Tess’ Awakening

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Tess opened the door and called out, “You should not have done that. Come in when you are finished- the door is open”.

Moments later she heard the sound of his boots coming up the grey painted wooden stairs and across the porch as the wind whipped up the snow drifts and the oak branches scraped against the house. The solid wooden door creaked open as he entered. The front entry room was quiet and dimly lit by a few candles and a corner table lamp. The house smelled of a roaring fireplace. He saw nobody in the dark entry way until out of the corner of the adjoining dinning room he heard her speak. “I’m over here. Come in and take a seat in the living room. I will be in shortly.”

He took off his coat and sat in the leather chair next to the fireplace. The soft leather was warm and relaxing and helped to release the constriction of the cold in his skin. “I just wanted to say thanks for shoveling the driveway and sidewalk. You did not need to do that- it was so kind and neighborly of you. Can I offer you a drink to warm you up?”

He thought… “A drink would be great. What do you have?” he replied.

“I do not really know. The bar really was not my forte…” she said drifting off…

“Surprise me then,” he suggested as she walking back into the darkness of the dining room.

He had not seen her much- at least since her husband left her. She and her daughter had pretty much kept to themselves and with the cold weather, nobody really was about the neighborhood these days.

She called out from the other room, “How have you been? The kid and school, play dates and all that stuff has kept me quiet busy.”

“I have been traveling a lot for work but now that the holiday season is here I expect to be in town for the rest of this year- you know, things slow down.”

“You probably work very hard everyday. Sometimes its good to take time and relax. Brandy?”

He was 35- and she was not that much older- 42 or 43- but perceptions and positions in life are relative he thought. As Tess walked out of the darkness he could see his hostess was as beautiful as ever. He had admired her for sometime but she had too much going on in her life…. a divorce had taken an emotional toll on her over the past two years and he kind of knew ‘the ex’. The family had just moved into the suburban upper class neighborhood and then the split suddenly happened. She had told him about it from time to time during neighborly chats but did not really discuss it in depth.

She handed him the snifter and walked away. “Where is Ashley?,” he inquired. “With my sister and niece- ice skating and slumber party. Its alright on a Friday night for a six year old to have a treat.” “Nice,” he said, “so that gives you your own time I suppose?”

“Not really, some peace to unwind but I have so much to do for the holiday- wrap gifts, cook, all that fun. So tell me, how have the girls been treating you lately? Last time we spoke you were still seeing a few. Anyone in or out? I’m sure some girl is dying to get her hands on you.”

Tess returned to the room and walked behind him. “Thanks for doing all that hard work” she mentioned as she began to rub his shoulders. He was taken by surprise,“No problem- I figured it was not a lot of snow and you would appreciate the help- it would have been a mess tomorrow morning if it was not shoveled.”

She came around the chair and sat in the matching leather chair across from him, they were separated by a matching ottoman. Leaning forward she said, “Lets see what the hostess has served you- may I?” she asked, dipping her finger into his snifter. “Mmmmm” she sighed as she tasted to brandy, “I like that one. Be right back” and with that she was off to the bar.

His mind drifted off and admired how good Tess looked. It was not just that she was a raving beauty, but it was the manner in which she carried herself- confident, well dressed and put together whenever he saw her, time, place and circumstance did not matter- a complete package and a class act. Tonight was no exception he thought- the woman is not going out and she is dressed kill with no plans to entertain at home. Maybe she had been out that day and had not the chance to change her attire? Who knows he thought…

Regardless, he had coveted her for a long time- she was a shapely slim five foot seven. With the black leather pointed toe spike high heeled boots with zippers up the in seam, which ran to just below the knee and firmly held the upper calf, and a black skirt with a hem line just above the knee and the gap in between which revealed light beige stockings, she was elevated to about five foot nine. She wore a cream colored semi see through silk long sleeve blouse, the top two buttons undone exposing her alabaster chest to just above her cleavage, a single strand pearl necklace with matching earrings, red lips, green eyes and blond hair with brown roots. On looks sex izle alone he wondered, why did her husband leave her?

