can’t stop now, I am just to into your love making! Just sikiş izle when you feel me start to tighten up, you pull out all stops and take me fully in your mouth with blazing speed. “I win!” you think.

I reach out to stop you. “Let’s take this into the bedroom.” You don’t want the bedroom, Teresa wants cum. In her mouth!

“You can’t stop now,” runs through your mind. “Not NOW!” as you hold on and suck harder, knowing I will give in.

I lower my voice and “You agreed!” comes slowly from me.

You look up into my eyes as you lift your mouth from me and say “Are you sure you want to stop?”

“I didn’t say I wanted to stop, just change position, and location.”

Anxious to continue, quickly moving to the bed, you pull off the t-shirt and the thong. “Is this the twist I have waited all morning for?” you query as you slide between the sheets.

“Only if you agree to let me set the rules.” is the echo from earlier.

“OK, OK, I agree!” You give control, knowing you will benefit greatly anyway. Reward here, you know, is worth the cost of control.

“Lie down, spread your legs and close your eyes.” I state so softly it sounds like a request instead of a demand. “I need something from the toy box,” you hear.

Your eyes fly open, “What is it you need?”

“I am looking for a blindfold,” I respond. “Let’s take away the sense of sight and see if it heightens the others. Trust me?”

Lovingly, you surrender again. “OK, yes the scarf from the dresser”

After the sight is gone, you lie back again and anticipate where this will go next. Your question is answered almost instantly as you feel my light caress up the outside of your arm. Lightly, slowly, my fingers make a trail to your left shoulder. There, as my fingers trace the inside of your arm back to your wrist, my lips slide across your shoulder to your neck and up to your ear. Around and down your throat and back up to the other ear. “You are so hot, I can hardly wait to fuck you!” I whisper.

While my tongue slides back down your silky neck, my fingers start at your hip and dance slowly up your side to the underside of your breast. A long moan escapes your lips as my tongue circles your right breast with my fingers duplicating every move on your left. Circles getting smaller with each revolution, until I hungrily suck your right nipple into my mouth and feed greedily. My fingers are pinching and rolling your left nipple. Your hips begin to respond. I switch mouth and hand and nurse at the left while my hand assaults your right nipple.

Abruptly the attack stops and my lips trial down, fingers pinching and rolling both nipples. Little bites and kisses make a straight brazzers line to your sex, while your breasts are teased and tormented. My lips stop just above the sweet bud of pleasure and circle around to your thigh, down with my tongue, liquid fire down your inner thigh. Back up and across to the other side. On my way up, as I near your swollen lips, you arch your hips to find my tongue. I pull back and say “I think you are ready for the twist”.

My hands leave your breasts, exposing them to the chill of no attention. Then you feel the bite of the nipple clamps and again, your hips push your sex higher seeking attention. “Roll over onto your stomach, please. I can’t tie you down this way.” Now you know!

“He has always wanted to tie me up, and I have always wondered what would happen if he did,” runs through your mind. You happily assist me with the silk ties as each wrist and ankle is secured. Trust!

The tongue again is my main weapon as it slowly starts at the shoulder again. Across the top of the back, while the finger tips lightly caress the rib cage from hip to underside of breast again. You feel my throbbing hard cock slide between the cheeks of your ass and it brings back the memory of the morning’s passion. I caress your sides and back with lips, tongue and fingertips, and just when you are so absorbed in the onslaught, my and slides under you to give a little tug on the clamps. Pain is again pure pleasure as they bite on your rock hard nipples.

The moan is deep, long, pure primal. And now your ass pushes back against me and grinds, begging for more. “Fuck me, please! Hard and now!” you beg.

“You are almost ready,” is my answer. “Raise your hips a moment, please” I ask. I slide a pillow under you, exposing you completely. Now I place a knee on each side of you. Straddling you, I am facing the foot of the bed and before me is your sculptured ass. I start with the tongue again and trace from the top of the cheeks down each side to that most sexy part of the female form, where perfect ass cheek meets perfect thigh.

I stop to nibble, suck and tongue each side. I am in heaven. You push back to meet my mouth. You are almost where I want you to be. So to get you there I attack your pussy lips with a vengeance. Sucking the nectar of the gods from you, I push you higher. Lastly I move to your clit and suck and nibble until you are in a fucking rhythm with my mouth. The tempo is increasing at a rapid pace. You are so close when I stop and slide the new toy into you.

“I’ve got a surprise for you.” this is MY favorite toy. “It is the Lickin’ Lizard” I inform you as you feel the nine inches of cock push into you. Hard cock fake taxi porno is just what you have been craving and you open yourself to it completely. When you are filled up completely the moan is pure ecstasy.

Then I turn it on while licking all over your beautiful ass. You feel it rotate inside you and feel the beads that are on the shaft vibrating your outer lips. Slowly at first then slightly faster. The head of this cock is brushing your g spot with each rotation and it is hard for you to concentrate on the assault on your ass with such waves of pleasure coming from inside your pussy.

You feel me lift off of you and off the bed and fear of abandonment almost replaces the pleasure. I again slide a hand under you and pull on the clamps. More fire from your nipples. “Are you getting there, baby?” I ask.

All you can do is groan in pleasure. So absorbed are you in the sensations running through your body that you hardly notice the pressure of me getting back on the bed behind you. “Now for my reward, honey, I am going to fuck you in the ass while you are Cumming!” fills your ears.

At this point you don’t care about anything but the wave after wave coming from inside your cunt. I poor the oil onto your exposed backdoor and with my finger lubes you well.

Fear comes rushing in, “Is he serious, will he really do this?” Your pussy seems beyond any more pleasure as you feel the last surprise from the “Lizard”, the licking part. Through your clit comes the vibration of the lizards tongue that has slid under the hood around it and begins to vibrate against the unprotected bud. Your hips seem to take on a life of their own as they pump madly at the lizard seeking the explosion that seems to hang just out of reach.

Then I press the head of my steel staff against the other entrance to pleasure. You care so much about the impending climax that the cock in your ass is very welcome. Now you are completely filled as you never thought you would be and hanging by a thread over the precipice of shear pleasure. I begin to match your rhythm, driving my cock further into you. The peak of pain and pleasure is what you have reached as I reach under your chest and give the clamps a final tug, while wildly fucking you from behind.

Stars explode in your brain. You are primal woman in search of climax. You feel wave after wave of pleasure courses through your veins. Fire of orgasm more powerful than you ever imagined tears through your body. You fight to stay conscious as you feel me pump load after load of scalding cum in your ass. The pleasure seems to have no end as your body has taken on a life of its own and you grind back against the lizard and me. That sweet sexy sigh that usually comes with your climax is erased by a deep guttural moan that melds into a scream, as I fall spent on your back. Wave after wave but diminishing somehow – after what seems a lifetime you rouse to softly sigh, “Call 911”.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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