Tessa: Beginnings of a New Life

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Tessa sat in the booth at Miller’s Pub alone. Gage sat at the end of the bar watching her. He had seen her in here many times but she was always alone. No one ever came and joined her yet she always sat in the same big booth. She always seemed that she was waiting for someone. Not really anyone in particular just someone to notice her silently sitting there looking at nothing but the table in front of her.

She always had two drinks. No more, no less. Before she would solemnly leave alone, looking disappointed. Gage had watched her for three weeks now and wondered what it was that she was here for. He sensed that she was wanting, needing someone to notice her but no one ever seemed to. Her down cast eyes, her silence, and her submissive body language told him that she was what he was looking for. But he wondered if she was in fact searching for him.

Gage slid into the booth next to Tessa. She didn’t speak. Her gaze remained down on the table. “You come here every week, alone. You never speak to anyone except to order your two whisky sours. Are you searching for something girl?” he asked in his deep resounding voice

“Sir, I did not invite you to this table.” She said never even looking up

Gage took her hand and said, “But you did. You are searching for me. You invite me here with your silence. What is your name?”

“Tessa.” She replied still not looking up. She never once lifted her gaze but she also allowed his hand to rest on hers. “I’m Gage and I think I am what you have been coming here for.” He took her hand firmly and pulled her out of the booth. She followed in silence but he could here the raggedness of her breathing.

“If you chose to walk out that door I will take you on a journey. One that I think you have been waiting for. But in doing so, you will belong to me. You will do as I say. Your only purpose will be in serving me. Do you understand?”

Timidly she replied “Yes Sir.” Gage smiled to himself. Yes, she was definitely what he had been searching for.

Gage opened the door for her and she slid into the car waiting for his instructions. He came around and got in the driver’s side. Gage reached Maltepe Türbanlı Escort open and unbuttoned Tessa’s white cotton blouse to expose her ample chest. He then hit the button and unrolled the window. Testing to see what she would do. As he had expected she sat in silence waiting for him to do whatever he wanted with her. “This is how we will ride home. So that all will know you belong to me and what a little slut you are. Tonight your training will begin. If in the morning you have proved yourself worthy I will escort you back to your home and we will retrieve the things you will need for daily life and you will be mine for as long as you are worthy. Do you understand?”

A tear of joy ran down her face as she replied “Yes Sir! I am yours Sir! Thank you Sir for recognizing me for the slut I am and offering to train me Sir!”

On the ride home Gage explained to Tessa her role as his and what he expected of her. He explained that she would be a guest in his home and would be free to leave at any time. If she chose to leave then that would be the end of their relationship. She would never be accepted back in his home again.

Gage parked his car in the drive way instead of parking it in the garage. “This is my home. I hope that you will see it as your home as well. I am going inside to prepare for your arrival. In five minutes I want you to remove all of your clothing, step out of the car and walk to the front door, ring the bell kneel on the doorstep and wit for me to open the door. Once you kneel you are not to move nor try to cover yourself. When I am ready I will come down and let you in and we will begin. Do you understand me?”

“But Sir what if someone sees me there naked?” this was the first question Tessa had asked since Gage took her out of the booth at the pub. “Tessa you belong to me now and if someone sees you there it is because I haven chosen you and they will know that you are mine. It is not your place to question me Tessa. I am going in now you have five minutes to decide if this is a journey you are ready for. If you are then when I open the door you will be there kneeling as I have instructed and it will Maltepe Otele Gelen Escort not matter how long you wait for this is the beginning of a new life. A life I believe you have been seeking. If you are not ready I will find you still here in the car and will drive you back to the pub and it will have ended before it even begins.” Gage opened the door and went inside leaving Tessa behind.

Gage went to the upstairs bedroom and selected several toys from his chest of wonders. He knew he would have to punish her for questioning him in the car but seeing that this was their first time together he would be firm but gentle. He selected a small wooden paddle for her punishment and laid it on the dresser table. She would have to understand that questioning him was not an option and would not be tolerated even from the start. He could tell that she would be fairly easy to train. She had the makings of a good submissive but if he let her run free in the beginning it would be harder to break her habits later.

Tessa sat in the Corvette contemplating what she was doing here. She did not know this man but for some reason she felt he could be trusted. Hadn’t this been what she had been dreaming of since she first stepped into that pub and saw Gage at the bar. She had come back day after day hoping he would notice her. Hoping he would know what she was seeking for. She almost buttoned her shirt back up but exactly at the five minute mark she removed her clothing and stepped out of the car.

Tessa could feel the cool night air blowing across her naked body. It was exhilarating. She wondered if anyone had seen her emerge from the car. She sauntered to the front door, rang the doorbell, knelt and waited. After ten minutes had passed she began to question how long he intended to make her wait. She heard a car slow down behind her and her heart began to quicken as it came to a stop. At that precise moment she heard the door in front of her open. Gage waved to whoever was in the car and then told her to come in. He smiled pleased to see her there waiting as she had been told.


Tessa began to rise. “No Maltepe Ucuz Escort slut on your knees is how you will enter this house,” he commanded. She kept her head down as she crawled on all fours inside the doorway. Gage closed the door behind her and snapped a black leather collar around her neck. “You will where this as symbol of your devotion to me.” He pulled on the attached leash ad led her forward. Gage allowed her to stand so that she could climb the stairs but pushed her back down at the top. He led her down a long hallway to the bedroom.

“Inside you are to crawl over to the bench in front of the bed and then you will climb up on it and ready yourself on all fours for the first lesson you will receive in your training. You will be punished for questioning me earlier.” Gage commanded her as he smacked her ass once to let her know what she was to expect inside this door.

Tessa obeyed without question. She climbed up onto the velvet bench and waited for her Master to punish her. Gage warmed her ass with a few hard slaps before he picked up the paddle. He placed the paddle against her flesh so she could feel its weight. “Slut this will hurt but it is necessary that you understand that you will not question me. Because this is only your first time I will only give you ten strokes of the paddle. I think this will be enough to make myself very clear but understand that each time I punish you it will be more severe” The first smack brought Tessa to tears almost the moment it connected with her ass. “Count the strokes for me Tessa.”

“One Sir” she chocked out as the second blow was reigned down. “Two Sir.” He delivered the ten smacks evenly and swiftly. By the tenth swat Tessa was uncontrollably sobbing. Gage sat down on the bed and pulled Tessa into his arms. “You were very brave my girl. I have allowed you to cry out this time but from now on when you are being punished you will remain as silent as you can and know that whatever punishment I chose will be because you deserve it and need it to become a better submissive.” He kissed her gently on the check and wiped away her tears. He allowed her to regain normal breathing before he placed her on her knees in front of his hard cock.

“Show me how much you appreciate the training I am giving you.” Tessa took his cock in her mouth and began to suck. She reached up with her hands to hold it but Gage slapped her hands away and swatted her burning rear. “Only your mouth here, slut. Suck it all the way down.”

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