Tess soon returned, snifter in hand, and she sat down across from him again, her legs crossed at the knee her elevated leg slowly rocking up and down. “Tonight I feel graced,” she said. “I have the pleasure of the company of a strapping young man on a Friday night, when I had nothing but mundane chores on the agenda…. a nice surprise,” she said with a devilish smirk on her face. “Ironic, this is starting to sound like one of those erotic stories. I did not get the drink which I gave you- I found something else that I like. Bet you can’t tell me what it is- taste?” he reached for the glass. “No, no, let me,” and she dipped her finger into her glass and brought it to his lips, which she slowly circled, painting them with the liquid. And when the circle was complete she surprised him by slowly inserted her finger in his mouth, gently rubbing it across his tongue and removing it with the expression a girl up to no good. “Like?” He pondered the taste. The taste he knew was that of a fine Cognac. “Yes, you taste fine,”- he slipped…

“So, between friend, pump my ego a little, am I an attractive woman?” she asked. “Tess, you know better than to ask me that question, I mean, come on, you have caught me from time to time checking you out. I’ve seen your flirtatious wink acknowledging me.”

“Go on, pump my ego more, what is my best attribute?” she pressed. “Your self confidence and the way you carry yourself, you know you are good looking.”

“I never thought of that,’ she said,”perceptive…. I thought you would tell me it was my legs, I always catch you looking at them. Clearly my dear, you have an interest and do try to hide it… You need more drink.”

She went to refill his glass and when she returned surprised him by curling up in his lap, her left arm moving around his shoulder, her legs across the chair arm, the skirt hiking up her legs to mid- thigh revealing more of her stockinged thigh, and driving him a bit crazy…..She gently grabbed the top of his ear with two fingers and stretched it ever so gently while whispering, “How about it, just us on a wintry Friday night? Can you satiate my needs? They are quite shall we say, ‘unique’. It has been a while. I need it in a way that is powerful, passionate and intense… awakening. I need to know I am alive. Can you do that for me, awaken my soul?” He was speechless, having never ever expected to ever in his life hear these words from her…

She kissed him gently on the cheek and stood up. She grabbed his wrist and led him across the room. He was stunned- this was not the person he thought she was. He thought she was the all-American housewife, polite refined, conservative and polished. Was he about to discover otherwise?

Tess led him to the hallway and around the corner was the base of the stairs. They walked up the first landing and stopped. On the other side of the landing was another set of steps going down. Coming down to the landing was a longer staircase leading to the next level. The long staircase was lined by two finely polished mahogany rails supported by painted spindles.

She turned and looked to him. She took his hands, looked directly into his eyes, produced two silk ties and whispered “Time my wrists to the rails, ths is where I have always wanted to do this- he would never oblige, he just did not like it this way……”

He hesitated for a moment and then wrapped one tie around her wrist and tied it around the rail and then the other. And there she stood, arms spread, her torso leaning sightly forward facing up the stairs holding the rails and she was at his mercy.

She said, “I trust you, do not disappoint me.”

“If I go too far, you must tell me,” he assured her.

He stepped below her arm and went up the stairs and stood before her. He looked Tess in the eyes and slowly began to unbutton the blouse. He kissed her chest as he went slowly savoring her body and worshiping her flesh. It was a complete surprise to him that she wore no bra. Her breasts were small, with beautiful upturned cone shaped rouge nipples. The way her torso was angled they gently hung down and he could just imaging how they would rhythmically bounce. He took the right one between his forefinger and thumb and slowly turned until it hardened. He took the other one in his mouth and suckled it and she moaned slightly.

He then stepped behind her and unzipped her skirt, letting it fall to the floor around her feet. He stepped back and observed her legs. He had lusted them for a long long time. They were now offered for his exclusive pleasure. Long and firm, the thighs slightly curvaceous. The beige thigh high stockings were topped with black lace supported by black garters and belt. Her thighs so perfectly filled the tops of the stocking that she did not need alt yazılı porno a garter to hold them in place but the garters themselves framed her, and the way they tugged and encased made her all the more appealing.

“You like?” she asked. He did not respond. Tess knew he was mesmerized, which she took as a compliment. He knelt down and helped her step out of the skirt. He motioned her to spread her legs shoulder width. He looked up at what he expected to be a g-string and instead was pleasantly surprised- all she wore was the garter belt and hooked to the middle of the belt was a string of small pearls that ran down, through her lips, under and then up her ass to the back of the belt. It was a tightly fit strand and its purpose self-evident. He wanted nothing more than to move his face to her sex and smell her, lick her lips, part them with his tongue and tease her… He considered himself a master of the tease. He enjoyed not only the intensity and passion of it but the internal discipline he had to exercise to restrain himself before his partner was in full frenzy.

He caressed Tess’ right leg starting at the boot ankle and slowly kissed and licked his way up the back of her leg, across the back of the knee, up the back of the thigh, across the top of the stocking, along the garter and her buttocks up to her hip. Her wanted to take the time to worship her body.

He stepped in front of her and sat down to admire her. He sat on the lowest step and lowered his face to her crotch. Unlike the rest of her refined body, her blonde tufts were wild. He lightly kissed her lower belly. He felt a small scar and he realized that she would be tighter than he expected. It aroused him. He put his face to it, smelt it and nuzzled it.”Please, no foreplay…” she asked. He was disappointed. He wanted to touch her sex, feel its warmth with his fingers, taste it, tease her to the edge for a while. He kissed his way up to her breasts and nibbled on the nipples a little, small bites making her winced and gasp. He stood up, stepped back and brought his hips level with her face. He got undressed and dangled his sex before her mouth. She flicked her tongue to taste him and her moved away. A game of cat and mouse. Finally he rewarded her, but briefly enough to stiffen him but not enough to bring him close to climax.

He moved away and behind her. He knelt down to observe her sex from behind. He noticed her under lips were shaven, slightly red and raw. Between the pearls and the newest discovery, he wondered what was she really about. He knew what he had to do. His sex was ready and needed no coaxing. He was ready to take her and satisfy her lust when an evil thought flashed through his mind.

He went down the steps to the living room. He went to the mantel place. It was there, with the other pieces. He took it and went back to her, his sex swelling even more at the thought of what she wanted and he was going to do. He had previously over looked it, thinking it was mere decoration and now he found it a purpose. He stepped in front of her and showed it to her. When she saw the crop in his hand there was a fear in her eye. The crop was bound in a deep chestnut brown leather, braided from the handle to the end, on which sat a three inch square leather flap for the striking. He ran the end of the crop down across her one breast and then the other, its roughness making her wince. He ran it down her midsection to the wildly tufted patch, pausing to slowly and gently push it against her lips.

He stepped behind her and gave her a light slap on her buttocks. She jumped. He then had the other buttocks. A pinkish glow rose in her skin. He took the switch and placed it on her shaved lips, gently pushing it against them, irritating them and making them swell.

“Please, no more of that. Take me, I need it so bad,” she begged. He released the switch on her buttocks again and quipped “not just yet my lust”. She so wanted him to stop. She had done this before in her youth with others. Sometimes she enjoyed it when it was done right but mostly it wasn’t. Her first time was with a lover who would beat her for the sake of administering a beating- he did not understand- he took his frustrations out on her and she terminated it quickly. The best time was with a lover who would spank her and let her reciprocate and then they would fuck wildly all night. The next morning they would go their separate ways, sore but satisfied knowing their mutual pain. By early afternoon the phone on her desk would ring and they would giddily chat in code words about the spankings, about how they each had walked to work that morning feeling the searing pain as their clothes brushed against their bottoms, how they each could not sit at their desks without squirming in pain, how nobody around them knew or would ever imagine and how they looked forward to seeing each other that altyazılı sex izle night to passionately make love, without the spankings…

He took his sex in his hand, and brought the swollen fleshy head to Tess’ steamy sex lips. He teased her, slowly nudging his head in and out, gently parting her a little more each time. She could sense what was to come. She tensed and he knew it. She tensed even more. “This is what I want,” she begged. He pulled her hips back as far as she could lean, her knuckles turning white as she gripped the rails, he placed both hands on her hips and he slowly plunged into her, widening her tight sex in the way she so desired.

She felt him plunge in and gritted her teeth, pain coursing through her as he unapologetically spread her. It was what she so wanted- being taken in such a manner. She did not know how large he was and as he entered her she kept thinking that he was done but he kept going deeper. Her excitement grew as she realized how filled she was. He then began plunging in and out of her, pillaging her for his pleasure. With each thrust her breasts shook in rhythm. “Fuck it,” she said to him looking over her shoulder, “fuck it good, oh yes, fuck it hard, come on more, fuck me…” she begged.

He hooked his thumbs under her garter belt and pulled her back, immobilizing her hips. She arched her back and pushed out her ass. He slammed his sex in and out of her. She felt him building to climax and muttered, “oh yes, fuck me, please take me there, yes, please take me there, harder, more….” She felt his sex swelling deep within her- he was fighting off the onrushing climax- she clenched her sex to coax him on and instantly felt him seize up and spasm, spewing his seed deep within her, depositing himself in steady streams that seemed to go on forever….

The silence felt like it had lasted a lifetime. Spent and dazed, he held her hips for balance. “You ok? How about releasing me?” He withdrew and set about freeing her hands. He was speechless. Never before had he come that hard. As he released her second hand she grabbed his wrist and proceeded up the stairs with him in tow. Tess led him to the master bedroom. He stood in the doorway and surveyed the large room. She climbed onto the king size bed and leaned back against the two rows of propped pillows, spread her legs and slyly motioned him with the come hither motion of her finger….

He climbed into the bed and went to mount her missionary style. Her hand rebuffed his approach as it came to rest on his chest and halted his forward movement. She then placed her other hand on his forehead and guided him down to her sex. “Take a break, this is what you wanted before…”

She was hot, wet and swollen, aching for release. He tasted her. Just right he thought as his tongue invaded deeper towards her lips. He licked and nibbled them, caressed them with his lips careful to avoid her bud, teasing around it on purpose, trying to slowly coax her to orgasm. “Please taste it…” she whispered and he obliged while sliding a finger into her and pressing up under her pelvis, pressuring the spongy flesh within. She gasped and threw her legs over his shoulders. He knew she was close. He played with the pearls, drawing them across her lips with his tongue, rolling them back and forth, up and down. He moved his finger out and continued to lick her. Then he withdrew his face and knelt before her, his phallus semi-erect.

“Your turn” her said. She understood and grabbed his sex with one hand, massaged his balls with the other and licked his head as he grew harder. She tasted herself and his come on him and smelled the scent of sex. As she attended to him he reached back and ran his finger over her sex, slowly in a soft circular motion he rubbed her engorged lips and bud. As she came close she pulled off of him and whispered his name. He knew, enough was enough.

He took her legs and put them over his arms, spreading her and pushing her knees back. Her lips were stretched and fulled exposed, accessible to him. He brought his head to her lips and teased her, this time slowly moving in and out until he was as deep as he could go. It did not take much after that- she was pinned, his prey and he the predator. Her hand rested on his ass and he leaned forward to further immobilize her. “Oh yes,” she gasped as he teased in and out of her, pulling almost all the way out and plunging back in over and over again, his balls lightly smacking against the tight skin of her ass.

He felt a new warmth flow within her. She could only sigh as the moment approached, unable to vocalize. He felt the rush of another climax swelling within him. He picked up his head and chest for leverage and with the next down stroke pushed deep and released. She felt his come and it sent her over the edge. She grabbed his ass and drew him as deep as she could manage. She repeatedly screamed, “oh yes, take me there, please, fuck me,” her hips trying to buck up and down under his tremendous driving force. She screamed with passion as he pushed hard at the height of his climax, her legs trembled as the waves of orgasm overcame her senses and her pleasure arrived….

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